The winner takes it all (2)…

Well, sometime back, Stanleycarter suggested that I should go to this Everwin Kopitiam to try what they have to offer and write a review about the place and I did just that…

Everwin Kopitiam 1

It was opened quite recently under a different ownership and name – Fantasy Food Court, but after a couple of months, it changed hands. Now, it has been taken over by the people of the Everwin Supermarket which is located in the same vicinity and seems to be doing roaring business since it opened. From the look of it, the kopitiam is also enjoying an equally favourable response.

One thing that caught my eye the instant I stepped into the place was this…

Everwin Kopitiam 2

…and do not be deceived by the banner hanging outside that says, “Fast food RM2.00 only”. If you can read Mandarin, according to the flyer, that is for three types of vegetables only. For one meat and two types of vegetables, it’s RM2.50 and two types of meat and one veg, it’s RM3.00. That’s more or less that same as what they charge at other places. I had a look at the fare they had to offer and the things looked pretty nice. I wouldn’t know about the taste though.

Everwin Kopitiam 3

For one thing, the place was hot! It used to be air-conditioned but under the new owners, they’ve opened up the walls on one side and they do not have any ceiling fans, just a few fans on the pillars by the side. It did not help one bit that they were playing some rather loud Chinese songs…and one English song that did nothing to save the day. It was something from Ling King Pak Linkin’ Park, “What I’ve done“. And the last straw was that service was extremely slow. You’ll have to wait for ages even for the drinks, what more the food! I think we had to sit there for a good half an hour before the drinks came and only after  another half an hour did the food arrive!!!

My missus had the kolo mee (RM3.00) which was not bad…

Everwin's kolo mee

…except that it was nothing like kolo mee, and was more like some fairly nice kampua noodles camouflaged with minced meat, fish balls and stuff to make it look like kolo mee.

We also tried the char kway teow (fried flat white noodles) with clams (RM3.00)…

Everwin's char kway teow

…which seemed to have strands of yellow noodles in it as well. It was okay but I wouldn’t go ooo and ahh over it, that’s for sure! I ordered the nasi lemak special (RM4.50) and I got this…

Everwin's nasi lemak special

The rice wasn’t too bad, though not as good as Thomson Corner’s or Sri Menanti’s, but just look at the half-fried ikan bilis (anchovies)…or should I say, anchovy heads! The sambal tasted like adulterated chilli sauce…and there was supposed to be one fried fish in the so-called “special” but I did not get any. Sigh! I was too mood-spoilt by then, so I just ate…and left!!!

The ultra-diluted kopi-o-peng kau (thick iced black coffee) was RM1.40 a glass, RM1.20 elsewhere and the kampua noodles were priced at RM2.50, RM2.20 at other places. Looking at the prices alone, I certainly would not consider this place a winner and taking everything into consideration, I must say that it is far, very very far from being one!

Author: suituapui

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27 thoughts on “The winner takes it all (2)…”

  1. They sell Rosted Chicken also? The two heavyweights ate up Sibu clean already? ..and did they try their trick in Dr X kopitiam too.

    Just met them for karaoke the first nite they were here. Ronan Keating making his live appearance! LOL!!! I know they’ve gone to Sweet Family – loved the food, HUGE servings and VERY cheap too. Last nite, Ruby but no feedback yet. May see them later today…

  2. how come da nasi lemak so expensive one!
    and i thought kolo mee is supposed to be dry one?

    good morning stp 😀

    That’s why I said it’s a pathetic imitation, nothing like the real kolo mee! Expensive, if really really nice…ok, but this one is just so so! Don’t think I wanna go there again!

  3. One of the previous owners was too boastful…claiming that Fantasy would serve more than 1000 kinds of food. Luckily they paid me the money for the photography work…just last week.

    Oooo…you were paid? Where shall we go for breakfast? Hahahahahahaha!!! Well, I thought the concept was good, all control centralised…and it was airconditioned, so it would be ok if things were a bit more expensive than elsewhere and service a bit slow! But when I went once, around 5.30 p.m. nothing was available yet. This one’s open 24 hours, it seems!

  4. the food looked so dull – will not go to this foodcourt ..OMG this blog will drive away more customers.

    The taste is ok though nothing to shout about and the prices higher than elsewhere. It’s just the service – took ages before the drinks and food came!

  5. i take this is the operator of the cheaper version of the supermarket (hence its name) whose phallus seems to have taken a dive lately (no longer on the rise). the kolo mee looks like spaghetti to me.

    Yes, that’s the one! But the supermarket’s doing much better than the other one. The Pedada branch already closed and so is the departmental store section at Medan Mall. Well, as they say, whatever RISEs must come down! LOL!!!

  6. So many eateries emerging eh?

    Probably due to the economic recession, all the jobless people cashing on the eating habits of Sibu-ians (tham chiak)… Business seems pretty good everywhere!!!

  7. new place, always packed. after a while, all the hype dies down.. and then struggling to compete with a few thousand more other eateries..haha..good luck wit dat.

    If they are really really good, even if it’s a bit expensive, the crowd will still come. This one’s more expensive…but nothing great. I doubt it has much staying power.

  8. shit son the kolo mee looks more like spaghetti… with the sauce and small chunks of minced beef…no kiddin..

    But tastes nothing like it! Give me Rasa Sayang or Soon Hock kampua anytime…at only RM2.20!!!

  9. Oooh, don’t look like a very good review of the place! Thailand rosted fish? LOL!

    Food’s ok only, nothing great. I give my frank opinion but one man’s meat is another man’s poison…so people need not take my word for it! Ya, see my reply to eiling’s comment! LOL!!!

  10. Rejang Park coffee shops has even better choice and cheaper!! Thailand Rosted Fish and Sotong? The spelling for Rosted is definitely WRONG and is Sotong an English word? Btw, great job chasing away customers using your blog..

    That was the 1st thing I noticed! Old habits die hard! English teacher, always picking on people’s English! Hahahahahaha!!! I guess “sotong” is acceptable in Malaysia like “nasi lemak” or “satay”.

    Ya, some nice places in Rejang Park. I reviewed a couple of them in my earlier posts e.g. Happy Hour or something like that…

    But hey! I got a lot of business for some of the places that received favourable comments from me! I just give my personal true and frank opinions – up to readers whether to believe me or not.

  11. Don’t think it will everwin la..or maybe they forgot the 1st letter N. There was this coffee shop in Lintas here called Fullhouse kedai kopi…and yup..already history…and talking about waiting…I believe you.hahahaha..just see the expression of that character with blue/white T-shirt in the 1st pix

    Every word I said is true – the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! You can even see that in the photo! Loooooong wait!!! LOL!!

  12. im back to sibu and i wanted to find some shops that have nice food..but i don’t know where ..any recommendation?

    Welcome! Your first time commenting, despite having been stalking around for quite sometime now! LOL!!! How come ur link doesn’t get me to ur blog, but to some online bible college instead?

    You’ll have to browse through my old posts. Depends on what you wanna eat. Use the search at the top right hand corner – try Sweet Family Seafood Restaurant – cheap and huge servings and delicious…or The Ark – nice with a bit of class…or maybe, Ruby but getting pretty expensive these days and not as nice as before…

    P.S. Got it! No wonder ur link went haywire! Spelling of “blogspot” was wrong! LOL!!!

  13. I thought you would be talking about Texas Hold ‘Em Poker when I read the title. Hahahahaha!!!

    One of those online gambling games? No, thanks… The name “hold ’em poker” sounds obscene!!! LOL!!!

  14. Thanks for tea, the panggang (sic?) and buns was yummy…

    Anyway, hope u’ll enjoy the Tiong Hua Road Kompia gravy with your rice tonight lol

    Welcome… Maybe we can check out Y2K tomorrow night or go for another round at Sweet Family – different dishes? But KNB would have gone back liao (and feasting on his poomba!!! Drool! Drool! Hahahahaha!!!)…

  15. Think I will skip this coffee shop as before this owner, already had a bad experience with it. The people carrying the palm for ordering is just funny and not efficient. Take ages for ordering a cup of tea. Waste of time to go there.

    They don’t use the palm anymore. You’ll have to go to the stall and order what you want, telling them your table number. They’ll deliver…but after about 1 hour!! Definitely not for the impatient ones!!! Sure explode already by then!

  16. All the food says “I don’t taste all that good at all”….

    OT: The canned Amoy brand clams which you proclaim to be as small as your errr… “nose droppings” (no need to explain process of actual comparison, thank you)are also OUT OF STOCK in Sibu! I asked mum to buy, and before I could finish my sentence, she said “No Stock!”. Amazing!…All sold out in Kuching as well.

    I wonder why!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Will see if I can find any…Ya, definitely not anything to die for, hence the not-so-favourable reviews!!!

  17. No lah, not the online game. I play the real one over CNY…hahahahhaha!!!

    Still sounds obscene! Makes it even worse…playing the REAL one! Hahahahaha!

  18. Oh My! I am not sure if your pal Stanley is supporting this cafe when he requested u to review it. He must be regretting doing that now judging by your view of the place n betcha if the new owner read your blog he/she must be feeling velly velly ‘rosted’indeed!LOL!

    Have to tell the truth mah! Cannot bluff one! Otherwise people go there, they will curse and swear at me. The food isn’t too bad actually…just that it’s more expensive than elsewhere (and it’s not that nice as to merit the higher prices) and you have to wait for such a very long time.

    P.S. You must drop by tomorrow to see your photo in my next post! LOL!!!

  19. Ps,at least the name of the cafe is not half as bad as the one my friend went to last time. The name of the cafe is Fook the cook. So just go n figure why people can think of such ridiculous names!LOL!N yes it is a chinese takeaway place…

    Gosh! Either it’s kpenyu’s restaurant (I think that’s his Chinese name!) or the cooking must be really bad! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  20. Huh? What photo? Make sure it is a good one of me or I am going to boycott your blog altogether!LOL!

    Sure…when you WERE young. slim and beautiful! Oops!!! ROTFLMAO!!

  21. Hmmm bad service indeed, but it’s interesting people still go there.

    I wonder why! And it’s more expensive than elsewhere. Just can’t understand!

  22. Thanks 4 ur comment!!Pls always give ur comment to us… we wil improve our service …

    everwin kopitiam’s manager~~mr.lau

    And thanks to you for taking the trouble to drop by and respond! Will certainly go again to try the RM19 a kg crab from Sarikei promotion. My friends went and they still complained that they had to wait for a long long time…

  23. 菲律宾猪手好吃

    Sorry, mine not programmed for Chinese characters – so all I see is little squares…

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