I love singing…and I like dropping by karaoke pubs – the decent ones and those where not everybody will be singing nothing but Chinese songs! And those “boxes” that seem very popular these days are definitely not for me – I insist on having a captive audience! LOL!!! Β I would not say, however, that I’m a great singer but it is something that I enjoy doing every opportunity that I get.

Lately, I prefer to sing fun songs that people can sing along to and have a great time together, instead of sitting there impatiently waiting for you to finish sooner so that it will be their turn next. Well, I find some of the songs by the late P. Ramlee especially entertaining…

P Ramlee portrait

Some of you must have seen his movies that are screened repeatedly on virtually every Malaysian tv channel and now, you can get to see them in the mornings on satellite tv. The comedies are very good and you can watch them over and over again especially the “BujangLapok” series, and still be tickled here and there, unlike the not-so-funny Malay moviesand shows of today…

Bujang Lapok movie poster

Why, they even have a musical on his life story and every year, they have P. Ramlee sound-alike singing competitions all over the country up to national level.

So what are some of his songs that I like to sing? I don’t mind a couple of his slower ones like Getaran Jiwa or Jeritan Batinku but I prefer the bouncy and comical Madu Tiga, Bila mama pakai celana, Dengar ini cerita…or even Aci Aci buka pintu. If you’ve never heard of P. Ramlee or his songs ever before, you can click the links to watch the videos on youtube and see whether you like them or not.

I don’t know about you but I think the man is a legend – or in Malay,Β lagenda…

I remember a teacher-friend requesting this Sheila Majid’s song “Lagenda” for me on TraxxFm on my retirement. Boy, was I flattered! LOL!!!

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33 thoughts on “Lagenda…”

  1. Yes, he’s definitely a lagenda.Long after he’s gone, his legacy is still so much alive. I still had a lot of vocabulary to learn when he breathed his last, but to this day, words like ‘posto’, ‘kashan brandy’, etc. still ring in the household.

    Yes, I think he’s a natural – the singing, the acting – it all seems so effortless unlike the goodoos today! They try so hard and come across as so stupid…and I just can’t stand the canned laughter. They’re not funny at all!!!

  2. I like Bujang Lapuk. Tiga Abdul also funny! They are Malay-style musical, so nice. Won’t get sick of watching wan. πŸ˜€

    Yes, I happened to watch one with my daughter during one of her holidays…and she was so tickled! Now also a fan of P. Ramlee!

  3. “Bila mama pakai celana” that you sang in Swak Club was hilarious. P Ramlee was original and unpretentious. And everytime you watch a P Ramlee show you’d be surprised to see how liberal our society once was compared to today. Have we moved forward or backwards?

    Was that the 1st time you heard it? See what you’ve been missing all these years. Ya…with the mixed Malay-English lyrics of some of his songs plus the moral content, if he had not been a legend, I bet they would have been banned by the holier-than-thou people already!

      1. Barward??…. what is that? Mabuk lagi kah?

        Lagi? You mean he does that often? Gee! Who can carry? Don’t tell him they just leave him sleeping there till he wakes up in the morning?

  4. hey, i love singing too.. i joined myself in the worship ministry few years ago.. nowadays old already, noone ajak me to karaoke..if got, i love to go too.. now only sing in church and in the bathroom …

    Aiyor…I bet you’re much younger than me, but look at me! Still going strong!!! You’re as old as you think! Aftar all, age is just a number! Hahahahaha!!!!

  5. I like your Madu Tiga and Hula Hoop! The other two I don’t think I’ve heard you sing! Love all the P.Ramlee shows. The more ridiculous the better!

    You heard me singing Hula Hoop – biso papa meletup? Hahahahahahaha!!!! Now have to practise Denger ini cerita! Still needs polishing! “…wife saya cemburu, what do I do…” LOL!!!

  6. Indeed he is the greatest Malaysian Artiste ever… a talented actor, singer, producer.. (was he also a director?) it makes you wonder what happened to everything?

    Anyway, we were belting a few of his numbers last night.. namely of course Madu Tiga, Mama Pakai Celana and tried Bunyi Gitar.. which had Liz doing the twist with our friend on the dance floor.. HAHAHA

    Ooi! Looks like I’ve triggered a P. Ramlee revival at the club!!! It certainly is fun doing some of his songs. Nobody did Saloma’s “Bila larut malam”??? Gee! The rate we’re going, those horn-rimmed sunglasses will make a comeback pretty soon… LOL!!!

    1. come to think of it… some guy did sing bila larut malam.. hahaha

      Horn-rimmed glasses… Dame Edna came into mind all of a sudden

      Imagine you as Dame Edna! Eyew….gotta get rid of the mental picture!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  7. Wah.. P. Ramlee also can attract more than 5 comments. Cannot link PR with Korean soaps hahahaahaha… You a legend???? …god more like it..
    PR was in the 1960s right? Suffice to say that we are now in 1430 only la.

    11 comments liao! LOL!!! Ya…all these sensitivities that were non-existent in the past when nobody talked about perpaduan, bersatupadu and all that crap! We just lived our lives…together in perfect harmony!

  8. i love p ramlee movies…especially the his comedies. my aunt specifically requested me to hunt down all of his movies and have em send down to UK. i like labu labi and 3 abdul the best πŸ™‚

    Love the comedies…My favourite is Ali Baba Bujang Lapok, especially the “Lompat apek lompat” song with the heavy Chinese accent. Nobody gave a damn in those days! Time has changed…and not necessarily for the better.

  9. I seem to enjoy P Ramlee movies more than modern Malay movies! I think he’s a genius!

    Oh, btw, I like that Sheila Majid’s song, Lagenda.

    You like to sing in the open? Not me, I like to sing in boxes. Too shy! Haha!

    I went to watch P Ramlee The Musical last year (I think) and it was not bad. Although I prefer PGL The Musical.

    Bet you play it on the piano! I love that song a lot too! They say PGL is very good…but I’ve yet to go and see any of the local musicals. Ya…if I wanna sing in a box, I might as well sing at home! Hahahahaha!!!

  10. wah…i expect u 2 sing one of the songs when we
    go 2 d karaoke soon…

    You inviting me to karaoke, buy me a drink kah?

  11. So little comments? I suppose there will be more if you have pictures of the Salomas with big big nenens… and I believe there were no fakes then eh!

    Those days, no wonder bra mah…only tissue/toilet paper!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. what’s the name of the place, the wooden house/stage, somewhere near where the nice restaurant is now? rollicking on a saturday night… you wonder if the malays of those generation ever passed thu the pearly gate by today’s standard?

      That’s the Malay Union Club, now somewhere in the Bandong vicinity. We used to have those stage shows too at the Melanau Association near my house at Race Course Road…with people singing P. Ramlee and Saloma songs. Those were the days!

  12. P.Ramlee truly a legend! Will collect his dvds on my next trip back. Will be interesting to see u doing a P.Ramlee Karaoke rendition,STP!

    Your fleeting visits are so very short, there’s hardly any time to do anything. Maybe if KNB kawin, perhaps got karaoke during reception – then can sing lor…but the P. Ramlee songs not appropriate for weddings lah: “Isteri tua merajuk…balik ke rumah isteri muda…kalau dua2 merajuk, ana kawin tiga!!!” Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. re knb links..just wondering what the senario if she had swallowed it in the accident..

    Don’t you think she would chew first? LOL!!!

    1. It’ll be two dead bodies in a car. One from bleeding to death and the other from suffocation. hehehe.

      Humph! You started it all! LOL!!!

  14. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! πŸ˜€ STP, guess who pooped, I mean popped by today at my chatbox??? Obviously she’s not been reading the rest of the comments (or post, for that matter) as usual. Hint: She read the first sentence of this post nia… πŸ˜› Blog-hopping, traffic-whore like one of the other guy near home πŸ˜› After a while shadow also tak nampak *runs fast fast*

    I never bothered to look but now that I’ve looked, who are all those strange people? Yunno them or not? All praises but never see any comment on ur post. Btw, I saw her earlier comment in your chatbox – 11 Feb 2009. That would be way before she ever came to my blog! And who’s the other guy near home? You don’t go comment, of course you don’t see shadow after a while… Like talking to the wall mah! LOL!!!

    1. She didn’t realize she’s dropped by before. πŸ˜› All those strange people I don’t know wan, and don’t bother to reply them also coz I know they’ll never come back wan. Neh, that guy near home who is always trying to be politically correct, in other word, superficial. I think you know who lah πŸ˜‰

      At least I don’t attract those parasites!!! Or maybe it’s because I don’t have a chatbox. So much easier for them, no need to read your posts (not even the first line) to post a comment…and lure you to their blogs!

      1. Ooohh, speaking of the devil and hear his wings flutter πŸ˜›

        Who? The penyu? Got wings kah? That one got wings also cannot fly one!!! LOL!!!

  15. Would be interesting to read the fine prints of the poor guy’s personal accident policy…” Is it reasonably forseeable??????….in this day and age I would argue YES!!!!

    So you’ll be arguing that in your briefs, I guess! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Hmm…insurance companies should review their clauses to fit the ‘in this day and age’ lifestyle (in THAT sense) hor…Maybe we can come up with an insurance product protecting the manhood just in case…hehhehehe!!! Can make millions! Now who wants to joint venture with me??? Hehehehe!!! πŸ˜›

      So what will you call your company? Mouth-a-full??? Hahahahahaha!!!!

      1. What they did in the car is considered illegal in Singapore. So can claim insurance kah?

        This one you’ll have to ask the experts – the insurance assessor or the legal advisor!!! I wouldn’t know… Illegal kah? How you know? Hahahahahaha!!!

      2. If like that cannot lor… Hehehehehe!!!

        Ok…the insurance assessor has spoken…but then the legal advisor may advise them to sue the insurance company! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  16. Then I will advise the Pondan Club members to take up a coverage…have an accident..and sex change ops all paid for.hahahahaha.

    Oh? So you’ve become their legal advisor now, eh? Interesting… Hahahahahaha!!!

  17. From P Ramlee to what??? Must hunt for the Apek lompat one! Wont be surprise if yo see a sudden demand for his movies!

    My mum’s Indon maid loves P. Ramlee movies! Will watch and laugh her head off!!! Just saw the apek lompat scene the other day…

  18. watching PR movies sometimes makes me realize there has been no replacement of his caliber so far. as for singing..i just can’t sing πŸ™‚

    You can’t. Never tried perhaps? May be your hidden talent, you’ll never know…

  19. Playing the vid links turned my room into one of the sleazy Malay kampung houses nearby. LOL πŸ˜†

    Having said that, all respect to the great P. Ramlee, he certainly deserves his reputation. πŸ˜€

    LOL!!! You played all the songs? They’re really entertaining – funny and a whole lotta fun!

    1. Not all of them though. But I LOLed when I was listening to Aci Aci Buka Pintu. Doesn’t the title sound like asking the Indian woman next door to open up? πŸ˜†

      I find all the four songs funny and entertaining! Maybe the others a bit too adult for you to appreciate. LOL!!

  20. Wai seh.. Lagenda… but sadly, i think P Ramlee no longer hold the hearts of the young generation nowadays

    You can try to click the link and give the songs a listen! They’re really fun! Both young and old can appreciate! I think I sang Madu Tiga once at one of our dinners at Li Hua….

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