Many may know ex-Beatle John Lennon but not his son, Julian who had a couple of hit tunes in the 80s and then faded into oblivion. I have always loved this particular one which I feel is a song ahead of its time. If you look at the lyrics, you will understand why I say so:

We are a rock revolving
Around a golden sun
We are a billion children
Rolled into one
So when I hear about
The hole in the sky
Saltwater wells in my eyes

We climb the highest mountain
We’ll make the desert bloom
We’re so ingenious
We can walk on the moon
But when I hear of how
The forests have died
Saltwater wells in my eyes

I have lived for love
But now that’s not enough
For the world I love is dying
(and now I’m crying)
And time is not a friend
(no friend of mine)
As friends, we’re out of time
And it’s slowly passing by
Right before our eyes

We light the deepest ocean
Send photographs of Mars
We’re so enchanted by
How clever we are
Why should one baby
Feel so hungry she cries
Saltwater wells in my eyes

Many have moaned and groaned about the hazy air or ranted over some silly statement about it being “hazy but not a haze” and all that, but the bottomline is: What have you, as an individual, done about it? Even a little bit?

If you think that it will not make a difference, then you should watch the following video clip…

Have a blessed Sunday, everybody…