Girls, girls, girls…

The other day, Sophia (Kuching) emailed to me the photographs of the contestants in the Miss Malaysia contest. Well, here are a few of them…

From Selangor

Contestant no. 20 in the above photograph is from Selangor, and this next one, Contestant no. 2, is from Kuala Lumpur…

From KL

Not your cup of tea? Perhaps you prefer Contestant no. 6 who happens to be from Sarawak?

From Sarawak

…Or how about this one, Contestant no. 8, from Penang?

From Penang

…And talking about Penang, I received this via email as well from Cititel Penang regarding their current promotional rate…

Cititel Penang promo

You can check out this previous post of mine to see the photographs of the hotel or you can just go to its website. RM99 nett is really cheap, I must say…but I’m not sure when I will be able to make the trip this year. Anyway, I just thought I would post it here in case any of you may be going there anytime soon.

Don’t let the above photo of the contestant from the island state deter you from making the trip. Hahahahaha!!!