Somewhere out there…

Teachers’ Day, May the 16th, came and went unceremoniously, I’m afraid. I did get a few smses from a few teacher-friends and as I was caught up in all the action over the weekend, I just gave them a short “Same to you” reply. However, I do not recall getting any from any of my ex-students which I must say was kind of disappointing. It brought to mind the lines of this Peter Allen song:

Baby saw that
when they pulled that big top down
they left behind her dreams among the litter
And the different kind of love
she thought she’d found
There was nothing left
but sawdust and some glitter
But baby can’t be broken ‘cos you see
she had the finest teacher.
that was me – I told ‘er

Don’t cry out loud
Just keep it inside
And learn how to hide your feelings
Fly high and proud
And if you should fall,
remember you almost have it all

Well,  it certainly felt like there was nothing left of the love we’d thought we’d found – just some sawdust and some glitter…but I didn’t cry out loud as I have learnt how to hide my feelings and I do remember how I almost had it all.

Then, just when I thought that all hope was gone, one of them sent me a message saying that he had some cakes that he had got for me from Secret Recipe in Miri – the marble cheesecake…

Secret Recipe marble cheesecake

…and some Swiss Liquor Chocolate that he had brought back from Labuan…

Swiss liquor chocolate

It was not so much the gifts but the fact that at least somewhere out there, somebody still remembered…but I was in KL at the time.

When I came back, he wanted to send the stuff over to my house but I suggested going out for lunch, nothing fancy – just this plate of Taiwan sui ciao (meat dumplings)…

Taiwan sui ciao

…and this chicken claypot rice for two… 

Chicken claypot rice

…but we had a great time, catching up with the latest developments in our lives. He has successfully secured a government overseas scholarship for outstanding students and will be leaving next month to do a degree in Education. Yes, he’s going to be a teacher…like me but of Chemistry.

I wish him nothing but the very best in his undertakings and in the years ahead. Good luck, Xavier, and thank you…


Happy Birthday, Gundot
The weather is so…hot
Let us go for steam…boat
Happy Birthday, Gundot

Hahahahahaha!!! At least it rhymes! Too bad I’m not in Kuching…