I can’t remember where or when it happened but I was at some place enjoying myself eating the specialty of the house when this Ah Lian showed up. Spotting some people she knew at a nearby table, she went over and exclaimed, “Aiyor! Why you all eat that? Later you all get Crazy Cow disease, then you know!!!” LOL!!!

Well, I’ve always loved beef noodles…

Rasa Sayang beef noodles 1

Back in my younger days, I would patronise that “Ang Kau” stall at Kiaw Siong Cafe, alongside the celebrated Ah Kow kampua…and much later, I loved the “Ah Mui” beef noodles at the Open Air Market in Kuching and also a stall at the Cuppage Hawker Centre in Singapore. The what-they-called “Taiwan beef noodles” at Ampang Point in KL, next to the De Palma Hotel, was also very delicious…and back here in Sibu, I used to rave over the beef noodles at Ah Hock Kia Cafe but the quality has gone downhill since and it’s pretty much the same  at the coffee shop behind the Sibu Kidney Foundation or the corner one at the traffic lights to Li Hua Hotel and at Loke Ming Yuen Cafe (opposite Mitsu Tea House).

Then I tasted the one in KK and things have never been the same after that. It was SO out of this world, the best I have tasted ever and even at RM7.00 a bowl, I felt it was worth it as the soup was thick and rich and they were very generous with the huge chunks of beef and stuff.

There’s a stall at Lot 10 along Ramin Way and I gather that the beef noodles are very nice but I’ve yet to go and try as parking in the vicinity can be such a pain. However, on Sunday, my missus and I went to the Rasa Sayang Cafe but this time, we did not go for the kampua. We were actually there to try their new item on the menu – beef noodles… 

Rasa Sayang beef noodles 2

Well, as you can see from the photo, the serving is extremely small…but what can you expect for RM4.00? Tastewise, I liked it a lot – about as nice as what I had in KK but the ones there come at almost double the price (and that was in the middle of last year, so I would not know if the price has infalted). Like in KK, the beef comes in chunks and not in paper-thin slices as in the other places around here and for one thing, fresh beef is not cheap these days! RM25.00 a kilo!

All things considered, I am pretty definite that I will be going back there again and this time around, I’ll ask for an RM8 bowl… You think I’m crazy? LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

46 thoughts on “Crazy…”

  1. Because the bowl is big, thus the serving looks miserably little! Hey, enough for a meal lah, guru. However, if you need to order RM8, it’s better to order two bowls. I can assure you that 8 ringgit bowl means more noodles only. But then, with less beef, that would probably keep us sane!

    True, true…I was so full I did not have lunch, but it could have been the hardboiled egg. LOL!!! Wow…nice photo – your avatar. Has the looks of a woman of substance, a lady with class! Thumbs up!

  2. i’m back, though for a short while! That Ah Lian sure is Ah Lian, can’t even differentiate Mad Cow and Crazy Cow…

    The prodigal son returns! LOL!!! Welcome back, son. Why for a short while only? Travelling duty?I used to love that! Nice breaks – CHOGM (cheap holiday on government’s money!)! Working now, got money…can come over to Sibu one weekend? Cheap airline offering almost-zero fares flying October to December!

  3. aih .. I have to settle for creating a new blogpost somewhere else like this .. ha ha ha. a new beginning .. namind ..

    oh, so this is the new post last nite you say tengah editing wan yer??

    I tasted the beef noodles here, wonder if it’s the same. I tried the tangkak beef noodles before ..

    ok ok la .. not so bad

    U’re starting a blogspot? I’m thinking of starting one too…secret! Hehehehehe!!! KL, haven’t had any good beef noodles since years ago at Ampang Point. 80s, I used to go to Jalan Petaling, some good ones there too. Dunno still got or not.

  4. Beef noodles in Kuching I like the one at Harbour Court (behind KTS) and Green Hill Cafe (opposite Star Cineplex) also not bad but they are of two different taste. I still prefer the Harbour Court wan (the mee sua nice I like!). Speaking of which, I might be having that for lunch. Hehehehehe!!!

  5. Wah Clare….. everyday eat in Harbour Court kah? Hahaha. I think its better known as Minsion cafe still. The gubak mee there not bad but its the dry type…. i think STP likes it soupy.

  6. How positively bovine of you… Mooving along,

    Lam’s place used to have great Sabah style beef noodle but ever since the original owner sold it, the quality has dropped.

    KNB: The beef noodle @ Harbour Court also comes in the soup variety.

  7. Clare:
    The one at the coffee shop same block as Harbour View not bad, they say related to Open Air’s Ah Mui…and l like the one at Peterson’s too.

    So next time u see her there, go and say hi lah! LOL! I like the dry versiö too – like Ah Mui’s.

    *checks online dictionary…Ohhh! No wonder it’s called ‘Bovril’! Any idea why ‘Marmite’? LOL!

  8. You shld have said to the ‘Ah Lian’ no need to eat already crazy lah!LOL! Used to like the ‘Angkao’ gubak noodles,last time I checked,the Ah pek cooking it not there any more,so didn’t order. The kuih teow there was nice too,but I think also not the same now…

  9. BdQ described the one in kk as noodle soup with steak when she was here during her Labuan days.Should be easy enough to freeze and tapau.Guess what’s for breakfast this coming Saturday morning?

  10. Clare:
    I just noticed…ya, the coffee shop other end of Harbour View block is Green Hill.

    The old man used to be there, then l didn’t seem anymore. One of the sons is around and the tall thin guy has been with them a long long time. Parking a problem there too, used to go before 7 a.m.

  11. Eh, Green Hill Cafe that I mentioned just now is the one that is located at the same block as Harbour View lor.

    Yup…I just realised we’re talking about the same place.

  12. KNB: I always have the soup type at Harbour View ler…coz I prefer the soup type also.

    I don’t mind the mee kosong with gu bak cheng!!! Nice also… LOL!!!

  13. PS: You spelt my name worngly…TWICE! Later I’m mistaken for that other claire who couldn’t find your comment box *roll eyes*

    Sorry…already edited…but I’m not editing ur “worngly”!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! I’m so mean!

  14. Kpenyu:
    Aiyor…nei ah, nei ah! I’m sure you wanna go and indulge in Sibu kampua, Tiong Hua Road kompia etc…etc… Don’t bother bringing anything, wait till l go KK again.

  15. Clare:
    Yahor! Old man, absent-minded. Will edit when l get home. Can only do on PC, can’t edit on hp. Also have to type reply fast b4 next comment appears…and l do wish they had the ‘Remember me’ thingy on hps. Have to type again and again.

  16. Marmite… from the famous symbol on the bottle…. an earthenware cooking pot… ever noticed that the shape of the marmite bottle looks like those earthenware cooking pot?

    Yes.. this is what we call ciak pa boh su cho..

  17. I tot this blog was a hint hint for kk steak mee like bdq calls them cos the gubak are so thick. Sam said ‘best in the world”.

  18. Just discovered a place for very nice gu bak mee. Better than Ah Mui. “Hijau”. Only open at night. Day time he is at some other place.

  19. The beef noodles at Fong Lye at The Gardens in KL is definitely worth a try. The volume is also twice the one at Rasa Sayang.

  20. gundot:
    No lah! Best eaten there, so wait till l go over. LOL! Hijau? Sounds like some dangdut karaoke pub! Like the new one in Sibu – lsabella. Wat’s next? Madu Tiga?

    The Gardens? I hear things are very expensive there. But if I remember correctly, the beef noodles at Esquire Kitchen also quite nice – I think there’s an outlet at Mid Valley and one at Sg Wang… Btw, thanks for dropping by – whoever you may be!

  21. earthenware cooking pot… our body shape…. no difference.. what is it called again.. belangak? HAHAHAHAHAH isn’t that the term used to describe the round ones also.. hahaha

    Dunno…so now we’re the Potters of the Potts? Hahahahaha!!!

  22. there’s one in malacca that sells really yummy gu bak mee ler… *lick errr…lips*

    Never saw any there or in Penang, just KL and Spore and lots in Kuching, a few in Sibu and KK… Maybe some people do not eat beef or it’s relatively more expensive.

  23. Wow RM7 a bowl! But if it’s really that nice, then it’s worth paying. But beef ball noodles ain’t my thing.

    Really really nice…none better elsewhere. The beef balls only a couple of them, mostly huge chunks of beef, the tendons…droooool!!! LOL!!!

  24. Finally, beef again.. xD There’s one shop which sells excellent beef noodle near the Rejang Medical Centre, right beside Sushi-Tie.

    That’s Loke Ming Yuen. The first few times I ate there, it was very nice but lately, the soup is getting more and more diluted. Rather disappointing!

  25. Eh, don’t forget to include me in your eating marathoning ar (I know, I’m so mean) 😛

    …if I get to go!! LOL!!! We’ll meet in Sibu first – Easter weekend.

  26. Potters of the Potts hahahahaha

    Pot Potts of the Potters?…Ummm…no, it sounds too close to Pol Pot of the infamous Pol Pot Regime! Eyew… Hahahahaha!!!!

  27. ohhhhhh…yes!!! beef noodles!! the only thing that made me smile today..argghh i hate mondays !!!!

    Gee! It sure is easy to make you happy! Just seeing the pictures of beef noodles puts you in a good mood already! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  28. Gu bak mee at Harbour Court not open today. Weird! Yesterday also not open. I wonder why.

    They probably knew you were going! Hahahahaha!!!

  29. g: have you tried “i-canton” at the gardens? I love “i-dragon”, so was wondering if the food just as good in this new one.

    Not a huge fan of gu bak mee, but prefer the taiwanese type rather than Ah Mui’s versions or it’s variants.

    This Rasa Sayang’s one is more like the Taiwan beef noodles I had at Ampang Point in KL years ago…or at least that was what they said it was! Whatever it is, I can’t stand the one with dark gravy, with spices and chilli oil – Korean beef noodles?

  30. Clare: me think the owners went back for the clear bright or cheng beng festival

    Ya…possibly! Many went over the weekend…and I guess the rest will go on the day itself this Saturday…

  31. Speaking of Harbour Court, been eating there for the past 3 years and i thought the gubak mee man didn’t recognise me until last month he suddenly came up to me and asked… How’s your father? eh…. so weird. The last time i went there with my dad was at least 10 years ago. Must be i havent aged and still look the same…. Hahahah.

    Or he mistook you for your father…!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  32. ok set. end of year we go eat this mee lembu.

    let’s have a $12 version. what’s that in aud… $4? aha.

    Hahahahaha!!! Dirt-cheap, ya? And now that you’ve started working… Hint! Hint! LOL!!!

  33. Oh man… I know I shouldn’t come here especially after jogging @.@

    Tomorrow no food post…and it’s no April Fool joke! LOL!!! Btw, can’t access ur blog…waited and waited but the photos would not appear.

  34. i dun eat beef…

    Oh dear…so you can’t have those juicy, tender steaks in all the countries that you go to? And no meat pies either? Aiyor…

  35. yeah .. There’s not been a lot the nice one now ..

    By the way, I guess I will be using my blogspot for this moment.

    I’m soliciting in ur blog .. ha ha ha

    Will send you the bill soon…for the use of my advertising space – same way that nuffnang and others pay you for using yours! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  36. I’m also a fan of beef noodles! i like the sauce to be thick and nice. i think the pictures that u took showed tat! wanna taste it!

    don’t need to care about the ahlian, nowadays basically eat what also can name out some diseases one. haha.

    Listen to what the doctor says, eh? Hahahahaha!!! This kind of doctor, I like! LOL!!!

  37. KNB, maybe he tot you and TOC brothers since TOC’s dad goes there too!

    Or he thought TOC = KNB!! Like identical twins!…..Gosh! That will be a big blow to KNB’s ego!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  38. Wow. Really should try it out then. Look promising.

    Go ahead! It’s good…but avoid the Sunday morning crowd. You may have to wait a very long time!

  39. Ouch….
    Hahah… no lar. he knows my dad was ill. Anyways, TOC and his dad eats there almost every weekend… so am sure he knows them very well.

    LOL!!!….Anything…as long as people don’t mistake you for TOC, ya? Hahahahaha!!!!

  40. RM4 quite pricey. Can use imported Indian beef, cheaper….very tough meat….boil for a few hours then tender lorrr! LOL

    Indian meat?…Eeee…the smell is terrible!!! I won’t use that, not even for curry! The gravy tastes ok…but when the taste of the meat comes out, it really is horrible! Eyew…

  41. Yes, partly because of the SG factor, and everything else like the beef is also expensive.

    RM10 is really expensive. Pity JB people…income the same as elsewhere but prices of things all so high!!!

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