Yesterday once more (1)…

Yes, I’m back home in Sibu safe and sound…and in one piece, but now a much heavier piece than before I went to Kuching! LOL!!! I flew over yesterday afternoon on the Wings of Gold and the moment I landed at 12.00 noon, I was chauffeured to this very familiar street…

Carpenter Street Kuching

This is Carpenter Street in Kuching…where I used to loiter with my friends whose shops were in the vicinity – those days when I would go to Kuching during the school holidays using the now long-gone Rajah Mas (Rm10.00 only). We went to this coffee shop there…

Kuching's Kim Joo Coffee Shop

…for the kolo mee

Kuching's Kim Joo kolo mee stall

I had the mee pok which is the flat variety of the noodles.

Kuching Kim Joo's kolo mee

It may resemble the kampua noodles in Sibu but I assure you that they taste very different. I also had this absolutely delicious clear soup…

Kuching Kim Joo's mixed clear soup

This is their mixed clear soup…and I must say that I really loved it!

In my younger days, I did not eat at this coffee shop though. Most of the time, I would go for something like this at the corner coffee shop at Bishop’s Gate…or the kolo mee at the open space where there is a Chinese temple. If I’m not mistaken, they call it “law eya keng” which literally means lousy place. But this one is definitely just as nice, if not better! Yum! Yum!

For one thing, I find that the kolo mee anywhere in Kuching is usually quite nice even though at some places, it may be better. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I can’t say the same about the kampua noodles in Sibu. You can get it in virtually any coffee shop in town but some may be somewhat inedible. You will just have to know the best places to go to…

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21 thoughts on “Yesterday once more (1)…”

  1. Wah! So cepat already post new blog!I tot we get new one only tomoro! I think Gerrie brought us to this place for kampua on our last visit,kopi there also very nice.

    Ya…Gerrie brought me there with C4STP, and KNB and TOC joined us. Sophis could not make it as she was caught at her meeting. The kopi? I think Sibu’s nicer. The kopi-o-peng here at most places is quite good unlike before…

  2. Ooh the kolo mee looks good. I wanted to skip dinner and I regret coming to your blog now! I better go cook some maggi…

    LOL!!! Poor thing!…Btw, you must come to Kuching! I was looking for your Fidani chocolates…and hunted all over the shop. Finally, I found it at one corner – displayed on the tall narrow shelf in a small corner. With no illustrations on the expensive looking boxes, bet many people would think they’re perfume!!!

  3. Ya Stella, that is the correct place. Brought pollie to Sekama kolo mee. Tomorrow Lindy wants to go Green Road. bdq and Inda wants tapau!

    Sekama? In the 70s, it was famous for its laksa…

  4. When you really love it, that mix soup must be so nice…Oohh you went to Kuching, no wonder the comments in your last entry just got their respond few hours ago. I am thinking yesterday…hmm..where this suituapui gone..aa.hehe

    You can try cooking the soup yourself…minus the you-know-what. Add prawns, fish balls, sliced fish cake, chicken slices, sweet corn, Chinese cabbage…and add salt and msg. Very nice! I prefer it like this to the way Malays make their soups with a lot of strong spices…

  5. true. kampua, you must know where to eat the nice one. some places, really not nice but for kch area, i think the kolo mee are safe to say, boleh makan anywhere. agreed! welcome home .. got buy me present anot?

    What welcome home? You in KL, how to welcome me home? Present for you? Another one who should be singing: “Dream…dream…dream…!” Hahahahahaha!!!

  6. and thus ends part one of STP’s Kuching adventure.. hahahahahahahaha

    Groan!!! So tired… Will need a month to recuperate! Getting too old for this sort of thing!

  7. I read a book written by a food critic of New York Times. She is so authoritative in her food reviews that she has to disguise herself in eating places. People read her food reviews for guide on where to dine! So naturally if eating places know she is patronizing, they would give their best! That would affect her review. Thus a need to go in disguise.

    If I operate a “kampua” store, if I see STP coming alone, I shall serve the best I can cook!

    I have been going to some eating places after reading your blog. Now, I am worried soon these eating places’ operators will operate in this policy – “STP is here, serve the best”! LOL

    Have a good day!

    That will be nice! What I eat is what I will write…the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! LOL!!! You have a nice week too! In KK, if I’m not wrong?

  8. Green Road wan is nice. IMHO, the kolo mee at Green Road is a little bit like some of the good kampua in Sibu, though Chipmunk would beg to differ. LOL!!!

    I’ll say kampua has evolved into a fusion of kampua and kolo mee which I find quite nice 😀 Yum! Yum!

    You mean Rasa Sayang kampua?…Kolo mee has some extra flavours! I think I’ll try one of these days…and see if I can get anywhere near that special taste.

  9. The kolo mee was ok, not bad. Maybe the soup was good…. didnt try that. The char sio was better than most kolo mee stalls. But strictly on the noodles, i think i still prefer the one at green road. As for the kopi, I prefer the ones at Chong Choon, Yeow Kee and Sg Merah, SIbu. Hehehehe

    The Green Road one hasn’t got all the extras, and kolo mee special simply means more minced meat, that’s all. Kopi in Sibu’s generally good but Ruby’s the best! LOL!!!

  10. KNB: Do you know there is a coffeshop called Hing Hong next to RHB Delta near our offices? Got signboard saying “Green Road Kolo Mee”. I tried and find it quite nice and Chipmunk said it’s same as Green Road one. So no need go to Green Road for kolo mee liao, got nearer available one. And I heard the taukayneo said the nasi lemak is nice too. I have yet to taste them because they ran out every time I went during lunch hour. HMPH!!! 🙂

    Wish I could stay longer in Kuching, then I could feast on more of the nice things to eat there!!!

  11. Yeah….been there. The kopi there not bad also. But i think i still prefer the original one at green road. hehehe

    One bone to pick…the coffee shop so small, so crowded…and so run down. Good thing, the ex-mayor of Sibu insisted on sprucing up the town and got all the coffee shops here to do something about the appearance and cleanliness. No more such old, dark and murky coffee shops here… Even Dr. Xavier’s doesn’t look half as bad!

  12. green road kolo mee? if its the one where the old big mouth used to be located.. i think the standard has dropped severely lah..

    Better to have a big mouth than a rude and grumpy old man! LOL!!!

  13. Big mouth? Green rd kolo mee is the one at the middle shop, not the corner shop.

    Ya, the small crowded one in the middle…with the kolo mee stall on the pavement.

  14. yes yes.. sorry..its in the middle of the shoplot where Big Mouth used to be… Big Mouth was at the corner .. the kolo mee is the shop in the middle

    Huh? You’ve been drinking this early in the morning?

  15. Pollie chea us green road kolo mee this morning. Went all the way there cos bdq requested

    And bdq will be having cold kolo mee kueh at LCCT tonight! Hahahahahaha!!!

  16. I think i should go there and try.. Drooling!

    You should…but it’s quite a distance from Kingwood. There’s one good place at the shops across the road around Kuching Park area…but I can;t remember exactly where it is.

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