Desert Rose…

It has bloomed again – our Desert Rose or as  some may call it, the Queen of the Night, Moonlight Flower or even The Star of Bethlehem – 1 on Saturday night, the 8th of May and 3 last night, the 9th of May, so all of you punters out there can go and buy 1839 pao. LOL!!! Its real name, I think, is Night Cereus, and it is a plant found in the desert in the USA. I had a post on it when it first bloomed this year on the 2nd of January.

This is the yet-to-blossom bud… 

Desert Rose 1

It is said that it only blooms once a year, but in our case, this is the second time already. There were four buds altogether, so I kept vigil waiting for them to open…

Desert Rose 2

Finally, at around 10 something – at night, that is – two started to bloom, one a bit sooner than the other. They only blossom at night and by morning, they would have closed and gone limp, all withered away.

Desert Rose 3

By 11 something, only one was in full bloom, blossoming in all its glory…

Desert Rose 4

Some people claim that it brings good luck/fortune, but I guess I’ve been blessed in so many ways already. My only prayer is that things will stay this way, or perhaps get even better.

Desert Rose 5

However, often has it been said that Man proposes, God disposes, there is no question about that. A line in the Lord’s Prayer goes, “Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven,” and to that, I humbly say, “Amen.”

In view of the speculations as to what the plant is or what the plant looks like, here is a photo of it:

Desert Rose 6