I should have known better…

I should have known better…but since Buwau98 said that I ought to try the tapai at this place, I decided to stop by yesterday morning. There weren’t any on the tables and it was not listed in the menu either. Well, I’m talking about the Kampong Nyabor Kopitiam in Sungai Antu…

Kpg Nyabor Kopitiam 1

…which is located right across the road from Sibu’s RTM transmission station.

Sibu's RTM

It’s a fairly new place but I’ve driven past and seen it before. I like the nasi lemak and the mee goreng special at a Malay stall at a coffee shop in the vicinity, the one next to Courts Mammoth…but I haven’t been to that one for a while now. Well, this place looks very nice and since I was there already, I thought I would just give it a try…

Kpg Nyabor Kopitiam 2

Kpg Nyabor Kopitiam 3

Wait a minute! Those ladies looked familiar! They turned out to be the ones at the travel agency in town that I used to frequent, those days when I travelled a great deal – for work or play.

I have no complaints about the place or the service. It certainly is very presentable unlike some coffee shops elsewhere – in Kuching, for instance. They even had a stirrer in the kopi-o-peng

Kpg Nyabor Kopitiam 4

I didn’t know what was nice, and I ended up ordering the sizzling noodles…

Kpg Nyabor Kopitiam 5

…but it did not taste great, not in the least. Normally, other people would coat the hot plate with a layer of egg omelette but they did not, and hence, some of the noodles got stuck to it and there were a few burnt strands as well. The two or three miserable pieces of chicken did nothing to save the day, I’m afraid. It was nowhere near the sizzling noodles at the food court at Tun Jugah in Kuching which my daughter likes a lot.

From the corner of my eye, I saw somebody having nasi lemak but it did not appear appealing and failed to stimulate my tastebuds…and then, I spotted somebody having Teochew porridge. That certainly looked good with the stir-fried kangkong, one whole salted egg cut in halves and a generous serving of fried peanuts and anchovies (ikan bilis). I think if I were to go there again, that would be what I would have…

The noodles cost RM5.00 and I felt disappointed as it was not nice, especially at that price. I could have gone to my regular Bandong stall to buy the kuihs and enjoyed those instead, like these pandan pulut (glutinous rice with screwpine leaves, coated with grated coconut), for instance…

Bandong's pandan pulut & batek cake

At 3 for Rm1.00, they’re definitely value for money. The batek cake, however, was just so-so (4 for RM1.00) and came nowhere near the ones made by the mother of my ex-student, Jordan, whom I bumped into at Four Points by Sheraton in Kuching the other night. Do tell your mum that, Jordan… Hint! Hint! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “I should have known better…”

  1. for a coffee shop with table cloths, anything less will be an insult!

    And decorative plants on the table some more! This is one of the new-age coffee shops in Sibu!

  2. A good mix of constructive criticisms and compliments on this day of rest for all of us.

    Am I not always constructive in my criticisms and generous with my compliments? LOL!!! Rest? You’re back at work? Where?

    1. You might want to check on your always :)). Back at work? No. That will be next year.

      Always!!! Can’t help it if some people are over-sensitive and misconstrue my good intentions! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

      1. his ‘always’ means he’ll find ‘all ways’ to be critical and complimentary… being a stp, he’ll shed off the extra ‘l’ to stay slim. right, meh?

        As long as it is not how some of the dummy students spell it – “alawys”!!! And you get all kinds of such spelling errors like “aslo” “bady” …Sometimes, I think they’re dyselxic!

  3. What’s inside the pandan pulut? Is that what they call Onde-onde in Malacca?

    Oh yes the Tun Jugah sizzling plate is good I think because I saw a lot of people ordering them at lunch and they smell nice too! I’ve never tried them though.

    Nothing. It’s sticky pulut with pandan flavour coated with coconut. Not onde-onde! This is very nice!…You should try the sizzling beef noodles at Tun Jugah. I like it too!

    1. i think there’s a redundant here… how can ‘work’ (labour=work) be happy? it should be ‘happy holiday’. ahem, i’m the substitute teacher for the day!

      Well, I enjoy teaching. It’s Happy Labour Day, Labour Day being a public holiday…not happy labour – but like I said, some people, like me, do enjoy working! Service of substitute teacher terminated with immediate effect. LOL!!!

      1. … or until the fat lady sings! that is, when he comes back from whatever he’s doing this morning.

        What am I doing? A teacher’s work is never done. Lesson preparation, catching up with the marking…..Not that I’m complaining though…especially when I’ve just got the money for the month! $$$$$!!! LOL!!!

  4. Never expect good food at any kopitiam with TV…they are more into relying on fans of gusti,A Fantasia,Epl etc.
    Yeah..Great Beatle song and wish Chris will do that number next week.

    Beatle who? Hahahahahaha!!! I was thinking of this song:

    Oh! I forgot to mention… Like all Malay kopitiam, the coffee isn’t nice! And btw, I’m sure you mean Kris? Rock and roll week…so I guess somebody will be doing Elvis Presley! Not Adam, I hope! Eyew….. Will come across as one of those Elvis impersonators!

    1. not bad… know how to upload video now!
      who he? came out about same time as ‘last x’mas’… got it in one of those obsolete tape.

      Jim Diamond! Ya, it’s from those retro days of Wham, Culture Club, Duran Duran… I asked Clare the other day and she didn’t know how it happened. I just posted the link in my reply to the comment…and viola! The video appeared out of the blue like magic!!! I did not try to upload it or anything… You have an explanation?

  5. Wow signboard write jawi one? Hehe 😀

    Did you give them a piece of your mind about the sizzling noodles? Like “Aunty ah, ini mi kalau taruk sikit telur dulu sebelum u masak lagi bagus. Tengok ini macam semua sudah “chau ta” manyak susah mau makan lor.” 😆

    Nope, I usually do not complain. People may not take too kindly to constructive criticisms and may think I’m being a fussy and grumpy old man.

  6. finally, im back .. ha ha ha. Batik kek not nice .. hurm .. so, in another word – the place not worth to spend ur money on lah kan? . he he he. I tot u were about to blog about ur how well you know me quiz .. ha ha ha. I mean the title .. sounds like

    I may go back one day to try the Teochew porridge which looked quite good. As for that quiz, you will have to go to Facebook and try it there. Alamak! Clare only got 25% and I thought she knew me so well…and Clement was worse – 12%. Have you tried it yet?

    1. How I know what’s your first car or where you grow up lah! I only know Sibu. Should have asked something specific lah, like what’s your day job, evening job and night job, your waist size, your shoe size, your……never mind…ROTFL!!!

      You mean you know all my sizes…Ummmm…that’s interesting! LOL!!! Don’t worry! Somebody’s worse! Cibol got 0!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  7. i love the end picture…the kuehs.. hehe… now i m hungry..just woke up from my nap… ahhhh…yawwnnnn…

    I had a good nap too…for almost two hours. I love holidays and weekends!

  8. aww too bad the food was useless but it’s always good to try something new right!
    teochew porridge next timee

    No choice. You’ll never know if you do not try… They have many other things on the menu that may be good, so I may go back one day. Nice and clean…and service is good.

  9. Been so busy last few days that I’ve to record the idol show last nite. Can u believe Adam in the bottom 3! If he is voted out next week, I m going to boycott idol from then on! I like batek cake,haven’t had that in years!

    I think he peaked too soon…so nothing to look forward to! Every week more or less the same, getting boring. Well, the choc part isn’t that nice…my student’s mum’s a lot nicer!

  10. been there b4 when it first started business…except for the looks n decorations, the food was nothing worth the price….wouldnt recommended u go back there to try the porridge though.

    I suppose you are right. If I want Teochew porridge, I should go to an authentic Teochew stall or shop…not a Malay one. It wasn’t too bad actually…just that I wouldn’t say it’s really nice and everyone should go and try. I’ve been to worse!

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