Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha (3)…

So to continue with our food-a-thon from the previous two posts, the next morning, my daughter and I brought the three of them – Sam, Gundot and Lindy for a dimsum breakfast at Mitsu Tea House.

Sam and Gundot at Mitsu Tea House

I have posted on this place many times, so I am not going to do it again. If you have not seen anything on it, you can click this link to go and have a look. Kongkay joined us there but maybe he was too shy as I noticed that he only ate a little and he did not take any photographs for his blog. Or perhaps he was not impressed with the fare, having had better in other places like in Singapore, for instance.

For lunch, we went to the Ark and Gundot and Lindy shared this HUGE bowl of chao chai hung ngang (RM9.00)…

The Ark's chao chai hung ngang

…while Sam had the same thing she had the last time she was here – their spaghetti bolognese (RM11.50)

Sam enjoying her spaghetti

She must have liked that a lot. I had the fish and chips (RM11.50)…

The Ark's fish and chips

I did not like the fishy smell of the fillet that they used. I would much rather have the ones at Garden…or even Sugar Bun which are very much nicer. My daughter had their grilled lamb shoulder…

The Ark's grilled lamb shoulder

…and believe you me, that 1-inch thick chunk came at only RM15.00!!!

Then we went back to the house to rest, bathe and pretty soon, I had to send them to the bus station to catch the 5 o’ clock back to Kuching…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha (3)…”

  1. Good grief! They WERE on an eating frenzy! Hahaha

    Making note of the Ark for the next trip hahaha

    …and the posts did not include the in-betweens!!! Well, what’s new? Runs in the family!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  2. Not only do we get eating marathon,somebody’s posting like post laju!LOL!

    This morning, suddenly I found I could post…then problem again…and now suddenly I can again…so quick. quick post lor! Dunno when the next time I’ll be able to post something again… Hahahahaha!!!

  3. STP having withdrawal syndrome so he’s now binge posting hahaha

    No lah…photos overflowing in flickr. Gotta get the old ones out of the way so I can upload new ones…

  4. Lindy appeared in part 1 of this series, STP didn’t pay enough for her to appear twice hahaha

    But seriously, the lamb… yum yum

    She’s just the guest star…Sam’s in the starring role! Ooo…yum yum indeed!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  5. I believe in complaining big time. We are after all paying the ISP providers. Besides, I was told that it’s good to provide “feedback”. I am now streamyx’s VIP customer, as in “Very Irritated Person”.

    I’m always Mr. Nice…as long as they’re pleasant and sweet. Some talk as if we’re beggars, asking them for alms, have to kowtow to them…I’ll just blast their heads off!

  6. s’na-hoon is more like it… haven’t warm up yet to your cousins… gundot might send me for some blood test to check if i’m positive for substances. i think i miss the O-Qui by a week, but bumped into chris (stella’s) the next day.

    Not like me – thick skin! Always comfortable, even when meeting strangers for the first time! LOL!!! Btw, Lindy’s the one who will do the blood tests…

  7. Was thinking of going on Wednesday… Big Boss already asking for the cameras so I have to hurry and get it…

    Wednesday, I’ll have my tuition class – will only be free at night, I’m afraid!

  8. i’m amazed at the appetites of your guests – after a dim sum breakfast, they still can stomach a western lunch???

    Hahahaha!!! Look on the bright side! They don’t come every day…so had to make the most of the little time they had here.

  9. Who is ‘kongkay’ n why is my name mentioned?….??STP!Post his photo too lah!

    Bloggers have the right to remain anonymous – the only clue that I’ll give you is he was ur brother’s classmate and he met him in Sibu that day. You can go to his blog and browse – you can see him in one of the photos that he posted quite recently. LOL!!!

  10. Persek!…Ring no bell!…clicked the blog,saw a guy chopping duck then a few more photos but saw no one I recognised! So probably someone who knew my bro…

    Patience, woman, patience…! And you can browse through his posts – got some nice recipes with pictorial guide to cooking for those not able to read so well! Hahahahahaha!!!

  11. Eh, how come we did not meet Stella’s bro? Hiya….kongkay we have known you for ages. There are two of you with almost the same name (diff spelling) in that class. No need to be shy when you meet up with STP’s cousin. A loud and crazy bunch – the whole lot!

    The other one with the same name is the skinny one, now hair all white, used to be the disco king in his younger days! Goes jogging past my parents’ house in the evenings every day! LOL!!!

  12. kheng-kuang!!! kang-tao’s out!!!

    i sorta was sitting inside the coffee shop (aloha) and he was sitting on the 5 foot way, making all sort of gesture while talking on the phone. siaw!!! talking to me??? then i realised there was a familiarity though i have not seen him in years. see morris at least twice a year.

    With all those clues, if Stella still can’t figure out…no need to know liao lor! Ya, I saw the Golden manager in one of your posts on Sheraton…

  13. wow..finally found yr comment form, i remember the other day.. look look here and click.. no comment box came out.. nasib baik didnt give up yet..
    so who is the si tar pui? i am curious to see u …

    SUI (good looking)…not SI (die)!!! Browse thru some of the old posts – you may get to see some of my pics! The comment box always there leh. Click the post title and the whole page will open with the comment box right below it, before the comments. I have problems commenting in blogspots, and that’s why often no link…

  14. Aiyo, sia suay nia. Must comment fast fast or else people thought that was me mis-spelling my own name. Hahahahahahaha!!! 😛

    There are two Alexes – one is allied to dunno who, three Chrises – one with an “o”, one male and the third a female, at least three Daniels…and clare and claire – the one with an “i” is a mature lady with grown up kids – boy already passed SPM…but only one SUITUAPUI! LOL!!!

  15. Is this the final part of this food-a-thon or is there some more? Haha! : )

    There’s a little bit more – the in-betweens but I think I’ll just post that under a different title…if and when I can post anything else! LOL!!!

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