Especially for you…

Well, I guess everybody knows by now that my daughter is home for the holidays…and I’m back in the kitchen trying my very best to let her eat all the things that she loves while she is home. On Friday, since we do not usually eat meat on that day, I decided to cook some fish head curry…

STP's fish head curry 1

My brother-in-law from Bintulu gave us some fish head sometime ago and it was still sitting in the freezer…

STP's fish head curry 2

…so I could just use that. I still had a packet of the A1 Mountain Glove curry paste (seafood) and a can of evaporated milk in my pantry and I could get the serai (lemon grass) and curry leaves from my garden and we had some Bombay onions in the house…

STP's fish head curry 3

I took one Bombay onion, peeled and chopped it until it was really fine…and I went to the market in the morning to get the other ingredients that I needed – a pineapple (which I had to peel and cut into chunky slices), some ladies’ fingers, brinjal and tauhu pok (puffed soyabean cake)…

STP's fish head curry 4

I also had a packet of bean curd sticks in the house but decided against adding that as my daughter does not really care for it. She says they taste like plastic! LOL!!!

STP's fish head curry 5

Soon I was ready to roll. All I had to do was to fry the chopped onion in a bit of oil, add a bit of sugar to caramelise it and the serai (lemon grass) crushed at the ends and half of the curry leaves followed. Once fragrant, I added the curry paste, stirring it thoroughly to mix it with the ingredients that I had put in earlier. Then I added a bit of the evaporated milk and once, that had started boiling, I added some water before putting in the fish and the rest of the stuff and some more evaporated milk in order that I could have a richer gravy, and soon the fish head curry was ready…

STP's fish head curry 6

I sent the photo via mms to BDQ and she ended up tearing her hair out! Hahahahahaha!!! I forwarded it to Clare too and she commented in an earlier post asking me what that was and it looked like she could eat at least three plates of rice with something like that. Well, my daughter loved it a lot and said that it was even nicer than Sheraton’s. Boy, am I flattered?

Would you care to have some too?…..

STP's fish head curry 7


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Especially for you…”

  1. Mr. STP, this looks delicious! My husband also likes to cook Thai style curry fish on Fridays (we don’t eat meat on Fridays also). We will try your version (perhaps with a different curry paste) with the evaporated milk next time.

    Can’t get A1 Mountain Globe in the states? It’s available in Australia – more or less the same price, 3 something but in AUD. Hehehehehe!!! These days, I use evaporated milk in all my curries. Supposedly healthier than santan, but Sarawak laksa, no choice – have to use santan.

    1. so when u didn’t post any on food means kena throw away one lah?

      Sometimes. Or maybe I was cooking something I’d posted on before…or something not so special, not worth bragging about…or the old lady was doing the cooking! LOL!!!

  2. Oooo…Yummy yummy!!! Just washed 3 cars and now I’m so hungry. Not yet breakfast. *drool drool*

    Aiyor…so kesian! They exploit their DIL kah, have to wash all three cars…and in this hot weather! Pengsan! I’d just send to the car wash – never mind not so clean…tomorrow sure dusty again bah! If got alang2 rain, even worse! Becomes dalmatian! Hahahahaha!

  3. hahahahahaha….

    What’s so funny? Hey…my Desert Rose going to bloom again…maybe tonight? Wanna come and take photos?

  4. Yum, yum. drool…… Btw, where is my blog link?

    Slurpszzz!!! Hahahahaha!!! Not there kah? Ok, I add you again… Never visit site, so dunno who’s in…

  5. Are you available to be hired as a personal chef ? Hahaha… the food looks darn awesome..*hungry*..

    You were involved in a camp that day. Next time I cook, I can always ask you to drop by… Next time! Hahahahaha!!!

    1. my air luir dah penuh one cup already…
      looks yummy!!

      Come on over! I can cook for you. Btw, how’s the plan coming up? Flying over here anytime soon? Go…go and pester Zee!!! August 31st long weekend perhaps?

  6. Nice colour, must be good!

    It was really good. Everybody says so. You can try looking for that brand…or if you email me your address, I can send some to you.

  7. Hi kawan,

    I love your postings. Sophia gave me your site some time ago and today I decided to browse through. Aiyo!!! you food descriptions make my air liur mayuh-mayuh!!! Dah lah pagi like this – sooooo hungry lah! Your curry looks and sounds delicious.

    BTW, we had a great time and dinner at the Garden hotel on 29th April . Thanks for the recommendations. I still love ruby’s. I have yet to try out the other places you mentioned. But I am not local so — will try if I get a chance. I love eating and you should see me now!

    Cheers ! Have a good week with your precious princesses.

    Psst…she’s Sophia in my blog…as in Sophia Loren! Hahahahahaha!!! Glad you like my blog – everyone complains that I only make people hungry…and yet they keep coming back! LOL!!! Glad you liked it at Garden. Do give me a tinkle if you’re in town…and we’ll go and…what else, eat! Thanks for dropping by and do come often!

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