You don’t know me…

It all started when I decided to make a quiz on Facebook, asking people questions about me. The response wasn’t that great and the results were not encouraging either. Imagine Cibol actually scored 0%!!! He did not even get a single question right! Hahahahaha!!!!

Then, I decided to create a quiz on Sibu. For those of you who have not signed into Facebook, here are the questions:

1  What is the name of the earliest Chinese settlement in Sibu?
A Sungai Antu
B Pulau Kerto
C Bawang Assan
D Sungai Merah

Sungai Merah Sibu

E Sungai Igan

2  Who led the earliest Chinese settlers to Sibu?
A Chew Geok Lin
B Wong Nai Siong

Wong Nai Siong Memorial Sibu

C Ling Chu Ming
D Wong Soon Kai
E Cheng Ho

3  What are the local noodles called?
A Kampua

Sibu Painsip kampua mee pok

B Kompia
C Kolo Mee
D Dianpainngu
E Pian Sip

4  What is the local Foochow bagel-like bread called?
A Tambun biscuits
B Lung Ngor
C Kampua
D Tee Piang
E Kompia

Sibu kompia

5  Which building had the first lift/elevator in Sibu?
A The Sarawak House
B Wisma Sanyan
C The Sarawak Hotel
D The United Chinese Association Building
E The Federal Complex

6  What was Jalan Chew Geok Lin formerly called?
A Bank Road
B Old Street

Old Street Sibu

C Island Road
D Causeway
E Ramin Way

7  Which area in Sibu does the TYT Yang Dipertua Negeri Sarawak come from?
A Kampong Nangka
B Kampong Nyabor
C Kampong Datu
D Kampong Hilir
E Kampong Usaha Jaya

8  Name the bridge that links Sibu to the areas across the Rejang River.
A Satok Bridge
B Sibu Bridge
C Rejang Bridge
D Igan Bridge
E Lanang Bridge

The response has been overwhelming! The number of people who have tried must have gone way over 200 by now…but I wish I could say the same about the results. So far, only TWO got it all correct and 18 scored 87% – four of them got the question on the TYT’s place of origin wrong and eight did know where the first lift/elevator in Sibu may be found. Two got stumped by the Lanang Bridge and the remaining four had no idea whatsoever about Old Street. The rest of the scores range from 75% down to as low as 0%! Gee! Some poor fella didn’t even get one question right! And some even said that Cheng Ho led the earliest Chinese settlers in Sibu, believe it or not! I wouldn’t be surprised if those same people scored distinctions in History in the PMR or SPM Examination. Duh!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “You don’t know me…”

  1. Good quiz…had to scratch my head for some of the answers.Did we learn that for our history lessons? Will put up as Quiz Master for Class of ’69 Reunion this year!

    You tried? Didn’t see your name leh? LOL!!!…Well, anyone who had studied Malaysian History should know that Cheng Ho went to Malacca and never came to Sibu. Was he ever in Kuching? There’s that big statue of him at Friendship Park (Is that the name?) there…

  2. The first elevator/lift must be Swak house right! Guess the ‘sakai’ who loved travelling on the elevator,really a novelty then!LOL! I must say the some questions,I also have to guess the answers, esp. the not so obvious ones.So can’t call myself a true ‘sibulang’ huh!

    Not Sarawak House lah! Sarawak House had the first escalator…but they got rid of it eventually. The lift was there before you were born – Sarawak Hotel! The first traffic lights at the Chartered Bank junction. I remember the crowd that gathered to watch the lights change! Hahahahahaha….

    1. who’s the sakai, stella? i think the lift is related to you. it even has a do-it-yourself sliding/folding gate. wouldn’t be appropriate to call you a “lang”.

      Nope…the lift not related to her – not her side of my family. Why not “lang” – should it be “neng” – the Foochow equivalant?

    2. speaking of traffic lights, when we were on bicycles and couldn’t wait on the red lights, what did we do? we carry the bicycles and walk across the road. of course then there were hardly any cars to knock us down. a few years back, patrick chong reminded me of the bicycle that got hung up at the traffic light… guess who?
      the gang at ban chuan.

      You on a bicycle? Somehow I can’t imagine that! Thought you were chauffeured here, there and everywhere! LOL!!!…Well, I used to hang out at Ban Chuan, but I had nothing to do with the bicycle. Must be around your time, after my time!!!

  3. Didn’t try this on FB just answered as I read it. Think I got 6 out of 8…Hehe…

    I guess you’re not Sibu born and raised so you may be excused! LOL!!!

    1. I got it wrong for the elevator and the road name..LOL! I am so bad at remembering road names…

      The elevator is still there and the last time I heard, it still works. So next time you come to Sibu, you can drop in at the Sarawak Hotel and have a look at the antique. As for the road name, I hear they are going to change it back to Old Street – for preservation of the heritage. Dunno true or not…

      1. if you make a friendly contribution to your soup kitchen, the kitchen cabinet will even approve the name of ah-kai-da for the street.

        No need lah! We already have one road named after a family member in Sg Merah! And a couple in Kpg Nangka! Enough liao! LOL!!!

      2. Who is this Chew Geok Lin anyway? I’m really curious.

        He was the founder of one of the Sibu banks – Wah Tat. The others were Hock Hua, Kwong Lee…but after the merger, all these smaller local banks are gone for good. Wah Tat Bank in Sibu was located along Old Street…

  4. oh my..tat’s quite a tough one 😛

    Good grief? What’s so tough about it? Hahahahahaha!!!! Maybe easy for old timers like me! LOL!!!

  5. i didn’t know sarawak hotel have elevator… ha ha hai got 75… still almost A lerr…oh ya, regarding your last line, duh, mana got official history of sibu in syllabus.. ha ha, the only sibu u can find is rosli dhobi ripple open the tummy of that ang mo with his machete..

    Aiyor…so violent! Who was your History teacher? Must have sensationalise things so much, putting all those ideas into innocent young minds! Tsk! Tsk!…Well, he/she would have taught you that Cheng Ho went to Malacca and there was no mention of Sibu, so common sense would have told you or anybody else that would not be the answer!!! But knowing young people these days, common sense isn’t that common after all!! Duh!!!

    1. hahaha, its never common

      Never?…I think people my time had a lot more common sense than young people today…despite all that KBKK (Kemahiran berfikir secara kritis dan kreatif) crap! All the technology has dulled their senses…and all the rote-learning to score in exams!!

  6. Haha.. wow… a nice quiz, hmm.. you must be pretty old to know where is the first lift of Sibu… no offence ! Haha

    Well, I am VERY old, not just pretty old! And if you click the link to Sarawakiana’s blog, you may be able to read about it…and many other things about Sibu in the past. But of course, where got young people these days who may be interested in such things? They’ll say it’s boring….but personally, I find that if anything is not tested in the exams, they’re not interested. Such is the mentality these days… So very sad!

  7. I have the habit of pulling my long trousers up when I got on an elevator..its the story I heard long ago – a lady long baggy trousers was pull down when it got struck in the elevator at a Shopping complex in Singapore.
    There is Ang Cheng Ho in Kuching..son is Puan Sri neighbour….got it?

    You mean an escalator…those days when people wore road-sweeping trumpet pants!!! Well, that’s in Kuching…and not Sibu, but Kuching has a statue of the Cheng Ho who went to Malacca from China in the 16th Century…

  8. 1 qt wrong only get 87%. Should have known it is Old Street! But it was already Old street so long ago….. I remember the lift in Swak hotel. Your sister used to bring me there for a ride after the movies at Rex.

    Lucky you didn’t get stuck in it! But no problem…press alarm and they would come to lower the lift and the doors could be opened manually! Hahahahaha!!!!

  9. Not only family stp, they even named one for our gardener…Jalan Kawi!!!!

    Hahahahahaha!!! Btw, been to Facebook? This Michael Chamberlain got married, but maybe you can’t see the photos. Have to add Alexius as friend first… Patut he’s Abu & Joanna’s son! Didn’t know that!

  10. I just got first four question correct. XD the last four is toooo history too me. haha…

    Excuses! Excuses! The 1st two on History, next two on food…the last four are actually on general knowledge about Sibu. That’s where your weakness lies. Gee! You don’t know Lanang Bridge???

  11. Thanks for the info. I am only not sure TYT from Kampung Hilir or what? Nice quiz!

    Kpg Nangka. I thought of going to take a photo of the house where he lived but in the end, I didn’t. Too lazy! LOL!!!

    1. Thanks for the correction. I remember JKR people told me once that he used to work in JKR store. 🙂

      He was a Sacred Heart student up to Form 5 (Senior Cambridge) and then he worked at the then PWD (now JKR). People those days would go out to work after Primary 6, Form 3 or Form 5 (and were anytime better than some uni grads today!!!). He was the Tua Kampong…and later, was appointed to join the Public Service Commission – to conduct interviews for those people applying to join the government service…until 1976 or 1977 when he was appointed to be TYT…

  12. The only question i cant answer is the street name. Considering i never actually lived in Sibu, i think thats quite an achievement…hahaha. For some reason i even know the first lift was in Sarawak Hotel… think my dad used to mention it. The food, foochows and TYT… easy lar. hahah.

    Not bad! That’s the street where my father’s shop was. Dunno if you’ve been there. Next door, they had this hard, crunchy kompia – real nice but when cold, throw it at a concrete wall and the wall would crack! Hahahahahaha!!! You dad used to buy…

  13. i have no clue or whatsoever for 5,6 and 7 maybe cause i never gave a damn ?

    Yup! Many know where Cafe2 is but they do not know the name of the road – old or new! Haiz! Young people today – rote learning to get straight As, no interest in much else. Believe it or not, my Form 5 tuition class – the majority did not know Lanang Bridge is thus called!!!

    1. owhhh gawd damn its lanang bridge ??? i thought its igan bridge.. crap i phail hard.. =.=

      Good grief! You too! Igan Bridge crosses Batang Igan, a tributary of the Rejang! LOL!!!

    1. Thanks. Still couldn’t find the quiz though. Do you have the URL?

      Gee…hundreds have tried and they did not seem to have a problem.

      1. I know what the problem is already. The quiz isn’t public so those not on your friend’s list can’t view or take the quiz. Never mind lah.

        I dunno about that, but I think I dunno 90% or more of the people who tried. Dunno how they managed to get to it…

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