Oh what a night…

I do not usually go out at night except occasionally for dinner and I should be home quite early. So good, eh? But when Kpenyu was here, I was up till the wee hours of the morning…or almost! LOL!!!

He wanted to go and buy sio bee (meat dumplings or siew mai) at the pasar malam (night market) and believe you me, I had not been to the night market for years as I could not stand the heat and the crowd and I did not think that the food was worth making a trip there for. But Kpenyu wanted the almost meatless sio bee stuffed with a lot of mincedΒ mangkuang/sengkuang (turnip) that he had grown used to those days when he was growing up, and so we went…

Sibu pasar malam 1

The night market in Sibu is different from those in the peninsula where they move from one place to another each night in a week. Ours is permanently at one place, something like Jalan Petaling in KL…

Sibu pasar malam 2

We only walked around the food stalls even though there were many others selling all kinds of things. I saw the guy who sells chicken wings at Simpang Tiga – the ones that I love a lot but I was quite full, so I did not buy any. And the guy who sells apam balik near my house in the afternoon was also there…

Sibu pasar malam 3

I don’t know if he’s there every night but I had a feeling some of them were there because of the Ching Ming Festival – to cash in on the crowd coming back to Sibu for the festival or for people to buy and present as offerings at the graveyards the next morning.

After that, we went to Taman Selera Muhibbah for drinks and sat till closing time – 11.30 p.m. Yes, we’re very good people here… Hahahahaha!!!! The following night, I picked Kpenyu up after his high school reunion bash at Kingwood Hotel and we headed to Hijau, the fun pub at the RH Hotel here…

Filipino band at Hijau

There was a Filipino band but if you ask me, I think they would render Simon Cowell speechless. I bet the guy would definitely run out of adjectives to spice up his caustic remarks. They’re definitely a far cry from the ones I used to find at my favourite hangout in KL. Those that I had seen there so far were all so talented, entertaining…and definitely worth the time (and money), not this one! We were there for just one set, thank goodness, and left before my poor ear drums succumbed to the excruciating bashing! LOL!!!

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30 thoughts on “Oh what a night…”

  1. Ha ha ha … apuu, luckily you didn’t pengsan. They must have sang very bad hor

    Loud…and the pitching was all over the place! I’ve heard some sing a lot better at karaoke joints…

  2. Eh, is the ah mu selling eyew chang kueh still there at the pasar malam?

    Dunno…but I did see some of those around! Didn’t bother to look at ah mus… Hahahahaha!!!

  3. Oh well…the Filipinos were there for some other thing mar. Singing in a pub is only an excuse. Hahahahahahha!!! πŸ˜‰

    Yakah?…What else do they do? *blinking eyes innocently! Hahahahahaha!!!

  4. You are really dangerous with your handphone camera…
    And that “sio bee” guy thought that I asked for 5 of the huge longish paus. He must have doubted.. look at our size again and concluded that I must have ordered the latter.
    Aiyo..that band must be a Reject la..many here like that but working in kopitiam

    Dangerous? Hahahahaha!!! Ya…he was quite sporting!…What I heard was these Filipino bands use the small places as their training ground…and when they get better or they pick the good ones to form better bands, they move to the bigger cities like KL.

  5. Had a great time in Sibu and Folks..if you Happen to be there..I can pledge that Stp will be a brilliant guide and host eg..there was this stall that was not ready for the day…and yeap Stp brought us to the source(literally that guy’s house to sample the goodies)
    Thank You sir..

    I’m still recuperating… Hahahahaha!!! Too old for such a hectic life! Or perhaps I’m more used to a slow and easy day-to-day routine already! Tried…tired…and retired!!! LOL!!!

  6. Oh…. still that band in Hijau huh? Our Lawyer friend brought me there when i was in sibu a few weeks ago. I agree, the singing was atrocious and the dancing choreography (or the lack of it) was comical.

    Hah! One of his fave places to hang out…but I guess he’s easier to please! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Oh.. and for some reason, looking at the band reminds me of crispy pata. hahahah.

    What’s pata? Roti pratha, you mean?…Why? How? Makes you feel hungry? Hahahahahaha!!!

  8. I enjoyed going to Pasar malam when i was living in sibu,but have not been for awhile, always no time to do so. I know this song O what a nite,very uplifting song. Hasta la vista,after this comment!am logging out! LOL!ps,too ‘takut’u comment on a.idol.!

    Eyew…not for me! Can’t stand the heat and the noise! Old man…very kotak! LOL!!!…..Nothing to spill today lah…only on results day! All I know is they’re singing songs from the year they were born!

  9. I like the ampan balik, smaller size and crunchy one. Got one nice in pasar malam. The noise in Hijau is really unbearable. Too loud!

    Yes, I like that type too…and yes, they were loud! My ear drums were vibrating profusely!!!…And I thought it was because I had grown too old for this sort of thing! LOL!!!

  10. Crispy pata… that filipino pork leg thingy.

    I see! Gee! How come everything reminds you of…food! Hahahahaha!!!

  11. The wording on the wall behind the band “Perfect Touch”…I wonder what that means πŸ˜› ROTFLMAO!!!

    Don’t let your imagination run wild now…!!! LOL!!!

  12. KNB: The one in the middle right? HAHAHAHAHAHA The one LJ goes for.. hahahahahahaha

    But yes.. one of the worst band I have heard and seen dancing.. they were all over the place.. reminded me of RTM dancers..

    Ohh.. Sibu pasar malam.. didn’t manage to get there last trip.. was always stuffed to the max every night…

    The one in the middle? The one in black? Omigawd! The thick slab of fat around her tummy! I would cover it up, if I were her…and not show it off like that! But then…I guess some like fat people – nice and cuddly! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  13. and I meant their dancing was without synchronisation or coordination… when I wrote the statement.. “All over the place”

    *sigh* nowadays here.. I have to clarify things properly or else it will be read wrongly by the perves..

    I see…I thought you meant the singing – the pitching was totally out of control, here there and everywhere!

  14. Clarifying to yourself u mean? LOL

    Yalor…who else would get carried away like that? Hahahahaha!!!

  15. Hahahaha..toc and knb may like crispy pata but whoever that LJ toc referred to had Belly Pork in mind..ahahahah
    clare:..these type also laku meh???..stp commented that have world map on the belly..hahahahaha..or was it someone else who said that..

    Nope, I didn’t say anything about a world map! Ummm…piglet pork belly, I guess! Not that fat…!!! LOL!

  16. You don’t want me to start about their singing… honestly.. I wonder why they bother… hahahahaha…

    They are probably as bad as the aspiring American Idol contestants – the rejects at the auditions! Hahahahaha!!!

    I hear Adam nailed it again tonite with Matt’s Part Time Lover coming second. I’m looking forward to hearing Lil’ Rounds’ What’s love got to do with it and Anoop’s True Colours!!! Who do you think is going out this week?

  17. Oh so you dumped your missus at home fighting the sudden flood while you’re out there watching sexy Filipinos shakin’n’dancing at a night club! LOL!

    Hahahaha!!! No, this wasn’t last nite! That will be in tomorrow’s post! Wah! My movements are being watched kah? LOL!!!

  18. Argh!! Not again! Those Filipino bands.. only thing stuck in my head is their ‘synchronised dancing’. Har! Har! Har! Here at Cherries Berries, the Filipino band quite good. But, again.. the ‘synchronised dancing’. Why?! Why!

    I’ve been to Cherries a few times…but not really impressed by the bands I saw there. Loved “Peaches” at Dynasty…but they’ve split and the father and son started Peach Apple Tree Band – the one in the link in the post.

  19. kpenyu: Laku or not I don’t know lah but some people are financially challenged so beggars can’t be choosers lor. πŸ˜› LOL!

    Yakah? U mean they are cheap? How do you know? Hahahahahaha!!!

  20. Another spunky performance by Adam! Lil still can’t deliver despite choosing Tina’s song but her shoes are very cute!

    There’s no competition! Adam is way above the rest. You can feel his heart and soul in his songs! Didn’t like Matt’s pale imitation of Adam, Allison seemed so old, thought Anoop and Scott weren’t that great…didn’t see the rest.

  21. Back when Hijau first opened (was still Everly Sibu) and I was still working there, there’s this Filipino 7-pc band called “Zyrkle”. They were good. Back then, almost full every night.
    Then when RH ‘rampas’ balik the hotel, they get all the ‘sampah’ band from Phillipines. Bikin pekak saja their singing.

    I’ve seen Zyrkle before…maybe in Bintulu Everly. Not bad, definitely better than this one!

  22. Haha… did you go up stage, grab the mike, and show them how a professional sings ? Hehe

    Nope…me shy mah! But there was a guy who went up and sang his not-so-wonderful Wonderful Tonight and a techno-version of “Siaw Wei”! Eyew…thought that song is bad enough as it is…and techno some more! Lord have mercy! LOL!!!

  23. Adam! Adam! Adam! Even Simon bothered to stand up and gave him a standing ovation! πŸ˜€

    Ya, his rendition of the Tears for Fears’ song was simply perfect! I wouldn’t think that was a great song but the way he sang it, it sounded real good!

  24. Yea? like Fredo and his flintstones?

    Ya, they’re good! Fredo’s so hilarious and entertaining. Too bad, I couldn’t find any video clip of him on youtube…

  25. How I wish they were like Fredo and…liked them a lot then and don’t mind seeing them again.
    Didn’t like Adam at the start of the season and then thought he’ll get boring as the show progresses..but now,, wow he the best of the lot win or lose

    Dunno where they are now. The last time Queue and I saw them was at Holiday Villa Subang, Oh…I loved Adam right from the start! Always good at spotting talent one! Hahahahaha!!!! You…Anoop supporter! Hahahahahaha!!!

  26. Still raining heavy there kah? Was that the fair looking guy washing the dog? hahaha it was a two way mirror

    p/s LOL at your reply to clare.

    No lah…that evening only around 6 – 7.30. If he was fair and young, that would be him. If darker and old, that would be the father… LOL!!

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