Goin’ out of my head (2)…

Gosh! It’s the month of May and it’s that time of the year again!

You see, it’s my missus’ birthday today and I’ve been cracking my head as to what to buy for her birthday present. Some of you may remember a post that I published sometime ago about the nice clothes that I would buy for her but she would never want to wear them (and everybody said that the outfits I featured in the post looked so “auntie”!!). Sulk! Sulk!

I’ve tried buying jewellery but I would see her wearing it for a while before she would go and buy something else of her own. Other than that, I also used to buy perfume for her but she did not seem to use that much, unlike me – I would just spray it like Ridsect and finish the bottle in no time at all. Hahahahahaha!!!

So, please don’t say that I did not even try…and as they say, it’s the thought that counts. Eventually, I ended up buying her a cake… 

Birthday cake 1

This is the baked cheesecake from WeCare Bakery here which is not too rich nor too sweet – just perfect! I know they have some yummy cheesecakes at a hotel here and I do agree that they’re very nice but even before you can finish a slice, you start to feel that you’ve had enough already. I picked one at the bakery and asked them to do the icing and this was what it turned out to be like in the end…

Birthday cake 2

Ah well! It’s all going to end up in the same place, anyway…and it being a cake, you can jolly well guess whose! ROTFLMAO!!!

Of course, that was not all that I gave her! Considering that I didn’t have the slightest idea what to buy for her, I decided to give her the next best thing – an angpao

Birthday angpao

…so she would be able to go out and buy something that she might fancy.

But my troubles are far from over…because Mother’s Day is right round the corner – this Sunday, to be exact…and I am back in square one! So, here we go again… SIGH!!!