Colour my world…

It does not look like it’s going to be an entertaining show on American Idol today…or at least, I reckon it will not be to my liking. The theme this week is the Rat Pack…

The Rat Pack

…so it will feature songs from those guys in the above picture. I like Frank Sinatra’s karaoke favourite – My Way, and Let me try again…and maybe, Strangers in the night as well but I guess they will have to sing songs from around that era – songs like Bobby Darin’s Mack the Knife which I never really fancy. Dean Martin? Everybody loves somebody, Sway (Yup! That same song revived by Michael Buble/Pussycat Dolls!)…and Sammy Davis Jr’s “Mr Bojangles” (…or what some people may sing, “Mr Bo-Cheng-Kho”! LOL!!! It seems that they expect Adam to do this one!). It certainly does not promise to be very exciting…

Anyway, to get on with today’s post, I have another music quiz for your mid-week entertainment and the theme is COLOURS. All you have to do is to complete the song title by filling in the blanks with a colour. Here goes:

1   ………. leaves of summer

2   ………. rose of Texas

3   Long cool woman in a ………. dress

4   ………. rain

5   The grass is ……….

6   ………. eyes crying in the rain

7   ………. flag

8   A white sport coat and a ………. carnation

9   Don’t it make my ………. eyes blue

10 That ……….-haired daddy of mine

Have fun and good luck!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Colour my world…”

  1. it’s gonna be a long wait!!!
    just know 2 & 3, maybe my kong-kong knew if he read english!

    LOL!!! Is that a broad hint that the songs are too old? Naw!!!! The long cool woman, for instance, is definitely from your time. And the white one is quite new – from just a couple of years ago! Dido who, you say? No wonder you don’t know! Hahahahaha!!!

  2. Just a wild guess today! 1.winter leaves of rose of texas3.longcoolwoman in a black dress4.summer rain5.the grass is green6.smokey eyes crying in the rain7.british flag8.a white sport jacket n a blue carnation 9.don’t it make my brown eyes blue10. that white haired daddy of mine….interesting to see if i will get A+ today LOL!

    Aiyor!!! Since when did winter and summer become colours? Got blue carnation kah? Hahahahahaha!!!

  3. Only sure of six colours. ie yellow,black,purple,pink,brown,and silver.
    9 is pondan song song right..making the brown eye blue-black.

    60%…sure you can do better, so old liao! LOL!!! Crystal Gayle’s Don’t it make my brown eyes blue! I love that song, what pondan! I have the karaoke vcd some more! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. ooops..just remembered that 7 years old read your blog. had been consious of that since I read so.

    Yalor…and a number under 18!!! Behave yourselves!!!

  5. I simply hantam with colours I know okay…Don’t think I know most of them…Hehehe!!!

    1. Green
    2. Yellow (I think I’ve heard of this somewhere)
    3. Red (?) – This wan I tembak wan.
    4. Purple!
    5. Green – Nelly Furtado!
    6. Blue (?) – ang moh’s eyes normally blue 😛 Heehehehe!
    7. White (don’t know. white flag is something like a simpulan bahasa so i just put that 😛 )
    8. Pink (?) – people normally use pink carnation ler…Hahahaha!!! Almost put white but it doesn’t contradict the white coat, not obvious so I choose other colour 😛
    9. If it’s not blue then it’s BROWN! Well, at least that’s what I thought the eyes colour of most people lar…Hahaha!!!
    10. This wan I don’t know. LOL!!!

    You dunno Dido’s White Flag too? Nice song… Well, same as kpenyu – 60%!

  6. cautious jadi wonder never scored 10/10…must be the heat..hahahaha.

    Just put that down as old age…!!! Hahahahaha!!! Aiyor, tonight’s AmIdol, don’t like all the songs lah!

  7. If we go KOK in june (you promised liaw)remind me to do the song…whisky bottles piling high…hahahaha…

    Hollies? Long cool woman?…..I danced to that, during those SRC days with the Clef4Plus! Or was that later…during the Jubilee Hall days? LOL!!!

  8. I don’t like your song quizzes. i’ll never be able to guess them. Are those songs your time?!! haha…

    Not all, some before my time…and Prince’s Purple Rain and Dido’s White Flag are not that old!!! LOL!!!

  9. I see white, black, blue, red, brown and silver. I guess the more you get correct the older you are!

    Hey! You got red! Which one? No. 5? Bravo…you ARE old!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. I’m back finally…. whats this? colours?? No time for quizzes today. My in-tray is like a gunung after being out of office for 2 days. In case u were wondering, was in Damai developing my EQ by playing drums and singing KOK…hahah. Btw, u should consider being a training consultant… easy money la i tell you. Ever heard of the concept “Teaching Without Teaching”? Basically, you teach yourself but you pay me for it… hahahaha. Now i just need to find some university to sell me a PHD.

    I guess that’s what they call the deep-end approach! Just throw you in…and you struggle and discover the do’s and don’ts….and learn! Not very popular among Asian students – they prefer to be spoon-fed!

    1. Eh? Can ask STP to give talk at my company’s seminar hor. All expenses paid for. Interested, STP?

      What talk? Team-building? Motivation?

      1. You give team-building talk as well??? That was our last year’s topic!!! We got someone from West Msia to give the talk. It was fun with all the games and stuff every session. But I got teamed up with my boss so cannot get THAT crazy. Hahahahaha!!!

        That’s what we usually do at such workshops…fun activities and then reflection! Not much use lah…Once they left, they would all go back to their old selfish ways!!!!

      2. That is sooooooooo true! The old bitch become a complete bitch when we came back to work after the training. (During the reflection her feedback was, “I feel complete”) Now I know what that means! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

        Never mind. Will give my senior manager your number. She’s the one in charge. But please bear with her Engrand. Very the powderful wan. I lost until t’ng kor!

        LOL!!!…It takes a lifetime for them to become like that, so don’t expect any changes in a day or two! It would take a miracle!

    2. At least I not so sien at company’s training lor.

      You’re telling me! Most are boring like hell… The only consolation was I got to travel, all expense paid…several times a year!!!

  11. Oh damn… just remembered that you are a training consultant. Oh well, i wasnt referring to your training…hahha. And you didnt buy a PHD…hehhe… dum dee dum… back to work.

    I’ve met a few PhDs…but they’re either very boring…or their talks are like the fella selling “minyak” at the pasar malam! I would say 90-99% of them suck!!!

  12. 7-yr-old has lost interest so feel free to be yourselves going forward 🙂

    Well, there are a couple under 18…but these days, they may know more than us! LOL!!!

  13. Let me guess

    1. GREEN leaves of summer? (Wild guess!)

    2. YELLOW rose of Texas (This one sure know lah – so famous traditional folk song. Used to play it on piano!)

    3. Long cool woman in a BLACK dress by The Hollies (I think!)

    4. BLACK rain (Wild guess cos title sounds familiar?)

    5. The grass is GREEN (Wild guess again! Grass most likely green in colour, right? HAha!)

    6. BLUE eyes crying in the rain by Willie Nelson (Heard this one before though such an old song!!!)

    7. RED flag (heard this title before – don’t know the song!)

    8. A white spot coat and a PINK carnation (Again heard this title. Who sang it?)

    9. Don’t make it my BROWN eyes blue by Crystal Gayle (I’m pretty sure of this one – hope I’m right!)

    10. That SILVER-haired daddy of mine by Simon & Garfunkel (Yes, I think must be silver cannot be grey or black or white? Nope, 70% sure it’s silver – can’t remember the song though)

    Wow! All oldies how to guess correctly? I’m not from that generation lah! : )

    Many of the songs also before my time mah!!! LOL!! Purple Rain – Prince, White flag – Dido…and That silver-haired daddy of mine – Everly Brothers/Jim Reeves, where got Simon and Garfunkel? And number 5’s is red (an anti-war protest folk song)! You play the Yellow Rose of Texas? Gee! How old are you? Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. Excuse me, even kids are taught to play Yellow Rose of Texas on the piano. In fact, I played older songs from as old as 17th century Baroque music! LOL!

      I see!…But so far, I have not heard any playing that – those that go for piano lessons, that is.

  14. No more young ones around? No offence meant sophia T ok..just respecting them and their innocence.
    The ang mo refers his ka chung kang as Brown Eye la..hahahaha….don’t you make my brown eye…. bbllluuue.
    Hollies rock.
    p/s your vcd XXX one kah?

    I didn’t know that? Where did you learn your English?…And good grief!!! I really like that song by Beyonce! Brown eyes!!! Cilaka! Now you’ve ruined it!!!

  15. winter and summer are colours you can find in Paint Charts..maybe stella renovating house ma.

    Ah well…guess the colour of my house! Banana!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  16. Ok, so I’m doing this by using my gut feeling…

    1. Green
    2. Red
    3. Maroon
    4. Silver
    5. Golden?
    6. Blue
    7. White
    8. Pink
    9. Brown
    10. Black

    Correct or not? 😛

    50%! Not bad for somebody so young! Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. Hahaha some of my answers wrong one. 😆

      Next week I’ll think of something for the very young!! All those old folks can all gulung tikar liao! Hahahahaha!!!

  17. Michael Buble should eat his heart out!LOL!Another out of the world performance by Adam n I think he ‘Bubled’over ‘Buble’!Awesome,certainly won’t balik kampung tomorrow!

    I’ve a bone to pick! Why is it that Adam gets to wear the best clothes, gets to use props and lightings, all the theatricals as Randy put it…whereas the others don’t?

    1. Hear! Hear! Adam! Adam!

      I think Matt should go this week – boring, uninspiring…and nowhere near…..

      …who should have been the winner that year!

    2. Yea…go home, Matt (why he likes to wear hat so much? Didn’t suit the song also)! Oh and Kris…*swoon*

      Yalor…can’t stand his looks too!…..Btw, I posted the youtube link in my reply to your earlier comment. Why did the whole screen appear? I thought we would have to do more than just post a link to get that?

  18. Maybe Adam has Brown eye?????hahahaaha. The show is getting so so boring already..

    Don’t everybody has one…except that the rest of us normally do not refer to it as that???

  19. Eh!I don’t think he gets to wear the best clothes,just that he can wear them better than others,he is so full of ‘gaya’ that a normal prop,lighting all seems better because he is just so full of personality.Kaput!LOL!I think a K-mart wardrobe on him will look like armani!

    Naw…the rest do not get to use the staircase, the blue or the red lights – none of those grand entrances that Adam has… I’m sure if Kris puts on such nice clothes, he would look good too…

  20. ok it’s 10pm so i’m not doin this from office. otherwise the next thing i know, they block ur website from office lol!

    4)Purple (lol)
    5)blue (dolly parton?)
    6)blue? no idea. i tot elvis sang something like this
    7)White! (coz i used to think dido’s hot)
    9)Brown! (crystal gayle, her voice is awesome!)

    (2) The Yellow Rose of Texas, (5) The grass is red and (8) …pink carnation. So you got 70%! You like Crystal Gayle, you do??? Ah! No wonder we click so well together!!! I like Dido too, especially White Flag. LOL!!!

  21. urgh. i know none of them song. i thought I was that old phew..

    anyway, anybody who’ll sing sway shall be lucky. it’s a very lovely song to dance to 🙂

    Hahahahahaha!!! You must be pretty young then. Going to dance to Sway at your wedding reception? Chinese people will not like the song as in Hokkien, it sounds like “soi” meaning unlucky! LOL!!!

      1. i’m not chinese, i don’t believe in that stuff hihi..

        Ya, generally Chinese are very superstitious. Hey! How did you end up in this old post? Sesat kah? Hahahahaha!

      2. i was looking for something from your previous posts and comments, saw this one still hanging.. hehe.. today too lazy to work lah weehhhh…haish…

        Better late than never… LOL!!!

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