You don’t know me…

It all started when I decided to make a quiz on Facebook, asking people questions about me. The response wasn’t that great and the results were not encouraging either. Imagine Cibol actually scored 0%!!! He did not even get a single question right! Hahahahaha!!!!

Then, I decided to create a quiz on Sibu. For those of you who have not signed into Facebook, here are the questions:

1  What is the name of the earliest Chinese settlement in Sibu?
A Sungai Antu
B Pulau Kerto
C Bawang Assan
D Sungai Merah

Sungai Merah Sibu

E Sungai Igan

2  Who led the earliest Chinese settlers to Sibu?
A Chew Geok Lin
B Wong Nai Siong

Wong Nai Siong Memorial Sibu

C Ling Chu Ming
D Wong Soon Kai
E Cheng Ho

3  What are the local noodles called?
A Kampua

Sibu Painsip kampua mee pok

B Kompia
C Kolo Mee
D Dianpainngu
E Pian Sip

4  What is the local Foochow bagel-like bread called?
A Tambun biscuits
B Lung Ngor
C Kampua
D Tee Piang
E Kompia

Sibu kompia

5  Which building had the first lift/elevator in Sibu?
A The Sarawak House
B Wisma Sanyan
C The Sarawak Hotel
D The United Chinese Association Building
E The Federal Complex

6  What was Jalan Chew Geok Lin formerly called?
A Bank Road
B Old Street

Old Street Sibu

C Island Road
D Causeway
E Ramin Way

7  Which area in Sibu does the TYT Yang Dipertua Negeri Sarawak come from?
A Kampong Nangka
B Kampong Nyabor
C Kampong Datu
D Kampong Hilir
E Kampong Usaha Jaya

8  Name the bridge that links Sibu to the areas across the Rejang River.
A Satok Bridge
B Sibu Bridge
C Rejang Bridge
D Igan Bridge
E Lanang Bridge

The response has been overwhelming! The number of people who have tried must have gone way over 200 by now…but I wish I could say the same about the results. So far, only TWO got it all correct and 18 scored 87% – four of them got the question on the TYT’s place of origin wrong and eight did know where the first lift/elevator in Sibu may be found. Two got stumped by the Lanang Bridge and the remaining four had no idea whatsoever about Old Street. The rest of the scores range from 75% down to as low as 0%! Gee! Some poor fella didn’t even get one question right! And some even said that Cheng Ho led the earliest Chinese settlers in Sibu, believe it or not! I wouldn’t be surprised if those same people scored distinctions in History in the PMR or SPM Examination. Duh!!!