Say my name (1)…

It’s mid-week and in a couple of days, the weekend will be here. I’ve been blogging on food…food…and more food, and therefore, for a break, I think I’d like to have something different for a change. I did mention the other day on Facebook that I was thinking of posting a song quiz in my blog, so here goes! Now, looking at the photos below, what songs come to your mind? For each of them, can you tell me the title and if possible, the singer(s) as well?

WARNING: Click the links to the video clips at your own risk! It may just be an April Fool’s prank! No cheating now! LOL!!!

Song No. 1:
Song 1

Song No. 2:
Song 2

Song No. 3:
Song 3

Song No. 4:
Song 4

Song No. 5:
Song 5

Song No 6:
Song 6

Song No. 7:
Song 7

Song No. 8:
Song 8

Song No. 9:
Song 9

Song No. 10:

Song 10

Come on! Be a good sport and give it a try! How many can you get correct? Enjoy yourselves, people!

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54 thoughts on “Say my name (1)…”

  1. 1.A day in the life?(Beatles)2.Honey2x(abba)/Honey come back(Glen C.)3.?4.1st of May5.Banks of the Ohio(ONJ)6.?7.(Mirror,Mirror)David Gates?8.RingRing(Abba)?9.Return to Sender?(Elvis)10.Fire!(can’t remember singer) not cheating at all,no time to click to link,come back to check answers later! πŸ™‚

    No. 4 is correct, and I would accept 8, 9 and 10 even though they’re not exactly the songs I have in mind… No. 2- The “Honey” is the name of a person, this one’s the edible kind… LOL!!!

  2. 1. no idea

    2. jem – there’s a song of this title though, although it’s not jam but jem, cartoon I think

    3. drive – incubus

    4. Happy Birthday?

    5. Drain you – Nirvana ( ha ha ha ha)

    6. Knife – Is it Paul Anka?

    7. Rear View – Pearl Jam (I know this is wrong but .. )

    8. I just call to say I love you – Lionel Messi eh .. Ritchie I mean

    9. Thank You Mr Postman?

    10. Fire

    It’s a jar of honey lah! Apa jem!!! Hahahahahaa!!! No. 3 is ok…but I was thinking of a different version, and No. 6 but eyew…Paul Anka? And No. 10.

    Wah! Got song entitled Thank You, Mr Postman kah? Didn’t let loose the dogs to chase after him, lucky liao!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  3. I want to give up! But, give it a try – based on the posts I have read from your blog..That’s easy way out. He..he…

    1. Say you, say me
    2. Sugar, sugar
    3. Drive
    4. 1st of May
    5. ?
    6. The winner takes it all
    7. Reflections
    8. Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha
    9. Please Mr Postman
    10. Burn

    No. 3, 4 and 7 and I would accept 9 and 10. 50%…you passed! LOL!!!

  4. Check back on your post (hey, not that good memory for an old woman), No. 5 is Oh, No.

    Hahahahaha!!! I would accept that too…considering how hydrophobic we all are these days!…No. 1 is also a post title from sometime ago! Nice meaningful song!

  5. 1 no news today-herman hermit
    2 like a virgin
    3 Drive
    4 1st of May
    5 River of babylon(mini version)
    6 knife
    7 Reflection of my life
    8 Hello
    9 Mr Postman
    10 Flame
    Enjoy the FOOLs day

    No milk today lah! And that’s honey, not olive oil – extra virgin! Hahahahaha!!! 3, 4, 6 and I’ll accept 8. Eternal Flame, you mean?…And Please, Mr Postman?….Aiyor, my whole life reflected in my car’s side view mirror kah? So kesian! LOL!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  6. 1. Headlines
    2. Honey From The Jar (?)
    3. Drive (?)
    4. Holiday
    5. Cry Me A River (seem more like longkang to me. Hahaha!) Oh, FLOOD (?)
    6. The Knife? (I don’t know, man, I just pulled that out from the air)
    7. Reflection (or you just want to show how clean your car window is? πŸ˜› )
    8. Telephone Song (?) (Just guessing, don’t know if got such song or not πŸ™‚ )
    9. Mr. Postman (Carpenters)
    10. Ring of Fire (Adam Lambert immediately came to mind when I saw the picture. LOL!)

    Bravo…you got No 10 correct and 3 and 7…and I would accept 4 too! A few of the rest, on the right track but not accurate song titles! Keep trying! Yes, it’s a longkang, so nope! Hahahahaha!!!

  7. HAHAHAHA…I think I just composed the numbered 10 song…Irene C’s Fame was on my mind..Le’s go kok and sing Flame..I wanna to live forever..Or C’ light my fire..What the’s fools day ya

    Ya, Light my fire would be a good title. Hey, you dunno Johnny Cash meh? Old enough!…Ummm…forgot already liao, izzit? Memory loss! Hahahahahaha!!!

  8. Your car?? I change to Proton Saga Kelabu

    What happened to your big yellow lorry?…Me, where got money to change car? Still the same old 1.3 Wira…around 15 years old liao!

  9. Manyesal oku, manyesal oku,nakasawo di janda muda,mata keranjang, Apandai do makan jalan… hahahahas.. sorry.. couldn’t help it after reading the proton saga kelabu comment from Kpenyu… one of my few fav song that I learned in the seminary… (yes.. we learn strange things in there.. rotflmsfao)

    Anyway.. back to your quiz.

    1. I have a dream (ABBA… alluding to the Signs of Recovery for the US economy hahaha) or it Could also be Headlines by Spice Girls.. LMSFAO

    2. Honey Honey by ABBA or gasp!! Honey by Mariah Carey!!

    3.Drive by Vannesa Hudgens

    4. First of May by Beegees (alluding to Christmas tree still being tall compared to my sis.. hahah)

    5. Still Waters Run Deep by Beegees

    6. Mack the Knife by Frank Sinatra

    7. Reflections from Mulan by god knows so many.. Lea Salongo?

    8. Ring Ring by Abba or Hello by Lionel Richie

    9. Please Mr. Postman by err.. don’t know.. please refer to redfm

    10. You light up my life by ESSO gas HAHAHA.. Okay.. corny.. but the instant I saw that.. the advert came to mind

    You’ve got a point with No. 1 but not Headlines – there’s only one! No. 2 not the edible kind…and eyew…not HSM (No. 3), please!!! LOL @ No. 4 and that poor sis of urs! Hahahaha!!! No. 5 the water isn’t still actually…and the rest ok, but I would post a pic of SESCO bill for No. 10 for “You light up my life”…or a gas tank! Good try!!!

  10. Lea Salongo? HAHAHAHAHA is that the current “in” girl in Kuching? hahahahaha I meant Lea Salonga hahaha

    Salongo sounds like somebody from the Fiji Islands! LOL!!! Who’s the current “in” girl in Kuching?

  11. hey, STP! this looks like fun! but i’m not good with songs…will try anyway! =)

    1. A little good news

    2. A taste of honey

    3. Drive

    4. First of May

    5. The tide is high

    6. Rockwell Knife / Killing me softly

    7. Reflection

    8. Telephone

    9. send a letter to me/ i’ll send you a letter (kelly family)

    10. Ring of fire/ Eternal Flames

    All correct?? Actually, scrolling over the link would reveal the answers almost instantly… April’s Fools??? hehe…

    p/s: guess what i’ll be coming to Sibu on the 16-20/03 to attend a friend’s wedding… and perhaps do some sight-seeing… any good place to recommend? hehe.. can’t wait to try the kampua.. ^^

    Humph! I would not expect anyone to get No. 1 as it’s one of Anne Murray’s lesser known hits…and you have to be very old to know Freddie & the Dreamers (No. 9). I don’t think I’ll be around that weekend but 16th & 17th, yes. Will email you my contact number…and maybe we can meet up then.

  12. Hey, I really applaud your efforts to get those pics which depict so perfectly clearly the song titles, hahaha! Great job! πŸ™‚

    LOL!!! Thank you…but some people would probably think that I’ve got nothing else better to do! Hahahahaha!!! Btw, welcome…and do come again! Will link you in my blogroll!

  13. Teacher, someone cheated! Spank her! Ooops! Hahahahahahaha!!!

    She said she’ll be going to Sibu on the 16-20 March. Is she someone from the past? You know, time traveller… πŸ˜›

    Spanking? Did somebody mention spanking? Oooo…… Hahahaha!!! Must have been influenced by that Brad Pitt movie! LOL!!!

  14. clare, corrections: april 16-20.. (hehe.. ) being very observant today?

    p/s: i didn’t cheat.. i was told to click on my own risk… =P and i didnt even click, just scroll over.. hehe… =P

    Yup! I can guess as much. Hmmm…a rose by any other name. You’re sure you’re a doctor, not a lawyer? Hahahaha!!!

  15. Jocelyn: I’m observant everyday. I’m something like STP’s blog trooper. Hahahaha! Just kidding πŸ˜€

    STP, someone peeked! She didn’t click but she peeked! πŸ˜› *run far far*

    Yalor…usually lawyers always do that! Twist and turn the words… Hahahahaha!!! Btw, jocelyn…clare’s addicted to stp! Any cure? LOL!!!

  16. Peeping Tom in the house?? (and I don’t mean Tom Selleck’s Gundot’s Hubby)

    Another disgruntled contender! This is beginning to sound like Malaysian politics! Hahahahaha!!!

  17. Aiya I did’t change my lorry. I meant I changed my answer when you said it was your car….menyasal oku..menyasal oku great kok song when mabok.

    Pix 3 actually reminded me of my all time favourite American Pie..the album cover was a thumb.

    Never said anything about album covers…but that’s an idea! Can have another quiz but I’ll have to steal the pics of covers from somewhere! They may email me again…to give me a piece of my mind for helping myself to their “masterpieces”!

  18. I want to try….i want to try!

    1) Liar, liar pants on fire (got such a song ka?)
    2) Lea – by Toto (this one I google punya. Didn’t even know such a song exists)
    3) Drive – by the Cars
    4) 1st of May
    5) Dirty Water – I gasak only
    6) Knife – by Rockwell
    7) ?
    8) You don’t call me anymore – Alicia Keys
    9) Wait a Minute Mr Postman – Carpenters
    10) Light my fire

    3, 4, 6 and 10…and how come everybody gets the title to No. 9 messed up! Isn’t it a very common song – Please, Mr Postman? Originally by the Beatles, I think…

  19. wait…wait! I changed my mind. No. 5 should be “Yellow River”.

    And by the way, i typed 8, but I don’t know why a smiley with sunglasses appeared instead.

    Hahahaha…a smiley and an 8!!! Stella would be dying to learn how to get that emoticon! ROTFLMAO!!! Ummm…I would hardly call that a river though it is yellow! LOL!!!

  20. C4STP: its called an emoticon πŸ˜›

    for those who are wondering what the F*C* Kpenyu and I singing about… here is the song..

    And I thought Stella was the only one who could not figure out how to get those emoticons… Hahahahaha!!! Will click ur link later!

    P.S. Checked out the clip already! Ya…that’s my other car – the Proton Saga kelabu! Support Malaysian mah!!! That’s a Kadazan song, I guess?

  21. No 1 Evening News (Jason Lo) Support local artist a bit ma
    No 2, Cooking Jar (Gym Grass Hero)
    No 3, Drive (Drive)
    No 4 First of May (Bee Gees)
    No 5 Bridge under troubled water (Simon and Garfunkel)
    No 6 Knife, (Rockwell)
    No 7 Man In the Mirror,(Wacko Jackson)
    No 8 Long Long distant love affair (Sheena easton)
    No 9 Mr Postman (The Carpenters)
    No 10 Fire (Pointer Sister)

    No. 3, 4, 6 and 10…and another one who can’t get the title of No. 9 right! Ya…you’ve got the right song for No. 8 but that’s a line in the song – “Telephone” (or maybe “Long distance love affair” is the other title, like her “9 to 5” is also called “Morning train”). Gym Class heroes, you mean! Nope… LOL!!!

    P.S. Btw, Jason Lo’s from Kuching, Sarawak – KNB’s neighbour… Small world!

  22. Yalor yalor…oh, you meant kpenyu? LOL!!! He lawyer also no? πŸ˜› Bahahahaha!!! *run fast fast*

    That’s for me to know and for you to find out! LOL!!!

  23. Well!At least I got 1 right! No.3 as I was driving home, thot of Rihanna’s Shut up n drive, so not right on that one as well. But it is fun guessing…American Idol showing soon!Yippee!!!

    Oh! Now that you’ve reminded me, better go and check the websites for the latest info. I heard Lady Gaga the mentor… Eyew!!!

  24. Yeah, I read too! Lady Gaga? Eeewwwww!!! No way!

    Frankly, I don’t like a single song of hers. The current “poker face” isn’t too bad…but it reminds me of Boney M! A potential Hor-sua hor hor…song! LOL!!!

  25. Got silly joke:-


    I got this a long time ago via email. I hope it was “copy and paste”. Imagine you typing all that! Hahahahaha!!!

  26. By the way, speaking of American Idol, I wanted to ask this a lot of times already but I forgot πŸ˜› I thought that is a singing competition and I am wondering why the contestants’ clothing are being criticized as much as their voice? The Polar Expedition definitely need to be criticized lah, but what’s with ‘that’s beautiful dress’, ‘you look beautiful/handsome tonight’ etc I don’t see Mick Jagger handsome also πŸ˜›

    Ya…but the Allison’s outfit tonite puts me off as well! The intro was good but when she went into the song proper, I didn’t like it. But I think Megan’s on the way out…

  27. Not playing today, but C4stp’s joke damn hilarious…am going to ask Dan to read…he’ll so totally dig it.

    Planning to become a doctor, is he? A tablet is a small table!!! Certainly makes sense! Hahahahaha!!!

  28. Hey!How about A.Idol huh? I think Adam is just spectacular! Lil still not getting the rite song that thugs at the heart,but great vocal! I predict either Anoop or Megan is out tomorrow!

    He took the funk out of the funky song but nonetheless, I love him! Really great – confident, comfortable, just doing his own thing! Doesn’t seem like he’s in a competition but more like he’s bringing the house down with his own show! Glad he kept his Elvis hairstyle…I think he looks like John Stamos now! And eyew…where is that Kara from? I she American or not? And she doesn’t even know Studio 54!!! She said 57! Chesh!!!

  29. I was actually thinking of “Come what may” for no 4. The rest I don’t have a clue πŸ˜†

    Guess you’re too young to know First of May. You should click the link and watch the clip from the movie “Melody S.W.A.L.K. (Sealed with a loving kiss)”. Was a hit in the early 70s or was it the late 60s?

  30. OMG I guessed reflections! but that was the only one = = haha I don’t really know many songs at all

    lol u no, this post is just damning evidence of the amt of time u spend on youtube.. XD

    I do! I am amazed at what they have! Songs from my younger days, those that I don’t get to hear on the radio anymore and the recordings are no longer available. I just browse…whenever I am free! But I think they’ve removed some of the songs due to copyright infringement or things like that!

  31. Don’t like Allison’s hair. Great vocals for Lil Rounds, as usual. Megan is on her way out I think. Anoop is playing safe and he doesn’t shine in the competition.

    Adam is Elvis again. Actually I kinda like his Elvis look, handsome lah. His performance this week…*melt* OMG! Did I just say that? *remind self that Adam is GAY*

    Kris Allen’s performance was special. Quite nice wor. The rest can forget lah πŸ˜›

    Danny’s the one getting fave reviews from the American press. Well, isn’t it in the song “Rock DJ”? That all the handsome men are gay or something? I’m big, fat and UGLY!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  32. need to predict..somehow you’ll get 1st hand news result from Stp…hahahaha

    She’s not reading my blog or my smses…so tomorrow, I think I’ll send her an email! Hahahahaha!!!

  33. I think I’ll change number 6 to : Cuts like a knife by Bryan adams .. he he he

    Why? Pic only shows a knife…no cutting? Anyway, the lyrics of Rockwell’s song go: “Knife…cuts like a knife…” LOL!!!

  34. My Two cents on tonight’s competition

    Anoop.. he can start packing his bags if this competition is based on talent.

    Megan: She should have done a Duffy number.. she has the voice range for it.

    Justin Timberlake look alike.. as you can see he’s so insgignificant that I don’t remember his name….

    lil rounds… she could have done better..

    Danny: hmmmmm…. consistent but somehow was not impressed

    Allison: good actually.. its a voice talent show so I seriously wonder why they bother to comment on her dress sense

    Scott proves his mettle that he’s good with soppy ballads and such… maybe this competition is not for him… he can sell… in the range of Josh Groban… but can be quite irritating at times.

    Adam Lambert: Elvis.. HAHAHAHAHA.. okay.. he’s good.. very the good.. that’s undeniably.. and he knows that.. so that might be his downfall… but loves his gyrations.. *ahem*

    Kris Allen: he’s my favourite… there’s something about him… hahahaha.. and yes Arthur.. no snide remarks.. HAHAHAHAHA.. but tonight he really did well.. love his version of the song…

    I didn’t see Anoop…on the way back from class but I think he has his following. Kris is married so that will cost him a lot of votes from the young girls and your kind… Hahahahahaha!!!

  35. I meant insignificant..

    Justin’s look alike? Eeee…you need glasses! Next thing you’ll tell me that Anoop looks like Shah Rukh Khan! Hahahahaha!!! Anoop the datuk!

  36. Anoops… Datuk S.R.K??? hello? actually I can’t seem to get pass those caterpillars on his face… hahahaha.. that’s all I can remember of him..

    As for Kris being married.. oh welllllllll.. hahahahahahahahahhaha he’s still good… and that’s all I have to add about that..

    Adam might win because of his attractions to both female and male alike.. HAHAHAHA

    ROTFLMAO!!! Caterpillars indeed! Ulat bulu! Heard from ur BM teacher (the one named after a bird) that it is an indication of an extra-strong sex drive! Gee! I wonder if I can get some implants done! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  37. *faints* I dunno the answers!~ I’m music illiterate! *whine* Cikgu jahat! *cries*

    Hahahahahaha!!! Next time, I’ll give a quiz on a subject that you’re good at. So what do you want? Fashion? Food?…Sex? LOL!!!

  38. no idea, really no idea, the only song that keep playing in my heart while read this entry, especially on the picture number 3 is..

    “ latok, tolong jangan saman” by Poe, do you ever heard that? lol.

    No policeman leh? Maybe…”Naik keretaku”? LOL!!!

  39. 1.No idea! Aiyo! Don’t ask golden oldies. I hardly listen to them!

    2.I’m thinking of Honey by Mariah Carey, but I know it’s very unlikely. Haha! How about A Jar Of Honey?

    3. Drive (Incubus)

    4. First Of May (Beatles) – love this song!!

    5. This one I don’t know – must ask Bengbeng! Haha!

    6. The Knife? Just a guess!

    7. Reflections (Christina Aguilera)

    8. Telephone (Sheena Easton)

    9. Please Mr Postman (The Carpenters)

    10. Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash)

    You don’t know No. 5? That’s probably one of the more recent ones. The tide is high, originally by Blondie and later by Atomic Kitten. And why ask Bengbeng? Are you implying that he’s old? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  40. hey teacher !! im back in sibu now!! wanna meet up ??

    Sure! Will get your contact number from your bro at tuition this afternoon. And what are you doing up at 5.35 a.m.? Can’t get used to the time difference? Don’t tell me you’re going to be sleeping the whole day like the last time? LOL!!!

  41. TOC: Justin Timberlake??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Far from that!

    Yalor…don’t really like his looks but he sings quite well…sometimes! LOL!!!

  42. lol teacher, whats the date today la,haha :p i got u!

    Chesh! That was yesterday here, today’s 2nd! Hahahahaha!!!! You need a good spanking…ooooo!!! LOL!!!

  43. Strong sex drive? *checking eyebrows now* rotflmfao

    Err… implants, wouldn’t that be like taking viagra? lol

    Going by what’s left on your head, if that’s any indication, sorry lah…!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Well, people have been known to go through greater lengths…oops! Hahahahahaha!!!

  44. Oh! So that’s the song! But where got tide? Looks like a longkang with stagnant water!

    Need to ask Bengbeng cos he’s “My Longkang” haha!! : )

    Photo not video mah! LOL!!!…Oh, I see…didn’t catch the drift. Very witty u!!!

  45. Why is Kris unfavorable to TOC’s kind? What kind is that?….i m so blur. Buahahaha!

    Unless he’s into married men TOO! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  46. ROTFLMSFAO at KNB question.

    Yeah, STP, what kind is that? And how can it be so when I am in favour of Kris :-p

    You didn’t know at first…and by the time you found out, it was already too late! Hahahahaha!!!

  47. So are you going to post the answers already or not?

    1. A little good news – Anne Murray
    2. A taste of honey – Herb Alpert & his Tijuana Brass
    3. Drive – The Cars
    4. First of May – The Bee Gees
    5. The tide is high – Blondie
    6. Knife – Rockwell
    7. Reflection – Christina Aquilera
    8. Telephone – Sheena Easton
    9. Send a letter to me – Freddie & the Dreamers
    10. Ring of fire – Johnny Cash

  48. Knew the Kris was married.. courtesy of the Jambu Idols Ladies Judges hahaha….

    when i went.. ohhhh wellll, i was implying… ohhhhh wellll as in never mind.. hahahahaha

    Ya…less said the better! Anything you say may be taken as evidence against you! Hahahahaha!!!

  49. I made the whole thing murkier didn’t I? akin to digging my own grave.. hahaha

    moooving on…

    Wise move…keep moving! LOL!!!

  50. Song #1 ‘Aive’, J.Lo, song #2 ‘Sweetest Taboo’, Sade, song #3 ‘Drive’, Cars, song #4 ‘Calendar Girl’, by whatshisface, song #5 ‘Deep River Woman’, Commodores, song #6 ‘Knife’, Rockwell, song #7 ‘Reflections’, Christina Aguillera, song #8 ‘Long Distance Love Affair’, Sheena Easton, song #9 ‘The Postman Song’, by whatsherface, and song #10 ‘Fire’, Babyface & Des’ree. Sorry for not checking in for so long, been busy.

    Already over lah! Well, 1, 2, 4 and 5 incorrect….and I wonder why most people can’t get the titles of 8 and 9 accurately right! Case of know the song, not sure of the title, I guess. LOL!!!

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