Somewhere out there…

Teachers’ Day, May the 16th, came and went unceremoniously, I’m afraid. I did get a few smses from a few teacher-friends and as I was caught up in all the action over the weekend, I just gave them a short “Same to you” reply. However, I do not recall getting any from any of my ex-students which I must say was kind of disappointing. It brought to mind the lines of this Peter Allen song:

Baby saw that
when they pulled that big top down
they left behind her dreams among the litter
And the different kind of love
she thought she’d found
There was nothing left
but sawdust and some glitter
But baby can’t be broken ‘cos you see
she had the finest teacher.
that was me – I told ‘er

Don’t cry out loud
Just keep it inside
And learn how to hide your feelings
Fly high and proud
And if you should fall,
remember you almost have it all

Well,  it certainly felt like there was nothing left of the love we’d thought we’d found – just some sawdust and some glitter…but I didn’t cry out loud as I have learnt how to hide my feelings and I do remember how I almost had it all.

Then, just when I thought that all hope was gone, one of them sent me a message saying that he had some cakes that he had got for me from Secret Recipe in Miri – the marble cheesecake…

Secret Recipe marble cheesecake

…and some Swiss Liquor Chocolate that he had brought back from Labuan…

Swiss liquor chocolate

It was not so much the gifts but the fact that at least somewhere out there, somebody still remembered…but I was in KL at the time.

When I came back, he wanted to send the stuff over to my house but I suggested going out for lunch, nothing fancy – just this plate of Taiwan sui ciao (meat dumplings)…

Taiwan sui ciao

…and this chicken claypot rice for two… 

Chicken claypot rice

…but we had a great time, catching up with the latest developments in our lives. He has successfully secured a government overseas scholarship for outstanding students and will be leaving next month to do a degree in Education. Yes, he’s going to be a teacher…like me but of Chemistry.

I wish him nothing but the very best in his undertakings and in the years ahead. Good luck, Xavier, and thank you…


Happy Birthday, Gundot
The weather is so…hot
Let us go for steam…boat
Happy Birthday, Gundot

Hahahahahaha!!! At least it rhymes! Too bad I’m not in Kuching…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Somewhere out there…”

    1. Hello STP. Neither was I, but because you’re a teacher, here’s wishing you a belated Happy Teacher’s Day too.

      Thanks. Just wondering but are you a teacher too…or a lecturer like somebody? They don’t celebrate Teachers’ Day in the uni, any truth in that? Well, if you are, a Happy Teachers’ Day to you too…

  1. I’m also not your student wat .. ha ha ha. but I wish you a belated one .. one week late .. ha ha ha

    Humph!!! We were together on the day proper… Didn’t wish pun! Tak belanja pun! Sulk! Sulk! Hahahahahaha!!! Thanks, anyway!

  2. I’m also not your student, well, you didn’t teach me anyway. Hahaha! But you’re still my teacher (same school mah!). I think I got wish you, even thought belated one. And and and…the card I got for you for Teacher’s Day…still in my drawer, forgot to post 😛

    Yalor…only got ONE student wishing me but technically, not my student!! So sad hor! LOL!!! You can save the card for next year – key in reminder in your handphone! 😀

  3. if you got my sms, it’s me (without sign-off)!

    I forwarded ur message to Simon’s lau-phor…and she replied asking me whether it was ur house phone or whatever, can’t remember…but I already deleted ur message, so I dun have ur ozzie number…

    P.S. I’ve removed the email as Stella was jumping up and down, worried that her inbox will be spammed with all kinds of junk mail. With the (AT) and the (DOT) (DOT), that’s not likely unless some sick reader of mine decides to go and spam her. Well, we’ll never know… Hahahahaha!!!!

  4. Aduh!STP! How can u expect so much from your ex-students to remember teacher’s day n to contact you if they do not see u in school anymore. We never do so any more after leaving school.

    Ps. Kongkay,STP sms me already. Hubby will be delighted to catch up with you, but per kindness of STP again, can you pls sms him to get our contact no. If u happened to get the machine, don’t worry we r not avoiding your calls!LOL! Just leave a msg n we will call back!( Thks STP!)

    N Gundot Happy Birthday to you too! We are also celebrating becos my eldest daughter’s bday also today n my son the day after so we r having a combined celebrations.

    I guess that’s the problem. Once everyone’s out of school, Teachers’ Day will just pass unnoticed. If I remember correctly, I sent Kongkay your phone number. He should be able to get in touch with you. Maybe he didn’t save it. Or did he ask for ur email address? Can’t remember… Old man!

    Happy birthday to Kristine and Lucas! Have a blast – got ur (rich) mum to pay, worry not! LOL!!!

  5. A belated Happy Teachers Day to you… but then again… I thought I did send a text to you via sms… you didn’t get it? strange…. (or I don’t qualify as your ex-student) hahahahahahaha

    Thanks. I can’t remember whether I got it, maybe I did but was so caught up in the thick of the action. Sure doesn’t feel like you were my student – they all look so young…still! Hahahahahaha!!!! Sorry, so mean of me! I retract that statement unconditionally! LOL!!!

    1. Teruks you…. Waste my time hahahahHa

      Well, I can always put it down to old age. Horror of horrors…thay are already talking about celebrating my 60th!!! Shudders! Hahahahahaha!!!

  6. happy birthday Gundot.. whoever u r.. hahaha…
    the claypot looks yummy!

    You would have seen her photos in some of my previous posts – the ones to do with food! LOL!!! Thanks, on her behalf. Ya…it was very nice and I wouldn’t mind going for it again…

    I don’t find anything that looks yummy about the claypot, unless one actually has a bizarre appetite for claypot. 😛 Oh yes, I love chicken claypot rice, with salted fish. Yummy! Had it for the first time in Johore a few years ago. Then had the ngar po lo shi fun (claypot ngiao choo hoon) with raw egg (it will cook when covered by the pipping hot ngiao choo hoon) in KL. Love that too!

    Have to cut your laughter short. Long ones like that make the formatting go haywire! No lah…short form, understood mah! She’s ur friend now lah – commenting more often in your blog than in mine. Hahahahaha!!! Ya…the claypot rice that I had over the othe side had an egg inside which you break and mix in the rice. They do not have that here. I wonder if it’s nicer like that – all gooey!

  8. I also got a box of the same Remy Martin chocolate in my drawer in the office. Chipmunk bought from Labuan. Also got either Johnie Walker one or Jack Daniels one, or both, I can’t remember. Hehehe! I like wine chocolate and chocolate wine! Last evening just drank some Bailey’s Chocolate Mint wine. 😛

    Turning alcoholic, are you? Next trip, ask him to get the Irish creme or coffee liquer… VERY nice!

  9. I am not a good student – never learnt much from school, never studies much … But this English teacher who taught me practically from ABC… when i was in Form 4 (yes, no joke), and from ABC to Shakespeare in two years, I could never forget! And I think I have not failed him!

    Happy teachers’ day, everyday – this is from Rachel – a student whom you have taught and you have made her feel significant!

    Didn’t do anything leh? Thought she was good right from the start (when I did not know who she was) – nice, sweet girl with a good head on her shoulders and a mind of her own! It was my pleasure having her presence in the class (So very boring these days…and the students’ English getting worse !!! General knowledge – nil! Eyew!!!)… Dunno what she told you but I thought I was quite mean and sarcastic (Well, what’s new? Hahahaha!!!) and used to pick on her…and vice versa. We enjoyed that!

  10. Hey Sir, i’m ur ex-student….
    BUT, honestly, i do not remember this special day for teachersss coz there is no this kind of celebration back in uni…. haha~~~ Sorry ya….
    anyway, Happy Teachers’ Day……

    Thanks, apology accepted. No Teachers’ Day in the uni? Maybe they consider themselves of a higher class – lecturers, professors mah!!!

  11. It’s Gundot’s birthday today? Happy Birthday!!
    Oh, and a Happy Teachers Day to you, STP!
    (getting cold here, by the way. Max of 16C only today. Syok!)

    Thanks and thanks on behalf of gundot. Ooo…so nice. If only I could live in a place with that kind of temperature!

  12. Is this your Sad post????? Aiyo..of all people you are affected by the non actions of your EX students.
    Delete the word EXPECTATION from your life and you’ll be a very happy man.
    p/s gundot still have some change leh!!!

    Not really lah! Just thought I’d add a bit of drama for a change. Oops! That’s TOC’s role… Hahahahaha! I always tell my daughter – give whenever and whatever you wanna give, if it makes you happy, but never expect anything in return or you’ll be VERY disappointed. Life is like that!!!! I go by that principle too…

    Gundot’s got RM1 left. Book early for next year, cheap airline, for the grand celebration… I also book – another one bites the dust! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. SAd???..I think you are sad cos you pick the wrong person in A-Idol for three years in a row now..HAHAHA.
    I can tell you there are a lot of SAD folks out there. SingleAvailableDesperate.

    Well…I do not qualify for the 1st one, 2nd one depends…and not really desperate. I think mine should be SEXY-ATTRACTIVE-DELICIOUS! LOL!!!

  14. C; chocolate wine one the other C. hahahaha.Don’t have la.

    I think she meant liquer. There, clare….the other c (not Cousin) has hired herself a law-eya….so you’d better watch out! Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. Got! Bailey’s got Irish Cream (coffee), Chocolate Mint and Caramel. All contain alcohol wan.

      I think they don’t call them wine – that’s why they always label the area in marts “wines and liquor”… If they’re the same, no need for two words liao! The students always write “wine” when they mean beer or any alcoholic drinks, or worse still “alcohol”! Can imagine them drinking methylated spirit!

      1. I see. Thanks for the info. Hehe! 😀

        And don’t ask me more…as I also dunno much about them! Me good boy, don’t touch those stuff!

  15. Me too..”expectation” deleted long time liaw.
    In the Kuda family..they have in the Alcohol family it gets even more complicated than that la.
    D for Delicious???..bbq only maybe

    Wow! You should have been an English teacher. I don’t even know some of those you mentioned…or is it because you’re an expert in horses? Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. Waseh…. so many Kuda. Melbourne Cup not until November la.

      STP… at least ur favorite student, TOC wished you Happy Teachers Day. Hahaha.

      Don’t tell me you’re into horses too? Hahahahaha!!!! Ummm…I will refrain from saying anything that may incriminate me and be taken as evidence against me! Hahahahaha!!!

  16. Happy Belated Teacher’s Day stp

    Thanks, Aaron. Haven’t seen you around for a while, thought you throw stones (buang batu) already!

  17. i hope its not too late to say ‘happy teacher day’ to you. 🙂

    Thank you…and welcome to my blog. Are you THE Ladybird in BP? Gee! An honour indeed to be visited by a celebrity. Do drop by again… It certainly is my pleasure.

  18. OOps..I missed filly in the kuda family.
    p/s C..just to confuse you more here are some more eg,,.brandy,gin,vodka,whisky..blended,single malt,wine..white,red,still,sparkling,dry,mediumrum,creams,liquer,fruit base,chemical base,milk base,port tuak,tapai,mentakuk,lehing,todi, eng chiew…etc etc..these the other Cousin knows very well for sure.

    Ini memang kaki botol! What about that cousin we went to see at the KK coffee shop? That one memang the Master lah!

    1. I’ve seen brandy & cognac, gin, vodka, tequila, rum, champagne, cordial, whiskey – bourbon, Scotch, Irish, Japanese, Rye, malt, wine, sparkling, creams, tapai, eng chiew, etc etc. Hahahaha!!!

      PS: I not kaki botol lah! Just love browsing through liquors in liquor shops. Interesting mah.

      Interesting? Not kaki botol?…Certainly showing signs of the making of one! The potential is there! Hahahahaha!!!

  19. Just need to cool down after what you’ve said about me on Facebook. Remember?

    No, I don’t… Was it related to some of the things your auntie said? Hehehehehe!!! Just pulling your leg lah! She said it all, I just buat sibuk as I really dunno a thing about you! ROTFLMAO!!!

  20. Mr. STP, if it counts, I actually thought of you that day when I remembered it was Teachers’ Day in Malaysia on May 16th. You never taught me though but you were very active in the social events at school. You are the only teacher back in Sibu I know currently who has an online presence. Hope it is the thought that counts!
    Teaching is an admirable job in my opinion – I taught accounting for two years at the university where I did my graduate studies and it was a truly memorable (we went through 9/11) and rewarding (money aside) experience in my life – although I do have to say teachers are not put on as high pedestals here as in Asian countries.

    Thanks, SophiaT. I guess it’s even worse overseas unless you’re a teacher who can really make a difference – I’ve seen some nice ones among the “related posts”. There are a lot of teachers here who have blogs – some make no secret out of it but some will keep it under wraps, for reason known only to themselves…

  21. Well, most teachers will not get liquor chocolate for Teacher’s Day. You are blessed to get one 😀

    Believe it or not, I even got a bottle of whisky on my retirement but I no longer drink, so it’s there in my pantry with the rest of my “liquid assets”… LOL!!!

  22. how r U?
    long time no c…

    Ya, I’m fine and hope you’re ok. So long no update in your blog. Hope you were not on the flight from Newark and had to be quarantined. Do take care… I was in KL last weekend but too bad we did not get to meet. Another time perhaps…

  23. Thanks to all. Was out the whole day yesterday til 11.30 when I have to go pick Tom. My staff had a surprise tea party for me.

    So nice! At least in school, there is the human factor (plus the headaches and the heartaches). At the tuition centre, I would just go and teach and go back and get the money at the end of the month. Dunno anybody or anything there! Sometimes it gets kind of boring…but money is the greatest motivator! LOL!!!

  24. your food pictures make me so hungry omgggg!!

    Come on over to Sibu…and I’ll take you to eat whatever you want! Oops!!! Somehow that didn’t come out quite right! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  25. secret recipe got that marble cheese cake? i didnt see it before.. okay im gonna check for it next time.. haha.. =D

    Dunno. That’s where my student bought that from, Secret Recipe box, sticker and all… I never go for the cheesecakes there…prefer the giant-sized sponge layer cakes like Chocolate Indulgence and White Chocolate Macadamian. The durian cake is nice but not always available…

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