Start me up…

Many people, ladies especially, claim that they just have no appetite to eat in the morning. I suspect that is just a lame excuse not to get up early at dawn to cook and eat before heading to work. Well, you’ll just have to see the crowd at the complimentary buffet breakfast at the hotels at the break of dawn and you can observe how they all stuff their faces with so much food like there is no tomorrow.

I, for one, would need my mug of black coffee first thing in the morning to start me up and something sumptuous to go with it. Well, the other day, I decided to prepare breakfast for my daughter. There were some potatoes in the house that were already beginning to sprout eyes, so I decided to make some mashed potaoes…

Mashed potatoes with bacon 1

I peeled and cut the 3 potatoes into thin slices before boiling them. Once softened, I mashed them up, adding a teaspoon of butter, chopped cheddar cheese (3 slices) and bits of bacon…and added a bit of milk to make it smoother. Then, I put them in the small “baking trays”…

Mashed potatoes with bacon 2

…and used a fork to level the mashed potatoes and create ridges on the surface. Once done, I put them in the oven to bake…

Mashed potatoes with bacon 3

…until they turned golden and crusty at the top. I had some bacon left, so I used it to fry some omelette and I also grilled two sausages in the pan to serve with it and the mashed potatoes. Here! Breakfast is served…

STP's western breakfast

I’m not trying to blow my own horn or anything like that but my daughter enjoyed the breakfast tremendously. However, there was a bit too much for her to finish. Ah well, no prize for guessing who wiped out the leftovers! LOL!!!

Now, what’s your take on this? Would you prefer a pseudo-western meal like what I had prepared for my daughter or something local like this plate ofΒ char kway teow (fried rice noodles) perhaps for breakfast?

Ah Tor char kway teow

Or maybe you prefer something spicy like our Sarawak laksa?

Aloha Corner Sarawak laksa

In case you’re wondering, this is the laksa at the Aloha Corner that some claim is the best in Sibu. It is spicier but all things considered, I still think that the one at e-Cafe is still the best…

So, what are you having/did you have for breakfast today?


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Start me up…”

  1. I just had a bowl of kolo mee kosong with kiaw and a cup of tea near my office. Monday blues, no mood to work πŸ˜›

    No work, no money…nothing to eat! That should be motivation enough! I still have one week to go… Sigh!!!

  2. another claire signing in…
    as for me, i prefer yr breakfast anytime.. own home cooked wor.. surely will opt for that.. but the next day, i will go back to noodles.. hehe… prefer chinese dishes anytime..
    hey, i never miss breakfast one.. now is 840am.. what shall i eat… *think, think*

    8.40 and you haven’t had breakfast? Gee! I would want breakfast the moment I open my eyes…but too bad! Have to cook my own or go out for something, otherwise…nothing much – just crackers perhaps! 😦

    1. What another claire? I’m offended. I am not claire okay! I suggest you get a reading glass when you browse the net, you know, those for lao hwar wan.

      Another thing, when did I ever ask you to take the quiz in my blog? Oh, right! I almost forgot that you never read the post before commenting! This one, I shall comment further in reply to your comment in my blog.

      Shudders!!! Tak nak masuk campur…cat fight! LOL!!!

  3. wow–I like the baked mashed potatoes. I like homecooked bfast – will SMS you in advance when I drive to SIbu.. hint.hint. haha.

    No problem at all! Just let me know when you’ll be coming! My pleasure cooking for people who can appreciate good food! πŸ™‚

  4. I seldom have breakfast in the morning. Nothing to eat. Don’t want to eat too much eggs. Later become fat like you. Afterwards people thought that I’m your son. Hahaha!

    Aiyor, so kesian…”nothing to eat”! Hmmm…you wish you were my son, say so lah! Then you can have all the nice, mouthwatering food anytime! Hahahahaha!!!

  5. I would not mind having what you had prepared for your daughter for breakfast! Ha, ha.

    My usual – the all-in-one whole meal that comes in powder plus some oats, shake it, and drink! Then, I go to gym enjoying the run, the steam and even Jaccuzi for one and half hour and I am at work by 8:30 am. I start my day here late here because I need to work late hours.

    Gosh! Considering the little you eat, you’re not THAT small leh? Big bones, I guess! Like me… Hahahahahahaha!!! Well, I’ll be going back to work next week…but I start at 4.00 p.m. Work less, make less, of course…not so kaya! Hehehehehe!!!

    That’s luxury!

  6. Just had coffee & a toastie with peanut butter but cooked sausages & eggs & hashbrown for family. U shld certainly open up a cafe in NZ when yr anak goes there next yr!BTW where is Aloha,near any hotels?

    Wah! Watching your figure? How you suffer hor! LOL!!!…Aloha is near Orchid Hotel…right across the road from Ta Kiong Supermarket.

  7. Can i be your daughter? Haha πŸ˜€ Cook for me too. man, you can really cook huh. Sometimes I don’t eat breakfast…well…I mean I take brunch most of the time.

    Too bad you’re married. Otherwise you can be my son-in-law, kawin masuk…and I will cook all the things you wanna eat for you! Hahahahahaha! No breakfast? Your wife doesn’t cook something nice for you kah? You poor thing! Hahahahahaha!

  8. I prefer simple things for my breakfast. Usually 3-in-1 cereal is ok but on working days (especially if my timetable jam packed that day) a mug of hot strong coffee to keep me sane. LOL!
    But when school opens, i have no choice but to take a heavy breakfast since after 8 or 9 am my timetable is full until noon. If not sure i pengsan in class. Bergegar2 my knees…

    When I was teaching, I would eat breakfast at 6 before leaving for school…and I would need to eat around 10, otherwise by around 12 noon, I would also be gegaring like you! LOL!!!

  9. Breakfast.. depends on my mood.. can be noodles, or oats.. or cornflakes.. or scrambled eggs and sausages.. it all depend on what time I wake up and whether I’m planning to eat at home or have breakfast outside…

    As for today.. had the quintessential foochow kampua… HAHAHAHAHAHA.. yes.. my 1/4 foochow in me was craving for Kampua

    Your mum doesn’t cook breakfast? I remember once I stayed at your house and woke up in the morning to the smell of fried mihun with Amoy clams in soy sauce. Yum! Yum!

    Melissa and I had meat pies for breakfast…and went out to e-Cafe for Sarawak laksa for lunch and then popped over to the Delta Mall supermarket to pick up a few items for our steamboat dinner – but that will be in another post! LOL!!!

    1. She does.. depending on her schedule….

      Amoy Clams.. sigh.. its a rare commodity now in Kuching.. hahahaha

      That’s what I gather! No longer available in the shops…

  10. this is way more better then my cafeteria breakfast….feel like having FEAR FACTOR eating out at my cafe…;-p cool dad can cook

    Sure kah? That bad?…Or is it because they serve you the same thing everyday, so much so that you’re so very sick of it. Well, everyone can fly… Can always hop over for a visit and I can cook you all that and more! Drool! Drool! LOL!!!

  11. Toast & marmalade, and some muesli…hehe.
    In singapore, the “in” food seems to be macaroons. There’s this chocolate patisserie, Canale, that seems to be doing very well. Am definitely going to try it out before we leave.
    BTW, spent two hours in “That CD shop” (took over HMV, behind Shaw), buying CDs again.

    Gosh! Not feasting on all the good food in Singapore as per AFC?…Not into things with coconut, and how do you pronounce that name? Brings all kinds of images to the mind. Hehehehehehe!!! Oh? HMV closed down?…But then again, I have not been to Singapore for a long, long time…

    1. Not really feasting on AFC food. Was going to venture to Geyland Lorong 9 for frog leg porridge, but all the buses were packed like sardines. Will try again tomorrow.
      FYI, not all HMVs are closed, saw one in City Link, if not mistaken. Another new retail/commercial building coming up, next to Wisma Atria, call ION or something. I would have thought there’s enough already in Orchard..a bit “jelak” already.

      Seems that Parkway Parade gets featured a lot on AFC. Went to the food court there before….but it was lunchtime and packed. I can’t stand crowded places where you may even have to squeeze in and share a table with strangers!

  12. This morning I had fried bihun with a glass of apple juice and coffee. I will try to cook potato this way….looks yummy!

    Go ahead and try! First time I had mashed potatoes with cheese was at a hotel in Miri. Loved it! The adding of bacon bits was my own original recipe! LOL!!!

  13. Oh wow, american breakfast…. i’m hungry.. but seriously speaking, for some people like me, i don’t have appetite to eat in the early morning,say 6 a.m. like that even if u put a Secret Recipe cake in front of me, just don’t feel like eating ( i may live to regret it later in the day ).

    Oh dear…not me! Can eat any time of day! Guess that explains the shape and size.

  14. Great idea to have mashed potatoes for a hearty breakfast. Possibly have something light for lunch after that. Mashed potatoes is quite filling. Would prefer it to be brunch though as it’s a bit too much for me.

    Ya, we often have a good breakfast and skip lunch, or have something light e.g. some biscuits.

  15. My ideal breakfast would be some cooked chicken chop, fresh lettuce and a sunny side up. Add in a few slices of honey dew melon and that’s it! πŸ˜€

    Chicken chop for breakfast? It’s a wonder that you’re still in pretty good shape! Maybe the melon helps… LOL!!!

    1. Well there is truth in the statement “eat breakfast like a king”. People I know who are in truly good shape do eat like that πŸ˜€

      And of course exercise like the Olympic champion too πŸ˜†

      That’s what they say – …and lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. But if I only eat a bit for dinner, I would be hungry and would not be able to sleep! 😦

  16. WOW!! thats a full breakfast! I am one of those who cant go without breakfast.

    But how many did you make for? Looks like an awful lot!

    4 servings of the mashed potatoes – I wanted to use up all that we had in the house. The omelette and sausages for 1-2 persons. That was why my daughter could not finish all of it and I licked the plate clean… LOL!! Btw, your first time here, I see…so welcome and do drop by often!

  17. wah teacher…. ur breakfast sibeh heavy wan… all carbs and calories -.-‘
    . gosh look at that plate of char kuey tiaw and bowl of laksa. ugghhh… i wont be back till august…im stoked tho’ ill go back and EAT EAT EAT and EAT!!!

    That’s ok for you…as you are so skinny! Eat, eat and eat…and work out, build some muscles…

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