I got a name…

I’ve been to this place a number of times before but that was quite a long time ago when they had some really affordable set lunches and my daughter and I used to drop by after school to grab a bite to eat before heading home. We went there again the other day because they were telling me that the Sarawak laksa was so very nice. Well, the place that I’m talking about is this Red Carrot Cafe…

Red Carrot 1

…on the 1st floor, right above the Sugar Bun outlet in the Delta Commercial Centre, Pedada and that, of course, means that it is just around the corner from my house. The funny thing was I could not find the signboard with its name on it anywhere at the premises. The only indication as to the name of the place was on the menu – the one in the above photo. I wonder why…

I used to love the place – very spacious and comfy…

Red Carrot 2

Red Carrot 3

and usually not very crowded as you can see from the above photos of two sections of the place. There is free wifi here too, so you can bring your laptop and sit as long as you like, surfing the worldwide web in air-conditioned comfort.

The names of some of the drinks on the menu here caught me eye…

Red Carrot 4

Can you name the singer/group that sang each of these songs? I bet you can if you are as old as I am! LOL!!! Well, I had the ice kacang (listed as “iced kacang” on the menu) and my daughter had the Yellow Submarine…

Red Carrot 5

She had the beef noodles…

Red Carrot 6

…which unfortunately came nowhere near what I had at Rasa Sayang. I tried the Sarawak laksa…

Red Carrot 7

…which was not too bad and other than the fact that there were two big prawns, I do not think it would get anywhere near the top 3 in the list of Sarawak laksas available in Sibu. It could not beat my favourite – the ones at e-Cafe, that’s for sure!

There are a whole lot of other options but we have yet to try those, so I do not know whether they are any better or not. I stopped coming here when on my last visit, we were in a hurry and wanted a quick lunch. All of us in our group of 5 ordered the fish and chips which came out pretty fast…BUT the fish was still frozen on the inside! I hear that they’ve got somebody with a lot of experience to revamp and manage the place, so I do hope such untoward incidents will not recur.

But I do think that the system they use is kind of environment-unfriendly. Once you’re seated, the waiter/waitress will give you this big piece of paper – folded four times with everything on the food and drinks menu in it. All you have to do is to make your choices in the menu and tick the boxes provided in that piece of paper. Having done that, you pass it to the staff…and wait for your orders to be served. They were pretty efficient and we got what we wanted in a jiffy. However, I feel that it is such a terrible waste of paper…

Red Carrot 8

I do wish they would do away with that. Save the Earth!!!

And incidentally, the name of the road and the area all around is Pedada and not…

Jalan Badada

…Badada. I saw this address at a shop in the Pusat Tanahwang area, opposite Sacred Heart School and that certainly brought the Lambada to my mind. Do you know what that is?


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “I got a name…”

  1. Yummy yummy Laksa. Going to have a try. I read in ur previous post that you mentioned that e-cafe’s laksa is nice. Should have read your blog earlier la, I tried at wrong place yesterday. Not nice at all. hmmph!

    Wrong place? Why?…Another one who’s utterly hopeless at following directions? You should click the links to my earlier posts to see the photos and location of the place. Somebody complained about the font used in the shop sign which caused them to miss seeing the name – e-Cafe. A poor workman blames his tools…

  2. i hv to swallow my saliva when the laksa “saw” me… ooops.. i mean when i saw the laksa pic.. awwww… i better go out for my breakfast now… it is 8.30am already..

    Looks can be deceptive! There are much nicer ones elsewhere here in Sibu…

  3. Hello Cikgu, I see you’ve been doing a bit of eating during the school holidays…:-)Same here as well. Now good Sarawak laksa is aplenty all over th e place but the good ones are hard to find. I hope I can call on you to guide me to the best place when I come to Sibu one day.

    My daughter’s home from SP for the hols so she’ll be eating with a vengeance over the next couple of weeks…all the yummy food that she’s been missing. Sure, anytime…just hop over and I’ll be your guide! Btw, welcome…and do drop by often! Cheers!

  4. Em…. Lambada. Got meaning kah? Had a staff with that name! The menu..good for my illiterate students to work there. I think you brought me to this place so very long time ago.

    I thought that’s the name of a dance…and there was a song too? Nope…nothing to do with that almost-sound-alike word in Hokkien! LOL!!! Yeah…we were there once!

  5. LoL. No worry, is going to the correct place to try soon. Btw, which is your top 1?

    It’s in the post – e-Cafe. I always order the special RM5.00 big bowl with lots of prawns!!! They say Apollo is nice but I’ve never tried…and some say MAS Corner but I don’t think so! No longer that nice anymore and business going down too, it seems. Thomson Corner good…but the prawns not always fresh! Watch out!

    1. Huhuhu… thanks a lot. I think you can be a part time tourist guide ler – just too bad that Sibu only have those sesat ang moh.

      The travel agencies here should organise food tours for tourists at affordable prices… Sure will draw a lot of people to this town that actually has no tourist attraction!

  6. i never thought about it that way…asking customers to mark their orders on the paper is indeed very environmental-unfriendly.

    but i can see more n more restaurants n shops doing that…esp those taiwanese/hk food kind of shops

    Imagine if I only wanted a drink…and I would use up the whole piece of paper for that. They give a pencil to mark…so I’m hoping that somebody will erase the pencil marks and reuse the paper again and again! At the other places, they number the items on the menu and the illiterate waiters/waitresses will just jot down the numbers on tiny slips of paper… That would be better, I would think.

  7. I had the salad chicken rice and my wife had the beef noodles, we were there yesterday noon. They used to have this Cantonese Kuey Tiaw which is great and its one of my wife’s top favorites as well, too bad its not available anymore.

    I saw a lot of people eating tomato kway teow. Probably that’s good? How as the salad chicken rice?

  8. so what’s Lambada? I think so too that the wastage of paper should be eliminated. Why can’t the waitress and waiters write the bloody orders?!! What if the customers are illiterate?

    You dunno Lambada too? It’s a dance… You can watch this video:

    Ya, I also don’t think that system’s a good idea. They should do away with it…

  9. Luckily not named Buadada…ha ha ha! ROFL!
    Aiya……the gals will ‘hentam’ me lorrr!

    Hahahahahaha!!! Just one letter missing! Wah! I would expect that from Calvin, didn’t know you also so hiao! LOL!!!

  10. There is a wine label know as ‘yalumba’!LOL!So lambada dance can go well with yalumba wine….

    …and they all go dancing at Jalan Badada! LOL!!!

  11. we all live in the yellow submarine,
    the yellow submarine (hey!)
    the yellow submarine 😀

    Gosh! Aren’t you a bit too young to know the song? Hahahahahaha!!!

  12. Next time you can try the fish there. It is very nice.

    I used to take the fish & chips everytime until that bad experience. It was nice and affordable and I liked the place…but I prefer the fish fillet downstairs – the Sugar Bun one.

  13. About the paper order sheets, someone should tell them to take a look at Sakae Sushi where there’s this LCD panel and mouse to click and enter orders at a go. Better still, tell them to ditch the mouse and use touch screen instead! 😆

    No wonder the place is so expensive! You mean every waiter or waitress has a touch screen? Gosh! And with the illterate ones that seek to be employed as such these days, I can imagine how many they will drop… So far I’ve only seen cashiers using the touch screen where all the things are itemised on the cash register.

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