Well, what car do you drive?

Mine’s an old 1.3 Wira…and as long as it can get me around, I must say that I am pretty happy with it. For the record, I have been driving for some 35 years now and I’m proud to say that my record is absolutely clean. Unfortunately, there were times when people bumped into my backside…oops!…I mean, the back of my car. Sigh! But what was most important on each occasion was that the accidents were quite minor in nature and I was unscathed, praise the Lord!

Well, this happened sometime last week. There was this old man living in a big bungalow in front of my parents’ place. His errant son came home in the wee hours of the morning, drunk despite all that has been said about drunk driving, and rammed into the gate of their house, knocking it off the rail…and leaving the house without a gate for the next few days. The crash from the impact was so loud that it woke up everybody in the neighbourhood and as for the car, it ended up looking like this…


Not too bad, I should say, considering the amount of damage it had caused. I guess that was because it was a huge vehicle…but imagine if that nincompoop had  knocked into some poor old man in a miserable  1.3 Wira like me. It would not be so bad if the Wira ended up becoming some horrible wrangled mess but what about the old man? Would he be badly injured in the impact? Crippled for life? Would he survive?

For one thing, I cannot, for the dear life of me, understand why people have to drive those  gigantic monstrosities in a small town with small, short and narrow roads, and I also cannot understand that why people cannot be more  considerate while on the road. They may not cherish their own lives but I’m sure many, no matter how old they are, are not quite ready yet to join the heavenly choir! No, thank you!

Drive, by all means, drive…but drive carefully and with a sense of responsibility to yourself and your fellow-road users.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Drive…”

  1. for the flood, mah! what i don’t understand is those people can afford big cars and trucks, and yet park illegally on curbs and roadside to avoid paying 20 sen parking fee, or whatever the amount is.

    To show off, for one thing…and for another, the parking spaces are too small for them…and at times, they can park but half of the vehicle will be jutting out blocking a portion of the road. I don’t think many of them live or work in flood prone areas e.g. my area which is usually flood-free.

  2. I am sorry to say that I prefer to drive a big car like that. Feel more secure and comfortable especially my long trip to school last time. I need it because the journey to my old school used to be really bad, with potholes everywhere and not many tar sealed road. Now, I can’t afford to get one after I lost the car and happily driving my civic instead.

    It’s ok if they drive responsibly and with due consideration for the other road-users. But most of time, they drive very fast and recklessly, speaking on their handphones…and hog the road! I would regard that as a reflection of their pea-sized brains! Like what kongkay said, they’ll park the cars illegally by the roadside (usually outside coffee shops) and block half of the narrow Sibu town roads! Those are the people who give the drivers of such cars a bad name!

  3. argghh… is this a conspiracy against me or what ? u posted this abit late… i should be the first! 😛 btw, i notice so many 4wd’s in sibu nowadays, wats the point, nothing to show off cuz its cheap, and im sure the gas isnt treating them too well too…i dont understand..and DUI driving is just retarded (f*ck political correctness) and heartless..dun sayang ur life who cares, just don risk others.

    LOL!!! No, no conspiracy! I posted at the same time…but I did not realise that I had clicked the “save post” instead of the “publish” button and only realised it later when I found out that I did not have a new post for the day! Well, man proposes, God disposes! Hahahahahaha!!! Ya, that’s what I’m saying – go kill urself but don;t drag others down as well…

  4. hmm…but then again, after 1am, sibu roads are deserted anyways..haha..but w/e :p

    You’ll never know… Sometimes, even at 1 a.m. you may bump into this old man in his 1.3 Wira driving home from his karaoke session! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  5. I think the majority of Sibu locals prefer larger vehicles are due to the crappy road and to somehow ‘counter’ the flood issues as some had already mentioned. But yeah, I’m so with Kongkay on the parking problem we have here, Sibu drivers really are CRAPPY PARKERS! I mean if you go out to any industrial area or any shopping malls, you can see at least 50% of the cars all parked their cars way outta line, either they’re really bad at parking, or they’re just ignorant fools that think they can park whichever they want since they drive such an expensive car, pffft!!
    Oh yeah, just noticed I shouldn’t be posting any reply here, since I mostly drive my car sideways, which is pretty much… not ‘safe’ also… LOL!

    Ya, they always occupy more than one parking lot…and already we are facing parking problems! Plus the illegal parking by the roadside along the yellow lines!!! Really terrible! Hmmm…you one of those reckless drivers too? LOL!!

    P.S. Tomorrow, I’ll post on that Everwin Kopitiam!

  6. Those idiot, reckless drivers have the mental ability of a shrimp! Sometimes not just the big cars that pisses me off, it’s also those (kancil/viva) evo-wannabes. “Bunyi macam ribut, jalan macam siput”.
    On my way to Sarikei from school just now also a car ‘breached’ my lane from the opposite lane and it wasn’t even a 4WD. I wonder if these people are blind or just plain stupid. Maybe both.

    Dunno how they pass their driving tests!!! I drive slow and easy and very carefully because sayang kereta – no money to buy new one and no money for repairs. These people must be very rich, just hantam!!! And always changing cars!

  7. u dun see much of that vehicle here in KL. but the incidents like that, almost everyday.

    repot polis lah .. let him meringkuk dalam penjara a few hours. That’s what they do in the UK wat. It happen to the footballers all the time. Party!

    Haiz! You think they’ll do anything. Maybe the polis scared of them – usually macam gangster! Not that they have no eyes to see, anytime every day in the town illegal parking by the roadside!!! Or maybe owes belanja minum kopi-o!!! KL people…what for they want to drive lorry!!! No class at all!

  8. haha.. meaning in the future, i should get a bigger car!

    I suppose as they say, size does matter…but then there is also the saying that the bigger they are, the harder they fall!!!

  9. Hi suituapui. I’m the owner of Thanks for all your comments in my blog. Thank you for correcting my blog’s name. Yes, I’m quite young to be a fan of oldies. But, they have the nicest voice of all times. LOL.

    Hello, Aaron. A warm welcome…and do drop by and comment often. You’re probably my youngest reader, just 15! Keep up your good work! Well, I must say your English is way better than a lot of bloggers/people out there. Two thumbs up, boy!!! Will add you to my blogroll!!!

  10. Btw, about my BIL. His car met an accident and will use his dad’s car which is also a limo.


    I’m so sorry as it’s easier for you to arrange with him rather than me as the middle man. Don’t you think so?

    If I’m the one you blame, I’m so sorry.

    Not you lah! So sensitive!!! Nothing to do with you lah!!! I never did anything for you pun!!! 🙂

  11. I forgot. My aunt, Emily Sekai, sends her best regards

    Oh? She’s your aunt? Small world, isn’t it? Do tell her to drop by and comment too! Hehehehehehe!!! We’re connected on Facebook.

  12. Oh, I see. Are you on your computer all day long? You seemed to reply all the comments so quickly.

    Hahahahaha!!! Not really…only when I’m free. Sometimes I’ll log into my facebook, check my emails, browse around in youtube and so on…and check on my blog on and off to see if there are any new comments to reply. I like people to reply to my comments promptly, so I always try to do the same…

  13. Oh ok. I thought it’s me… I will ask my BIL to confirm with me again and let you know.

    It’s ok lah. I already contacted an old SP taxi driver who took us around when I was there last August. He’ll send my daughter to Penang this coming Thursday. I would prefer getting a permanent one though – one that we’ll use everytime my daughter’s coming home. Lebih senang hati, knowing that she’ll be in good hands.

  14. Wonder who gets the 20cts or whatever in Sibu… don’t pay ok but no excuse for the parking manner though.

    No such 4x Drives in KL? This is unique in Sabah and Sarawak only. The road tax for 4x in West is like X10 times.

    Snip! Snip!…42 sen for half an hour here lah! Under town council, and I don’t mind paying as long as there are parking spaces, unlike those in the huge flashy cars!! Illegal parking everywhere! In the past, you drive round and round and round for hours, no parking spaces!!! Dunno about the road taxes the other side…

  15. ..and I heard that in Egypt..they don’t even give way to ambulances and fire trucks..and in Vietnam careful if you are a tourist cos the motorbike will purposely hit you and demand compensation.

    traffic after 1am…don’t assume your right of way even if the light is green..too many drunks on the roads at this hour.

    Speaking from personal experience?…Wah! Finally, your neighbour has turned on his internet connection, izzit? Hahahahahaha!!!

  16. Well, let that be a valuable lesson for that young man. I hope 😛

    Ya, but I don’t think so. Some people never learn. As the proverb goes, “a leopard never changes its spots!”

  17. It’s 24 hrs 365days+1day for leap year la. whole area no good for weeks now. Hope rubberseed no ‘kator’..he featured Batang Ai…hahahahahaha.nnnaaaayk ya.

    No lah…your neighbour must have gone off somewhere for the long weekend. Hahahahahaha!!! Rubberseeds? Dunno if he’ll go snip snip or not but every comment will have to wait for his approval first! LOL!!!

  18. I also drive old wira 1.3 like yours but with shorter backside (HAHAHAHA!!!) but prefer to drive bigger car, for security mar…you know lah those ah bengs like to bully cha bor wan. 😛

    Show them the middle finger lor! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

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