33 thoughts on “Red red wine…”

  1. This must be “XX-Size” people favourite. I like it, Chris likes it and my significant other also likes. All of us are “xx-Size”

    All Foochows love it! My brother after spending more than half his life in NZ will ask for it everytime he comes back to Sibu. I hear the coffeeshops around Farley have some nice ones but I’ve yet to try. Had it once at Hai Bing but it wasn’t great – not the way I like it!

  2. it’s marinated with red wine ar?..

    i have seen this all around bint-ulu but daren’t try it :S

    It’s with ang chao – which, if I’m not mistaken, is the residue that they get when making Foochow red wine! Ooo…VERY nice, if they can cook it well! Goes well with chicken or duck too!

  3. oh jeeezzzzz i phcken luv that !!!! my god its been ages since i last had it… but seriously if eat with rice can eat 4/5 bowls!!!

    Good grief! 4/5 bowls of rice!!!…Must ask my missus to cook and invite u over when you come back! LOL!!!

  4. actually cook with chicken also not bad if breast lean meat. but pork still the best lah.. heavenly!!!!

    Ya…I just said that. Good with chicken and duck too but best with pork – especially pork belly! Sigh! How not to be fat like that? Hahahahaha!!!

  5. oh yeah, speaking of foochow… theres a vancouver foochow cultural association here and i went to their cny dinner last month…hehe first time hear so many ppl speaking foochow in vancouver!

    Foochows are everywhere! Did they look at you in a strange manner – this Iban-looking fella speaking Foochow like nobody’s business? Hahahahaha!!! You go to Christchurch and throw a stone, you hit a Foochow! LOL!!!

  6. Is this all you were allowed? LOL!

    Yes…a title, a sentence and a photo!!! So pathetic! Hope it’s going to be better than this after 11 tonight!!!

  7. Oh yums, the gravy goes perfect with rice and throw in kang kong fried with ang chiu, okay, hungry now and its friday in lent and you post this up!!

    That’s the standby post that I’ve been trying to post all week…was longer but chop…chop…chop…and finally when only one sentence left, it got posted! Sigh!!!!

  8. Are you sure it’s cooked already? πŸ˜†

    It is…and don’t worry! It’s not colouring, so you will not end up looking like Dracula after eating that! LOL!!!

  9. Was in a wine shop browsing for red wine,when I got a very irritating sms telling me results of A.Idol! I wonder WHO sent me the sms!LOL! Fortunately Michael who balik kampung not my favourite so don’t really affected me. Next thursday,I am staying away from blogging,my phone will be switched off! Hahahaha!!!Perhaps I shld spend that time making foochow wine so can have lots of angchow. Yummmm….

    LOL!!! Temper! Temper!…But I enjoyed that! Hahahahaha!!!

  10. Can see STP very the ‘tau ngae’ (do i have the spelling correct hahaha)
    Anyway, at least you could manage to post something hahaha its supposed to be okay by 11pm tonight right? So am expecting continuation of the food-a-thon the ladies underwent in Sibu

    Withdrawal symptoms! Too free, nothing to do! LOL!!! …Perhaps if you get down on your knees and pray…all will be back to normal by the stroke of midnight! Ummm…maybe not! Hahahahaha!!!

  11. I heard hor red wine is very ok hor..even during lent hor…because we are only it in memory of him…hehe

    Ooi! Sacrilege! Thunderstorm here…and I don’t wanna be like Singapore’s Merlion’s head – the one in Sentosa!

  12. is this healthy? πŸ˜›

    I dunno…but the wine is taken substantially by Chinese (Foochow) women in confinement after delivery…e.g. in the chicken soup that they take every day, several times a day.

  13. Red wine is fine, anytime, remember, the night before he died, he took wine and instituted the eucharist… bear in mind His first miracle was turning water into wine and what a lot of wine that was hahaha
    The part tats not amusing is the meat in the post thats very the persek

    If it’s from kpenyu. I would think he’ll be the last one to think along those lines. Was going to reply to ur comment but not going to be dragged into a “discussion” about religion – a taboo subject in my blog…like politics. Any further comment along these lines will be deleted!

  14. WOW, SO RED
    It looks kind of scary haha
    I’ve never tried ang chao though, not sure if they have it in sydney..

    They should have it in Foochow areas. I hear they have it in West Malaysia too – Perak e.g. It looks like char siew sauce, anyway… Not that scary actually! LOL!!!

  15. Oooo!!! Love this! Yummy! I like it especially if it’s a little bit wine-y taste, best cooked with pork and ginger. The one we tried at Hai Bing last time not up to my expectation. πŸ˜€

    PS: Can only post one sentence and 1 picture kah?

    So disappointed with the one at Hai Bing. Sigh…what to do, something’s better than nothing! Hahahahaha!!!

  16. Muahahahaha I will get my first canonical censure if i go on eh and three strikes I get excommunicated hahaha anathema sit

    Three? I don’t think so!…I am not that forgiving!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  17. The fastest 17 comments (before this) generated eh? πŸ˜‰

    Yalor…everyone must be suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Waited half dead liao…for a new post! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  18. Just can’t resist this comment before turning in for the nite! Waited till water turned into wine, still no new proper post with lots n lots of words….LOL! Hope a miracle will happen tomorrow!

    Just when I thought it was safe to post again!…Saw u commenting in Facebook! Looooong comment! Hahahahaha!!! And suddenly you’re here already… Hahahahahaha!!!

  19. that one already cook ah? or raw?

    Of course it is! Nama dek nak nemu utai? Lots of Foochows in Bintulu! Sure got there, and u never ever noticed! Bedak amoi all the time, that’s why! LOL!!!

  20. wahseh!!! nice!!!

    i love ang chao!aiyo…my tummy really gave a rumble after looking at this pic…and at 12.40am too 😦

    Hahahahaha!!! Bet you are a Foochow! Should be able to get in Kuching, I’m sure!

  21. Hahaha noted… anyway, its Saturday so going to defrost the three layer pork and dig out the ‘ang chau’ from the fridge… yummy! Have to admit, the best ang chiu and ang chau are the one’s made by Amy’s mum

    Talk about being influential hor! Hahahaha!!! …..Yakah? And Amy herself is good at doing all kinds of things…even making chang. Some people have all the luck in the world! LOL!!

  22. ha ha ha .. oit, next time, lap lap the tepi tepi pinggan la. make it presentable a bit .. so sengeh lidis .. :p

    Hah! That’s my missus punya cooking! Later I tell her u kritik her cooking…mati kamu! Hahahahaha!!!

  23. oh my, haven’t had this in ages! more like in 4 years. almost forgot about this dish ahaha.

    i did try makin ang chao here twice, but failed. becomes mouldy. damn aussie weather.

    but i can’t eat any of the good food now anyway, down with food poisoning. again.. damn aussie food!!

    p/s i dun think i’d be turnin off the lights tonight hahaha

    Next time you come home I’ll get my missus to cook for you. LOL!!! I thought food doesn’t go bad in cold countries, just leave in the open…unlike here?

    I’ll go to sleep at 8…I think it’s more awareness raising – what difference can an hour make? It’s what everyone will do after that each day to save electricity…and save the world!

  24. WOW! it’s been forever since i had that.. MOMMMM I WANT ANG CHOOOO!

    She can’t hear you! I think she’s in Spore rite now with BDQ enjoying the pork ribs… Droooool!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  25. wow…i miss this too πŸ˜€
    my mum used to cook this when i was younger.
    but now seldom 😦
    ouh, the other day i went to sugarbun here.
    honestly i still prefer sibu sugarbun! heh~

    Maybe people now more health-conscious…dun wanna eat pork belly so much! But also nice with chicken! Ya…complaints about the Kuching ones too but Sibu ones ok – especially the one at Pedada near my house!

  26. Yeah, she learnt how to make gunting, kreta and who can forget the kuih bangkit when Pamela was still small and she sat under the table and appeared later covered in flour hahaha mind you, she makes mooncakes also

    What is it that she does not know how to do? Really great!!! And such a nice pleasant lady too!!!

  27. not the cooking, the presentation only ma .. ha ha ha. dun marah ah .. :p

    Too late….my missus already struck off ur name from the guest list!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  28. Oh goodness… i don’t really fancy one. It looks kinda ‘bloody’ to me. My late grandma used to make them for our birthday

    Birthday? I hear in some places their mee sua is red like this… I wonder what it tastes like!!!

  29. one of my favourites!!!!!

    Did u go to NZ with the rest a couple of years ago? Heard all craving for meat pies when back in Kuching…so sapu all in Choice Daily! Kpenyu hot cos couldn’t get any in KK! LOL!!!

  30. Whoa, ang chao pork BELLY, yum! I’ve never had it, but I love ang chao chicken so I imagine that the pork version is just as good. Could you post more ang chao recipes?

    Up here in Canada, ang chao is very hard to find unless you’re in Toronto. I have resorted to making my own but have to wait for the latest batch to age and ferment, aiyo.

    Wow! You know how to make your own! That’s great. Here, we just buy…and the same goes for the red wine too. Btw, welcome to my blog. Nice of you to drop by and do keep coming…

    Thanks for a great blog. I love your enthusiasm for food and cheerfulness πŸ™‚ I myself am pui-pui-sui-sui, heehee.

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