How sweet it is…

It certainly was so very sweet of Mary aka Goolooloo to go through all the trouble to get me some sau pau

The New Sau Pau Cafe, Miri 1

…all the way from the New Sau Pau Cafe at the Boulevard Shopping Complex, Ground Floor, in Miri. This is their tagline…

The New Sau Pau Cafe, Miri 2

…which, I must say, is pretty original unlike some that will copy others with maybe a little bit of cosmetic changes. Well, sau pau is actually baked buns…and Mary bought me the char siew (barbecued meat) ones…

Char siew sau pau from Miri

I loved the pastry which was flaky and very well done. Some from the local bakeries here are either hard and crusty or rubbery and tough as if they were uncooked…and they were definitely nicer than the Seremban buns that were selling like hot cakes at one time here and people lined the streets just to buy them. The char siew filling inside was just like that in the steamed char siew pao at any dimsum place…

Miri's char siew sau pau filling

All in all, I would give it a 7 out of 10. They were very nice, but I still prefer those from Kai Joo Lane in Kuching… Thanks so much, Mary and thanks to Alexallied for driving her to my house. They did manage to catch a glimpse of my Desert Roses that night, though not in full bloom, so let’s hope that it will bring lots of good fortune to the two!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

44 thoughts on “How sweet it is…”

  1. What do you think of naming something with new in it? With time, it won’t be new anymore.

    Relatively speaking, I guess. Like the young Higgins as opposed the old one, Rex Harrison…though we all know that the young Higgins is far from young, I’m sure!

    1. Since it is new, perhaps they should use 简体字 (simplified Mandarin) rather than 繁体字 (non-simplified Mandarin). After all, simplified Mandarin signals modernity, hence newness.

      It’s all Greek to me…

  2. Yes, the Kai Joo lane ones are very nice. I have a friend who always ‘ta pao’ dozens oh when she goes back to Sibu. She says her family members and relatives like them very much. Perhaps you’re a relation of hers? 😛

    Nope, unfortunately no! But when somebody is carrying some onto the plane, the rich fragrance of the pastry will fill the whole aircraft…and I would be drooling away!!! Haven’t had those for ages. For one thing, because of the location, it isn’t that conveniently accessible.

    1. Oh, you don’t have to worry about accessibility. There’s a shop just a few doors away from Dong Guan (at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce), I think it’s called Sin Chong Choon or something, they do sell the char siew pao from Kai Joo lane, but you have to go after 12 or something.

      Now I’m totally lost!…Unless some kind soul will offer to go and get some for me? Hint! Hint! Hahahahahaha!!!

    2. Higgins will. Right, Higgins?

      I know Kongkay will. As for Higgins, ummmmm….no comments! LOL!!!

      1. Periwinkles has a predilection for assigning tasks to people. I think it’s known as professional deformation where one’s profession dictates one’s life. Hence if a teacher loves to instruct, this will be translated in the outside world.

        Ouch! Did that sting, Periwinkles? I think the man-on-the-street calls it an occupational hazard! Hahahahahaha……

      2. STP, you’ll delete the biting remarks from Higgins. Right, STP? <— Am I assigning a task to STP, Higgins?

        Nope. Will delete only when pertaining to politics, religion, race…and when I find the comment too offensive. Sort of “keep the peace and spread the love” kind of policy!

      3. See what I mean, STP?

        So I’ll just put it down to occupational hazard. Am I bossy too? Hehehehehe!!!

  3. Remember the coffee shop in Tabuan Jaya which Kong Kay took you to recently? Merry something. Behind it, there’s a coffee shop (the name escapes me now) which sells rather nice char siew pao too. You can try the next time you come here.

    Opposite, you mean? We did walk past a place after breakfast and I saw one selling sio pao that resembled the Kai Joo Lane ones…but I couldn’t tell whether they were the same ones or they just looked alike.

    1. Okay, opposite. Yes, those sio paos are nice too. There are no green peas in them though. Unlike those from Kai Joo Lane.

      Naw…I’ve eaten some ok ones elsewhere, but they’re nothing like the real thing!

  4. urrgghh….. hungry. And today cannot catch snake for breakfast some more.
    There are so many types of sao paos in kuching nowadays…. i get confused. SOme are original kai joo, wannabe kai joo, pseudo kai joo, not kai joo….etc. hehhehe

    Yes, lots of imitations, look-alikes but a world of difference!

    1. Wah… have to pau only can win ler. So expensive bah. hahahah.
      Any more tips from your flower? heheh. How about 6D? Mega? 6/49? kahahkka.

      Greed!!!…If you pao RN24…you still win RM36, enough for a nice lunch at Ibu Janda or what’s the name now, I can never remember! Hahahahaha!!!

      1. Ibu Janda? I think that would be a free lunch… hahaha
        Selera Bunda lar.

        Hahahahaha!!! Wouldn’t that be nice?

      2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ibu Janda!!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

        I know… Purposely did that all for a good laugh! Was waiting for a response all this while… LOL!!!

  5. Can’t get those in Sibu. 😦 Make me hungry now. Better go for my breakfast now.

    Ya…the ones here are not good, even those from the bakeries! Not worth the calories…

  6. I saw lots of them in the pasar malam!!!. Ever tired those??

    Yuks! Definitely not worth the calories! That’s why I never go to the pasar malam. Other than the heat and my aversion to crowds, I don’t anything there that’s worth the trouble of going.

  7. Who got buy 1839 pao??? Time to belanja STP some good meal already!

    I’m sure all those who bought would be keeping very very quiet now… Hahahahaha!!!

  8. Must take the trouble to buy you the kai joo lane pau one of these days (probably next century… i never go there) so you can taste it is not so nice after all!

    Not so nice anymore? I think the last time I went was in 2007, two years ago… It was still as good !

  9. Might buy some from kai joo lane to bring back when i go back to Sibu for Gawai 😛

    If you’re entering Kai Joo Lane, the second shop on your left I think – the one with the man with a badly-scarred arm – probably burnt and his wife – a pale-looking woman who looked like she just got up from her sleep. They have century paos also – sau pau with century egg inside. VERY nice…and I love the curry puffs too!

  10. Kai Joo Lane in Kuching or Sibu?? Can give exact location or not? I will ask my colleague to get for me, hehe!

    In Kuching. I think KNB has answered your question. Two shops next to each other, make sure you go to the correct one…

    1. Kai Joo Lane is in Kuching,near india Street. Located in between Central police station and UOB Bank.

      Ok, everybody…take note! Now you all know where to buy what I would love to have when you are coming to Sibu from Kuching! Hahahahaha!!! How not to get things from SYTs hor? So thick skin! Simply ask shamelessly! LOL!!!

      1. Bear in mind that there’s two shop there that makes the pau… which is better, is totally up to each individual’s taste I would say…

        I don’t think so. The other shop isn’t so nice. Got a stall at the junction of the lane from Electra House to India Street selling sio pao also…and not nice as well. The actual one is so popular they will help pack in boxes for people to carry onto the plane….

  11. Will get you KJ pao next time. The only time I go there is when I go and get baking stuff from KKK (NOT the clan!
    Personally, am not a fan of KJ pao..also made the mistake of looking intently at them making it..will make sore eyes worse!

    I never asked as driving and parking in that area is such a hassle. That day, when I went to Parkland, I wanted to go there but my feet were killing me…so I had to pass, and ended up taking a cab back to the hotel. Have seen them making before; looked ok to me!

  12. looks delicious….yum yum…i will buy the pau from the place that i have been telling u lately…get the nescafe ready…

    Ummm….not looking forward to it as so far, what you praise to the skies ain’t that great to me! My standards are very high! Hahahahaha!!!

  13. Ooh I like the siew pau from Seremban! have you try them?

    I’ve tried those. Bought from a stall along Bukit Bintang when it first became a craze. Then we had a stall here too…and long queues to buy every day. Nice smell…but not as nice as Kuching Kai Joo Lane’s (which actually has been around since the 70s, if I remember correctly…before there was Seremban pao) – pastry not as nice and the filling wasn’t anywhere near…

  14. Kai Joo lane is where gerrie took us for kampua right? How come nobody buy the famous pau for us? Haiya! Dakek lah! 🙂

    Nope! She took you to Kim Joo Cafe along Carpenter Street. Gee! You’re not good at names – hope you’re better with directions! LOL!!!

    1. Stella…Kai Joo Lane is like a mile away from where you were. You ate in KIM JOO, along Ewe Hai Street/Carpenter Street.
      You can take back your Dakek…haha.

      Yup! Exactly what I told her… But she might have eaten those Kai Joo Lane sio paos before…as I used to buy home and might have passed a few next door, or your dad or somebody from Kuching might have bought once in a while. I remember Sophia bought a whole lot once in 1997…but I guess Stella wasn’t around then.

      1. gerrie, can’t blame her. The names are almost the same. There is kim joo, the other one is min joo, then sio pao from kai joo. All the joos (no reference to the Jews even though they’re homophones) so confusing.

        Maybe they are secretly related to confuse people. Hahahaha!!!

        Ya…and no kolo mee in Kai Joo Lane, only sio paos and…..coffins! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  15. Clare: ya hor?

    Re AI tonite: Danny….yawnnn!!

    Watch out for my exclusive post on tonight’s show first thing tomorrow morning!

  16. Ok,next time I go Kai Joo then. N we did go for kolo in Kim Joo.:) Re:A.Idol,I think Chris would have sounded great if he sang I’m yours by Jason Miraz. I think the winner is very clear cut already!

    Eyew…not I’m yours please!!! Well, with reality shows, you’ll never know!

  17. They say the best sau pau come from Negeri 9. Is it true?

    Nope… If you read my earlier replies to some comments, I don’t really like the pastry and the filling is even worse. The ones I had in the post were way better and needless to say, they come nowhere near the Kai Joo lane ones in Kuching. Maybe they’re about the same as those dismal ones we get in some of the bakeries here – not really worth the calories!

    1. Wow, that must be some sau pau indeed, to even beat the N9 ones. Well I’m not a fan of sau pau anyway so I didn’t go into detail about them. You know what, it’s morning and I’m now thinking about eating “kueh teow kia” instead! LOL!!! 😆

      Gosh! Everytime you drop by, you end up thinking of eating something… How’s your slimming programme? As slim as ever now?

      1. Well still going strong, though I definitely want to be fitter. As in having the dream washboard abs, kakaka. 😀

        Good… Keep it up! Shouldn’t be a problem…young guy like you! LOL!!!

  18. Aiyo..why you kator me again…for speaking the truth?
    I’m so #$%^%$#@..I mean hungry and drooooooling.

    Very peculiar way to express your hunger? Sometimes in life, we may need to tell those little white lies…

  19. Wah..looking forward to tomorrow’s post on Tonight Show. Am now trying to picture you with Jay Leno.

    No capital letters T and S lah…but then again, some people have told me that I do resemble Jay Leno. I wonder… LOL!!!

  20. I love sao pao a lot. But haven’t try out this one at the cafe. Maybe tomorrow haha! Mary never tell me about the cafe, cis! :p

    She’s going back to Miri today…

  21. OMG! The way you described it…it must had taste heavenly on your taste buds? Better than the Seremban ones? Sure~boh? 😛

    The Kai Joo lane ones? 100% sure…but can only get them in Kuching. None here that can measure up to those, unfortunately!

  22. Seeing this reminds me of the famous Seremban or Fu Yong siew pao 🙂

    Naw, these are nicer…and the Kuching Kai Joo Lane ones are nicer still!

  23. i really hope the Desert Rose will bring us lots of lucks!thanks stp

    And a very Happy Birthday to you! Muuuaaaaccckksss!!!

    P.S. Oops…just found out it’s June 2nd. Still a long way to go. Must remember to wish you again when the time comes. Can muuuuaaaaccckksss again! LOL!!!

  24. Mmmm, gotta try to make this one day. Have to use two dough, one normal and one with oil so that it will be flaky. Ok, send one pau to me lah! use DHL!

    Unfortunately, the good ones are not available here – only in Kuching and these in the post came from Miri. Otherwise, I can bring a few over for you…

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