Desert Rose…

It has bloomed again – our Desert Rose or as  some may call it, the Queen of the Night, Moonlight Flower or even The Star of Bethlehem – 1 on Saturday night, the 8th of May and 3 last night, the 9th of May, so all of you punters out there can go and buy 1839 pao. LOL!!! Its real name, I think, is Night Cereus, and it is a plant found in the desert in the USA. I had a post on it when it first bloomed this year on the 2nd of January.

This is the yet-to-blossom bud… 

Desert Rose 1

It is said that it only blooms once a year, but in our case, this is the second time already. There were four buds altogether, so I kept vigil waiting for them to open…

Desert Rose 2

Finally, at around 10 something – at night, that is – two started to bloom, one a bit sooner than the other. They only blossom at night and by morning, they would have closed and gone limp, all withered away.

Desert Rose 3

By 11 something, only one was in full bloom, blossoming in all its glory…

Desert Rose 4

Some people claim that it brings good luck/fortune, but I guess I’ve been blessed in so many ways already. My only prayer is that things will stay this way, or perhaps get even better.

Desert Rose 5

However, often has it been said that Man proposes, God disposes, there is no question about that. A line in the Lord’s Prayer goes, “Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven,” and to that, I humbly say, “Amen.”

In view of the speculations as to what the plant is or what the plant looks like, here is a photo of it:

Desert Rose 6

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60 thoughts on “Desert Rose…”

  1. so you stayed up the whole night waiting for it to reach its full bloom? Oh, what a night. (name that tune!!!)

    December 1963…I had a post with that title! LOL!!! They started blooming quite early…around 10 p.m. even though people say they will only open at midnight!

  2. Are these the flowers of a dragon fruit plant? I took some pictures of them when they were in bloom a few months back.

    Nope…it’s probably from the same family. I think I read that somewhere. The leaves look similar.

    1. The flowers of a dragon fruit plant do look prettier, don’t they?

      I’ve never seen the flowers of the dragon fruit. Are they white too…or red? These do not bear fruit, just flower… I hear there’s a red variety.

      1. You should ask Higgins to send you his masterpieces oh. 🙂

        What masterpieces? His works…or the pics of his flowers?

      2. She meant the pictures that I took in my garden. If you want, I can show you when we meet up in Kuching.

        I’ve just added a post-script to show the photo of the plant. Is yours anything like that?

      3. Another purpose for you to come to Kuching, STP? Apart from the carrot cake. 😛

        Purpose? Oh…you were asking Kongkay to host a party! He’s got the same plant as well? I thought it was Higgins who said he had something like that? Now, I’m quite lost… LOL!!!

      4. It doesn’t look like a dragon fruit tree ho, Higgins. Maybe distant cousin of the dragon fruit lah. Bau-bau bacang ah.

        No…I looked at the dragon fruit trees in the neighbourhood. The leaves look like elongated/extended four-angle beans!!! Long lost relative, I guess…

      5. Two purposes now to come to Kuching:

        i. Higgins is going to give you a treat, i.e. carrot cake.

        ii. Higgins is going to show you his masterpieces.

        …and meeting Periwinkles!

      6. Mine’s not leafy at all. In fact they are just stems with prickles all over. And you’re right STP. They are elongated stems. To add on to Periwinkles’ list:
        i. Periwinkles is going to bake her sought-after muffins for STP
        ii. Periwinkles is going to show STP that her biscotti is ten times better than any carrot cakes

        Ooo…then she’s my friend! Can’t wait to meet her now! Hahahahaha!!!

      7. Haha. The promoter is at work again! Overtime kah? 😛 STP, I’d love to meet you too. 🙂

        Don’t worry! We’ll get to meet soon enough… LOL!!!

  3. Are these the flowers of a dragon fruit plant? I took some pictures of them when they were in bloom a few months back.


    1. This picture was taken on the 18th Dec last year. Does it look anything like yours?

      Not really. It’s similar though especially the general sturucture..but not exactly the same. Your petals look like white feathers…

  4. Please delete my repeated comment. The connection was to blame for the error. Thanks.

    Patience maketh the man! Hahahahaha!!! Never mind. Just leave it there! The more the merrier! LOL!!!

  5. The vigil that STP mentioned reminds me of ‘Dennis the Menace’. Remember Mr. Wilson who holds a party, inviting the elder community to witness the blooming of a rare flower, whose forty-year existence will, in the light of a full moon, produce only ten seconds of a flowered life before withering away?

    I guess you’re hinting that I remind you of Mr Wilson? If you ask Higgins, I bet he’ll say that you’re not far from the truth! LOL!!!

    1. What do you have to say to that, Higgins? Does STP have a ‘somet’? 😛

      No…no ‘somet’…but the shape may be similar…and the grumpiness! LOL!!!

      1. I’m afraid not. But his physique sure reminds me of him. He doesn’t have a somet but “So met he and I a few years back”.:)

        You’re too nice to add that bit about the grumpiness… Always scolding people! Hahahahaha!!!

      2. Now see who has made a typo. You’re too nice to add that bit about the grumpiness…. I hope it’s not sarcasm. You’re too nice to stoop to that.:)

        Typo? Where?…You mean it’s a lot, not just a little bit? Naw…that’s the truth. I heard one St Mary’s teacher going back to school after the course in Damai and when a colleague asked her how it was, she angrily replied, “Terrible! Every day got scolded!” Hahahahahahaha!!!! I’m so bad!

      3. In real life, do you always laugh heartily like you do in the virtual world? I find your LOL and your hahahaha… hmmm…. can’t find the right adjective right now, but just so that you know, they make me laugh too. By the way, what’s ROTFMAO?

        You missed out the L – ROTFLMAO: roll on the floor laughing my ass off! Hahahaha!!! Yes, you can ask Higgins about this too. When I ran courses, the participants would laugh non-stop…but when they did not behave, I’d snap their heads off.

      4. I’d vouch for that. In fact some of these participants who were as delicate as today’s flowers decided not to have anything to do with him. That of course gave him boundless joy.

        LOL!!! Were there any like that? I thought they all loved it! Hahahahahaha!!! Btw, you have to stop repeating yourself! I’ve deleted the duplicate comment already…

    2. Hmmm… I’m actually hinting that you might want to hold a party and invite us all to witness the blooming of your flower. 😛

      That’s an idea! Next time when I see that it is about to bloom, I’ll have a party and everyone can come and see. Who knows? May bring good luck…

  6. Wah…. at nite only can kui hua? haha.
    What does the plant look like? does it emit funny smells when the flower is blooming?

    Yes, only at night…starting at around 10. No, no funny smell…but it gives out a very nice fragrance. The whole compound will smell like a perfumed garden….

    1. Hmmm… it’s like God is pervading your garden with the perfume of His love ho?

      I certainly hope so…

    2. Ya.. i think thats the one my dad used to plant. Its also supposedly for good fortune/wealth/luck etc. But i dont like the fragrance… smells funny. heheh. Btw, Kpenyu so excited about the “kui hua” and smells that he sms-ed me. hahahaha

      That lau-hiao, what do you expect?!!! The smell is very fragrant, very nice…like expensive perfume! You can have a look at the photo I’ve added to see whether it is the same plant as your dad’s… Maybe not the same, that’s why yours smells funny!

      1. Kong Kay, it’s been such a long time since I last went to your house ho? Miss looking at your plants. Some very exotic, I must say. They aren’t weeds, I can tell.

        Oh, you’re Kongkay’s personal friend…and you’ve been to his house. Hmmm…he never invited me there leh? LOL!!!

      2. Me Kong Kay punya Mrs punya friend oh. Me don’t know if Kong Kay counts me as his friend or not lah, but to me, he is lah.

        I see. Next time I go to Kuching, I can ask Mrs Kongkay to take us out… Then we can get to meet. He can tag along if he wants! Hahahaha!!!

      3. now you know… sini macam2 pun ada… better than astro!

        Ada apa? Now you see it, now you don’t! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. amen to that too.. God’s creation is truly awesome…

    Yes, it is. Mysterious like God Himself…and once in a while, we may get to see a display of His beauty when we least expect it in things around us.

  8. Nice flower. You must have taken good care of the flower and that’s why it bloom twice a year or maybe three time a year. 🙂 God’s creation is really unthinkable.

    Not really…but since it is a desert flower, I guess it can withstand a lot of neglect! LOL!!!

    1. Haha. Then it is a nice flower. No need so much attention but still bloom nicely.

      Yes… Actually, all the plants in my compound are survivors! Determined to live despite the neglect. LOL!!!

  9. knb..your dad’s plant is called Ttik chieew in hokkien(iron tree). No Knb one is not’s called Smelly Cinderalla.
    p/s..Suspect that stp’s plant is under stress and need to reproduce before amen.

    Nah! Look at the photo! It doesn’t look like it’s dying! Memang I’m blessed with lots of good luck… Last night, out of the blue, got syt (sweet young thing) who came to my house bringing me “sau pau” all the way from Miri. Will post on it soon…. Hehehehehe!!!

    1. for kpengyu, it’s totally a different kind of weed. that’s why he’s highly excited.
      there’s not much in my garden unless mosquitoes, weed and doggy poo interest you. and kitchen is closed for winter.

      Gosh! Some people go through great lengths to let people know they are not welcome… Hahahahahaha!!!!

      1. Agatha Christie interests me lah. And also, Mrs Kong Kay. Need to return her some books lah.

        Is this what they call forced entry? Oops!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

    2. Yeah, and to think that I was thinking of bringing him some laksa. Oh, well…

      Oooo….you cook laksa? Ummm…another good reason to go to Kuching! Hahahahaha!!!

      1. I was told that her laksa was enjoyed by most of the folks in Limbang–her first posting. And they not only went for seconds but thirds, ad nauseam. So STP, be sure to give me a tinkle so that I can let her know to make two pots. 😛

        Ouch! That bites! Two pots! Hahahahahaha!!! She’s a teacher too? Have I met her before? Or should I say has she had the misfortune of meeting me before? LOL!!!

      2. No, you haven’t met her. But I have a feeling both of you are going to be kindred spirits. She doesn’t whine which I know puts you off. She’s a food connoisseur which says a lot. And her English is second to none.

        Wow! Coming from Higgins, this is indeed a great honour!…So, Periwinkles? Heritage, no less? LOL!!!

      3. with so many temptations (laksa, muffins & biscotti), i guess you have to hijack your plane and divert it to kuching instead.

        Gawai hols coming…and my girl will be home. May make a trip somewhere, Kuching perhaps…or KK. LOL!!!

      4. *pai seh* So many compliments. 😛 Might not live up to the expectation oh. Heritage is no longer around, if I’m not wrong. Got burnt down or something. Let Higgins pick the place lah since he’s the one who’s going to give you a treat. 🙂 Kong Kay can come along, right, Higgins? Or we can all go visit Kong Kay’s garden and have tea there. I’ll bring laksa, muffins and biscotti. What’re you bringing, STP? Haha.

        My tummy! But wait a minute! Did you say Kongkay’s Garden? Among all the doggy poo? I think I’ll skip the tea! Hahahahahaha!!! The Heritage you are talking about may be another totally different place. This one is somewhere in Ban Hock Rock in the back portion of the shophouses opposite Grand Con, the area where Eon Bank is…and I think, next to Hidden Treasures.

      5. Periwinkles, I think you need to check your facts. Heritage is still around, and I think we should go there. And of course, Kong Kay can come along.

        There! I just said that…but if I’m not mistaken, there was another Heritage. Dunno where, but it was some halal place where the food wasn’t good, the service was extremely poor and they did not even know how to calculate the bill…

      6. Hmmmm… I could have mistaken Heritage for another place. Is it not the one that’s on the hill in Ban Hock Road (or is it Song Thian Cheok Road)? Neh mind, we can all go in your car then. 😛

        On a hill?…Oh! You mean the one opposite the former Tsui Hua Lau – the very expensive place! Nope! This is another place – follow my directions to my reply to your previous comment. Gee! Aren’t you living in Kuching? Hahahahahaha!!!!

      7. Haha. I hardly go out lah. Also, with a mother who’s good at whipping up a feast and baking, I don’t need all those makan places oh.

        Of course, nothing beats own home-cooked meals but sometimes it’s good to pamper ourselves…food for the body and soul!

  10. Mmmmm, got 4D number on it or not? ha ha ha

    PS. Bro, did not receive your email leh. Please resend to

    I posted the number already leh. Go and try your luck! LOL!!! I’ve sent you another email via hp…will check my gmail for your reply. Will send you another one if you still don’t get it.

  11. wow the flower is so nice and I salute you for being so patient in waiting for the flower to bloom!

    It doesn’t bloom often – supposed to be once a year, so something rare like that is worth waiting for!

  12. Have you been feeding Chicken Essence/Key sok to your Desert Rose,STP? Can’t believe you actually like the stuff so much that you pinched them from your mum’s pantry when you were young!LOL!

    No…that poor neglected plant. It’s a wonder that it flowers at all! LOL!!! Ya…most people do not like chicken essence but I love it! Even now… Overseas ones better than the Malaysian ones or not? The ones we have here these days kinda diluted – not as tasty as what we had when I was young.

  13. wELL…. knb.. do you have to wonder why Kpenyu will get sexicted when he see’s the word kui hua.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… with regards to the smell smelling funny….. hmmmmm hmmm.. think of the ladies of the night’s perfume… HAHAHAHA

    anyway.. is this also called Sundal Malam? Or is this the Bunga Raja.. gosh.. so many names.. or are they all the same flower…

    My mum says it’s Bunga Raja…but if it’s called Sundal Malam, I think it’s very apt – appears only at night, looking very beautiful and you can smell the perfume from far (but not as bad as that used by the real sundal malam though!!!)…

    1. Sundal Malam is pontianak (Maya Karin type) ler…. but they say pontianak got flowery smell to attract men. so possibly… hahahha.

      Yup…that’s what I said! Dunno if it was my imagination but I thought I felt a but eerie… Hahahahahaha!!!!

      1. Probably the flower attracts the sundal malam. hehehe…. thats why pontianak comes out at night, when the flower blooms. Next time u come out to look at the flower, make sure u look up at a roof… could be there is something looking at you. hehhhehehehehe

        Up on the roof? Why? That’s where Maya Karin’s gonna appear? Hahahahaha!!!!

      1. Sorry for butting in, but I LOLed so hard reading Clare’s question! 😆

        Don’t encourage her! Just ignore her! She is “half kati-eight tahils” with the likes of KNB and Kpenyu! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  14. wow fascinating! =D

    Glad you like the post. Your first time here, I see…so a warm welcome and do drop by often! Will link you in my blogroll.

  15. Fuyoh, this flower’s interesting indeed. My first time hearing that it blooms only in the night. 😆

    Ya…it bloomed once last year, and twice already this year… I dunno if it’s going to bloom again. People say that it only blooms once a year.

  16. if only i could the photos of the flower….*haih*

    Ya…professional photographer, Nikon whatever no less. Next time, if I see it is about to cloom, I’ll call you and you can fly over….and wait! Hahahaha!!!!

  17. Agree with KNB, think it’s the same flower my dad planted. Rarely blooms, but when it does, the smell is oh so strong! Especially since my window faces the garden, the smell can be cloying at night.

    I think bunga sundal malam are those small white flowers la, probably same family as those jasmine flowers. Dad planted those as well. Maybe the name came about because it smells like a whore’s cheap perfume! Haha.

    But I find the smell very nice. The one with the small white flowers – do the petals drop once they’re touched? Very delicate? I think I’ve those as well and I do like the smell too. There’s another type with a very strong smell – creamy white and does not bloom completely, something like an unopened frangipani… I dunno what it’s called.

  18. ehhh KNB..u like maya karin ah? STP, if maya karin does appear call me immediatly, i also 1 2 c her…hahahahaha Sundal Malam sounds obscene…but its just a flower…STP, when is d next date 4 it 2 bloom again?

    You kecik hati as you didn’t buy the number because you did not read my blog for a few days, didn’t see that part where I asked everyone to buy!…..See! Must read every day!!!!

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