Treat me nice…

A friend of mine contacted me the other day inviting me and my missus out for dinner with him and his family. I don’t know what the occasion was but he said it was because they had not seen us for a long time – not since Chinese New Year. Just fancy that! Sibu is so small and yet, sometimes we do not get to meet unless we make an effort to get together. Guess it must be much worse in the city!

Anyway, we went to that Nice House Restaurant – the same one that we went to when my daughter was home for the March holidays. We had their honey prawn balls…

Nice House Prawn Balls

…which I thought was nicer than the Sarawak Club’s butter prawns though others may beg to disagree. I also loved the black pepper lamb…

Nice House black pepper lamb

Normally I’m not a fan of black pepper but they did this dish pretty well – with just a hint of black pepper instead of drowning the meat in the sauce. The specialty of the house, the assam boi (plum) chicken, was superb as always…

Nice House plum chciken

…but I wished they had used less breast meat and more from the drumstick part of the bird. We also ordered another specialty of the house – the homemade tofu with minced meat and salted fish…

Nice House tofu with minced meat & salted fish

Thumbs up, but I would prefer it with a bit stronger salted fish taste. As for the soup, we had fish maw…

Nice House fish maw clear soup

– just one serving per person, and for the veg, we ended having the usual fried midin (jungle fern) with belacan…

Nice House fried midin with belacan

That certainly was a delightful meal and for six persons – 4 adults and 2 children, the bill came up to over RM80.00, inclusive of rice and drinks (and they had fruit juices which can be quite expensive, I think…plus lamb can be quite expensive around here).

Anybody else wants to treat me nice? I’m available…anytime! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “Treat me nice…”

  1. You missed out on the house veggie special – that’s fried dry with cheese. Will get the dish name for you then.

    I know Ruby has baby kailan with cheese which is nice too. The problem here was the person taking the order could not speak Hockien, only Mandarin, so ordering was a real hassle! One minus point for this place!

  2. So nice for you as got free dinner. The food look really nice. But I just recovered, don’t dare to eat so much fried food. But it just so tempting…Will go there one day.

    You’re going? Are you inviting me to tag along? Hahahahahaha!!!! Don’t worry…you don’t have to eat so much, I can sapu habis for you… LOL!!!

    1. sound like a vacuum cleaner but useful….Have a friend who loves fish that we’ll call to ‘sapu’ all when we can’t finish the fish…no bones left!

      Good grief!!!…At least I’m more selective when it comes to sapu-ing! Hahahahaha!!!

  3. Honey Prawn Balls? Prawns has balls? *hide* sigh! its monday.. yawn…. song below is good for today…

    …and that suddenly aroused your interest? Hahahahahaha!!! Eyew…Bangles!!!

  4. Does anyone notice something strange… in the sense that Clare is not commenting today?? hmmmmmmm…

    She’s on MC, it seems…and I certainly hope it’s not because of the prawns!!! Maybe she ate them all by herself and the people at the house cursed and swore at her…until she fell ill! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

    1. No lah. Not due to the prawns. Hahaha!!! The prawns still sitting frozen in the freezer. Hehehe! Don’t have time to cook, weekend was fully booked.

      Aiyor…keep for so long, later not nice anymore. Like my BIL’s lobsters – gave to my missus last year, I think. That could be the reason why the few I cooked and posted about that day weren’t nice at all!!!

  5. Kong Kay, 奶油小白菜, is that it?

    Well, whatever that is! I’m not too keen on the vegetable dishes in the restaurants in town. Even the nice ones are at best so-so only!

    1. Nai yiu (Butter) siao bai chai. I don’t know what’s siao bai chai in English.

      That will be Chinese cabbage, I think. Is it their specialty? The lady who took our orders didn’t mention it, of that I’m positive. Have you tried? Nice kah?

      1. Never tried at this place I think. Just translating the Chinese characters to you nia. Hahahaha!!!

        The prawn balls looked nice though. 😀

        I see… We can always go on ur next trip home. Gawai, rite?

      2. small bok choy… er, didn’t i read in the news a few days ago about a lady who was on sick leave, but was found accessing her facebook? and the rest was history.

        Hahahahaha!!! You seem to enjoy picking on her, eh? Giving her a taste of her own medicine? LOL!!!

      3. So? *roll eyes* What does it have to do with you?

        1. You don’t pay my salary, you don’t comment!
        2. Pick someone your own age or size! (Yes, in other words, you are a bully! I don’t see Arthur doing that! Bo ka si!)
        3. PMS is not kindly tolerated!

        Hahahahaha!!! That is what they say – no bedbug to bite, catch one to get it to bite!!! I’m washing my hands – don’t want to masuk campur! But I think at his age, it’s menopause, no more PMS! LOL!!!

      4. Some old man is jealous not getting some giant prawns and resorted to bullying. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

        *ducks flying pots and pans….

  6. TOC: Never bothered to see if prawns have balls. Anyways, u of all people would know balls very well. So early already rindu Clare kah? She doesnt have balls ler… hehehe.

    Yeah…dunno what the attraction is! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. when no fish around at the moment.. prawns will do… HAHAHAHAHA

      Prawns?…Don’t dream! She’s not sharing any with you! Hahahahaha!!!

    2. i think her medicine is taking its toll… i see what you mean by doing a bukitassek number!

      There!!! Like the title of a tv show goes, youuuuuu…..asked for it!

      1. ouch!!!!

        This is a very mild bite already! Remember: Hell knows not the fury of a woman scorned, so do not trouble trouble until trouble troubles you!!! LOL!!

      2. … contrary to your title
        do i get pms or monopause? i think i need to eat more prawns. see, kpenyu, you don’t send me prawns anymore!!! and you’re making me jealous orede.

        You not enough friend mah…all these years, never bother to establish contact! LOL!!!

  7. owww, just looking at the foods make me hungry already..*drool*

    Drop by Sibu! See, we’ve got all the nice food…and the best part is that it’s cheap – VERY cheap, if compared to KK!!!

  8. Don’t talk about Sibu. I sometimes don’t get to meet my neighbours for weeks!

    The honey prawn balls look nice! The plum chicken also look very delicious!

    Drool! Drool! All the delicious food waiting…waiting…for you! And you’d rather go to China! Somebody, can;t remember who now, posted such nice photos of the food there but when I asked him/her, he/she said that they were all horrible! Not nice at all!!!

  9. kinda expensive for ordinary foodies. but if it tastes good, then ok lor 🙂

    I thought it was kinda expensive but I think I ordered too much and minus the rice and drinks, I think it should be around RM60. The food was nice, no doubt about that.

  10. i have always wanted 2 go 2 Nice…i bring u. When u 1?
    I have 2 try d butter prawns at Nice 2 compare it 2 sarawak club version. pick a day arthur? we can bring a few
    others there…

    The last time we wanted to go with Nick, it rained cats and dogs and my place was flooded…and when we got there, it was closed. I went already lah! If I were to go again, I would not be able to post on the food…as I’ve already done that! Some other place?…..

  11. honey prawn balls….not butter prawns hehe we
    must order that when we go there…

    The “salad deep-fried prawn balls” also nice…and the sizzling beef on hot plate!

  12. You’re right about the “not getting to meet” part, my family in JB and Singapore (two very big towns for crying out loud) has not met up since CNY. Don’t know whether should 😀 or 😦

    I love tofu, that’s about the only thing I’m looking forward to when I eat at Chinese restaurants. 😛

    That’s one thing about my blog – it keeps the family members updated and together…but now we do a lot of that on Facebook too. Waiyor…tofu only? You are so healthy! I’m not. Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. Facebooking is fun, but I don’t have the time to do both blogging and FB-ing.

      Nah, I could be healthier lol. I always find myself eating fried food in Chinese eateries, because my family is always looking forward to fried food. LOLOLOL!!!!!!

      You’re young…so just go out there and exercise and workout, instead of going on a diet! Swimming is good…do you? One thing I find shocking is many of my students do not know how to swim!!! 75% of each class at least!!! Dunno what’s becoming of young people today!

  13. Yahor someone not here..never mind la.I’ll just say that the curry quails on the picture looks really nice.

    What curry quail? Your century-old quail eggs, you mean!!! Humph!!! Me not around, come and spam!!! @#$%&*+!!!!!

  14. the prawn balls looked so good. And RM80 is cheap lah!

    Ah! You’re back from Krabi? Had a good time. Ya…it’s cheap…compared to KL! LOL!!!

  15. That is my favorite restaurant in sibu, loving its butter prawn and homemade taufu. You got both of them. Ouuuhhhh, just wish can have them end of this month when back to sibu. nyum nyum. XD

    Are you inviting me to tag along? Hahahahahaha!!!

  16. Jungle fern? I bet I never tasted that before! Hmm…next time I fly there I might treat you nice. Ha 😀

    Any plans to come over to Sibu in the near future? You can email me…and we can discuss the details.

  17. Hei mr suituapui …cool blog u got here…very funny..and sometimes it may be very touching too

    Hi! Is this the Larry Gray, my dear ex-debater? Welcome…and do keep dropping by and commenting! Nice to stay in touch.

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