I finally found someone…

Nope! Sad to say, this isn’t going to be a post about somebody getting married. LOL!!! It’s just that I finally found someone who can make tapioca cake (chiew-chu kwoi or bingka bandong) exactly the same way my mother used to…

Tapioca cake

…except that personally, I find it a bit too sweet. They should cut down on the sugar a little bit to get it just right. So, where can you find these?

It’s at the coffee shop in the vicinity of  Sibu Medical Centre (the back portion) that I have featured before in my earlier posts for their gu-tor kampua (plain noodles with beef stomach soup)…

Gu tor kampua

…and black chicken mee sua. They have a table at one corner of the shop where you can buy cakes and all kinds of Chinese and Malay kuihs. The yam cake (or-kwoi) is also very nice – both selling at the same price, 4 for RM1.20.

Yam cake

I prefer these deep-fried, dipped in fresh homemade pounded chilli with some garlic and a bit of lime. Otherwise, when it is steamed like this, I would like it a bit hot. These are very nice and you can actually taste the yam, unlike many that I’ve tried which are rubbery and all flour.

Meanwhile, back at my regular Bandong stall, I like the murtabak with dhall filling…

Murtabak with dhall filling

I can’t remember exactly how much they cost as I bought those sometime ago, but I am positive that these buns were RM1.00 for three…

Halal meat buns

The filling comprises daging masak kicap (meat cooked in soy sauce) but given a choice, I would much sooner opt for something else. I did not like the skin which was not soft enough for me and it seemed to have that smell of yeast and the filling was nothing great either. The only plus point was that at 3 for RM1.00, they were dirt cheap. Even the chai-pao (vegetable bun – the ones that Gerrie loves, with long beans inside) sold at the Sibu Central Market costs RM1.00 for 4 and it only has vegetable inside.

Well, it’s Friday today and to all celebrating, Happy Wesak Day tomorrow…and to the rest, have a blast this weekend!

If you click the link to the video with the song in the post title, you can see one Made-in-Kuching video of a wedding. I stumbled upon it one day and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was that of the daughter of an old acquaintance of mine who once taught at St Elizabeth’s School here in Sibu. I don’t know if Clare knows her or not, but Gundot and Sophia definitely would. Well, I thought the video was really well-produced…except for the choice of song. LOL!!!