Early in the morning…

I’ve been wanting to go to this place for quite sometime now – ever since the time when my daughter was home for the holidays around the end of last year, if I remember correctly. However, I never got round to doing that as it is located in the horribly congested part of town where parking would be one real headache. But I did manage to go out early the other morning, well before the peak hour and thus, at long last, I was able to drop by…

Lot 10 Kopitiam 1

Sigh! I wish they had been more imaginative and creative with the name. I heard the beef noodles there were quite nice but that morning, the stall was not open for business. So, I had something from this stall…

Lot 10 Kopitiam 2

I was told that they had piansip or kiaw/wantan in which they put whole prawns or shrimps inside. but they did not have any at the time. Probably it was too early…; whoever said that the early bird would catch the worm should be taken out and shot!

So I just had their char siew (barbecued pork) kampua noodles (RM3.00)…

Lot 10's charsiew kampua 1

It was very nice but as far as the noodles go, I think I prefer Rasa Sayang’s (RM2.20). As for the meat, I’ve always loved char siew

Lot 10 charsiew kampua 2

…so all things considered, I would just say that it was nice and I wouldn’t mind having it again should I happen to be in the neighbouhood but I certainly would not go out of my way (and tear my hair out when I can’t find a place to park my car) to go and eat it again. After all, the kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) there leaves a lot to be desired…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Early in the morning…”

  1. Pa, why is it always kampua mee and char siew pork? Nothing else to blog ka? LOL…

    Well, it’s Sibu, so what do you expect? Like in Kuching, everywhere it’s kolo mee! But I have not featured this place before – though I did post on the char siew kampua here. Besides, the beef noodles stall wasn’t open so I could not have that…and never mind what I post, the regulars at this so-called “chatroom” will end up discussing whatever they want, you just wait and see! LOL!!!

    And btw, yesterday’s post was on your sui-mama’s birthday and you did not come to post a comment to wish her Happy Birthday, you useless good-for-nothing son!!! Hahahahaha!!!

    1. I recall I texted you what? SMS cost 12 sens, posting a comment cost nothing… SMS is much more precious.. LOL…

      Yalor…and Cibol too! Comment in blog free of charge, don’t want! Hmmm…you’re ok, not in banking sector so not so calculative! Oops!!! LOL!!!

  2. The char siew looks very much “coloured”. That’s the set-back! You also take your kampua in black sauce? I for one must have my kampua in “dao-yew” (black soya sauce)! Ya, till the Rasa-sayang’s the best!

    I think it’s the colour of the photos. The char siew and noodles looked quite normal. Perhaps it was because they had the yellow lights on (e.g. the ones in front of the shop sign). I dunno why they had to switch them on when it was already broad daylight. Nope…I don’t eat kampua with soy sauce outside as it will be like what I cook myself at home (with Bovril added some more). It’s always “kampua pak” for me…and “kampua pak puak lak” for my missus! LOL!!!

  3. I just had about the same thing (I said about 😛 ) but not quite same thing 10 minutes ago near my office. Kolo mee kosong with kiaw for breakfast.

    Go home, Danny! Booooo! For some reasons, Americans like Danny I don’t know why. Maybe that’s why he’s still there. Americans are tone deaf. Period!

    Finally you had your mee with kiaw! LOL!!!…Ya, I don’t like Danny too. Good voice, good at certain genres (but not rock)…but I don’t like his looks. At least Taylor Hicks has style…older-looking and on the heavier side though he may be!

  4. There’s this new place in Kuching called Yamisu tea house at Premier 101. Heard the dim sum is so so only but they say the roasted meats are quite good. Should try it out soon. Its supposedly a franchise from somewhere. Anyone here tried it yet?

    Usually franchises are good…but not that good…and if there’s poor quality control, it can be quite bad!

    1. Their food very nice and the staf very friendly also. If u ppl go,mayb u can try d Baked Potato Cheese,Custard Egg Tart n those dim sum. My friend from China says that it taste just like at their hometown. The taste very real.

      Will certainly go and try. I hear the beef noodles are nice too…but parking is such a pain in that area – even when we want to pay! Btw, welcome and do drop by often.

  5. whereabout is Rasa Sayang -seemed everyone in blog hv good comments on this shop

    The bus station area – facing the 2nd traffic lights if you’re coming from our area – where you turn in to the bus station (and the hotel where you stayed). It’s the first block on the left facing the traffic lights, two doors away from Sri Menanti… Call me when you next come to Sibu and I can bring you there. Lindy and Gundot loved it but said it isn’t exactly kampua – more like a cross between kampua and kolo mee.

    1. In Sibu. Jalan Pahlawan, near the new bus terminal.

      Yup…told her liao!!! Can always get me to bring her there as if it’s Rasa Sayang kampua, I don;t mind having it anytime!!!

  6. hi stp, kolok mee is better in a way that it is not so oily as over here in IPOH.. tried that before in Miri last time.. and would love to eat it again if got chance..

    Ya…you mean the wantan mee…with the miserable bit of noodles swimming in some dark sauce! I never like that! Would rather have the soup version! I only love the char siew in wantan mee and the wantan…but I heard that this guy’s a Cantonese from somewhere in West Malaysia…

  7. where is this place? The kampua seems nice to me. Wanted to try it out. The char siew look nice and roasted. Not like others boiled char siew with colouring.

    Ramin Way, next to Meckey Store/Apollo KTV – around the area opposite the block behind the former Esso petrol station…

  8. alamak. you make me want to fly to sibu at this moment la.

    u know what, after oogling your blog for this one month, i persuaded my husband to some day fly on the weekend to sibu just to stomach all the foods. he worked in sibu for a year, and he is also quite familiar with the place. hope we can make it very soon 😀

    Come…come! Would be glad to bring you around. Can even put up at my place, if it’s not fully booked! LOL!!! Your husband? I thought you’re tying the knot end of the year? Ummmm…. Hahahahaha!!!

    1. oh. he’s ‘ex’-boyfriend who become my legal husband. haha!

      Ya, already? Not in December?…Now I’m confused. Perhaps, you’ve registered but the wedding ceremony and what not have to wait till December? LOL!!! See my video link in tomorrow’s post! Beautiful wedding and very nice videography!

      1. i understand the confusion. i might be posted somewhere far away for few months this year before the wedding, and i dont want to joint buying a house without any legal binding either. so that’s why we register first. i cudnt call him bf since he IS legally my hb now LOL!

        Ok, get it liao! That was what I guessed. Ummm…clever girl, you! LOL!!

  9. ahhh yes….the kampua looks tempting…i might
    go there later & tapau…they also open at nite
    i heard. u 1 me 2 tapau 4 u STP?

    No thanks…but what I heard was this stall opens from 7a.m. to 7 p.m daily!!!

  10. KNB: Is that the new dim sum place? I thought it was just opened on the 4th.. talk about people kiasu and checking it out already… will check it out after the hype has all settled down and the chef can actually relax and cook properly…

    With regards to AI: don’t believe Kris actually could still stay in.. think he didn’t perform that well last night.. but oh well.. he has been consistent.. anyway… irregardless.. if Danny wins, you would still know that Adam and Kris’s album would still do well… could do even better than Danny’s actually..

    I actually liked Kris best last night – his jam version of Come Together, sounds like fun and he did the variations pretty well – but not that blood-curdling scream from the horrifying Gokey!

    1. TOC: It wasnt me…. kekeke. Anyways, bet u can see the dim sum posters from your balcony. Must be making u hungry. hahhaha.

      What balcony are you talking about? Sounds like something from Romeo and Juliet! LOL!!!

  11. Where is the shop btw? Gonna visit it when I’m back to Sibu this Saturday. Is there a place in Sibu where it is congested?? I wonder…

    See my reply to CK. Not congested, you mean? The areas outside the town centre would be ok – Pedada area where Delta Mall is (for Soon Hock kampua and e-Cafe Sarawak laksa) or the bus station area where Rasa Sayang kampua is… That is why I always avoid the town centre! Jam and no place to park…and I will NEVER park illegally like a lot of other people…

  12. LOT10 Shopping Mall? LOL…

    Well, Kuching isn’t much better. After Four Points, now you have 3 Points! What’s next? LOL!!! Actually, here in Sibu, there is an area called Lot 9 as well. Sigh!!!

  13. I won’t guess who will be the next contestant to be voted out but I think I can safely guess that 2morrow’s post will be on Bandong again..hahahahaha..but dispite the repetitions and clarifications some people stikk get %$#@*& mixed up with kampua & kolo(see Daniel????)and I still have to find a not so oily mee kolok…have meh??
    p/s I’m all BLACK today man…

    Ya…Daniel, see! Despite having posted so much on kampua and kolo mee, many still dunno the difference. Like how they get Sabah and Sarawak mixed up! Even Kpenyu kept saying kolo mee when in Sibu and he actually meant kampua – left the town for too long liao, and his family’s in Kuching. That’s why he’s confused and being old, the memory’s also not that good! Hahahahahaha!!!

    Goodness! Either you’re psychic or I’m becoming too predictable. There WILL be something on Bandong tomorrow! LOL!!!

    1. Exactly my sentiment! It’s not called kolok mee in West Msia, those in West Malaysia are of a totally different species. Not so oily??? I beg to differ, they are equally oily, man!

      PS: I’m all BLACK today too! 😀

      I’ve tried kolo mee at two places in KL – one in USB, the other dunno where – quite far, gone past 1 Utama…but both nothing like kolo mee (nor kampua). Can’t remember whet they call them – Sarawak mee or something. Actually, the fragrance is in the oil but there is a difference between oily (just right) and TOO oily!!!

      I don’t see anybody wearing black here…other than one guy this morning driving a Kenari VERY fast and TALKING on his handphone. Eyew…!!! Dunno if he’s one of you people or he just happened to be wearing black… Hahahahaha!!!!

  14. Was hoping for Adam N Alison to be the final 2. Oh well!there is always lots of interesting TV programmes to watch after A.I. Australia’s next top model is interesting with Sarah Murdoch n can’t wait for the US version of So u think u can dance to come back. Will sms u next time I go back Sibu so u can belanja me to kampua!

    Not me, I only watch one show a year… LOL!!!

  15. Guess what? My uncle is in Kuching. Just had dinner with him moments ago. Will post on the food soon. Hahaha! He’ll be in Sibu this weekend.

    Ok…looking forward to see what you ate…and where!

  16. A-Idol is like gusti to me liaw.I don’t think the votes are audited ..B.O.R.I.N.G.and that Kara B#$%@ is becoming a real pain in the A$#@.
    If I am the jugde..I’ll pick an foochow song for Adam to sing next(real foochow song and not the Mo Nee Ngai one as in Just when I needed you most ok)…hahahahahaha

    Just remembered I missed out your comment on going shopping in Thailand. Replied liao… So far, ok lah! Allison didn’t shine last nite – wrong song even though she was great with Adam! Next week, we’ll see who enters the final liao!

  17. I’ll be very careful in my reply to the C gal if I were you…” looking forward to see what you ate???”…hope you don’t get a picture message from her tomorrow leh..taken first thing in the morning one..hahahahaha

    LOL!!! Maybe I should retract the question… What and where some more! Brings to mind the secretary and her boss in Singapore… Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! That’s exactly what I was thinking 😛

      We’ve got to stop sticking around one another like this! We’re beginning to think alike! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  18. The kampua noodle with BBQ pork looks good! must be yummy too!

    They’re good…better than the other place with self-made noodles – big ones like Hokkien mee and when done, it comes across like KK’s konlou mee. Not so nice… I’m still waiting for you to drop by…and eat…eat…eat! LOL!!!

  19. Lot 10? Why copy the name of the famous shopping complex in KL? Haha!

    The char siew kam pua noodles look delicious!

    Btw, are you coming over to KL next week?

    That’s why I said I wish people could be more creative and imaginative…..Yes, I am…if nothing churns up in the meantime. JL has been in touch with me on Facebook about meeting up but not sure if there’s time.

    1. Yes, JL also invited me to meet up with him, and perhaps you as well if we all have the same free time!

      Ya, it would be great if we could all meet up… Looking forward to that!

  20. Mmmm, the char siew looks pinkish. It is 2.30am now and I am hungry leh!..Maybe go for wantan mee for breakfast!

    Must be the light! LOL!!! 2.30 and you’re still up and about! Gee! You must be very busy these days! Your posts are few and far between and you seldom come by to comment – See! Had to wait for moderation!

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