Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha (2)…

Well, in the earlier post, you saw what Sam, together with Gundot and Lindy, had for breakfast the first morning they were in town. We had lunch at home that day as my missus had cooked some phak lor too kha (braised pork knuckles) which was absolutely yummy with sambal belacan and Sam had at least two of the lor nui (braised hardboiled eggs). Sorry, no photos of all that as we got home late and everyone was too hungry to bother about anything else at that point in time. LOL!!!

By the way, Gundot brought me these yam puffs/balls all the way from Kuching…

Kuching yam puffs

I gave two to stanleycarter across the road and some to my in-laws. Personally, I prefer the char siew filling in those from Kai Joo Lane but the skin of these is better than anything we can get anywhere in Sibu.

Rain or shine, there was no stopping us and for dinner, we braved the heavy downpour to go to this place…

Sibu's Hai Bing Restaurant

…where we feasted on the crabs…

Hai Bing's crabs

…and the butter prawns which did not taste like what they said it was. I thought it was more like kiam sor hay (salted and crispy prawns)…

Hai Bing's prawns

…and Sam wanted the midin (wild fern) fried with belacan

Hai Bing's midin with belacan

…and believe it or not, she ate most of that!!! We also had the tau hu leer, the Foochow tofu soup and in my opinion, this restaurant has the best and the most authentic in town…

Hai Bing's Foochow tofu soup

…and how can anybody come to Sibu and NOT eat the Foochow fried noodles, so we had that too…

Hai Bing's Foochow fried noodles

Inclusive of rice and drinks, all that came to around RM160 for six persons which came as no surprise considering that the going rate for the crabs was RM35.00 a kilo. Pretty expensive, but they were HUGE ones and the flesh was firm and sweet. I do wish, however, that they have other options when it comes to the way they cook the crustaceans…

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha (2)…”

  1. Finally can post eh? Those looked delicious! Luckily I just ate and is still full. Hahahah!

    Looks like it’s back to normal…so pray that it stays this way! LOL!!!

  2. chis .. sms me but not the first one .. ha ha ha .. number two pulak .. by the way, i tot that salted fish with prawn also nice wat .. :p so nothing beats ruby for butter prawns la hor? he he he ..

    My udang galah masak tempuyak nicer than Ruby’s!!! Hahahahaha!!! You so slow…sms u also kalah to others! U use streamyx, izzit? Lambat sangat! Hahahahahaha!!!! *now can sombong oredi! LOL!!!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Cibol, I just happened to click over and there it is, a new post with no comment. So being a kiasu that I am, I fast fast comment lor πŸ˜›

    Hahahahaha!!! Dat cibol so kiasu, simply accuse me of smsing other people, so he cannot be first!!!

  4. Eh, STP, the other day I stumbled upon the buttered prawn recipe when flipping through recipe books at Popular. It was pretty easy to cook. Should try one of these days.

    Only need a few ingredients and I think you can figure out how to cook it. They are butter (80g), condensed milk (100g), curry leaves (cut into stripes) and some flour (for deep frying the prawns). That’s about it. Go try cooking it and blog about your verdict lah πŸ˜€

    The dry type? My missus knows how to cook but we’re not really into that. Too common, can get everywhere.

  5. I tot stp sms you first then only sms me .. ha ha ha. you so free ah?

    I text stp :

    “i’m number two. u must’ve text clare first. huh”

    the reply was :

    “no leh.dunno tis ppl,just sit there and wait or wat?”

    His guess is right, you were waiting there .. ha ha ha

    People love my blog so much, so many days no post, like setengah mati already…so just sit there and wait lor! Hahahahahaha!!! *nose in the air!!!

  6. It seems easy. you know last time i watch the guy cook it – it does looks easy. can try, but i never la .. the only thing is sedap or not sedap, that is the question. ha ha ha

    Belum cuba, belum tahu…tak cuba, then you’ll never know! So when? When I go to KL? No…no…I wanna go Jogoya, u belanja! Hahahahahaha!!!

  7. Not waiting la. My streamyx using 1Mb so maybe that’s why lor πŸ˜›

    Yalor…chipmunk in cyber line, no problem one! Everyday watch hor sua ho ho, hor sua ho ho…oso can! Hahahahaha!!!

  8. fuyoo .. 1MB wor .. STP, go and curi her connection la .. but then now ur connection ok liao! Good Good

    Let’s hope it will stay this way. So many days already…no post!!!

  9. Cibol, got karaoke lagu iban competition here want to join kah? Hahahahahhaah!!!

    No need ask him. Over 40 oso can join, so I join…he memang no chance one when I sing Kampong Love. Oops…that’s Bidayuh, dunno any Iban song! LOL!!!

  10. i know one iban song eh :
    sepating bungai – by andrewson ngalai .. ha ha ha
    or you can try that song, last time i post wan ..bujang runggu ensing – best wai!

    Ngai aku…ni bisik bujang agik! Dah tuai aku tu! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  11. wah like chat room here πŸ˜›

    we always order tau fu gang, (or tau hu leer) here when we dine in chinese restaurant…donno authentic or not la…

    and da other day we ordered dark pepper crabs…walao, they like wanna choke us with pepper liddat…
    pepper too cheap niao izzit :S

    Dunno of any nice place over there, so can’t comment or make suggestions… I don’t like anything in black pepper!

  12. I never eat yam puff balls before. issit sweet? KL here cannot find! 😦

    Gee! Where have you been? They’ve got very nice ones at the dim sum outlets, very nice fibrous skin with char siew filling…even the halal dim sums, they would have – I think!!!

  13. My fever got worse. Got MC again for today. The midin looked nice though, and the prawn, and the soup..heheh…
    Next week going to Sibu to buy the cameras. U’ll be around?

    Poor thing! Get well soon! Should be around…but my tuition classes resume on April 1st. Guess you won’t be coming on a weekday anyway…

  14. apuuu .. dah datai bala kaban ya .. ha ha ha. by the way, aku agik bujang .. ha ha ha. enda ngawa, runggu ensing – enti terebai apus ga sungai. nyak ya!!!

    Dunno…lost already! Go jump in the river kah? Hahahahahaha!!!

  15. So there is something to look forward to again….?!?! LOL!

    Don’t speak too soon!!! Looks like it’s getting temperamental again!!! Haiz…!!! LOL!!!

  16. ok when i go back end of year, pls let me try ur missus’ cooking. in return, i’d chia u… nice kampua. vege oil one. healthy. hahaha

    p/s can u guess what song i’d be playin tonight? enrique iglesias’ don’t turn off the lights.

    No problem…so you’re coming home end of year, eh? My homemade kampua oso vege oil one…plus Bovril! LOL!!!…Lights off, more romantic mah!!! Hahahaha!!!

  17. I can’t seem to recall how that soup is supposed to taste like, unless it goes by another name… Is it sour?

    Nope…it’s gooey with “mashed” tofu and egg like in shark’s fins soup plus lots of canned oysters and bits of minced meat! Normally, tofu soup is clear…and the tofu in cubes

  18. Very encouraging to see so many comments talking Batang Ai… NNNgggyyyaaakYa.

    Where? Where? Batang Rajang, Batang Igan…batang kayu???

  19. “Too common..can get anywhere”. ok ok point taken…can still cancel the prawns I ordered tomorrow.

    Talking about butter prawns lah! The dry version in eating outlets with curry leaves… Not talking about THE prawns! Eeee…so chay bin chiao!!! Sikit sikit merajuk! Hahahahahaha!!!

  20. Like Sam,my son also likes the ‘midin’. He says it is the sibu vege! A dish I would never get sick of! Don’t care what rank i m in your sms,a thank u to u for the update, n Cheers! to finally able to post properly!! πŸ™‚

    One of these days, I’ll post on how to make the sambal udang kering/hay bee…i.e. if the server does not start to get temperamental again!! Maybe tomorrow…

  21. Heavy nocturnal activity… need more sleep

    Exactly!!! Old age…no nocturnal animal any longer!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  22. Hahaha guess I have to start taking those Brands Essence of Chicken again, other brands doesn’t seem to be up to par hahahahaha pity KNB is not online or he would get the message in that statement instantly lol

    Birds of the same feather…

  23. The fish here is very nice as well. We never miss going for the steam fish and midin here.

    I know Tom loves fish wherever he goes… But the good ones can be quite expensive!

  24. TOC… i thought you preferred duck essence?
    quak quak quah! hhehehe

    Dunno what’s going on between you two…but I guess it’s better not to know!!! Can’t possibly be anything good! LOL!!!

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