Give me more…

Yes, they just keep on coming! Yan gave me fish from Kapit, Kpenyu brought me prawns and fish from Kota Kinabalu and Bukitassek gave me prawns too…and my brother-in-law as well – prawns and fish from Bintulu. Just when I thought that was it, my insurance agent dropped by my house and gave me more…

According to him, he and his friends would drive to Bintulu where they would hire a boat to go out to sea to fish. He said that the boat man knew where to berth – where there would be a lot of fish and they would have a field day bringing in a whole lot…of all shapes and sizes. He gave me two “ang cho“, pinkish in colour and hence, its name, and two “chiok pan“…

Chiok pan 1

One of them had been cleaned while the other one was still in its natural state. I took them to my mother’s house and steamed them for her to eat – nice and fresh from the sea! As in the case of the ikan semah I received from Yan, there was no need for a lot of ingredients – a few slices of ginger and garlic and topped with Chinese celery would suffice. I did sprinkle over the fish a pinch of salt and msg…

Chiok pan 2

…and then I steamed it for a few minutes and the fish was ready!

Chiok pan 3

It was “sweet” and my mother liked it! I only had a bit and I must say that I couldn’t agree more. Next time, I’ll cook the “Nemo” that Kpenyu gave me! Watch out for the post! LOL!!!

A Blessed & Holy Good Friday to all Christian readers… 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Give me more…”

  1. ahhh I remember the good days that I had at Beluran, where sometimes we went to fishing with renting a boat, went to the sea. Tired all day, but the fish that we got was so fresh and so damn sweet. Then when you say sweet, OMG I can imagine that!! You can cook Nemo? Okay I really waiting for that, what the Nemo looks like after you

    You miss Sabah, don’t you?…Many West Malaysians do after they’ve gone back. Nemo’s this fish that’s blood red in colour with spots/dots. I saw on AFC on Astro…they sell that in Singapore but after steaming, the red colour disappears!

  2. i heard that those fishes in bint-ulu maarket are very erm…. poisonous…too muchy chemical till flies also don’t layan them wo… :S

    that’s why i rarely have fish here…

    Not just there…everywhere, even in Malacca! I saw that on AFC (Astro)…and that’s why the good restaurants in Singapore will only get them direct from the regular reliable fishermen. They gave tips on how you can tell…but I don’t remember liao! Well, I got these from my friend who went out to sea to catch himself…so they’re perfectly safe!!!

  3. wow so lucky! When are you going to send me some prawns too? Good Friday!

    Yes, I’ve been lucky lately, it seems. Prawns? Didn’t I ask you to come and get them yourself? Everyone can fly! LOL!!!

  4. My freezer very big. Can even fit in a whole poomba. Unfortunately it is here or else you can tell your friend from Bintulu to give you more can tumpang keep!

    LOL!!!…Tom got fridge or not? TOTO-sponsored? I guess his must be empty…like Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard! Hahahahahaha!!!

  5. Someone’s having a swanky fishy time right! LOL!Yr fishes looks like a battery operated toy fish that activates thru sensor, we once bought for our kids. When u clapped yr hands it would start to open its mouth n sing,’put me in the river,throw me in the water! So we threw it away when moving house not to the river but to the recycle!LOL!

    Smart fish! Can sing!…And you threw it into the water as it requested? Duh!! LOL!!!…..Btw, do you get whole fish like that there? Mostly de-boned fish fillet in the supermart? I guess you can get it at the wet market if you want…and probably not the same ones as those we get here?

  6. Wow, sure look yummy la those fish. Hehehe… My aunty came yesterday with my kasam semah. Still new, not that nice. Have to sabar-sabar wait a few more days..hehe

    I must try and get hold of some one of these days to see what it’s like…since I like cincaluk and lusip, I’d probably like it too…but not kasam babi!

  7. If we go springvale,20mins away from me,we can get really good n fresh fish/big ones too n they also have k.penyu’s prawns, (almost similiar)cost a bomb,frozen ones, i think from msia.quite nice to steam. But malas to drive all the way there unless on special occassions,so just shop at local supermarket n fish shop,fresh too but more expensive. Only 5 mins to drive there.

    Ya…I think the next time, I’ll steam the prawns – drunken prawn style! You have bawal putih/hitam (pek chio/or chio) there? When I was in the UK, I didn’t see any… The fish all not familiar ones. Bought a mackerel…but the smell very strong! Cooked with black beans/soy sauce and lots of ginger, so it tasted ok…

  8. The piper’s son with Old Mother Hubbard’s fridge. Last I went there I found a bottle of orange juice only. Lucky not a whole fridge of beer hoh!

    Perhaps it is better if he had a fridge full of beer! Then you’ll know for sure where he does his drinking! Hahahahaha!!!

  9. yes STP, even I decided to return back to Malacca after 4 years teaching at Sabah because I am so bored living at rural areal, no cinema and no bowling alley, but sometimes I still miss some part of my life there, that I will never can experience that here. And you know what, my bf asked me once whether I am okay if all our plan success, we will apply a transfer to Sabah, again, of course I say yes!!

    Don’t cook Nemo la…they are so cute. I only saw them at aquarium shop, other than from that movie laa.

    I met many in Sandakan. Some have already retired but have no intention of going back. There was one here from KL, the children all in KL but he stayed here on his own – then he retired and went to lecture in Curtin, Miri…and now that he has stopped, I think he’s forced to join his family in KL; maybe he has sold off his place here in Sibu.

    Btw, it’s just red like Nemo…not really Nemo. I think it’s the same type of fish as the one in the post. Same spots…but these are blood red in colour instead of black.

  10. Yea!here in springvale,they have pek/oh chio,chio chio fish also got,’hangsap’ones also ‘chiko cheoh’!n lots of ah peks! Also got mackerel,trevally,snapper,blue eye (mak yaw in cantonese) coral trouts,n lots more. Next time if i can remember will take photos of fish to show u!

    Lots of fish there then!!! I’m sure as long as they are fresh, they are nice! I’m not fussy about fish… Love them all, except lumek – cannot tahan the bones!

  11. You don’t like lumek???


    No, those very fine bones…they tell me they can be swallowed but I’m just not used to that. Others tell me to suck…suck…and spit it all out. I’m not used to that either. Don’t like anything where I’ve to spit something out…like watermelon seeds! LOL!!!

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