Remember when…

I remember, mama
When you taught me how to cycle
How you helped me up each time I fell
How you dabbed the bruises with bedak sejuk and brandy

I remember, mama
When you taught me how to swim
How you pulled me up each time I sank
And how I gasped for air and struggled desperately

I remember, mama
When you taught me to read and write
How you woke me up at dawn to study
And how you would always have a bottle of chicken essence ready

I remember, mama
Going marketing with you in the mornings
Helping you cook in the kitchen
Baking for Christmas or New Year, the cakes and the cookies

I remember, mama
Catching fish and shrimps in the stream
Going to grandma’s and a whole lot more
Yes, mama, all the happy times we spent together, 
…I remember them all.

Mother of mine

On this special day, mama, may God shower His Blessings abundantly upon you and bless you with good health, peace of mind and happiness in your heart. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY…

…and to all mothers reading this post too, have a great day and here’s a song just for you!