Things can only get better…

A few posts ago, I featured some of the things that this Kuala Penyu lady was selling at the gate of her house e.g. her nasi lemak for only RM1.50 and her fried noodles or mihun were just RM1.00 a serving. Well, I’ve stumbled upon another place where the things are very much more affordable than a lot of places. Just what we need during these trying times!

I had this bowl of Sarawak laksa for only RM2.50…

Bandong's Sarawak laksa

No doubt there are no prawns in it but elsewhere in Sibu, you will have to pay RM3.50 for a few miserable ones…and up to RM5.00 if you opt for the special so that you can have more. Tastewise, it is very nice…and certainly worth the money.

But if you think RM2.50 is a bit more than you can spare, then you can buy the nasi lemak for just one ringgit…

Bandong's nasi lemak 1

Not only is this one cheaper than the Kuala Penyu lady’s but it tastes nicer too…and I also like the fact that they wrap it in wax paper…

Bandong's nasi lemak 2

…instead of using those polystyerene food containers which are not at all environment-friendly.

They also sell a lot of other things – delicacies like these deep fried chai kuay

Bandong's deep fried chai kuay

Normally, the Chinese stalls will sell these steamed – white in colour, almost translucent and inside you can find some vegetable filling. My daughter will never touch the steamed ones as she thinks they look like the tummy of a lizard or something. Whatever gave her the idea! LOL!!! Well, these are deep fried and coated with sweet chilli sambal. Β Very nice, but I do wish they would put a bit more filling. You can even buy halal kampua noodles…and a whole lot of other things. You’ll just have to drop by and see for yourself.

So, where is this place? It’s in Bandong…in the corner shop of the row of shophouses (with the back facing the road), the one furthest from the surau. For one thing, they cater to those people going home after their early morning prayers at the surau, so they start their business very early and by around 8.00 or 9.00, most of the things would be sold out. But I understand that you can get the telephone number and book in advance.

I’ve yet to try it myself but according to reliable sources, the putu mayam is the size of a saucer unlike those at the Sibu Central market – as small as a 50-sen coin! And I hear they taste great…exactly like the putu mayam that we used to know when we were kids…but that will have to wait till another post!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “Things can only get better…”

  1. no where near that price here but some of the stalls I always go to they tend to give discounts and sometimes – free! Which makes life a little bit better .. ha ha ha. I think I had the halal kampua before, in front of sacred heart – but blimey, no pork on kampua is just … i dun like.

    Discounts? Free? Ooi…the mak cik there got daughters, izzit? See – people’s customer service so good! Go to bank, where got like that? Grumpy…and ranting away, even got blog to do that! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. The laksa sure looks nice! Hehehe! It’s been 2 weeks since I last have laksa. Hmm…tomorrow…tomorrow…

    PS: Adam is born to be WIIIIIIIIIIILD!!!

    It is nice. The taste is slightly different from e-cafe…but I like it. I did not like MAS Corner, not anymore…

  3. now it is 8.35am.. it is a torture looking at yr food.. better make a quick move now to go out for my breakfast before my stomach starts growling.. haha…

    8.35 and you haven’t started working yet? Full-time homemaker cum lady of leisure? So nice!! Hahahahaha!!!

  4. The laksa look nice. The little prawns in other shop laksa definitely not worth RM1.00. I will go for this one also. Many said the laksa in Aloha is the best but I am not really think so. The taste is going downhill recent years.

    I have heard of Aloha’s, some say it’s 2nd to MAS Corner which I did not like and some say 2nd to e-cafe… There was one nice one at Wan Sen opposite Sacred Heart, then it moved to town – probably Aloha or one of those there…but later I saw her in Sg Merah. I tried her laksa again but it was not nice anymore. I dunno if still open cos I heard she’s not well…

  5. Damn…. i just rejected an offer from my colleague to buy nasi lemak. Regret after looking at your blog… cis!
    Thats the first time I see chai kueh being deep fried.

    Next time, check out my blog first… Hahahahaha!!! Ya, my first time too and I liked it – except filling very little!

  6. AmIdol Update:
    Anoop, Lil’ and Matt in the bottom 3, it seems. Ah well! At least l got 2 out of 3 right. Still prefer Caterpillars to Danny though…and l’m pretty certain about who’s rolling home…..

  7. Surprise surprise…not who we thought, isn’t it? Heheh! Quoting Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolate.”

    Well, he messed up that song, but Roundee messed up big time! Not surprised they’re the bottom 2! But poor Roundee’s one very confused woman…all because she was ill-advised by the judges. Should just be herself…and even if she gets voted out, at least she can do so with dignity!

  8. And another WTF kinda surprise surprise! Hahahahahah!!!

    Bet they wouldn’t have use the prerogative if it had been Roundee… Well, two going out next week!!!

  9. Stella will not be seen around here until after she’s seen the elimination on TV. LOL!

    She’s keeping her distance! Kpenyu too! He refused to read my sms…but after a while, he could resist no longer! Hahahahaha!!! Curiosity kills the cat!

  10. deep fried and coated in sambal wtfff sound sgoood!!!

    Nice! Any plans to come to Sibu?…I’ll feed you till you become very sui – tuapui!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  11. Aiya… so far away… would have been nice if its somewhere nearer so I can buy some on my way to work, tsk tsk tsk… *wipes off saliva*

    Aiyor…1st time I’ve heard that a place in Sibu is far! They open early, so you can go there a bit earlier, pick what you want, drive back and use the Dewan Suarah Road to go to work…(assuming that you work where I think you work! LOL!!)

  12. ive never had fried chai kuay before….usually i like the lizard’s tummy kind. πŸ™‚

    Me too, but not my daughter. The one’s from Kuching are the best – bulging tummy, so much filling… Hahahahahaha!!!

  13. Yeah, lizard’s tummy look like chai kueh. Maybe that’s why Mel said so lor. But I kinda like the lizard’s tummy wor. People here got a lot of version of chai kueh. The usually fussy them like it with kiam chai (salted vege) as the filling (which I find not bad) and also tauhu one.

    Like I told calvin, Kuching ones the best! The filling real pa pa one….not like the Sibu ones…so little that the lizard tummy very limp!!! Real kesian! Tastes ok though…but not as nice.

  14. Erm…I meant lizard tummy kinda chai kueh aka steamed, not actually lizard tummy. LOL!!!

    We give all kinds of names to food…lam pha kueh, monkey’s penis….and now lizard tummy!!! LOL!!!

  15. Is the cat dead yet? LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Still haven’t seen him around here ler. Ok. That answers my first question. Hahahahahah!!!

    What cat?…No sign of TOC…or Kpenyu! Don’t know what they’re up to…

  16. Yalor yalor! And apparently, brinjal in Foochow is a bad word. LOL!!! πŸ˜›

    Well, I don’t speak Foochow, so I wouldn’t know!

  17. I palanting from my chair after reading KNB’s comment in my latest post. It really runs in the family eh? ROTFLMAO!!! πŸ˜€

    Ain’t it a surprise that we haven’t killed one another yet? Hahahahahahaha!!! Btw, she will be in my post tomorrow…KNB’s cleaning lady!

  18. Please enlighten us what brinjal is in foochow.
    Yes… it runs in the family… 3S. (Sui, Size and Sarcasm). hahahaha.

    Why don’t you go home and ask your mother? Hahahahahaha!!! Add one more S – sexy! Hahahahaha!!!

  19. Got Suay or not? πŸ˜›

    It will sound different if I typed it here. I think you better go to the market and ask around lor. Bahahahahahha!!! I no guarantee your safety if the makciks shove brinjals down your throat. LOL! πŸ˜€

    …or some other place much worse than that! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  20. If that’s the case, TOC should do the survey…. he’s used to having….*censored*……..buahahhaa.

    You know him so well, eh? Interesting…. Hahahahahaha!!!

  21. What do you call a short fortune-teller who escaped from a prison?

    Answer: A small medium at large.

    I wonder who came up with these kinda thing. Ciak pa bo su jo πŸ˜€

    Good grief! You mean they really pay you a monthly salary to do all this? I want a job like that too! LOL!!

  22. KNB: OI! I use a timun on you then you know! Hahahaha

    Gosh! Things starting to get violent! *runs and hides…

  23. Violent and Kinky hahaha a bit of S&M hahahahaha

    Anyway, fried lizzard belly? Do they use the same skin as the steamed one?

    I don’t know…but it definitely wasn’t curry puff pastry. Soft…like the steamed one.

  24. Hmmm? Looks like the stomach of a lizard? Are you bluffing me? I didn’t say that…LOL!!! Luv u πŸ™‚

    You didn’t? Thought it was you…and you never wanted to eat those steamed ones. Perhaps it was somebody else then. Hmmm…why u kena moderation? LOL!!!

  25. that’s cheap for a bowl of laksa! I like the chai kuey steamed! have not tried the fried ones though…

    My first time too…Nice for a change but personally, I think I’d rather stick to the steamed ones. Old habits die hard!

  26. “Things can only get worse…” should be the title for this post hor. Hahahahahaha!!!

    Yalor…everybody needs a good spanking! Oops!…Hahahahaha!!!

  27. some people need to work la…
    I heard fried yam cake ( Oor kuey ) at pasar malam were the fresh one of yesterdays…likewise the fried boiled eggs. The above fried chai kuay…I don’t know.
    Seriously I wonder why so cheap. One thing for sure..normally these vendors do not take into account their own I don’t know. How much is per cup of coffee in this joint?

    Probably no overhead, no license, no bayar tax, no labour cost… It’s just a stall, no coffee served. Hey…you remember long ago we went pasar malam and they were selling deep-fried paos…and I told you not to buy as they were the previous night’s leftovers. The lady heard and got so angry and started scolding us… Hahahahaha!!!!

  28. you cat that belacan bihun(kosong) at Padugan still operating..and how much now? They sell satay there too and my friend told me that his uncle was very generous to them and always belanja them satay when he won in gambling, At one time the uncle lost and innocent kids still asked to be belanja cos soo hungry.. The andry uncle bought ONE satay TEN puluts… for them to share

    You know Kuching so well meh? Thought you hardly go…and only at Chinese New Year when all the shops are closed?

  29. Brinjal bad word meh…soly my lingo not lingo no good ..nayyu chang kou..?? hahahaha** run far far

    Whatever that means…it’s Greek to me! Dunno Foochow!

  30. The laksa looks decent! Well, I have been craving for laksa lately. Went to Thomson Corner at Medan Mall on Good Friday afternoon alone, and was told – all sold out! Can imagine the disappointment?

    It’s nice! Lots of shredded chicken and egg. Thomson Corner’s nice too…but problem with quality control. Sometimes the prawns not so fresh, sometimes the gravy has the smell of coconut oil – maybe leftover from the day before and they keep boiling…and I think it’s more expensive too than e-Cafe or other places. My Kuching friends used to think it was the best in Sibu until they tried e-Cafe’s…

  31. OMG…Disco week next. Poor Matt.. aiya whatever I think he is the most talented there and Chris too..Danny ..disco??? interesting cos no save liaw.

    Then I hope Roundee will sing “I will survive”!! She HAS to… If she tries “Staying Alive”, she’s dead!!! LOL!!!

  32. Oh! So its putu mayam,all the time i tot it is known as kutu mayang or even kutu miang! Last time i bought in the malay stall,I say wrong name,they also sell to me. Just to confirm,it is the sweet beehoon thing sprinkled with coconut flakes n sugar right? What is with Lil’s green eyeshadow,just so horrible looking. Next week is disco week,wonder what Adam is up to?!!!

    Hahahahaha!!! Had an Indian-teacher friend who scolded me in Tamil when she heard me mention on national radio that putu mayam was made from mihun!!! LOL!!! And I thought I was the only goondoo around! It’s an Indian delicacy and they make that mihun-look alike thing with grated coconut and sugar on top! Yum! Yum! Well, I hope Adam can’t sing “Play that funky music” again…so he’ll have to look for something else.

  33. Rm1 for Nasi lemak? over here cheapest is RM1.80- maybe she dont know how to calculate or she is selling cheap to the retired cikgu.haha.
    Am getting very nervous when Lil R sing-pray she can get thru next week.

    I’m hoping she’ll sing “I will survive”!….Ya, RM1 is cheap, isn’t it? You can’t even get a glass of kopi-o-peng in the coffee shops for that these days.

  34. Ai yo… bandong so far into kampung datok… but i thinkthey have nice fried fish with sambal there

    Gee! Another one who thinks some place in Sibu is far! Kpg Datu is near the town lah – where Paramount hotel is. Bandung is just here, near our place – on the other side of the police HQ…before Kpg Datu Baru. I’m waiting for the chance to go and try their ayam penyet Bandung (Indonesia). They only sell that at night and I hear it’s very nice!!!

  35. Places in Sibu so damn near! Drive 40kmph also can reach in no time. Haha! Try driving in KL lah, the distance can kill! Even I find places in Kuching near now and Kuching is bigger than Sibu summore. Hahaha!!!

    That’s my speed! 40 kmph! And even at that speed, one song belum habis, already arrive! Can’t understand why people must drive so fast! Just show off! Reflects the size of their brains! Inferiority complex!

  36. cant wait for july. im gonna have those like theres no tomorrow!!!!

    Keep dropping by. More coming up! Hahahahaha!!!

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