I feel the earth move…

I feel the earth moveunder my feet Well, if Stanleycarter who lives across the road from my house, felt the earth tremble under his feet yesterday, I certainly hope that he was not unduly alarmed. No, there wasn’t an earthquake nor was it the Royal Rumble either. It was just Tweedledee Tweedledum…oops! I mean, Tubby & Tangki…oops again! ROTFLMAO!!! Well, actually, I was going to say that it was just Kpg Nangka Boy (KNB) and TheOtherCousin (TOC) who were at my house for tea.

I went to my regular stall to buy the pulut panggang – glutinous rice (with santan/coconut milk and salt added) wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over an open fire…

Pulut panggang

I think this stall has the best in town. Cukup lemak! Cukup wangi! (Rich enough! Fragrant enough!) Very nice! They’re actually made by some Malay folks and they will send them there daily at around noontime for sale at the stall at 70 sen each. I love having them with kaya (coconut egg jam) or in the absence of condensed milk these days, sweetened creamer.

I also bought these butter pastries at RM1.00 each at the Master Bakery Cafe.

Butter pastry

Actually, I had posted on these before – the pastry becomes extra flaky and nice and the butter filling will melt a bit and is extra fragrant after you have heated them up a bit in the oven. Yum! Yum!

The guys did not come empty-handed. They brought with them a bagful of the celebrated Sibu Foochow kompia (traditional open oven-toasted unleavened bread)…

Sibu's Tiong Hua Road kompia

Any ex-student of Sacred Heart Secondary School in Sibu and maybe the girls from St. Elizabeth’s next door too, would know these – the ones sold towards the end of Tiong Hua Road ever since the 60s. They slice the kompia open, stuff it with cooked pork belly and dip them in the very delicious gravy before serving.

But if you’re buying some home, you should ask them not to dip them in the gravy but to pack the kompias and the gravy separately or they will all become soggy and mushy. You can do that yourself, simply dunk it in like what KNB had done here…

Tiong Hua Road kompia

Other than tea and coffee, I also bought some tofu fa/tauhu hua

Tofu fa

I don’t know what it’s called in English or for that matter, whether it has an English name at all. I understand it is very cooling and if you take it regularly, you may get a very fair and smooth complexion – just like the tofu fa! LOL!!!

Well, they did not have these for tea; I had eaten them up before they came! Hahahahaha!!! But truth be told, I saw these yam balls at the shop while I was buying the butter pastries…

Yam balls 1

Yam balls 2

…and decided to buy 2 at RM1.20 each to sample. They were pretty nice but I prefer those sold at that shop in Kai Joo Lane in Kuching.

Well, the two of them had a dinner date with some big shot datuk at the Sin Hock Chiu Leu Restaurant across the Igan River from Sibu, so they left soon after tea…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “I feel the earth move…”

  1. First post! Early bird right here, kekeke~
    I love yam balls! There’s one popular Char Siew & chicken rice kopitiam in front of the Public Bank HQ, also sells delicious yam balls. ^^

    Is there a competition for who gets to comment first? LOL!!! Ya, the brother of that guy has a stall at Mei Le Cafe in the Pedada area and he sells the nice yam balls too…but I still like the Kuching Kai Joo Lane ones more… Wow! U seem to eat a lot and yet, keep in very good shape (though not as thin as during ur school days anymore! Hahahahaha!!!), probably cos u exercise and work out a lot and u’ve got very good genes…not like me! Obese! So kesian! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Non-stop eating spree kah those two? Hahahahha!!!

    The yam balls I had at Ah Yat Abalone in Genting is the BEST I’ve eaten so far. Pictures can be found at my food blog if you are free enough to go and click lah (under the name luxurious something dim sum something)

    Anyway, are you talking about the Tiong Hua lo kompia? Mom said its over-rated, not that good also, so-so nia. Hahahahaha!

    Certainly looks like it! Just got orders for tea…today! LOL!!! You don’t seem to have tried the meat pastries at Kai Joo Lane – the curry puff also yummy, the century sio pao (with century egg)…Oooo!!! Drool! Drool! I don’t like the kompia there (or anywhere for that matter) – I think it”s more of a sentimental value, a reminder of the school days when it was the fave hangout!!!

  3. STP, good shape, that’s cause you haven’t see me half naked… yet mar… LOL!

    No wonder you always wear those baggy t-shirts – to hide the spare tyre! Don’t worry! Your spare tyre – bicycle one, mine is for tractors!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. ….but i love my kompia all soggy, soft juicy and mushy !!! it melts in the mouth…:D

    Must be a diehard fan of the Tiong Hua Road kompia then…!!! LOL!!! I don’t mind them stuffed with meat and baked or better still, deepfried…once in a while! Hahahahaha!!!

  5. Yam puff in Kch – best one near Choice 101. Very difficult to buy though. Very limited.

    Love the Kai Joo Lane ones – the skin a bit sweet like the Or-nee at restaurant dinners…plus the yummy filling! Gee! Haven’t had those for years… Hint! Hint!

  6. I immediately knew the title was a reference to KNB and TOC!!!

    Anyways, I have a bone to pick with TM. I know of some ppl in Miri who is already using the 4MB package, yet when I went to TM to apply for it, I was told it’s not YET available. A technician who was at my house to check my streamyx (when it was just crap a couple of weeks ago) checked my line/area, and said 2MB and 4MB available.

    SO STP, and STP readers, do you have any info to share?

    I’m not on streamyx. Maybe they’re pushing things there. Wasn’t there talk about free wifi in the whole of Miri or something?

  7. So, did your house sink an inch or tilted to one side after we left? Hahaha

    Hey KNB just realised we officially close down number 32 at the age of 32, so all you punters… *wink wink* if menang don’t forget to chia KNB and TOC hahaha

    Hey! That’s somebody’s car number – 3232!!! Give her a tinkle! LOL!!!

  8. By the way, my request is not for tea but as my snack for the drive back ROTFLMAO

    No? Haiz!!! So many nice things to eat along the way…and the butter pastries are nicer when hot/warm! But if I keep answering comments and don’t bring them over to No.32 right now…you’ll be getting them…cold! Hahahahaha!!!!

  9. Haha will tell her and you’re still early, they masih packing

    OK…delivered them safely to airport liao!!! LOL!!!

  10. The pullut panggang looks nice, and also the butter pastries. Still have not figured out where I can get them! Clicking from link to link – a little restless, and probably too anxious to try to get the address so that I could buy for my bible study group tonight! He..he..

    So, have to settle my members with my potato salad tonight!

    Another day! Sigh..Sigh…

    Rejang Park – 1st block of shophouses – the pastry/bakery cum coffee shop is somewhere near Guan Soon Hardware…and the panggangs are from the stall somewhere around where Eon Bank used to be. Small area mah! Shouldn’t be hard to find…or you can always call me and ask me to buy for you! No problem! 🙂

  11. I like my pulut panggang with a bit of kaya too but sometimes no kaya stock so sprinkle some white sugar also not bad. Chipmunk’s family like to buy pulut panggang with sambal inside wan, I don’t like. I prefer kosong wan. 🙂

    I think that’s the only type they have in Kuching…that’s why they always order from Sibu and very particular (Nicer way of saying fussy! LOL!!!) too! Must be really good panggang and have to meet the satisfaction of their discerning taste buds! If eaten with susu cap gantung…oops…I mean, susu cap junjung, also nice! ROTFLMAO!!!

  12. Nothing beats the pulut panggang back home,here ones soso only! BTW,Jesus only have five loaves of bread to feed the five thousand,how many are u feeding STP?!LOL!

    You know the family lah…more likely five thousand loaves to feed five! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. I have to get this out of my system:
    I love pulut panggang!!! love it! love it! love it!
    But here can’t find really nice ones…huhu

    Next time you come to Sibu, let me know. I’ll get some for you…but must be around lunch time or later and I’m not sure whether they’re available on weekends! LOL!!!

  14. i agree with you- the best yam puff, meat pastry n curry puff from Kai Joo Lane..hope the kuching folks will agree in this haha.
    Hope you take lots of photos of No.32..full of our childhood memories.. happy n funny n sad.

    Unfortunately, I think they do not appreciate the Kai Joo pastries so much. …..Well, I had a photograph of the house in one of my earlier posts here:
    … I guess that will serve as a permanent record of the family house…once but not anymore!

  15. Spendìng my last night at 32, if this walls could talk, I wonder what secrets it would tell me 🙂

    Thanks for dinner by the way STP.

    .ps. Didn’t take any photos of the interior, its now an empty shell and I am sure you all would prefer to have your old memories of how it looked like before intact but took two exterior shot that I would post it up in FB.

    Its hard to let 32 go but its for the best as with Hiok having her own place, this house would slowly rot.

    The new owners are very nice people, humble, trusting and down to earth. I wish them all the best in number 32 and may they have the same wonderful memories of 32 as we all did, the happy and also the sad ones.. We will always remember ours I am sure.

    If 32 was a book, we now reach the final paragraph. At dawn as I leave, so finally closes the book of the story of 32. It was a great book.

    I guess this song says it all:

  16. The way we were indeed…

    Oh yeah! STP got to sit in 32 and walk down the stairs one last time when he sent KNB to the airport lol

    Posted it as a musical tribute on Facebook… Thought of “This used to be my playground” by Madonna but don’t really like the song…

  17. In other words, with me and KNB staying in 32 the last few days and today STP visited, the house sank a few inches into the ground hahaha

    Lucky thing…or it would have ended up as…a cottage! LOL!!!

    P.S. You’ll be in one of the photos in tomorrow’s post too! See if you can spot yourself! Hahahahahaha!!!

  18. Must be from the photos I gave to you just now hahaha if it is, I know where I am

    Bull’s eye!…Pretty smart, aren’t you? Or was it just a lucky guess? Hahahahahaha!!!

  19. Deduction, pic of Stella and me, that would have to be those photos hahaha

    Should do well in those IQ tests…but I wouldn’t know about other tests! Hahahahahaha!!!

  20. sibu’s bread! that’s what my caribbean friend told me and he did say that kompia is the best bread he ever tasted – he eats that with banana though .. aih, jungle people!

    Hahahahaha!!! Like how they eat pancakes…with bananas and icecream. Nice!

  21. Pulut panggang – glutinous rice!!! I love this kueh very much. When I was in Sarikei, still in primary school I used to go to this one friend’s house. His mom used to sell many kuehs at the market. She made awesome pulut panggang!! Me had the chance to taste it right after it was baked. Hot, fragrant!! Yum yum.

    It’s been a while since I tasted a nice pulut panggang.

    Let me know the place in Sibu to get that pulut panggang, so I can drop by to tapao next time!!!!

    This one is really 1st class, a lot in Sibu, some not bad but all cannot compare! It’s at Rejang Park available only noontime onwards…..

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