King of the road…

Last Sunday, I had to take the 8.50 a.m. MAS flight direct from KLIA to Sibu. That happens to be the ONLY direct flight daily from the national capital and in order that I could get to the airport on time, I had to leave the hotel in the city centre by around 6.30 a.m. It used to be earlier but I still think it is too early, preferably around 10.00 a.m. or later.

I could not have any breakfast, so I decided to stop by Burger King in the departure area for a bite to eat…

Burger King

This was the Double Cheese Swiss Mushroom burger, and if you turn it over, this is what you see…

Burger King 2

If I take them literally and can have it my way, I would eat and leave without paying. LOL!!! Inside, there were two beef patties with two slices of cheddar cheese and a topping of somewhat discoloured/dark button mushrooms…

Burger King 3

I cannot remember how much that was but if you opt for the value meal with fries and a drink, it would be RM11.90. I reckon it is cheaper elsewhere considering that things are sold at jacked-up prices at Malaysian airports but for that amount of money, 3 persons can go for kampua noodles and kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) breakfast here in Sibu and still have change.

If anybody needs to go on such early flights, I feel that a cheaper option for breakfast would be to buy packet/canned drinks – Milo, coffee or tea (unless he/she is staying in one of those hotels that have complimentary coffee/tea-making facility) and some buns, biscuits or cup noodles…instead of eating at the airport and getting fleeced.

They are encouraging people to travel (locally) but at such astronomical prices of food at the airports plus the current not-too-encouraging economic situation, I would much sooner stay at home. What about you?

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24 thoughts on “King of the road…”

    1. And you can get those in the mini mart, KLIA. That is if you don’t mind buns (no pun intended).

      But you have to go down to the arrival level, left side of the domestic arrivals. Actually I don’t like those Gardenia or High-5 buns…but the muffins and cakes are ok.

  1. Sadly, fast food is considered the cheapest option here and it costs the equivalent of $17.00 Malaysian Ringgit for this kind of value meals in Boston. Everything is relative. Do you post so early every morning? It’s 7.00p.m. for me (I am out of town so I’m reading blogs to kill time)

    Usually around 7.00 a.m. every day. Ya…the price tag is the same but in the respective currencies, and after conversion, it can be shocking!

  2. If you don’t mind my asking, did you manage to get the less than RM100 ticket? MAS does provide excellent fares if you book a month earlier.

    I got the 70% discounted tickets and paid over RM300 return, I think. Cheap! They advertised some really good deals after I had bought my tickets but I did not bother to check those out. No point, bought already!

  3. Hey, Malaysian Airline serves food lah! Wait till you board the plane and eat what you have paid.

    Old habits die hard! I must eat – first thing when I wake up…and anyway, the inflight portions are a bit too small for me. Hahahahaha!!!

    1. yalo yalo, that’s what i do… πŸ˜›

      What to do…when there’s no time to eat a good wholesome breakfast and everything’s so expensive at the airport?

  4. Burger King! It’s been a long time. I used to order the Double Cheese Swiss Mushroom whenever I was on transit from Alor Setar to Sibu in KLIA. Sometimes I’d have McD’s if I was financially tight. Hahah!

    But most of the times, I’d ask for a packet of fresh milk in the AOR-KL flight and that’d be the breakfast liao. πŸ˜€ After landed in Sibu, headed to eat Kampua first thing before going home. Ah, the good ol’ days! πŸ˜›

    If I only have fresh milk, by the time I get to Sibu, I will not be able to walk already! Hahahahahaha!!!! McD’s on the outside…but between the two, I prefer the KFC breakfast. Wah! Missing those days already? Thought you hated it then and could not wait for it to end…???

    1. Definitely not missing those days. Didn’t hate the traveling part but hate the school part, you know, waterfall and mushrooms landscaping ala nursery etc but sucky system. Glad it ended πŸ˜€

      Waterfall? Mushrooms?…Exactly like what they have where my daughter is right now!!! Gee! That certainly shows their lack of imagination and creativity! The brains must be so lembap and berkulat-kulat! Hahahahahaha!!!

  5. it had been a while since i last stopped by here…. how have you been? i enjoyed my trip to sibu very much… too bad we didn’t manage to meet up… i’ll try to find time to blog about my trip… had been quite occupied lately… guess what? i’ll be starting work next week! haven’t know which hospital i’ll be working at… will be attending BTN and induction first… i can see that you are still an avid food lover,,.. ^^

    Ya…too bad we did not get to meet as it clashed with the weekend I went to Kuching. Which hospital? Sibu, by any chance? Hehehehehe!!!! Btw, nice profile pic! Very pretty, not like a doctor! LOL!!! Good luck!

  6. last weekend i had hungry jacks (au franchise of bk), it didn’t taste great.

    the ultimate double whopper tasted OK. The burgers are better at hungry jacks? (their tagline)boo.

    i’m all for Subway now now. Eat fresh

    I’m not into all these actually… Don’t mind eating them when I have to but I would not miss a thing when they are none around. Subway? Is that the hot dog/sandwich place?

    1. i like BK.. but i love subway.. hehe

      Is that the place where you make your own sandwiches? A few years ago, opposite the school where I was teaching, we had a bakery, Breadsense, that picked up on the idea…but I dunno how well they’re doing with that…or whether they’re still doing it.

  7. yea subway’s tat sandwich thing place. nothing too special.

    LOL!!! Make own at home – bet it’s cheaper and nicer! LOL!!!

  8. thank u.. i jz had a sudden craving for burger king……..

    Not a problem at all! Got burger king everywhere in KL, right? Hahahahaha!!!

    1. haha ya, but the fries suck.. mcD has the bez fries in town…
      but BK sells ice-cream cone for only RM1.10!!!

      Ask Bdq to go for some fries! LOL!!! Seems that she’s so sick of them now. Wah! You seem to be an expert at fast food joints now, eh? Junk food!

  9. Oh.. Burger King… but give me McDonalds Double Cheese Burger anytime !

    Not a fan of either! Give me kampua noodles anytime! Hahahahaha!!!

  10. Burger King? Hmm… Not a ‘burger’-eating person so i cannot say much about their burgers. But after getting FP from eating SB’s cheeseburger, i won’t be eating one in a long long time to come.

    Good! Stay away from those junk food, if you can help it. We have all kinds of nicer Malaysian delicacies for us to pick and choose. I can’t understand why young people wanna go for that – plus it’s expensive some more!

  11. Nothing is cheap at the airport. Perhaps AirAsia should also consider branching out into fastfood, cheapfood, budgetfood or whatever they call it. They already branched into lodging, see that big Tune Hotel near the LCCT? πŸ˜†

    There’s one near LCCT? Thought it’s somewhere around Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman. Dream on! The food they sell inflight is not at all cheap! The hotel is cheap – but what you get is so very basic and you need to pay extra for this and that – even soap and towel, I hear….

    1. About the hotel, there’s two in KL now, the other one being what you mentioned. Yeah, you’re right about having to pay for the extras, though as someone who knows that little about budget hotels, that is standard operating procedure to be honest. But not to worry, there’s plenty of places to get cheap soap and towel in KL (if you look around) πŸ˜†

      I hear the rooms in the one in KL proper are extremely small…and I may get stuck in the shower. Hahahahahaha!!! Should be ok for people like you!

  12. All the prices of food are jacked up at the airport. I went to OldTown LCCT to eat their chicken hor fun. Normally in other branches, it costs RM6.80, but at LCCT, the price was RM9.80!

    What to do? Rental is high…and Malaysia Airports have the monopoly! They can do what they want.

  13. Ohh… BK, I like. My favourite would be the Double Bacon Cheeseburger but i think u only get that in SPore. The sad thing is that the “bacon” is made of turkey. Hungry Jacks in Aussie would have the REAL BACON. Double mushroom swiss comes a close second. Carl’s Junior is quite good too.

    Not really into burgers…but don’t mind having them once in a while. So far, the best I ever had was at Hard Rock Cafe. Humongous!!!! LOL!!!

  14. I missed Burger King. Used to eat there when I studied in college and waiting for flight just like you in the early morning. Sometimes I eat KFC. Like the Burger King crinkle fries.

    Eyew…not into fries either! Give me mashed potatoes anytime! LOL!!!

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