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Stella asked me a long time ago how to make sambal udang kering or hay bee (dried prawns) the way our mums used to make it. Well, you will need some udang kering/hay bee

Rajang hay bee

These special straight ones from the Rejang Basin cost a fortune these days – RM70 a kilo, but you can always use the cheaper ordinary ones and some people claim that it can even be nicer. You will have to soak them in water to soften them before pounding them to pulp…

Pounded hay bee

You will need these ingredients: shallots, garlic, ginger, lengkuas (galangal), kunyit (tumeric), serai (lemon grass), chillies and a bit of belacan (dried prawn paste).


Pound all of that together (except the lemon grass – just crush the ends of each stalk) and you will get this …

Pounded ingredients

Fry the pounded ingredients in oil until brown and fragrant and then add the pounded dried prawns. Keep stirring until it is nicely browned, add the curry leaves, a bit of sugar, salt and msg according to taste and it’s done…

STP's sambal udang kering

Yum! Yum!

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24 thoughts on “Follow me…”

  1. ok, now I can comment without in danger of being potong q .. ha ha ha. oh, that’s the picture you sent me the other day hor .. sambal belacan. that day i only had muffin and coffee since you told me to fast, I guai guai fast la .. no meat eat less .. ha ha ha.

    I’m cooking also now leh ..ayam masak merah

    Oh…Datuk Siti’s secret recipe to success!!! Hahahahaha!! Take photos and post…and then we’ll comment (ala Simon Cowell)! LOL!!!

  2. I mean sambal udang

    Aduh! Nama cibol tuk! Nak nemu utai! Dunno the difference between sambal belacan and sambal udang kering! Hahahahaha!!!

  3. you know, sambal udang kering used to be my staple dish when i was small, mom used to cook a lot, and we used to eat it with plain white rice, because we were poor then, and this dish helped us through a lot

    But they’re SO expensive now!!! When I was studying or working in another town, my mum used to make and send to me in Nescafe bottles…and I would just feast on that with rice or bread…and wish I were home!!! Sob! Sob!

  4. i will definitely ask mami to try this! 🙂

    Nice! I’m sure it’s very common among Melaka or Penang nyonyas as well…???…I think they do sell in plastic jars as well at supermarkets, but eyew…not nice at all!!!

  5. eh, this one you cook or missus cook wan?

    Of course, I cooked it…all by myself – to give my daughter one bottle to take back to SP, the way my mum used to do. If the old lady masak, sure use blender – not nice, too halus!!!

  6. I buy sometimes. Less hassle and cheaper. RM 5 for a small tub. I’m the only one who will eat it with bread.

    Once I bought some nice ones from Gaya Street tamu in KK…but those in the supermarket, probably factory made, not nice at all! Our old family habits – eating with bread – becoming extinct now. These days, the kids so Americanised….

  7. I still eat this with bread and Golden Churn butter hahaha but its been a while since I had it, might attempt next week as we got some sesar or rejang hei bie in Sarikei

    Save me a bottle…I gave to Mel and the rest habis liao!!! Too lazy to make some more… LOL!!!

  8. Okie.. if tak ada berita means its either i didn’t make it or it tak jadi aka chau ta hahaha

    LOL!!! I think I’d better make my own. One more day off tomorrow…and Tuesday, it’s back to work!!! So much for April Fool’s Day!!! Humph!!!

  9. Saw a pix of the Rejang hay bee in chui..leng..chee blog recently…they sort it out prawn by prawn and by rm70 per kilo may be justified.
    will bring you some for your next batch..

    Yes, it is really tedious to make, so that’s why it is so expensive. For one thing, I hear they make them in factories – cleaner but not as sweet and nice as those traditionally-made ones in the old days.

  10. ..I mean Sandakan one…

    And here I was, thinking about getting you some Rajang hay bee…to go with your beer when you go boozing at the club! Very nice, very compatible! They’re not called Sarawak’s chewing gum for nothing! LOL!!!

  11. Sambal hay bee…I like but due to the strong Foochow influence in my family (aka mom LOL!) I don’t get to eat this a lot. But chipmunk’s dad made some the other day to eat with timun slices. Nice lor but not spicy enough. Haahahahahahhaha!

    I thought you do not cook the sambal that you take with cucumber? I had a post on that sometime ago – just pound with chillies, mix with kalamari juice and sugar…and maybe a bit of belacan. Wah! Dunno how to make but know how to complain! Later they don’t let u eat, then u know! LOL!!!

  12. Nice! My mom made this dish for us when she visisted a few years ago but I never got the recipe from her. This will be one of my cooking projects in the near future – I will probably substitute Thai shrimp paste with Balachan as we cook a lot of Thai food at home. Hopefully it’s not blasphemy. We substitute here in the States a lot when we try to recreate food from home.

    Ya, I do a lot of substituting and adapting also…lazy to go out and buy! Over there, probably not that easily available.

  13. ha ha ha .. mana la tau .. best best, so if you come KL you cook for me anot?

    You mean you’re asking me to sleep stay with you? Hahahahaha!!!

  14. Wah, Cibol, banyak cantik muka engkau…people go KL to enjoy and relax, not cook for you lah dude! Hahahahahaha!!! 😀 But if you miss food from home so much, can tapao mah 😛

    Yalor! He think’s I’m L…ummm like his amah or what. Hahahahahaha! Can lah…I tapao kompia and chu nu miang for him. Want kampua also can. LOL!!!

  15. It looks nice. I think it smell great also. Hungry…

    Too bad I can’t figure out who you are…otherwise, the next time I make some, I can give you a bottle. Nice! Smells great and tastes great too! LOL!!!

  16. Yumm Yummm Sambal hey bee!Thks for the recipe! Printed out now!

    Good luck! Mine was yummy!!! All gone in a jiffy!

  17. Wow teacher also can cook? Then you must be a very cool teacher loh 😀

    I won’t want to blow my own horn. You’ll have to ask my students that…Some will tell you that I scare the living daylights out of them! LOL!!!

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