Let me get to know you…

On my very brief visit to Kuala Lumpur, I grabbed the chance to get to know as many bloggers as I could. I like meeting fellow-bloggers in person so that we can progress to the next level and become blogger-friends.

The first one that I got to meet was peteformation


…who caught me across the road taking photographs of the hotel for one of my previous posts. It was not difficult for him to identify me, he claimed – just one look at me and he knew that it was STP. Probably the fact that I was taking photographs using my old, lousy handphone gave the game away. LOL!!!

He looked bigger and taller in person, unlike the little boy photo in his blog.  He brought along some dried Teochew mee teow (long life noodles, as stated on the label) for me, thanks a lot for that, Pete. I will try to cook it one of these days and publish a post on that.

We waited for the other bloggers to turn up before Pete took us all the way to PJ for breakfast, but that will be in another post. The next one to arrive, if I remember correctly, was Drumsticks


My! My! Isn’t she so very sweet-looking and pretty…and so very fair too? The poor girl did not know KL very well and had a bit of a problem with directions.

Then came Daniel


…who decided not to drive and took the LRT instead. He also looked much bigger in person compared to the photos of him that I had seen in his blog or in Facebook…and if you read his recent post in his blog, he, for reasons known only to himself, does not want to be introduced as a “blogger” but as “someone who owns a blog” or “the owner of danielliew.com”. If you ask me, as Bill Shakespeare would say, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!” PERIOD.

The last one to arrive that morning was coolku who had to come all the way from Bangi…


Actually he was my ex-student and he kept reminding me how I used to scold him for his poor command of the English language. Well, he certainly has improved a great deal over the years, no thanks to me! LOL!!! For one thing, he has put on weight and is now fairer than the time when he was in school.

So off we went, all of us and Cibol as well, for breakfast in PJ (Paramount Garden) at the O & S Restaurant where, according to Pete, they serve the best Penang hawker food…

At the O&S Restaurant, PJ
Photo courtesy of peteformation

On the way back, I had a call from zewt who, at that point in time, was at the hotel. Unfortunately, he could not stay long and was not able to wait till we reached the hotel. I must say that I’m sad that I missed the chance to meet him in person…and eiling.

I was supposed to meet her at the Pavilion for tea soon after I arrived the previous afternoon but I was held up, chatting away with my radio friends. She was busy the following day, so I did not get to hear from her again, after that.

But Jing came to the hotel after we got back from our brunch outing in PJ…


…and we went to Secret Recipe up the road where he had a pie. I just had a slice of Mango Delight which was nothing to shout about. I should have stuck to my favourite – their white chocolate macadamian.

In the evening, JL came to the hotel and went together with Cibol and me to the “family” gathering…


At the gathering, we met this outspoken and dynamic lady, Grace

Photo from http://www.magandpat.com

…who works for The Star and she too has a blog of her own. Zee from my radio family, who also has a blog, was there too, of course. In fact, she and Cash were the ones who picked us up at the hotel. Another one from the “family”, Zul, started a blog as well but it died a natural death after one post. I can’t even remember the url now. LOL!!!

Later in the night, another blogger dropped by to join us there but he/she would like to remain anonymous – in every way, and so be it. This is nothing new as I have met some bloggers who would like to remain anonymous in the blogosphere and I have no problem with that. If that is what they want, I would give due respect to their wishes and would not mention any personal things when commenting in their blogs or say anything that may give readers a clue to their identities. For any private matters, I would just call or sms them (as we, as friends, would have exchanged our handphone numbers) or send them an email or a message on Facebook.

However, I would think that it is somewhat awkward to have a “friend” and you don’t know a thing about him or her, don’t you all agree? Imagine if one were to come to my house and my missus (who is not in the least interested in blogging or reading them) asked questions like “What does he do?” or “Is he married?” and so on and I could only answer, “I don’t know!”, I am sure she would find it really odd and might even start wondering what on earth was going on! But let’s just say that it’s a person’s prerogative…so whatever it may be, I would just have to quietly oblige. 

Anyway, to get back to my post, the last but definitely not the least, blogger that I got to meet was Chriso. I really appreciate the fact that he insisted on meeting me even though we could not find a suitable time…and he came to the place where we had the gathering at around midnight as he had a prior engagement elsewhere earlier…

STP with Chriso, Cibol and JL
Photo courtesy of Chriso

Wow!!! Don’t you look small and slim in the photo, Chriso? You really should take more photographs with me in various poses… Ummm…on second thoughts, never mind! Just forget I said that! Hahahahaha!!! We had a long chat and then, he left…only to come running back a couple of minutes later, asking me to have my photograph taken with his shitzoe…

STO and shitzoe
Photo courtesy of Chriso

Despite what it is, it certainly was an honour as judging from the photos in his blog and on Facebook, it seems that shitzoe is Chriso’s prized possession and he goes everywhere with it and has had many of his snaps taken with…that thing! Don’t ask me why he has this fetish attraction to that thing ‘cos I really don’t know! LOL!!!

Well, to all you bloggers that I got to meet, it was my pleasure meeting and getting to know all of you and to the others, perhaps we will meet some other time…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “Let me get to know you…”

  1. I thought I saw this post in my google reader yesterday and I am seeing it again. I guess you must have pulled it down to make way for the previous post which you accidentally deleted.

    Glad to see you in person. And guess what? You look much more bigger than in your facebook/blog photo.

    Ciao.. Have to go to work now. Have a good day!

    Ya…was editing it when I accidentally clicked “publish” and in trying to “un-publish” it, deleted the previous post – the original one instead. Had to come up with a shorter and simpler and not-so-nice one to put in its place. So furious!!! Ya…..somewhow we ALL look smaller (and younger?) in our photos, don’t we? Hahahahaha!!!

  2. glad that you people can make it except for Alice. Maybe next time then stp. by the way, we’re having our roast duck this saturday .. he he he

    Ok…ok…rub it in! Knowing that I can’t be there! What a friend I have!!!! LOL!!!

    1. haha.. hey its not roast duck! its stew duck… ;p sounds good eh, STP? come by again soon.. will seriously tour you around..

      Hahahahahaha!!! With your poor sense of direction, I’d probably end up showing you the way! LOL!!!

  3. The shitzoe aside, that pose looked obscene! BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! 😀 Eww…the mental picture… ROTFLMAO!

    Hahahahaha!!! Bet Chriso loves it that way!

  4. Hi Jing! Long time no see! 😀 Not much different from the last time I met him (at Cibol’s birthday party last year)

    Looks like after the meeting, he’s suddenly reactivated… Been commenting in a number of blogs and in Facebook, working on his theme in his blog and so on. Gee! I’m such an inspiration! LOL!!!

    1. lol~!! STP.. you indeed are.. keke.. HI CLARE~!!!

      Thank you, thank you. You took so long to come and comment, where got Clare around here anymore? Hahahaha!!!

  5. Eh…you keep on saying they look bigger than their photos. Would they say the same about you? I know..i know ..the pot should not call the kett……..

    Actually that was exactly what Pete commented the moment he saw me. It definitely wasn’t my handphone that told him it was me! LOL!!! He said I was so much bigger in person and looked smaller in pics…probably due to the angles they were taken. Never mind! Fat and cuddly…more to love! Hahahahaha!!!

  6. Sorry for not able to meet up with you. I was engaged with some work and thus not being able to meet you on saturday! Hope to see you again next time! Looks like you had your schedule full of bloggers. Fehmes!

    Not really! Could have met more…but time constraint, what to do? Did not even manage to get in touch with Huai Bin. Chriso said he stays near Baywatch, Kelana Jaya…but it was already too late, so I did not try to contact him. I do hope we’ll meet someday.

  7. That shitzoe photo is priceless, especially the suggestive post. HAHAHAHAHAA!

    Pose, you mean? I remember seeing Huai Bin posing for a photograph with shitzoe somewhere – maybe in Chriso’s blog…and knowing Huai Bin, his pic is even worse, even more suggestive! LOL!!

  8. Kekeke…. giant baby with lollipop.
    So did hanging out with the “young ones” make u feel 30 years younger? haha.

    I always feel 30 years younger…no matter who I hang out with! Age is just a number… Can’t imagine how some people can be so young…and already “aged” before their time! So boring lah!

  9. I have personal reasons to remain anonymous and that’s why you won’t see me on Facebook or any other social networking sites! Sorry about that! But it’s good to have met you and the rest! : )

    No need to explain…and I will not want to know your reasons. Free world, anybody can do what he/she wants. I know some who will not even meet anybody – just blog anonymously but somehow, their identities also leaked out. People will say, “Yunno, this blogger is such and such a person.” I would just pretend I didn’t know…

  10. ROAR!

    haha it was really great meeting you la. I mean, i am nobody but you still recognize me as a blogger worth knowing keke. of course i have to meet you up too. what to do, one STP would know another STP eh? Well, not right now la but in the future!

    (then again, I’m short so if I ever get to your size, I’d be the fattest midget known to human race >.<)

    anyway can't wait to blog about STP licking my shit lalala 😀

    LOL!!! I like that – a fat midget…reminds me of a joke but I can’t jolly well tell it here! What do you mean nobody – the Chriso who gets invited to do food reviews and all events where anybody who’s anybody will be there? The honour is mine really – big fat blogger from a small town and you were gracious enough to meet up! Two thumbs up! Hey, wait! You’re gonna blog on that! Gee! It really does turn you on or what…??? Lick! Lick! Hahahahaha!!!

    1. I don’t think Chris looked fat, certainly not to me.

      He’s definitely not fat…but should watch out! If you visit his blog or add him on Facebook, he seems to be eating all the time! If that goes on, he’ll soon be like me! Hahahahaha!!!

  11. AmIdol UPDATE:
    The grand finale is over, the songs have been sung and none of them is my personal favourite. Adam did “Mad World” and “A change is gonna come” while Kris chose “Ain’t no sunshine” and “What’s going on”. Then, the two sang “No Boundaries” co-written by Kara DioGuardi.

    I’m not rooting for anybody but the comments in some websites seem to favour Kris…especially Kara’s song which according to them, is not suitable for Adam’s rock style. No live telecast this morning; I hope there’ll be one tomorrow when they announce the winner for this year.

  12. what’s a ‘shitzoe’ ? Tried to find it in the dict but sure isn’t registered in it. Wah.. guess no one can say any longer that blogging is just a waste of time… so many benefits from the looks of it !

    You’ll have to ask Chriso that. It’s that lollipop-like thingy on a stick that’s curled up like chocolate ice-cream! Hahahahaha!!! Well, if you have ads on your blog, you can actually make money out of it. I know people who have several blogs and they make more than a thousand…but I guess you need a lot of traffic for that.

  13. sure, a group of lovely people! You are so blessed. And at your age, at your size – so many fans.. WOW! (joking only, don’t sweat over it!)

    I am blessed. Maybe it’s my years with teenage boys…oops! That didn’t come out quite right, did it? Hahahahaha!!! I mean as a teacher, I mingled with young students all the time, so I can blend in quite well with them. I’m sure I’m older than some of their fathers, if not all, but I bet they do not feel it like they’re going out with their dads…or at least, that’s what I hope.

  14. What is that you are holding?So GROTESQUE!! I skipped your A.Idol comments, want to watch the whole show without knowing what songs they will sing. 🙂

    Shitzoe, meet Stella…and Stella, meet Shitzoe! Hahahahaha!!! That’s Chriso’s mascot and I don’t, for the life of me, know why he chose THAT! I don’t think it symbolises him, his appearance or his life. I must say that it IS unique though. LOL!!! Ya, enjoy the show tonight – last one for this season…other than the results show tomorrow, that is.

  15. AmIdol UPDATE:
    Adam was good in the first round but Kris was clearly better with that special feel in his rendition of the song. But Adam came back with a vengeance in the 2nd round while Kris paled miserably in comparison. In the 3rd round, I don’t agree that the song suits Kris better for Adam clearly did a better job while Kris sounded weak and defeated…

    Personally, I think Adam should have picked something lively from his rock genre for his 1st song to bring the house down- “Satisfaction” perhaps…and the arrangement for the 3rd song could have been something like Aerosmith’s brand of music – more loud and weeping guitars, not violins!

    Based on their performances in the finale, I think, rightfully, Adam should win…

  16. Have just watched Idol. Must still say Adam is a star,no doubt about that, his 2nd song esp. I think is very good! But Kris do seem to have a lot of fans. N he also sang the winning song better…But what is with his jaw, it is everywhere when he is singing! If popularity conquers,I have a feeling Kris may win, but Adam have so much potential in him but I think even if he is not the winner in this competition,in my eyes he already is in the way he always just put out his very best. I will buy his album when he releases one. Saw Katie Holmes & Suri n my goodness Anthony Hopkins looks so oooold now! Tomorrow is ‘live’ here at 10am!Can’t wait!

    The winning song? You mean the “lagu wajib” – the 3rd one? I don’t think Kris was better; vocally, presentation, everything – Adam was superior but I thought the song could have been better with a more appropriate music arrangement. It was like Steve Tyler singing with the Paul Mauriat Orchestra!

    P.S.: I won’t buy Adam’s album though. Not really into rock and all that squealing! LOL!!

  17. haha the pix turned out quite bright … nice… too bad my phone’s camera was spoilt.. and is still spoilt now.. if not would have took a lot of ur pix.. but glad we still have a group pix from pete.. too bad he wasn’t in it.. we should have took one more with him in it.. what a pity! anywayz, it was sooooooo fun meeting u last sat! ur really a cool man… very original, young and revolutionary for your age! your daughter is sooo lucky to have you as her dad! =) cheers STP!

    Ooo…thank you, thank you! You’ve made my day! LOL!!!

    1. oh btw, such nice words for me.. thanks! =)

      But to be frank, I think you look even nicer in person…and I’m not trying to flatter you or what, and such a nice, pleasant lady some more! Your parents are really so lucky…and whoever will be your Mr. Right, he too! 😉

  18. I looked good (read: self-esteem). Thanks for taking such a flattering pic of me. 😆

    Hah!!! And people were always complaining about my handphone camera! Not bad, right? LOL!!

  19. Ha ha, did not know that you took my picture, Aiyo, I was busy eating the nasi lemak!

    Hahahaha!!! People say I’m dangerous – notorious for taking candid shots of people. Switched off the sound, but I read somewhere that the new handphones, you can’t do that…and so with the loud sound, you can’t take photos secretly anymore… No fun like that! LOL!!!

  20. where was my comment! i swear i commented!

    You did! You did! About you becoming the fattest midget!…Calm down! Calm down! Have you been drinking? Let’s check your eyes…. Nothing wrong with them! Let’s check your brain…. Hey! There’s nothing there! Hahahahahahaha!!!! There it is! What is it doing on a stick? ROTFLMAO!!!

  21. Firstly, thanks for taking my photos so nice. I guess u not photoshop it right?wakaka. And honestly i not angry with scolding things d. Its grandma story d. XD

    Photoshop! Lucky already that I know how to upload a photo! Old man lah! Hahahahaha!!!! You always photoshop your photos in your blog kah? No wonder so fair, so handsome… LOL!!! No lah! Just pulling your leg! I’m sure like all the other students, you love me too! Hahahahahaha!!!

  22. TAT’s ME~!!! hahaha.. but the description so sikit.. 😦 hahhahaa.. jk jk .. Thanks for the meal again.. haha

    What did you expect? Want me to advertise for you kah? Eligible bachelor looking for a partner? Hahahahaha!!! Well, haven’t you been getting more visits since the post? And it looks like you’ve been more active too! Gee! I’m so motivating, so inspiring! 😉

    1. Visit? hahaha.. still the same.. but meeting you guys sparked the chemical in me to blog for a while.. hahahha

      Good! Like ur new theme in your blog…but your layout not complete yet! Get back to work…and after you’ve finished, you can start working on mine. Expert mah… Hahahahaha!!!

  23. getting to know bloggers.. thats nice.. till date, i’v never met any before.. haha.. =D

    I love meeting people, making friends… You’re from KL too? Well, maybe if I happen to drop by again, we can arrange to meet too… I guess you’re not one of those who prefer to remain anonymous since you’re using your name and your photo’s all over your blog?

  24. wooaaah… if i met you, i would have my picture posted here… not good… not good…

    Why not? You’re not one of those faceless anonymous bloggers…and your handsome photos are all over your own blog anyway.

    1. Me so absent minded, saw Pete’s picture in your blog, but then can’t really recall about it, blur blur me, keke…

      Growing old? 😉

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