Goin’ out of my head (2)…

Gosh! It’s the month of May and it’s that time of the year again!

You see, it’s my missus’ birthday today and I’ve been cracking my head as to what to buy for her birthday present. Some of you may remember a post that I published sometime ago about the nice clothes that I would buy for her but she would never want to wear them (and everybody said that the outfits I featured in the post looked so “auntie”!!). Sulk! Sulk!

I’ve tried buying jewellery but I would see her wearing it for a while before she would go and buy something else of her own. Other than that, I also used to buy perfume for her but she did not seem to use that much, unlike me – I would just spray it like Ridsect and finish the bottle in no time at all. Hahahahahaha!!!

So, please don’t say that I did not even try…and as they say, it’s the thought that counts. Eventually, I ended up buying her a cake… 

Birthday cake 1

This is the baked cheesecake from WeCare Bakery here which is not too rich nor too sweet – just perfect! I know they have some yummy cheesecakes at a hotel here and I do agree that they’re very nice but even before you can finish a slice, you start to feel that you’ve had enough already. I picked one at the bakery and asked them to do the icing and this was what it turned out to be like in the end…

Birthday cake 2

Ah well! It’s all going to end up in the same place, anyway…and it being a cake, you can jolly well guess whose! ROTFLMAO!!!

Of course, that was not all that I gave her! Considering that I didn’t have the slightest idea what to buy for her, I decided to give her the next best thing – an angpao

Birthday angpao

…so she would be able to go out and buy something that she might fancy.

But my troubles are far from over…because Mother’s Day is right round the corner – this Sunday, to be exact…and I am back in square one! So, here we go again… SIGH!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

38 thoughts on “Goin’ out of my head (2)…”

  1. Say Happy Birthday to her on my behalf then. And may I congratulate you for not having her age spelt out in icing. As for Mother’s day, what about a poem? I’m sure she’d appreciate that.

    Thanks for the wishes. The people at the bakery asked me if I wanted any candles for the cake but I said no, as I didn’t want to set off the fire alarm! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Nicely decorated cake – just fancy the heart there!

    An Angpao? Would love it too. Should tell hubby to give a blank cheque coming November. Thanks for the handy tips!

    Hahahahaha!!! Don’t mind a share of the cheque!!! LOL!!!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Poor thing… And to think that you have been married for so long you should have known her taste ler. Tsk tsk tsk! Never mind, Father’s Day is next month. What she normally do for you?

    Nothing! LOL!!! Or maybe buy a cake!…Her taste! She likes watching Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Hokkien soap dramas…. No need to buy liao! I’m already subscribing to all the channels for her to watch.

  4. stp, i also have this problem. today is my mom’s bday.mother’s day also just few days to go. haha, end up we decided to buy her bird nest. cos we know she wont spend the money to buy her own.

    What a coincidence! Aiyor…I buy bird’s nest for my missus…sure she’ll be hot! That one I would buy for my mother…. My missus no problem! Give her money, sure she’ll be happy to go out shopping one! Hahahahaha!!!

  5. Happy birthday to her… happy birthday to her… happy birthday to mrs stp… happy birthday to her.

    Tenkiu! Tenkiu!

  6. Remember my T-shirt? Would you be kind enough to hang/hook it onto your car back bumper on the 7th May???

    Not hang your underwear kah? Calvin Klien no less!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. Not your used underwear meh? 😉

      You want!!! Can put over your head…to protect against swine flu!!! Sure the virus run until the tail straight (chao kau boi tit)!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to Ah Sor. hehhe. Bet STP was the one who finished the cake.

    Thanks for the birthday greeting! Hahahahaha!!! Not really lah! She gave a portion to my out-laws…and the rest, to work – share with colleagues!

  8. Help me to wish your missus Happy Birthday. Sometimes it is really hard to figure out what to buy for a birthday gift. Always have this problem on friends birthday. The cake look nice. Taste good?

    Thanks. I find WeCare more expensive than other places but I like their cakes and buns. Very nice!

  9. Wish Ah So happy birthday for me…. and yes.. May is a month where I have to file for Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Act… mother’s day.. birthday’s and mind you.. lots of birthdays of people that I can’t afford to ignore or get away with with just a simple facebook greeting or sms.. hahahahahaha… I think people were far too free in July/August… 😉

    Thank you. Ya, lots of birthdays this month including your sis – the one who’s still small and Christmas trees are still tall (First of May)!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. Black as in original colour or black from not washing? Hahahahahahhaahha!!!

      Anyhow, either way also black so…anything la. LOL! 😛

      Ummm…..not going to say what I wanted to say! Rancangan ini sesuai bagi semua lapisan masyarakat! Hahahahaha!!!

  10. heh..stp will ban me o. Btw are you wearing black tomorrow..if you scare..wear black underwear la so show your HIDDEN support…

    I was about to go along this same line! Want black to show support…no need to wear lor! LOL!!!

    1. Of course I am wearing black from neck down (the reason is more to I have no more clothes to wear. Hahaha!)

      Actually wear black tomorrow to support what again? I saw someone spam the Facebook with that but didn’t bother to click. Hehehe!

      I’m not linked anymore, already removed…thank goodness! So I don’t get to see all that crap anymore!!! I never wear black anyway – will fall sick with heat stroke! Too hot for me!

  11. Happy Birthday Mrs STP. So nice lah you. Hmmm.. I am also a mother and my birthday is also coming up!!! No need presents. I’ll be happy enough if Tom remember to send me an sms!

    Haiya…too bad my missus doesn’t read blogs. Then she’ll know how lucky she is…

  12. u dont know what ur missus likes ?? how come ?? bring her for a romantic holiday lah..haha since u run out of ideas.

    Romantic? The only holiday she likes is one where she can shop…shop…shop!!!! As for me, I love to eat…eat…eat…and the rest of the time, laze around, doing nothing (preferably in cool places)…

    1. KL sounds like an ideal place… lotsa food court ( hmm.. and Secret Recipe too ! ) and lotsa shopping malls…

      Frankly, I prefer Singapore…but it is just too expensive! KL’s too congested, messy…and not that cheap either!

      1. Can recommend you Jakarta…shopping cheap…food cheap..and the shopping malls huge! I don’t think you can cover shops/floors in one day! While your wife shops you can sit and enjoy your food…For brand goods, it’s cheaper than Singapore!

        The last time I went to Indonesia was in 1986…and I did not like it one bit. The kretek stench was everywhere and most unbearable, the place was dirty and I was worried everytime I wanted to eat something…and the nice batek clothes that my missus bought faded after the first wash!

  13. AmIdol update:
    Good Lord! What rock and roll were they talking about? Heavy metal would be a better term to use…with Adam singing Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love…and Kris is singing that somewhat-obscene Beatles number – Come together… Sigh! Doesn’t look like it’s going to be a good show this week…

  14. Pls wish Ah So happy birthday! Thanks.
    I think angpau is the best!!

    Thanks for the greeting, and a Happy Birthday to you too for tomorrow! How are you going to celebrate it this year? Cooking4STP’s gone Down Under…so minus one, to join in the cheer! Never mind, hope you’ll have fun!

  15. happy birthday Mrs Wee…..cook something nice 4 her arthur…i know you will finish it anyway..LOL!

    Haiz! How to cook? Got my morning shift…and my afternoon class. Maybe just eat Foochow birthday mee sua lah!!! Anak also not at home, just the two old folks!

  16. thank you, not doing anything, but of course will have a good day, and not just tomorrow! hehe

    Yup…be happy…every day!!!

  17. Haha, reading your post, i can’t help recalling a joke.

    During Christmas, Mary sent out Christmas Cards to her relatives and friends together with a cheque in each card. She wrote, “Merry Christmas. Buy your own present.”. Later, she realized the cheques that she’s suppose to sent with the cards stacked under a pile of books. Haha

    LOL!!!…That would be something I would expect people like YOU to do! Hahahahaha!!!

  18. Happy Bday to Mrs. LWakaSTP! Serenade her lah! How abt Adam!Normally don’t like heavy metal,but tonite I go mental over his Zeppelin’s! He sounded the most constipated in a cool way amongst the 4! The rest just pooped without having actual constipation!

    I bet that’s a biased remark… I like Kris! And I agree with Simon that Danny’s horrifying!!! Ah well…we’ll never know – these reality shows!

  19. Ok, Adam officially annoying me….if you paint star over one of his eyes, you get KISS.

    I was hoping for some bouncing fun-filled rock and roll…and what did I get in the end? Heavy metal!!! I like Kris though it was, like Simon said, something like a jam session…but it was nice!

    1. Sorry Stella, I like Adam but after tonight’s performance, I have to agree with gerrie 😛 Adam screamed like he’s been kicked in the balls like that. No more swooning over him this week. And I don’t like eyeliner, man! He looks like a girl!

      If anyone was kicked in the balls, it had to be Danny…and his image stood out like a sore thumb on that song. Should have done songs like Joe Cocker’s With a little help from my friends…or Uriah Heep’s Come back to me…or Nazareth’s Love hurts – slow classic rock!

  20. Shoo,Shoo,Gerrie,Adam just rocks!LOL!

    He’s a rocker, no doubt…and a pretty face but personally, I’m not into that genre! Don’t mind alternative rock along the lines of Daughtry… This is a bit too heavy for my poor eardrums! I loved Led Zeppelin’s Whole lotta love during my younger days though but I was more into groups like Deep Purple! LOL!!!

  21. Yes I like Kris…..more and more! Sooo cute!

    Susan Boyle, my dear…Susan Boyle! Talent…not looks! Hahahahaha!!!

  22. He’s in “Idol”, not “Talent” show….

    Oh have you ever given some thought to Susan Boyle’s popularity, had she been an attractive looking 45 year old, instead of a frumpy one. No one would be rooting for her as much, I think.

    I guess not…but there’s no denying that she can sing and she chose the perfect song for her situation. The impact wouldn’t have been that great had she sung a different song…like Celine Dion’s My heart will go on e.g.

  23. Well it’s the season of giving this May. I spent quite an amount buying gifts for my ma and grandma. Keke.

    Least you can do for all that they have done…

  24. re kongkay bro comments…heard that when some families were in Bangkok the families would go to departmentals store and the wives knowing that the guys hated shopping would happily agree to meet up outside the stores in a few hours time..and the guys went bang kok…CERITA BENAR INI.

    You’ve never been to Bangkok? You’ll just shop for trousers, belt…they’ll help you and touch you here, there and everywhere – free cheap thrills…ask you your hotel, room number…offer to deliver purchases to your room…and the moment they see the missus, they don’t know you liao!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  25. Yeah cash is ze best! So on Mother’s Day, are you buying your wife or your mother gifts?!!

    Have to lor…..and not another cake and an ang pao again, that’s for sure!

  26. i thought you shd buy the present for the missus’ birthday, but the kids shd buy for mother’s day??

    belated birthday greetings to Mrs STP!!

    Thanks for the greeting. Our daughter still studying…and at the other side of the country right now, no own income yet and just the two old folks here at home. But she’ll bring some stuff home for the mum when she comes back for the hols…

  27. belated birthday greetings to Mrs STP..I know how old she is.hahaha.
    will sms u my birthday date-I want angpow too ..lol

    You can get BIG ang pao from your loaded old man mah! LOL!!! I think I have your birthdate somewhere – in June, if I remember correctly.

  28. Cant stand Adam’s makeup and shrieking. He sound real good the first few times but after awhile, every song he sings sound the same. Cant imagine going through a whole concert listening to him. Boorriingg….

    Yup…I’m getting quite bored with him too! Whether he wins or not, I wouldn’t buy his album… Not my cup of tea!

    1. To be honest, I can’t stand the shrieking already. It was okay the first few times, but he’s getting so predictable now. Sien already!

      Looks like everyone’s getting tired of him liao… He’s good, no doubt but I’m not into his kind of music and singing. Would prefer Kris!

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