2 become 1…

When I was small, my mother would wake up without fail every morning at the break of dawn to prepare breakfast for the family – the most important meal of the day.

In those days, instant noodles were non-existent but sometimes, we might get to eat the mee kua or mee sanggul (egg noodles, coiled and dried) boiled till soft and tossed in lar, Ve-Tsin and soy sauce, or perhaps fried rice – the leftover from the day before. If it was somebody’s birthday, there would always be the Foochow longevity mee sua in ang chiew (red wine) chicken soup. Whatever it was, there would defintely be something to eat for breakfast even if it was just bread and butter  and eggs.

The other day, I did not feel like having anything heavy for breakfast, so I ordered the “traditional” simple breakfast that would comprise what is called loti kiap (squeezed-together bread) in Hokkien or roti kahwin (married bread) in Malay with a glass of kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee)…

Kaya & toast

It is actually two pieces of toast with margarine and kaya, sandwiched together. Some would insist on them being toasted over some hot burning charcoal for that special authentic taste. Of course, the breakfast will never be complete unless you have the two half-boiled eggs with soy sauce and pepper…

Two half-boiled eggs

Somehow this seems to be very popular among certain quarters these days, so much so that they even have this Kaya & Toast franchise shops in many of the big towns and cities, and if I’m not mistaken, you can also get this at some of the other places like Old Town.  Of course, you will have to pay a lot more if you go and have this at one of those outlets…and come to think of it, it is not really that cheap at the ordinary kopi tiam (coffee shop) any longer. I had to fork out a total of RM3.90 for all that.

Well, time has changed and these days, one can have a lot more to enjoy when it comes to eating. For instance, my daughter was thrilled to see the imported meat pies from Australia that Gerrie gave me when I went to Kuching recently. There were the four’ntwenty ones…

Imported Australian meat pies 1

…and the ones from Mrs Mac’s

Imported Australian meat pies 2

…I just took one and heated it up for her…

Imported Australian meat pies 3

…and needless to say, she enjoyed it tremendously…

Imported Australian meat pies 4

Just look at all that meat inside…

Imported Australian meat pies 5

When I was a kid, the only time I heard of pies were in nursery rhymes and the only four and twenty that I knew were the blackbirds baked in one. I don’t recall ever seeing one, much less eat it! Time certainly has changed and tastes likewise – no longer as simple and affordable as before. My daughter would very much prefer these to our yummy local delights like kampua noodles and so on.

Well, she’ll be going over to Wellington, New Zealand next year for two years. Perhaps after that time, she’ll be sick of all these and crave for our simpler and more often than not, very much cheaper local delicacies. We’ll see…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “2 become 1…”

  1. Totally forgot about this! Glad she enjoyed it. I saw the “Beef, Bacon & Cheese” pie here, also from Mrs Macs. Bought it, haven’t tried it, bloody expensive here. bought one so each can have a quarter…haha!

    Mrs Mac’s…so huge. Mel had for late breakfast and too full to have lunch liao!

  2. oh, victoria uni? wellington is very very windy.. she need some very good windcheaters (is that how its spelled?)..
    hmm… half boiled eggs?? yum yum….. nature’s best.. EGGS!!

    p/s: i won’t be actively online till exam over next wednesday.

    Yalor…and so skinny, sure will be blown off by the gales there! LOL!!! Exam? You’re taking ACCA?… Good luck!

  3. Then we shall see STP blogging from NZ next year! I think the toast and half boiled eggs are overpriced at kopitiam nowadays!

    Ya…it seems to have been overrated. They try to create that authentic old kopi tiam ambience but I find all so artificial…and to think that they are paying for all that! We still have some of those here (not the one that I went to) but I don’t know how long they will be around…

  4. wah..the pie looks so nice leh… wish they sell those in supermarkets too…

    Bet they have those in the hypermarts in Ipoh…or if you hop over to KL or Penang. We do not have them here, only in Kuching…and be forewarned! They are NOT cheap! Personally, the best that I can afford would probably be the made-in-Malaysia Baker Street ones…

  5. Simple toast and half boiled egg, I still have that occasionally as breakfast.. Not inside the kopitiam but having it at the dining table at my own house. 🙂

    Yalor…but some people love to sit in coffee shops to get that old nostalgic feeling again. We do have some of those old kopitiams but most have been renovated to make them look cleaner and newer…so the spirit is lost! They still have the authentic original ones in Kuching e.g. Kim Joo at Carpenter Street.

  6. Have you also tried the coffee-milo 2-in-1 mix before? Tastes great too, though others might not like the “extra” calories 😛

    I’m a kopi-o person. I do not even like it with milk…

  7. You should try Cuppa Coffee Roti for a simple breakfast. It’s nice. Ah, meat pies, i love how they make it in Secret Recipe

    Is that the one near the massage/foot reflexology place in Pedada? The chairs look so flimsy I do not think they can hold my weight. A blogger friend had the gourmet pie at Secret Recipe when I was in KL the other day…but I must say if I were to award marks for appearance, it would fail miserably! Dunno about the taste.

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