You’ll never find…

Well, you’ll never find…or at least, I never will, prawns this huge! I was not joking, or lying, when I was bragging to everybody that they were the size of my arm. Here, you can see for yourself and as they say, seeing is believing…

KK's giant prawn 1

You would have read in one of my earlier posts that Kpenyu was in town for his high school reunion and he brought me so many of these giant prawns from Kota Kinabalu…and when his former classmate, Bukitassek, arrived the following day, also from Kota Kinabalu, he brought me some more. My brother-in-law who was their classmate as well, came for Ching Ming and the reunion and he too brought me fish and prawns, but from Bintulu. Gosh! Now, I’ve a freezer full of prawns and fish and it certainly looks like I will have to go on a seafood diet for the next two or three months. LOL!!!

I do not know how much those giant prawns from Kpenyu cost; I never asked! After all, as the English proverb goes, “Never look at a gift horse in its mouth!” And haven’t we heard ever so often that the best things in life are free? LOL!! But coming from Kota Kinabalu, I bet they cost a bomb!!! Thanks, guys… It’s really so very nice, most generous and thoughtful of all of you!

Anyway, yesterday, I decided to take two of them out to cook. I mixed chopped garlic and Chinese celery with some evaporated milk plus butter and cheese (and salt and pepper according to taste) and poured that over the prawns and I added some curry leaves as well…

KK's giant prawns 2

…and I put that in the oven to bake. This was the end result…

KK's giant prawns 3

How was the taste? Well, need you ask? LOL!!! I’ll leave that to you to imagine and drool…drool…drool…

KK's giant prawns 4


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

46 thoughts on “You’ll never find…”

  1. mouthwatering …. ha ha ha. lidis why not you and me open restaurant la. :p I wan to become your apprentice. πŸ™‚

    And I work my a** off while you count the money? No, thanks! Hahahahaha!!!

  2. wah, so huuugeee.. i’d think its a lobster..

    Yalor…so big! And I thought our freshwater udang galah is SO big already (and only the head is big)! Gosh! These win hands down!!!

  3. Okay okay…now I believe you! Hahahahaha!!! OMG! So yummy! I love seafood!!! Man, your cholesterol level is shooting off the chart with all that. Hahaha!!! Oh well…knowing you…

    That’s why I said I would skip my health screening for the next two years! No point! Hahahahaha!!!

  4. Never look at a gift horse in its mouth but BEWARE of Greeks bearing gifts. LOL!!! πŸ˜›

    Thank goodness kpenyu is neither Greek nor Indian! Indian giver, they take back after they’ve given something to you! LOL!!

  5. Woah!…. GMO Prawns! hahah.
    That is one Sui Tua Prawn!

    Most fitting for the likes of Sui-Tua Pui! Hahahahaha!!!

  6. Huge prawns, you should give my so called ‘porn’ recipe a try hahaha

    My recipe also really very delicious!!! You should try…but then, you don’t have the prawns! Only the miserable tiny ones! Not worth the unnecessary trouble of korek-ing with toothpick when stuck in teeth! Bwakakakakakaka!!!

  7. Special prawns for special people la. The XXL One ie 4 to 5 pieces, XL..6 to 8 pieces and L..9 to 12 pieces..per kg.

    Thank you, thank you! Ummm…these days when you say “special people”, it means something quite different. So much for all that political correctness! Confuse people only! LOL!!

  8. the prawn is really huge! Your friends are so kind. The prawn must be very tasty. Yummy.

    Yes, very tasty, very yummy…and I always count my blessings – surrounded by all the kind and wonderful people!

  9. Don’t finish all the prawns!!! I’m coming back in MAy. hehe~

    No…I just took out two to try! Definitely keeping the rest till May…but for my daughter who will be home for the mid-year holidays! Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. Did you ask Kpenyu if these were reared?

    If they were reared ones, I see a very bright future for the industry! The flesh was firm and sweet, and so fresh I could actually taste its freshness. Much nicer than the freshwater udang galah that we get here – and udang galah that size will be all head, very little body and will cost and arm or a leg!

  11. bint-ulu seafood very cheap mer?
    crab 40+ per kilo considered cheap?

    and ohmaigawd! da prawn is gigantic!…
    im going sandakan…hopefully get to eat fresh seafoods there πŸ™‚

    Not cheap! May even be slightly more expensive than Sibu, but my BIL gets his supplies from the fishermen as soon as their boats return from sea – so very fresh! You can get such fresh and delicious seafood in Sandakan too – but dunno expensive or not! I never paid…but anyway, I bet it’s cheaper than in KK!!!

  12. OMG – those are monsters!! But such huge prawns – wont the texture be a bit tough? Wow, u added in milk & cheese somemore – really rich flavours!

    Yes, very rich gravy plus the juices from the prawns and the exotic flavours of celery and curry leaves – very nice!!! Yes, they’re monstrous indeed…and surprisingly, they were not tough at all! Very firm and sweet flesh, very fresh! Very very nice!

  13. What’s that thing looking like sauce in the dish? Must be your commentor’s drool and drool!!!!

    Everybody must be eating their hearts out…and I’m enjoying every moment of this! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  14. Hi, melimpas sini!
    My SIL gave us this huge prawn before. We were kinda sakai dunno how to cook it pulak. Hubby ended up simply cooked the sauce and not that tasty. *sigh* And I think I will still prefer udang saiz biasa. Heehehe…

    Then you can try cooking it the way I did. Very nice.

    Kpenyu gatecrashed my steamboat party with some sweet young girls in KK (@ Nelayan, I think the name was) and he brought some big prawns – not as big as these. We boiled and grilled them but I thought the flesh was a bit too hard and the soup had nothing but prawn taste – not so nice anymore! Maybe we cooked for too long…

    But this time, they’re really very nice! Can’t wait to cook another two!!! Maybe this Friday – Good Friday, can’t eat meat!

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by. Do come again! You’re lucky…you’re from KK, can get prawns like these there!

  15. oh goodness…ure making me hungry!!

    Can’t get these Down Under, I’m sure…and even if you can, I bet it will cost of fortune! Want me to save one till you come home at the end of the year? LOL!!!

  16. butter prawn? mouthwatering..drool. oh my look at the size, its a giant prawn…:)

    You’re from KK too! I thought you see prawns like these all the time? So nice, KK…all the good food (but expensive, of course!)…

  17. Truly not udang galah BUT UDANG GAJAH!! Just sheer wicked indulgence, STP!This is downright outrageous!LOL!

    Forgive me…for I have sinned!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  18. oiii…prawn is bad for your cholesterol. Please text me next time you cook them, I’ll take the head part, you can have the meat! LOL!

    So is everything else…so what’s stopping me? LOL!!! That reminds me – as far as the head goes, I think our udang galah’s head is nicer (…but they say the cholesterol’s all in the head! I wonder if that’s just a figure of speech!!! LOL!!!). These are sort of kosong! Empty! Like the heads of some people that I know! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  19. TOC: You were right! The gu bak mee uncle from Harbour Court went back to Sibu for Cheng Beng last week.

    STP, speaking of buying directly from fishermen, I heard that there are a lot of people always crowd at the wharf near my office (in front of Harbour Court or some people prefer to call its old name, Minsion Canteen) at about noon to buy fresh and cheap seafood from the fishermen that just came back with their catch. Want to verify if this is true (TOC? KNB? Anyone?)

    Dunno…I don’t think KNB will be of any help! The day he does any “marketing”, the Sarawak River will freeze over! Hahahahahaha!!!

  20. Your statement very misleading.I gatecrashed WHEN you were with the girls…as oppose to I gatecrashed With the sweet… haha

    Nama baik kamu (Your Honour), saya mahu buang air besar (I want to pass the motion) saya mahu serah diri (I want to surrender)! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  21. Damn, I should come and visit you now and at least I get to eat the giant prawns! Hmm…

    Still got lots in the freezer! So when are you coming? Hahahahaha!!!

  22. Clare: yup.. that is true, as the fisherman unload the fresh catch, you can’t get it at cheaper price.. however, you need to know the time that they come in..

    STP: Will give your recipe a try as I can still get my gigantic prawns from my sources.. speaking of sources.. need to think of someways to make salmon.. still have a quarter of a fish left in my fridge…

    Can or can’t?…..Hahahaha!!! Not into salmon! Give me buris, ikan keli, terubok panggang…or even long kiam hu anytime! Good luck with your sources!!!

  23. STP, as a matter of fact, i do know that they sell fish/prawns at the wharf. Normally during lunch time but i dont think they sell everyday. The makcik makcik in my office always go to buy.

    Hah! No wonder you do know… Hahahahaha!!!

  24. If reared, and they get to this size, I would want to know what they’re fed on, before I sink my teeth in them, as they look delectable. Hehe..only one body, but lots of other food around to feast on.

    Man proposes, God disposes…and anyway, after this, I don’t think I’ll ever get to eat them again! Not something that I can afford, I’m sure!…Btw, have you heard the rumours (?) about the wife of this man? Dunno how true but they said that if you invited him, he would bring his own kitchen staff and organic food, and he would eat only that and nothing else…

  25. gerrie: from the deep blue sea off Kudat. This guy I know owns a fleet of fishing boats and the good stuffs are specially selected and reserved for friends. In any event the bred prawns cannot reached one fifth the size

    So that answers Gerrie’s question…and like I said, I will not look at a gift horse in its mouth. I appreciate people’s generosity and thoughtfulness in going through all the trouble to go and buy and bring all the way to give to me! I’m indeed very much obliged…

  26. oh so now all settle down in ur stomach oredi lah.. im so jeles…
    i wonder the amount of juice that is secreted from the flesh of that beautiful beast the size of your arm when u sink ur teeth into it….oh gawd damn.. life is good sir life is good.

    LOL!!! I guess I’ll have to enjoy it while it lasts. Things like that don’t come along every day!

  27. kpenyu: that’s very good to know! phew!

    As long as we eat out and buy things we do not grow or rear ourselves, we are at the mercy of others. We have very little control of what we eat…and just have to believe whatever they tell us! For instance, all the enriched this, enriched that…and it turned out to be melamine!

  28. Who is “this man”? I would love to know and invite him! HAHAHAHAHA!

    You dunno? All the rumours…about the wife in Canada now and not in very good shape, and the daughter’s mansion there… They say got photos on the internet, but I wouldn’t know. Lots of other things circulating on the grapevine! Not really interested, in one ear and out the other ear!

  29. Huhu.. Had a bad day today.
    Awal pagi I langgar my bro’hilux (ternyata hilux lagi keras than avanza..*sob*). Then I have to settle kerja tertunggak from the past AJKs (they never did any inventory, so no prizes for guessing who had to do it), and had meeting from 1.40 pm – 4.00pm
    Only those prawns can brighten up my day…

    Sorry, your bad day isn’t going to get any better yet…No prawns going your way! Hehehehehe!!!

  30. so, you can only get this kind of prawns in sabah or …? Anywhere else?

    Dunno! Haven’t seen any this big anywhere else! Probably can only get by special order…like how the restaurants here will reserve all the big Kapit fish! No chance for the members of the public to buy…

  31. Ohhhh that one…..whatever they’ve got going on, it’s definitely not the food, more like their deeds, or should I say misdeeds eating up their inner self, then maybe manifesting into (fill in the blanks)…..

    Food given by God can never be blamed, unless one meddles with it..think GMO…

    As I’ve always said, what goes around, comes around…and I had had a few posts along this line. …Well, I never ever blamed the food, just the people… As they say, “Money is the root of all evil!”

  32. btw, NOT Canada, a few days ago, a stone’s throw away only..

    Oh? So is there any truth in the rumours? Don’t tell me she’s as fit as a fiddle…and the guy is not going to get his “Tun” after all…???

  33. Looks like there are lots of fish and prawns to be sacrificed soon in 2 or 3 months. Then again…all of them are dead! =/

    Why 2 or 3 months?…When my daughter comes home? Not really…she’s a small eater! And she’s not that crazy over seafood…

  34. Money and technology cant give her immortality yet but I am very sure it can still buy her an additional few days/months/years? Penniless people like us would probably be in the GH mortuary oredi. Hahaha.

    It will probably drag on and on and on…and it’s OUR money that they’re spending!!! Humph!!! Hey! You OKB…not penniless lah! Hahahahahaha!!!

  35. OMG! The prawns are sooooo huge!! You say they are from KK? Hey, maybe I can try it since I’ll be going KK next week!

    But won’t be stopping by Sibu – too bad! So this is what I get for not tagging you – just a photo of huge prawns to tantalize me but I can’t get to eat? Grrrrr…!!!

    The seafood in KK is fresh and really nice…and expensive (fresher and a bit cheaper in Sandakan). You’re going by the cheap airline? Could have booked KL – Sibu and Sibu – KK… Next time, consult me regarding your travelling plans! You could have stopped by and I would have spared you ONE giant prawn! LOL!!!

  36. Those must be the hugest prawns I’ve ever seen. But I don’t take prawns so nope, I’m not drooling. πŸ˜†

    How sad! Prawns, crabs…all the seafood – so very delicious!!! Yum! Yum! Hahahahaha!!!

  37. These tiger prawns must cost a bomb n u must have the right connection to get such good are very blessed – guess its the lucky mole on your face-hahaa.

    Hahahahaha!!! What lucky mole! They said mine is a sad mole, my life so very sad throughout! LOL!!!

  38. Those prawns are so BIG they’re almost freaky!
    Don’t finish them! So next time I come to Sibu you can send em over! Hahaha.

    Melbie and Mandy were lucky – they had the chance to eat those when I was in KK, but these are even bigger! I’m saving the rest for my daughter! As they say, blood runs thicker than water. LOL!!!

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