Ain’t nothing like the real thing…

Well, that’s what people always say – ain’t nothing like the real thing! For instance, Kuching kolo mee and Sibu kampua noodles may be available elsewhere, even overseas, but many will claim that they are not the same and definitely not as nice. Here in our country, each state may have its own delicacy but pretty often, it is available in the other regions. For instance, when I was in Kuching recently, I had the Penang prawn mee at a stall run by some guy from the island state and I thought it was not too bad.

Well, last Saturday, in KL, peteformation took me and the others to this O & S Restaurant at Paramount Garden in Petaling Jaya. According to him, this place has the best Penang food around and one thing of interest that I noted was that there were so many stalls selling all kinds of stuff and the place was so very crowded compared to the one right behind it which was pathetically empty.

I had the Penang char kway teow (fried rice noodles), the special at RM4.50 a plate…

Penang char kway teow

Pete said that it was kind of pale because that was the Penang style as opposed to the KL ones which would be darker as they would add a lot more soy sauce. It was very tasty and to me, it didn’t matter whether it was black or white. (Oops! That’s Wacko Jacko! LOL!!!) As I’ve always said, they have nicer kway teow or rice noodles over there compared to what we have in Sibu that is thicker, white (not translucent) and not as smooth.

Pete had the Penang prawn mee…

Penang prawn mee

It looked all right to me but I did not get to sample, so I can’t say anything about the taste. Daniel had the Penang assam laksa…

Penang assam laksa

I took a piece of the fish – it was sardine. It tasted fine to me and I thought it was a lot stronger than what we can get at the roadside/kampung foodstalls here in Sibu.

I’m kind of mixed up with the photos that I took, so I’m not really sure whether this was the same prawn mee that Pete had or whether it was the Penang Hokkien noodles that Drumsticks had…

Penang Hokkien noodles?

Cibol had the beef noodles…

Beef noodles

…but unfortunately, I can’t recall what coolku had, probably the same thing that Pete had. We did share the po piah (spring rolls) though…

Po piah

…which were fine but not as yummy as the ones KNB bought for me when I was in Kuching. Coming to Sibu anytime soon, KNB? Hint! Hint! LOL!!!

Pete also ordered this plate of chee cheong fan – Penang style for us to try…

Chee cheong fan - Penang style
…with the prawn otak-otak/paste that people use to make rojak. He did warn us that we might not like it as we could find the otak-otak paste sort of offensive. Personally, I felt it was pretty okay but I think I would preferย the one I had in Kuching.

All in all, it was a delightful brunch, considering that we got there towards the later part of the morning and thanks a lot, Pete, for going through all the trouble of taking us there and sending us all the way back. I owe you one…

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36 thoughts on “Ain’t nothing like the real thing…”

  1. and you only had a plate of koay teow?!!!

    …and most of the po piah and the chee cheong fan! This Penang-style one is not too bad but I prefer the ones you treated me too. Better than the chio-cheng drowned ones at Mitsu here though!

  2. the beef noodles that i had was a lot better than the ones at tangkak beef noodles and a lot cheaper too. the one in tangkak beef noodles is rm 8.90 per bowl and that is the cheapest.

    Dunno tangkak…in KK, RM7…but the meat there chunkier and the soup thicker. This one looks ok – compared to the Sibu ones. Haiz! So much to eat, so little time! LOL!!!

  3. If one day you come to Miri…try the beef noodles of Nancy Stall (opp Imperial Mall front entrance).
    That’s what I call the real thing.
    Eating it is believing it.

    Wonder what it’s like. So far, the best I have had is the one in KK…

    1. oh, Miri also got beef noodles kah? Then bring me la next time! Ha ha ha ha

      You can always meet Sarawakiana on your next trip to Miri and she can take you there. She’s very nice, very friendly and easy to get along with…like me! Hahahahaha!!!

  4. RM4.50 for the char kway teow? Cheaper than Sabah’s!

    And this is the special! Gee! Prices of things must be skyhigh in Sabah…and they have all the seafood around them!

  5. Nice foods there. Can’t never find Penang foods over here in Sibu. sigh…

    I guess the only thing is the Penang assam laksa… Our char kway teow sucks!

  6. STP… why you keep sms me about AI? U know i cant watch it, am in the office. Hhaha. Oh so u actually liked the popiah? I find it not bad myself. Bought it at the place where my sisters bought the roti bakar before sending you to the airport the other day. No sign of any need to go to Sibu yet…. hehe.

    1. Same here! He sms-ed me too! Hahahahaha!!! Purposely wan.

      Roti bakar? Ban Hock road? Near Indian temple? In front of Grand Continental Hotel? Choon Hui Cafe? I love the popiah there too!!! Sometimes I tapao the popiah for lunch on Fridays. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. am soo happy KRIS allen is the american idol.enjoyed the LIVE show.esp with santana black magic woman.

    Shhh…shows our age! Hahahahaha!!! I still think Adam is the better singer. Kris is ok, good too but rather mild, laidback and contemporary! Adam rawks!!!

    1. Yay! *high five* Hahahaha!!! Another Kris Allen fan. Now where is gerrie? ๐Ÿ˜›

      It’s all rigged… From yesterday’s comments, the things Cowell said, I knew already and today’s show seemed to bend towards Kris’ favour. Even when Kris did the 3rd song badly yesterday, they defended him and said the key was too high! Come on! Didn’t he know how to change the key to suit his range? And that only goes to show who the better singer is! Chesh!!!

      1. Here! Am here! LOL!!!

        So many sore supporters.. sigh!

        STP, if the key is the “problem”, it should already have been addressed…unless Kara et al insists key not be changed…who knows.

        It’s always like that isn’t it…like in an election. Oops…not going into that! Hahahahaha!!! USA Today report – they were hoping that he changed the key when he had to sing it after he won…and he didn’t. They said his voice was all over the place. I wouldn’t know – already switched off TV in disgust! Humph!!! LOL!!!

  8. kekek…. so no gay idol? TOC must be disappointed. hehehehe

    And word was going round the net that Adam’s a Jew, a double whammy against him! I thought music is supposed to transcend all barriers and prejudices… No wonder there can never by peace in the world.

  9. the chee cheong fun is different from IPOH..yes penang style.. black sweet sauce.. prawn paste.. in IPOH, u can put various sauces.. for me, i usually campur everything in…

    I prefer what I had in Kuching…

  10. Finally he went back to his real adam family..YOU RANG

    Did you notice they censored the show…the part where Kara stripped? I hope they’re not going to blame it on wardrobe malfunction again!!!

    1. I am going to get the un-censored version…God knows how much more was censored!!

      Not much lah, I think! Just this how-many-seconds delay king of thing. It was a “live” telecast! LOL!!!

  11. You should post this up tomorrow or something. All the comments lari to American Idol liao. But then again, any post you post up also will lari wan the comments. Heeheheheheh!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Yalor… What’s new? Hahahahaha!!! You should google “And the new American Idol is…” USA Today and read the report. It is quite obvious from the inferences who should have won…

    P.S. Tomorrow, I have a sad post… No, not on American Idol. Don’t miss it!

  12. *licking lips*….pete, biler you mau bring me makan2..*gerams* ๐Ÿ˜›

    What geram? You were supposed to meet him once before, but you stood him up! Bad! LOL!!! Oooo…so many things to eat but I shy sikit…so I did not want to show my true colours! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  13. If there’s one thing that catch my eye, it’s the beef noodle… goodness gracious… they seem to be very generous with the beef.. so big…. Sibu beef noodle, all the meat are mini size.. how very depressing =(

    You’ve yet to see the KK ones. They didn’t just have beef – they have beef steaks with the noodles! HUGE chunks! Hahahahaha!!!

  14. of all the wonderful food, you only had a plate of CKT?!! How come?!!

    I had the hotel breakfast – nasi lemak which was not nice, very soggy…so I did not finish the rice. Not worth posting on it. Then I had the ckt and most of the popiah and the ccf…plus I was with people that I was meeting for the first time – so pretend shy2 a bit mah! Don’t wanna shock them…this stp – eating like a horse! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  15. give me sarawak laksa anytime!!
    was just describing sarawak laksa to my colleague just now..the nearest thing i can compare swak laksa with is the penang curry mee..which is quite a far cry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ *sigh*

    Me too! Curry mee is just not the same thing, and as for the assam laksa, I don’t mind having it sometimes for a change but I don’t think I’d go crazy over it…

  16. And I was too tired the previous day to come join in the foodie fun. Sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    And yes, Penang char kuey teow is the best ever in the whole of Malaysia I should say. Hmmm, I’m going to find something from JB that can beat that ๐Ÿ˜€

    Young people these days! That night, Cibol and I got back past midnight and we chatted till almost two…and were up and about early the next morning! Penang char kway teow is nice but I wouldn’t put it at the top of the list of best Malaysian delicacies. I think there are other things that are nicer… And I can’t stand how they only give a pair of chopsticks, no spoon. I’m not good at that and eating can be such a hassle! LOL!!

    1. I walked the whole day the day before, that’s why so tired. Leg also giving way already. ๐Ÿ˜›

      Aiyah I know I can’t really give any excuses here. Maybe should learn some tricks from you about how to sleep less and get up early instead ๐Ÿ˜†

      Generally, I find that young people nowadays sleep a lot. Maybe it’s the upbringing. Our time, we had to get up at dawn…and at night, there was no tv, nothing…by 9, we would all be asleep!

      I find that I can’t walk that much these days unlike the time when I was still in school and walked a lot every day – class to class, block to block, up and down here and there… That’s why I did not go shopping or walk around the area that much – unlike before.

    1. WOW!!Yummy!! All looks so yummy! Next time
      if you come to KL I will bring you to Subang
      Jaya…one stall selling nice prawn noodles
      and laksa noodles aka curry mee.

      Can’t wait! I’d eaten at the hawker stalls at USB near Giant, next to Summit Hotel. They had some nice food there too. Got one stall selling Sarawak kolo mee…a few years back. Dunno if still there or not.

  17. So sien lah! Adam lose to Kris! But the consolation is that there is so many fantastic guest artists,mostly my favourites were all there! I still think Adam is the better singer, his duet with KISS, n singing with Queen,…I wonder what sort of album he will be releasing?

    Rock, I’m sure. That’s his genre. Kris, I guess, will be releasing songs along the same line as people like Jason Mraaz, Jesse Macartney…Yucks! Hahahaha!!!

  18. coolku had the same plate of char kueh tiaw as you…. like teacher like student..

    Yes, I remember now! He must have been much better with chopsticks and had finished everything very fast…or maybe he was hungry after all the walking trying to look for the hotel. Hahahahaha!!!

  19. Yes, that was drumstick’s Hokkien noodles. Must try the chee cheong fun at Kuching!

    Calvin did not make it to KL to meet me that time because his Mrs was admitted to hospital for appendicitis….

    Yes, you must make a trip over here with your family. And if you choose to go to Kuching only, do let me know way ahead…and I’ll try to join you there and be your guide. Oh dear! Poor Rachel!…No wonder he didn’t get to meet you in the end. Not so lucky, like me… ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. wow you know pete? nice leh..and wonderful food! omg im getting hungrier now.. haha. =P

    Well, we comment regularly in one another’s blogs…so when I hopped over to KL, I had the opportunity to meet him in person… You’re from KL too?

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