Until it’s time for me to go…

I had a call from Kongkay soon after I arrived in Kuching and we agreed to meet for breakfast the next morning, Sunday. My flight was at 4.oo p.m. so I had ample time to loaf around.

He came with his missus and son and took me to Tabuan Jaya for Penang prawn mee…

Kuching's Penang prawn mee

I cannot recall having eaten that before. I could have tried it in Singapore in the early 70s or later elsewhere but it did not leave a lasting impression. What I do know is that some people really love it, so I was eager to give it a try.

It was nice but when you have eaten Min Kong’s RM20.00 a bowl freshwater prawn (udang galah) noodles in Sibu before, everything else will pale in comparison…

Ming Kong's prawn noodles

But I really loved the chee cheong fan

Kuching's chee cheong fan

I have eaten that elsewhere in West Malaysia but none came close…and even the ones made by the Shanghai chef at the Mitsu Tea House here were a bitter disappointment! That was why I was never into that stuff as I had never had any that I thought was great. But the one at this place that we went to was really good and I wouldn’t mind going for that again the next time I go to Kuching.

We went to stroll around The Spring shopping mall for a while after that and we dropped by MPH to browse around. I saw copies of this on the counter…

Borneo Talk

…and I was positive that I had heard somewhere that they distribute it free of charge. So I asked the girl cashier, “Excuse me. Are these complimentray copies?”

She replied sweetly, “No, it is free.” LOL!!!

Upon checking out of the hotel, I went over to C4STPs’ house where I saw these packets of nasi lemak that Anissa had bought for her sons for lunch at RM1.20 each…

Kuching's nasi lemak

Gosh! The portion was so small I could have finished it in one big gulp unlike our nasi lemak here in Sibu…

Bandong's nasi lemak

…sold at only RM1.00 a packet at the Bandong stall that I frequent, or this RM1.50 packet from the Kuala Penyu lady along Delta Road…

Delta's nasi lemak

Boy, am I glad that I live in Sibu? Well, at around 3, they sent me to the airport…and pretty soon, it was time for me to head for home sweet home! Gee! How time flies when you’re having fun!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

48 thoughts on “Until it’s time for me to go…”

  1. Your complimentary tale reminds me of a buffet dinner that I had. When asked whether I could eat to my heart’s content, the waiter replied, “No, but you can eat all you want.” πŸ™‚

    LOL! The consolation is they can still speak English. You go around Sibu these days, you will find that they can only speak Mandarin and nothing else (or maybe Foochow as well)…

  2. hokkien used to be the universal language in town; as each generation tries to upgrade themselves, a bit of the identity is lost. pity those lost their colloquial tongue.

    Yes, but it was refreshing to hear so many people speaking Hokkien in Kuching. It has more or less died out already in Sibu especially among the younger generation. In my class of about 45, only around 5 can understand the dialect…

    P.S. Thanks for breakfast, kongkay…and thanks for taking the time and trouble to take me out. Regards to your missus.

  3. hello..greetings from Ipoh…didnt know u went to penang..where is tabuan jaya, i must ask my fren… i just went there last week … must visit the stalls u mentioned..

    Nope, I didn’t go to Penang. This is Penang prawn mee but sold in Kuching (Sarawak). I’ve seen it in Penang though…but I never tried it there. I would think there are a lot of other nicer things to eat. I may go to Penang sometime in the later half of the year though…to see my daughter in Sungai Petani. Wish I could hop over to Ipoh too…

  4. Oh, Borneo Talk is out already? Okay, will go and grab one soon. Hahhahahaha!!! She doesn’t know what’s complimentary I think. Hahahaha!

    Tabuan Jaya…Merryland something kah the cafe name? The place is so near and yet I haven’t eaten there before. I don’t really like the Penang hay mee. In Kedah, they call it Hokkien mee, I was like “WTF?! Aren’t they the same thing!?”

    Saw on AFC, the Hokkien prawn mee is actually fried…unlike prawn mee as it is! And I thought Hokkien mee is the big black ones that look like worms… Eyew!!!

  5. Some people never read the post (or maybe caught a few words) and straightaway comment based on the pictures. Tabuan Jaya suddenly become a place in Penang pula! *smack forehead*

    I think she has a lot of blogs to visit and post comments. I was like that – logged in, picked a sentence and commented on that and then moved to the next blog. Most of the time, did not even bother to come back to read the replies… Comment in as many as possible so more will come and comment in mine. Not so rajin anymore!!!

  6. claire vs. clare… fight!!!

    clare: it’s just opposite (side-by-side) xiang-xiang. the stall facing the road opposite the magazine shop. sells loh-mee too.

    LOL!!! What is this? Women’s mud wrestling contest? Chia-yu! Chia-yu!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  7. kongkay: Won’t fight with the ignorant. LOL! πŸ˜€ Yeah, I think I know where is the kopitiam. Passed by there a lot but never sat down and eat. Hahahaha!!! Will like to try one of these days πŸ˜€

    No lah…not everybody so free, paid to sit in office to browse blogs and comment slowly! OUCH!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Mature woman with grown-up kids! It’s a miracle she still can blog and go round to so many to comment!!! Thumbs up for women like her!!!

  8. No place to get good Chee Cheong Fan in Sibu. Many Kuching stalls have chee cheong fan. Nice.

    Not in Sibu! They have at Mitsu Tea House but I did not like it at all!

  9. Haha…”complimentary” make the joke, maybe I should try to repeat that scene again next time.

    The Penang prawn mee stall owned by a friend of mine, but I never try it. Well, I don’t fancy it. LOL

    Your friend? Heard he’s from Penang?

  10. STP!Ain’t u lucky to have bloggers everywhere to ‘chia’ u! BTW how do u pronounce buffet? I hear people say ‘boofhead’,’bullfed’, ‘biufet’I say ‘berfet’,what about u?

    So you wanna start a blog and make lots of friends?…Boo-fay…but I think the Kiwis pronounce it as buff-fet, heard my SIL saying that!

  11. Guess what? My lunch today will be nasi lemak too! I heard that the nasi lemak is nice. Every time I went at lunch time, they’re all sold out! This morning I went to make reservation. Hahahaha!!!

    Had nasi lemak for 10 o’ clock tea too…bought from the Delta Kuala Penyu lady…again! Nice…and a lot and cheap!

  12. Stella: I kaypoh a bit ok? I pronounce it “boo-fay” for the all-you-can-eat meal and “bah-fit” for blow/cuff.

    What a bit! A lot lah!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Bah-fit??

  13. Ooh la la look at those gigantic prawns!
    On a lighter note, you can tell the girl sweetly that “dear, complimentary is also free of charge!” Lol…

    Those tiny ones? After seeing Kpenyu’s, all others we will say small liao!!! Oops!!! I’m talking about prawns…ummm…never mind! Hahahahahaha!!!! I’m a professional – no money, no talk. She doesn’t pay me to teach her, so let her dwell in her ignorance! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  14. Chee cheong fan good? Right at my door step and I never try

    Good! I liked it! I also liked the Penang prawn mee…just that it’s nothing to shout about. Don’t mind having it once in a while – something different for a change but I won’t be craving for it…

  15. gundot, there’s life after c121…
    she’s at rh’s xiang-xiang (ho say liao to be exact) in the evening

    Why ho say liao? If we say that, it means somebody’s in deep shit and will get into a lot of trouble! “Hah!!! Lu ho say liao!!!”

  16. Clare, that same place offers nice popiah and top hats. You want to buy the empty shells its 30sen. With the fillings 50 sen. Go figure!

    Oh…so this is the kuih pai tee place! It wasn’t open. The carrot cake stall closed too! I thought only the Sibu Malay stalls close on Sundays…??? Tsk! Tsk!!!

  17. i’ll be down in KK this coming july for a company trip….hehehehe

    Unfortunately, KK is on the other half of the world!!! Sabah and Sarawak so very big!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  18. gundot: Yeah, I heard. But I don’t really like top hats. Popiah I normally have the ones at Handsome Court (Rubber Road) and Choon Hui (Indian temple/Grand Continental Hotel). Never tried the one at this place wan. One day, gundot, one day…Hahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

    Ooo…you haven’t tasted MY kuih pai tee!!! LOL!!! That day, KNB bought me two popiah! Very nice also! Dunno from where! I think he wanted to buy two lizard tummy (round ones, not the usual shape – didn’t like the skin) and one popiah but that would be kinda suggestive, so he was forced to buy two popiah instead! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  19. This Penang Prawn Mee not as authentic.. the best Penang Prawn mee in town is still the one located at the coffee shop beneath Central Inn at Central Road or now known as Jalan Tan Sri Ong Kee Hui…

    Not really a fan of this Hong Kong style Chee Cheong Fun, still love the one at Jalan Alor, the KL version which is basically the dry yong tau foo and then they add those chee cheong fun noodles that looks like kway tiaw and sprinkle sesame seed, sesame oil and the black sweet sauce and sambal.. yummmers…

    ROTFLMSFAO at the complimentary part πŸ˜‰

    I think I tried the chee cheong fan at Jalan Alur before. I prefer these…or maybe I went to a different stall that wasn’t so good. Will check it out when I go over next month!

  20. ooh…. Penang prawn mee. I like the soup, very tasty. First time i ate it was in Penang itself. So i wonder if the one’s in Kuching will be as nice.

    It was the soup that I did not really fancy! Thick prawn broth…like the steamboat I had in KK after we boiled Kpenyu’s prawns in it! Too heavy the prawn-flavour…not so nice!

  21. kpenyu: roundee, who he? borneo talk is a version of kongkay, but state funded.

    Ooi! Advertising yourself, I see? Hahahahahaha!!! Roundee’s a contestant in American Idol! I guess you don’t watch…

  22. TOC: Coffeshop beneath Central Inn. Is it the Penang coffeeshop somewhere near Shell & Excel on the right if coming from Sarawak Club (2nd exit at the roundabout)?

    Here we go again! Giving clare directions!!! Like telling somebody the way in the Sahara!!! No landmarks! Hahahahaha!!!

  23. kpenyu: Why? Wrong song again? Damn! Judges save was used!

    Didn’t see her as I came back late. Saw the little bit at the end and I thought she did ok with Whitney’s “I’m every woman”. I didn’t like Matt…and I thought Anoop dimmed Donna Summers’ song…

  24. Clare,what wrong song again..she can’t sing ba hahahahaAnd kongkay ..is B-talk yours and you are getting paid for that?…and btw I can clearly remember your bday parties your folks threw when in primary school…

    There are bloggers who wish to retain some of their privacy…so please do not reveal too much personal info in your comments…

  25. …clare..and for Matt…hahahaha my horse

    Matt desperately trying to stay alive… It was ok but somehow it lacked the oomph in the original that would make people wanna get up and dance! I didn’t like it!

  26. oh no…not nasi lemak again… we had it every week for breakfast in plkn. They said it’s a cause for drowsiness because of all the calories inside.

    Looking for a scapegoat for your laziness??? Hahahahaha!!!

  27. that’s the only b’day there is, and it’s downhill from there. if u guys didn’t have the reunion i wouldn’t know how old i’m. but who’s counting!

    b-talk just analogy… nothing to do with me.

    Hey! You’re the same age as Kpenyu, right? Funny…but you don’t look a year over 30! Hahahahaha!!! Sheraton on your next trip? LOL!!!

  28. kpenyu: She can sing. Just don’t know how to show it. I think its better for her to go home lah. No need waste time every week. She’s lost it! LOL!!!

    Well, she didn’t do “I will survive”…or she could have done “Last Dance”. Didn’t hear her whole song so I dunno how good or bad she was…

  29. Clare: if you come down from Sarawak Club, its on your right before the traffic light that leads you (if you turn right) to spring and (if you turn left) to the city centre and (if you go straight) to Deshon Road.. are you suitably lost yet? Its the same shop block as Soon Hup furniture

    Spring? Isn’t that very far away? Deshon Road? Soon Hup? For a while, I’m sure she thought she was in Sibu… Hahahahaha!!!!

  30. TOC: Which is what I just said. Got 2 petrol stations there wan – Shell & Excel. Yeah, I know where lar. Whenever passed by there, I’ll ask Chipmunk if the Penang coffeeshop there is anything Penang. He said never tried.

    The name is “Penang Coffeeshop”? Good grief! He could have just told you that. After all, how long is Central Road!!! Definitely can look for it…unless it’s in some back lane.

  31. the owners are from Penang.. the husband does the cooking while the wife collects the money and serve… the penang fried kway tiaw is also not bad….. but noodles are only during the day time. night time it becomes a restaurant.. food not bad also..

    STP: the shop is in the middle of Jalan Alor.. in the morning.. dang.. forgot the name…

    Somebody (Gundot, I think) told me about the Penang char kway teow there…but I’ve yet to go and taste it…

  32. No wonder Clare always lost. TOC give punya directions also “half bucket of shit” (translated from Hokkien). Soon Onn furniture lar…. mana ada Soon Hup? Hahhahaha.

    Ah well…what do you expect from him? Hahahahahaha!!!

  33. Yalor! Soon Onn lah. Soon Hup sell lighting one lah. LOL!

    Soon Hup lighting? In Kuching?…In Sibu, it’s some big construction company!

  34. Muahahaha yes Soon Onn hahaha Soon Hup pulak hahaha

    Ya…no wonder people got lost! You got lost yourself in your own directions! LOL!!!

  35. Just when we think the ulat bulu is bad enough he go and grow some beard! (I think he looks kinda good with beard but the ulat bulu need some tweezing!) What’s next? Chest hair? ROTFLMAO!!!

    Maybe he thought it will distract the attention from his eyebrows! LOL!!! Well, if you know the story of that lady and her face lifts, the chest hair came before the beard… Sorry, I’m not going into the details! Hahahahahaha!!!

  36. Another stellar performance by Adam! Lil should balik kampung now. Anoop looking ‘swanky’tonite,pink suits him. I hrd a little snippet of Ryan mentioning he did something to his eyebrows,so maybe he is paying attention to what we said after all!LOL! Everyone can all balik kampung for all I care except Adam!

    I was a bit disappointed in Adam’s performance as it being disco night, I had expected the song to pick up tempo halfway…but no, it went on the same slow pace right to the end. Fantastic vocals, no doubt but that’s what we’ve seen week…after week! The same!

  37. My favourite was Kris tonite! So cute…Adam was a yawn tonite.

    I didn’t get to see Kris…but I also thought Adam’s getting too predictable.

  38. For me Season 7 was the peak after a great season 6. Getting very boring now. The singers are good(no doubt about that)but see or no see never mind liaw…except for Randy..the other three judges think they are God.I don’t think they can get the same amount of interest they got last year…ya..I know must be me getting old..hehehe.

    Finally he realises it!…I like Simon. He seems to echo my sentiments…most of the time e.g. in the cases of Matt and Anoop.

  39. How come this week’s performance so boring? All predictable and expected except Kris… *swoon* LOL! πŸ˜€

    Ya…I hear Kris did his own rendition of Donna Summers’…like Adam with that Yvonne Eliman’s song which I never really like but Adam did a good job out of it except that he took the disco out of the song! That was the unpredictable bit, singing-wise just the same as usual!

  40. i wonder what makes a penang dish authentic… by having a penangnite cooking it, toc?
    btw, the wife of penang seafood is a sarawakian, and both husband and wife at merrypark are as penang as they come. doesn’t that make them more authentic?

    Yalor…whoever’s cooking doesn’t matter! But overseas, where they may not have all the ingredients and they just make do with what they have, then it may not be authentic… Like the Malay kampua…without the lard! Definitely not the same! LOL!!!

  41. The prawn mee in Kuching looks quite alright.

    Sure looked a lot more like the ones I had in Penang, the guy was from there but if you read what I wrote, I did not really like it.

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