The long and winding road…

It isn’t a long and winding road really…but it is rather far by Sibu standards and bumpy due to the rate at which the roads here seem to sink despite the continuous efforts to resurface them and to make them higher. Unfortunately, my bank is located at that side of town and I had not updated my bank book since September last year, so I will have to make the trip once in a while.

It seems that the bank is currently undergoing renovations and while it used to have some 6-8 counters, there are only 4 left and customers are encouraged to utilise the machines for cash deposits, payment of credit card bills and what not. I did not have a problem at all as there was a lady bank officer who was very nice and helpful and she did it all for me. Once I had everything settled, as usual, I went roaming around to see what’s new in the Salim area. Sometime ago, I had a post on one of the places in the area.

I did not go to that one this time but instead, I went to the older one on the other side and I saw this…

Sibu's Farley Food Court 1

This is quite new, I think. If I’m not mistaken, it was opened sometime around Chinese New Year and it houses the Farley Restaurant and the food court…

Sibu's Farley Food Court 2

I noticed that the Farley Pinnacles is no longer where it used to be, so I reckoned it must have relocated to the upper storey of the new premises where the restaurant is. There is a banner advertising Hongkong Dim Sum at the restaurant but there is no information as to whether it is already in business or at what time the dimsum is available. I was never a fan of the food at the Pinnacles anyway, even though I quite liked the place as it was pretty nice and cosy. Well, they’re selling some baju kurong and things like that there now.

Sibu's Farley Food Court 3

Since there was no indication whatsoever that the restaurant was open at the time, I just proceeded to the food court to see what they had in store. I must say it was quite a disappointment as there were only a few stalls selling the usual stuff and only one was enjoying relatively brisk business – selling char siew fan (barbecued meat rice) and all the roasted meats and stuff. I did not feel like having that, so I went to the Muslim stall instead…

Sibu's Farley Food Court 4

It so happened that an old acquaintance of mine from my karaoke days at the Spice Bazaar – Sebastian aka Tom Jones of Sibu was there, so we had lunch together. I had some chicken, pumpkin and two servings of century eggs for RM3.00…

Sibu's Farley Food Court 5

The rice was hard and dry…and if you asked me about the food, I would very much prefer the selections available at the Bandong stall that I frequent quite regularly to tapao (takeaway) a few items home for dinner. For one thing, the food was not covered and when I was there, the lady was busy chasing away the flies and grumbling, “Langau! Langau!” Obviously, they’re Melanau Muslims.

Well, I think the food court at the Sing Kwong Complex – Kopi-O Cafe – has a lot more to offer and the food there is nicer too. As far as this one is concerned, if they think I am going to drive all the way when that is all they are able to come out with, they can just dream on. They will have to do much better than that!

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22 thoughts on “The long and winding road…”

  1. Never really eat at that area because so far away (actually not far la, just lazy) I’d rather have kampua at Rasa Sayang. But I went for breakfast at a kopitiam at the Farley side during All Souls’ Day last year. So so only, nothing to shout about. Hahahhahahaha!!!

    You should have gone to the food court on the other side at Sing Kwong – a lot more choices. I’ve tried the claypot rice. Not bad!!!

  2. there’s farley here in bint-ulu too le! 😀

    Ya, I know. Heard it’s bigger but rather empty… Any bakery, restuarant there? The bakery’s not bad!

  3. I have been to Farley cafe weeks ago. Really got not much choices over there. Disappointed with it. I had the rice as well. Real bad. But the place always crowded. I also don’t know why.

    You should have posted on it, then I wouldn’t have gone. Really nothing much there!

  4. Weird! Past lunch time liao, baru 4 comments before this. What happened? Raining here, so cold, so nice to sleep…and my post lunch coma just kicked in. Damn!

    Hah! 6 already!!! Maybe Steamix steamed liao. I hear got problems in some places. Rain? …Not here! But very strong winds like a BIG storm brewing…!!! Hope not another heavy one like last week!!!

  5. Open already??? Was still under construction in Dec.

    Was opened around CNY. I heard VERY crowded…but that day I went, not really! Maybe people know already…not that great, not worth going!

  6. Re:Clip,Dream,Andy Gibb,my idol then…LOL! Sad and tragic what happened to him…..

    Hahahahaha!!! I linked that on purpose, knowing how you used to drool over him!!! LOL!!!

  7. Teacher ah, can I ask what is the resolution of the camera you use to take pics? Sibu got so many nice places ah! XD

    I got an idea to take pics of some JB places XD.

    2 century eggs? Oooh, be careful with that teacher. 2 chicken eggs can la, if you cook my style. 😆

    Not two lah! One serving = half, so two servings, I actually had 1 century egg only. LOL!!!

    What resolution? I just use what I call “my handphone with photo-taking facilities” to snap the pics. The photos are ok if there is very good light. Otherwise, umm….yunno lah! Don’t care! After all, mine is not a photography blog!!! Hehehehe!!! Photos purely for illustration purposes only!

  8. Guess thats one place i wont be going to when I visit sibu. So little time… so much to eat. Must plan properly… hahahaha.

    I guess if you can eat more than half a dozen Tiong Hua Road kompia in one sitting…it will not be much of a problem. Can go on an eating marathon! I’ll just watch…cos I’m watching my figure! Hahahahaha!!!

  9. Yup..will be travelling that road…on 3rd….tooo yourrr door.So what’s the deal…I mean your demand?? What? Nothing?….wah true to your are really so nice and perfect gentleman leh.

    As the Foochows would say, “Nei ah…nei ah…!!!” Hahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Nei….but the hand have to stick out and the head have to nod!!!

    Ya…that’s the whole idea. Was waiting for kpenyu to say that but u beat him to it! Hehehehehehe!!!

  11. Century egg? What is that?

    I love pumpkin… and do you call your sweetheart pumpkin too? LOL.

    Yunno…those black preserved eggs? Never eaten them before kah? Nice!!! LOL!!! You call your sweetheart labu and your sweetheart calls you labi or not? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  12. STP, have you tried the new Everwind Kopitiam? Its the old Fantasy Foodcourt, but is now under the Everwind Taukeh already, and the place and food have improved heaps, would like to read your reviews on the place. ^^

    Drove past one Sunday but so very crowded like the Bus Station Food Court also. The Fantasy Food Court so shortlived, already closed shop! Saw your comment on victorkiu’s. Have you been there? What’s nice? If I go, I can only try one thing…at a time.

  13. Having there before for kampua but not that nice. The services there are poor. No more second time.

    Btw, i heard that the upper stage restaurant are lousy and expensive. Lucky you didn’t try it, if not, you not only broke but also angry of the money paid.:)

    Another disgruntled customer. The kampua and other stalls did not seem to have any business at all that day, only the char siew rice one. I did not quite like the food at Pinnacles before either, nicer elsewhere e.g. Ark or Garden, and it was expensive.

  14. What I meant was the camera how many pixels? Is it possible to find out? I think the handphone got write there 😆

    Dunno. I don’t see it stated anywhere. My over two-year-old Nokia 6070…

  15. Eee.. Century eggs.. the last time I had that was last year? T__T

    I love those. Didn’t know how to eat when now. Now can’t resist…especially with porridge – pi tan chok, so delicious!

  16. wow…so many shops sprouting everywhere in sibu lately eh ?? last time i went back, everywhere is eateries!! terrible… sibu ppl only know how to eat out… so unhealthy… haha.. w/e oh and btw, i miss century eggs.

    That’s the impression I have – all those eateries sprouting everywhere. Maybe the jobless people cashing in on the eating habits of the people here!…I’m sure you can buy century eggs in Canada!!!

  17. Wah…guess I beat u to the Farley foodcourt. Went there when I was in town during CNY. But yeah, nothing to shout about though. My friend said the roti canai was nice but I taste biasa only leh….

    My friend said he had very nice ulam there previously but they did not have any that day…

  18. yup,you are right,pinnacle close oredy…not all of us move to farley restaurant,above the farley foodcourt…:)

    That time I went, it did not seem to be open. Haven’t been to that part of town since as it’s so far – the other side of town from where I stay…

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