72 thoughts on “How long…”

  1. long… damn long… 3 days since ur last post… slacking la u teacher… must jaga hati of readers also lahhh… later traffic plummet to zero then u know… haha

    What to do…not cooperating!!! This is the best I can do so far… 😦

  2. whoa~ this must be the invisible post!

    LOL!!! If I include the text content, even without the photos, the post will refuse to upload. Waiting…waiting…for a long, long time, and then DONE! But blank screen! Sigh!!! Headache liao!!!

  3. is a Chinese man!!!!!!!

    Maybe we should play a game! Guess what this post is supposed to be about and the person who gets it right, I’ll pay for his/her dinner at Four Points Sheraton! Ok…who wants to try first?

  4. Comment whore! Purposely put an empty post to see how many comments you get hahaha

    Would be a record if a blank post can get over 100 comments! Never before in blogging history! Hahahahahaha!!! Ok…see my reply to Gundot! Wanna make a wild guess? LOL!!!

  5. Yes, very decent answer today, am completely perverted out after yesterday πŸ˜‰

    Well, that response is symbolic enough! LOL!!!…Dunno what happened yesterday – can’t log into FB either, so a bit out of touch with the latest going-on’s!

  6. I was going to say Welcome back then I see this! 😦 There is a chinese guy named See How Long u know! Chuckled…:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Hahahaha… Pray that things get back to normal by Monday! The last time this happened – it took a number of days and then presto – all’s ok again!

  7. Same old, same old, me creating confusion for a good laugh.

    And Stella isn’t much better! Birds of the same feather! LOL!!! Gee! 10 comments already for a blank post – some bloggers don’t even get half as many despite the length of theirs! Ummm…their posts, I mean! Hahahahahaha!

  8. Stella: see how long hahahahaha you sure its not another ‘kenyap’ situation hahaha

    By the way, the next generation of Wongs has ‘pak’ as their middle chinese name hahahaha imagine the trauma if the next generation is named Wong Pak Chiau

    Kpenyu’s son, what’s his Chinese name? The other two trees…no fruits so far! Too much fertiliser! LOL!!!

    P.S. Gosh! When I was replying, I thought this was Stella’s comment! Now you two are beginning to sound alike! Hahahahaha!!!

  9. Seriously this is a real not fictional name,a friend of a friend have got this name,TOC,so make sure next time u dont’give names like this to your kids if u r ever going to have one!

    Hmmm….if only I could post, I could have one on Chinese names! LOL!!

  10. …is yours? πŸ˜› BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    How come I’m not surprised…getting this response from you? ROTFLMAO!! Sorry, no…so no free meal for you! Hahahahaha!!!!

  11. Me? Have kids? I can make them but do I want them? Errr only if i have an army of nursemaids to take them from me when they cry, require nappy change or feeding in the middle of the night… so no, no kids for me thank you, I leave that to KNB to handle hahahaha *pressure pressure*

    Well, he’s not around to respond to that…not till Monday at the earliest!! Well, if I may suggest, there is always…Langsat! And your kids will end up exactly like you! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Am I as long winded as Stella? :-p oh, that could be your post also… How long winded can one get hahaha

    Well, that’s not what this post is about…so no free dinner! Try again! Hahahaha!!!

  13. Not bad! A blank post and you garner 16 comments and counting hahaha

    I bet all the other bloggers eating their hearts out!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  14. better change to wordsuppress lor! sorry u have to salivate on the kompia last night.

    When the connection improves, if ever, I’ll start a new blog at blogspot! No problem, not really into kompia anyway… πŸ™‚

  15. Short short note for moral support.

    “You say it best…when you say nothing at all!!!” Hahahahaha!!!

  16. Shall we name WTF Wong Pak Son?

    Better than Wong Pak King…but Wong Pak Lor will be a good one too! Hahahahaha!!!

  17. Don’t u think foochows really smart,they knew ‘fusion’in language before anyone else, as in…’ching ku long’kak ku long’ mei kulong’ so STP ‘nio ku long’ is this How Long post going to be here? it is like playing the game of ring ring a roses continuously, hokkien version as in ‘sek ling long sek kampung…..LOL!

    Till somebody gets the answer…or till I manage to publish the post content! Still trying…no luck! Even without photos, also cannot!

  18. Free dinner wat free dinner? So if overseas people get the right answer,airtickets included too? so don’t wait too long to announce the winner! πŸ™‚

    Don’t push it! If you want it, come and get it… LOL!!!

  19. Em…maybe Wong Pak Kiu,Wong Pak Kow,Wong Pak Ngiaw….how can a how long turn to wong now…..I better get out of here,Iron Chef is showing soon….!!LOL!

    Eyew…have you ever seen Iron Chef lose? I haven’t! Especially if the challenger’s Caucasian…sure no chance one! Hahahahahaha!!!

  20. do I need to wait before I can start uploading my blog again? I’m not that computer savvy so have no idea the kind of problem you are facing. Get one of your former students to help.

    If it’s like what happened the last time (around X’mas or New Year), it will be ok in a few days… That time, I did a thousand and one things but it did not help…and one fine day, it was ok…as mysteriously as how the problem started.

  21. Wong Pak Pei? Like this blog hahaha

    A joke came to mind about too long / tolong but that’s 18SX and not suitable for general audience.

    Pics and words, too long, must be something your daughter had… Mee Sua? Longevity noodle hahaha

    Don’t see the humour in that! It would be long and black…if you ate all the dabai you all bought in one sitting! Ummm…you can keep the joke to urself then!

  22. KPenyu, nice name for your Jr. and here I was thinking it was Wong Ling Tein

    Whatever that means…don’t forget you may need a lawyer in three months’ time, so better be nice to the fella!

  23. More of he has to be nice or I would conveniently have amnesia… no documentation, no evidence, only oral tradition hahaha

    I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing…better and wiser that way!

  24. It has no meaning, it was just a twist of the son’s english name into chinese

    Sigh!…Never mind, a comment is still a comment! LOL!!!

  25. Hahaha I just read your reply properly and is having a good laugh at it. I meant a post Mee Sua not on stool. As in your daughter had mee sua not the end product of having mee sua hahaha ROTFLMAO

    I can see the inability to post is getting on your nerve and ability to think clearly hahahaha patience patience

    Not really, still don’t get what u mean though…actually, I had a good day cleaning the house, wiping everything, sweeping and mopping…Old lady doesn’t want Hiok’s help anymore, says she’ll do it and guess who’s the kerbau in the end! Good also…sweating plus2, badly need the exercise…

  26. How long, how long,
    STP will you weep
    How long, how long,
    rock yourself to sleep

    Everybody feels alright,
    you know I heard some poor fool say, somebody!
    Everyone is out there on the loose
    Well I wish I lived in the land of fools
    And none knew my name
    What you get is not quite what you choose

    Streamyx mah…
    Soon, soon, service interruption only!

  27. Yan: Long comment…can’t reply in the usual manner. Won’t upload. I’m using Celcom Broadband – RM68 a month. Got a call from Streamyx – RM60 a month plus landline and free local calls. I’m thinking of taking it up as it will save me some RM30-40 a month, but all the horror stories about Streamyx …shudders!

  28. I meant you are trying to do a post about mee sua… Wait a minute! I have this sneaky suspicion you’re purposely not getting it so as you boost your comment count

  29. TOC:
    Can’t reply…so have to do it this way:
    Oh…now I see! You think the title refers to mee sua….Nope! Better luck next time! Let’s make it more interesting. If you still don’t get it by the time I upload the post proper, YOU’ll have to foot my portion of the bill! Deal or no deal? Hahahahaha!!!

  30. ROTFLMAO… errr I am off for my night out with the usual suspect and a special visitor… i’ll try to think about it.

    But one more shot… it could be about long beans lol

  31. Is this a new blogging method, just drop the title and leave out everything else? Lol. I read that you’re thinking of changing to Streamyx? I strongly suggest you don’t. I was using Streamyx before and the horrors that I went through was unbelievable. The speed is so slow, I couldn’t watch any of the webisodes from the forum becoz of that, and if you decide to get the wireless connection fixed, it’ll cost you another $165.00 extra for the rotour and then only to find out later that it can’t be used coz it’s not ‘compatible’. How ridiculous is that especially when the Streamyx people come to your house to personally fix that thingy for you using a product which they themselves bring???? This happened to my brother and to a friend of mine. So I stopped using Streamyx and changed to Wimax. The speed is amazing and now I’m a happy champy πŸ™‚

  32. Zee:
    LOL! 36 comments for a blank post! Never had it so good on a Saturday. Normally on weekends, struggling to get more than 10! U people so lucky, got Wimax. Heard so much about it on traxx, Thursday mornings. Sigh! I’ll just have to wait then…and wait…

  33. How long is 1 metre???
    How long does it takes for the Earth to circle the sun???
    365 days…
    How long does it takes STP to make a new post???
    apparently 3 days…
    What happen?????

  34. whatthefiq:
    Downloaded new server – google chrome and when it failed to upload, it told me – internet connection faulty. I guess that’s the reason l can’t post using the usual Firefox. Internet Explorer the worst – can’t even log in. Ur birthday BBQ over already?

  35. Whatthefiq:
    Nope! Sorry, all wrong but good tries – better than TOC’s long beans! Duh!! LOL! Ya, 42 now! Eat your heart out! I must do this more often! Hahahaha!

  36. till i next see her, a bye bye post for ur daughter till she come back for her next holiday?

    Too bad, wrong again! LOL!!!

  37. hi..i m claire..coming by to visit u but i cant seem to read yr posts.. i dont know why… can just comment here..

    Internet connection poor…very minimal. Can post title only…sometimes can reply comment (but not long ones), other times, I’ve to post a separate comment…or use my hp (Digi)…

  38. You have a good legion of commentors/followers that even an empty post could generate so much feedback! LOL! Great blogging sir!

    This has got to be the 1st in blogging history!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  39. apu .. parai .. I think ur internet connection got prob .. ha ha ha. u try posting at cc, if can?

    And pay to publish a post? No thanks…just do like you lah! Ur blog was inactive for such a long time! LOL!!

  40. You mean the shop still there ?..oooo..drooling liaw.hahahahaaa
    ..the second dish looks yam yam..hahahahah…
    Or is this your April Fool post. Are you sure you are not in control to delete snip snip??? hahahahaha…not that mean laa..and in any case Jesus(ISA) fearing also.hahahaha

    Gosh! Your withdrawal symptoms really bad! Hallucinating already…and having visions!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  41. Wah! No post yet! Maybe it has been a LONG time since you visited a cybercafe. Hint hint. πŸ˜‰

    No thanks. Those kids around playing the ear-splitting war games! I won’t survive a couple of minutes in one!!!

  42. Not bad, reaching the halfway point to a 100 comments already.

    You were up early or you went to bed late? Based on your comment on my fb.

    Next guess: too long since you had pooba and that thing (the sago starch… strange eh, we are not supposed to call it by its name…another oral tradition, someone should ask why)

    Nope…missed by a mile! Was up to go ease myself…and browsed a while on hp to post a comment or two! No stopping a web junkie, eh? Hehehehehe!!!!

  43. I meant poomba or is that spelled pumba? Lucky no typo or it would mean something else hahaha

    Ooh! 50 comments liaw haha this is going on for a bit ‘too long’ time to try and post or go to the C.C

    Never mind. All can join LJ in singing, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”… LOL!!!

  44. Guess ‘no show’ for OKB. That’s what I told Lindy!

    No lah…old lady says she’ll do it herself…but in the end, old man jadi mangsa! Haiz!!! If the same after a couple of weeks, will have to get OKB to do it again…

  45. Just back from yumcha! Had oolong tea,service wasn’t long,didn’t go to Geelong,u still buy Gulong luncheon meat? How long is Rejang River?LOL!

    And didn’t take you long to eat what would have been enough to feed the whole of Africa! Hahahahahahaha!!!!…Maybe I’ll just post it in one of the comments! LOL!!!

  46. I thing it’s a good idea. Because we’re turning ur blog into a chat room or a mini lowyat.net .. bwahahahah!

    so, anybody wants to sell anything? Can start selling and bidding now .. he he he.

    Ummm…what have you got to sell, my dear cibol? Wink! Wink! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  47. This is the post proper – originally over 900 words with photos and now reduced to just over 400 words…and still can’t upload:

    The top brass announced a RM60 billion stimulus package to “insulate the economy from slipping into recession” and RM75 million would be spent on the construction of the Sibu Airport terminal. I wonder whether they would construct a new building or just renovate and upgrade the present one.
    …(end of Part 1)

  48. When I was there a few days ago, there was a flight arriving from KL and one going back, one bound for KK and two heading to Kuching and despite the school hols, the place was far from being crowded. The expensive airfares have forced many to use buses and for one thing, they are more reliable. One airline will divert flights, citing bad weather and concern for the passengers’ safety as the excuse. I do not think the other airline ever explains why one flight has been cancelled and you will have to take an earlier one or fly the next day. These days, the roads are quite good though not as good as in the peninsula and the buses are very comfortable. I took one from Bintulu once and it was like going on a tour bus – not as smooth a ride as I would have liked because of the poor road conditions but it was pleasant enough.
    (…end of Part 2)

  49. The present airport is not air-conditioned which is good considering the threat of global warming. Fixing some of those big fans on the pillars will suffice. Otherwise, they can put up glass panels where the pillars are and have the area air-conditioned. A new coat of paint, some renovations and upgrading would do wonders, and the airport needs some better-looking toilets. It is disgraceful that visitors would be subject to such unpleasant conditions the instant they arrive. They should also have more chairs, better and more comfortable ones. The cafeteria would need a facelift in view of the prices charged and the quality of the food sold should be looked into as well. Lastly, there should be an escalator for passengers who have walk down from the departure lounge to the ground floor to board the aircraft.
    (…end of Part 3)

  50. But if the construction of the road around the airport area is the yardstick, I dread to think how long the building of a new airport would take. It has been two to three years now and there is no sign as to when the road will be completed. Its present condition would conjure negative views in the visitors’ minds minutes after their arrival. Now if they cannot handle that miserable stretch of road, how on earth will they be able to manage a new airport? I really wonder…
    (…THE END. LOL!!!)

  51. …And here’s something to entertain you while you wait for the next post:

    Pretty good advice – “…Tiam sia, a sai cho chin chuay mik knia…” LOL!!!

  52. That’s your ‘too long’ ??? Not about food? Hahahaha

    What a let-down eh? That’s why I was so sure nobody would be able to guess it!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  53. Lol and if you did manage to post it up, you wouldn’t have garnered this many comments, well maybe a number of comments from Kpenyu. Speaking of which, he not in Lubok Antu today to see his number 1 idol? Hahaha

    Dunno…usually quiet on weekends as neighbour doesn’t turn on his wireless broadband internet access! LOL!!!

  54. ZZZZZ… I thought something wrong with my internet connection. I refreshed one or two times but still no post. So i checked out the comment box to get an idea of what this post is about and guess what i found out..zzzz

    What’s with all that zzzz? Sleeping or the buzzing of the housefly? Well…what to do? Just have to sit and wait!!!

  55. NOTICE:
    I’ve called CELCOM and I’ve been told that they’re encountering problems with their Broadband connection which they hope to rectify before or by the 27th instant. Kindly be informed that I shall not be held responsible for any undesirable consequences arising from the resulting withdrawal symptoms. LOL!!!

  56. Heard about Sibu airport and Durin bridge when I was a kid..BUT…

    Yakah? You’re so young kah?…Don’t bluff! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  57. btw..anybody can tell me the age of Sibu MP?…and how’s his health condition.

    This one’s not under MP lah… The MP should be around 60 something and is as healthy as ever. The ONLY ex-SHS student who took the initiative to redeem the poor crumbling school…..

  58. Kpenyu: is that he’s not doing too good story hahaha Datuk WL told us about it n how the MP is going to sue anyone who spreads the rumour

    Yalor…but lawyers are always good at distorting truths and fabricating lies!!! Now figure out which one that refers to! LOL!!! Anyone who does even half as much for SHS will always get my vote! PERIOD!!!

  59. Forgot your no name clause and you so politicaly correct one ah, put the title up before the name hahaha.

    I’m getting pretty good at it – doing it subtly! Don’t wanna spend 5 years in jail! LOL!!!

  60. STP, anyone who is willing to do half of what your guy has done for my sch will not only get my vote. I will campaign for him as well!

    Yalor…I know many old students who would not even join the alumni to chip in and help out…and when you ask for donations, don’t dream of getting a cent out of them. Will need a guy like the one we had to go round and twist people’s arms…

  61. Long beans?? hahah… now you know what TOC is always thinking about.

    Think?…Can he? Hahahahahaha!!!

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