Tell it like it is…

Some people may be quite direct when it comes to naming their businesses. We have a coffee shop here called “Eat comes first” and though it may not be grammatically correct, it certainly hit the nail on the head. Well, the other day, my daughter and I stopped by for lunch at this place…

Enjoy 1

It isn’t exactly new actually and as a matter of fact, a few bloggers have posted on this place before, like this one or this one for instance, but somehow or other, I never had the chance to drop by before this to “enjoy” what they have to offer.

The place is pretty nice but a bit too dark…

Enjoy 2

Enjoy 3

…and so, we had to grab the seat by the only window so that I could have a bit of light for my photographs.

I had the mee mamak (RM5.00)…

Enjoy - mee mamak

…which I thought was just so-so – nothing great, I’m afraid. My daughter had the Foochow delicacy – chao chai hung ngang with fish…

Enjoy - chao chai hung ngang

I sampled a bit and found that it was quite good. If I can recall correctly, that costs RM8.00 whereas if you prefer prawns in place of fish, it will be RM12.00 a bowl.

For one thing, the servings are generous enough, so if you are not the kind to eat a lot, perhaps an individual order per person would suffice. I did not know that and asked for these side orders as well – the fried stuffed yew-char-koi

Enjoy - fried stuffed yew-char-koi

…and the salad sotong (cuttlefish)…

Enjoy - salad sotong

This was the drink my daughter had – dragon fruit juice with milk…

Enjoy - dragon fruit juice with milk

You can drop by her blog to see what she thought of the lunch. While we were there, I spotted this notice…

Enjoy - set menus

It appears that they have set menus to cater for groups of 2-3 persons or more at very reasonable prices. Unfortunately, it is Greek to me, so I am in no position to tell you what dishes they have in each set.

All in all, I guess I can safely say that it is a nice place to dine or hang out with friends but I would not think the food is so good that I really must go back there again… 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Tell it like it is…”

  1. Oh, this shop. Saw and passed by a lot of times but never bothered to step into the shop to try. Hehehehe!

    The food’s not bad. For want of a better place to go, you may stop here for a bite. They serve western cuisine as well…

  2. I did go to this cafe before for drinks but never had a chance to try the foods there. One thing annoyed me is the seat’s back is so high. sometimes the waiter or waitress can hardly see if there is anybody at the table. Next time will try the food there.

    That’s a plus point. They can’t see you…and you can’t see them, so you can “enjoy” in peace! I guess you must be talking about the seats in those booths – reminds me of something I saw in a P. Ramlee movie! LOL!!!

  3. Hehe..already invited SYT to a Wah…So Nice..Must..Go..Again Place…Hehehe

    So when are you coming? Queue is thinking of coming on the 19th but Mel would be going back already that weekend… How about this weekend or the next? Check that cheap airline…

  4. I never know that there’s such thing as stuffed yau char gui! And I’m sure you could read greek and not chinese characters!

    Hey, that’s VERY popular here. Available at a number of places. The difference is in the stuffing. My daughter did not like the ones here because of the 5-spice powder in the stuffing making it taste like “ngor hiang”… Nope! Can’t read Greek either…but Latin and Anglo-Saxon, ok! LOL!!

  5. Sibu people really like mayonnaise hor? Haha
    Oh god… so hungry. 1st day back at work after the long break. Thank god its Thursday already. hahah.

    It certainly is very popular – all those places selling salad chicken rice, it’s all mayo! The ones here taste a bit different – I think they added lime or lemon… Gee! How time flies… I’ve one more week to go, and the week after that, it will be back to work for me! Sulk! Sulk! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  6. What’s with the over-generous mayo?

    As the Chinese would say, “like no need capital”! LOL!!! Otherwise, I would prefer fried yew-char-kway or sotong with tomato or chilli sauce!

  7. Have you been to Up To You? The eating centre opposite of Aloha? Next to the Library. I thought the laksa there is quite nice. But I love the “rojak” more! It’s really up to you!

    That was where all the stalls moved from Kok Cheng (opposite Star Cineplex) when they wanted to increase the rental…but I gather that most have them have moved back to the old place. But it was not open yesterday when we went for laksa…and met Sarawakiana… She has changed her hairstyle; almost could not recognise her! LOL!!

  8. looks great, stp… next time when i visit kuching, (is it catland where u r staying?) i will know which places to go.. before i go, i better go thru yr posts again…

    Nope…I’m in Sibu (Gosh! She’s in for a bashing again? LOL!!!)…not in Kuching – we’re miles apart!!! You’d better check my posts before coming…unlike this blogger-friend of mine who ended up at all the wrong places when I smsed her the directions and when I linked her to the specific posts in my blog, she grumbled that I should have done that earlier! Tsk! Tsk!!!

    1. We from Sibu AND Kuching take offense to the comment above. We do not tolerate pure ignorance or plain stupidity when it comes to geographical location. Sibu and Kuching is about 400 kilometers apart! On which misleading map of yours did Sibu become a place in Kuching? Let me guess. The same map that told you that Tabuan Jaya is in Penang?! Did you unfold your map before reading? My goodness!!!

      We from Kuching take offense to the name you gave to our city! We don’t call it ‘catland’ here. Contrary to popular belief, Kuching is not a land of cats! Get your facts right before typing your comment, will you?! Tsk tsk tsk!!!

      Ouch! Ouch!…Snip! Snip a bit! Hehehehehe!!! Yalor! Cat City…and people usually say “pussies”, not “cats”! ROTFLMAO!!!

      DISCLAIMER: The opinions of all commentors need not necessarily be those of the blogowner. LOL!!!

  9. N make sure yr friend got the right Sibu as well or may end up in Cebu! hehehe!!!

    True! True!…My luggage was checked through to Cebu at Heathrow and luckily, I noticed that the tags were wrong!!! And it was not a British but a Malaysian MAS employee at the check-in counter, probably one of those follow-husbands wives. I was flying transit KL some more, so how on earth did Cebu come in, I really could not figure out!

    1. There is a Jalan Deshon, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Jalan Foochow, Jalan Keranji, etc in both Sibu and Kuching. I think a lot of people will get lost if he/she thinks that Sibu is in Kuching and vice versa. Some people can even end up in Sabah when talking about Sibu. (Neh, like that plagiarist from The Star)

      Yalor…that reporter! Inexcusable! Should sack him! Got internet, can always check…and his big boss is from Sarawak (Sibu!!) and Sin Chew is also owned by a Sibu company!!!

  10. These more expensive eating places seems to be very popular in Sibu these days. I still go for the cheaper kopitiam. Guess it depends on who you go with and how long you are planning to stay there.

    Me too… Nicer and cheaper at the kopitiam but with the terrible heat these days, sometimes I would opt for places that are air-conditioned…


    You kayu api lah!…Peace! Make love not war!…1Malaysia, perpaduan! ROTFLMAO!!! Ewek! Ewek!

    P.S. Soooorrry, any further comment along this line will be deleted! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  12. There was this tourist tri sector in Sarawak involving the state mine ..and a fishing village…popularly known as Kuching bau nonok. hahahahah..soly kuching.

    Wrong lah! Bau is further, so it should be Kuching nonok bau! Hahahahahahaha!!! You started this, kpenyu! Not me!!!

    1. Speaking of which, there’s this joke told by a friend of a friend whose father is from Nonok. The kids always made fun of him, “At least we’re not from Nonok!” ROTFLMAO!!!

      Now it has been renamed Kota Samarahan lah!…Btw, doesn’t everybody come from there? LOL!!!

      1. I think Nonok is now Asajaya lar… not Kota Samarahan.

        Ah yes…forgot! So is it nearer or further away from Bau? The order of the names makes a world of difference to the meaning… LOL!!! Blame, Kpenyu! He started this!

      2. Ada cesarien juga la

        I was waiting for somebody to say that! And I thought you would start telling your joke about women giving birth through the anus…almost…one inch! LOL!!!

    2. OMG I can’t imagine a place having such a kind of name. So ghastly 😆

      Does it churn up ideas in your head of some shady bar in a not-too-respectable red light district? Hahahahaha!!!

  13. Heard that in Ipoh..the ladies use carefully peeled pamelo skin and use them as bra. True kah?

    Ya…and do you remember putting it on your head to use as helmet…pretending you were one of Hogan’s Heroes? Hahahahaha!!!

  14. 1MALAYSIA a copycat( again) and too late cos here 1BORNEO liaw

    That’s just a mall…nothing to do with bringing the whole of Borneo together. I did not even get to go there when I was in KK… Not bankrupt yet? I heard the things are all so expensive, and everyone says not worth going?

    1. Saw the link already HAHAHAHA..Confirm liaw..1BORNEO is not only a Mall leh..Baram already in lo.

      Should ask for friend, that Hii Chee Kok, to sack the useless fella!!!

  15. Nice set lunches, quite cheap. The dishes are quite common actually, stuff like japanese tofu, lemon chicken, seaweed soup, etc.

    Ok…may give it a try someday. Perhaps when you hop over for a brief visit? Any plans so far? LOL!!!

  16. the portion kinda small;-p

    Wow! You’re such a big eater? We did not manage to finish everything… So very full but then, actually we had a very late breakfast that morning.

  17. Ha Ha, dark more romantic lah! Secretly bring ‘gurlfren’ but write daughter leh! LOL

    Hehehehehe!!! Takes one to know one eh? The name of the place reminds you of Lisa de’ Inn? ROTFLMAO!!!

  18. Oooi..Nonok and Bau are in two different directions. Very far so Nonok not Bau!

    Hahahahaha!!! Blame that Kpenyu… He was the one who started this three-in-one thingy! Wow! You’re early today? Got new post liao!

  19. Looks very western… does it serve western food ?

    Yes, it does. We stopped there that day but it was closed for a week, remember? Watch out for my post tomorrow – sure will make you drool! Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

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