It never rains in Southern California…

It never rains here either! It pours…man, it pours!!! Sigh! Just when I thought that happy days are here again…with blue skies and everything nice, it has started to rain once more and on Wednesday night, it was like somebody up there pouring huge buckets of water down.

At around 9 something, I went out to have the look and everything seemed all right. The rain water was rushing down the drain around the house into the big one outside. There certainly was no indication that it was about to fill up soon. Some people had come round a few days ago to dig out whatever they could find in the drain by the road and carted it all away to some place else. But, back to the rain that night, after making sure that everything was fine, I went and had a night cap. After I was through, I popped out again to have a look. Horror of horrors! This was what I saw!!!

Flood at STP's house

My whole car porch was submerged and the whole road flooded! That was within a matter of less than half an hour. I quickly moved the piano  and bits of furniture that I could manage to carry up the split level of the house and prayed… The water came up to the main door of the house and looked like it was going to come in, but thank God for small mercies! At around 11, the rain abated a little bit and the water subsided. Whew!!! That certainly was close!

It was the 1st on the Chinese lunar calendar, the beginning of the king tide. I am not going to blame anybody as it is all too clear to see what in fact is going on. We never had had that kind of heavy rain before.  For one thing, to say that it was extremely heavy would be an understatement. Everybody knows only too well that the environment is in pretty bad shape and global warming has given rise to such extreme weather conditions all over and unless everyone does something and makes an effort to change in their ways, however small it may be, we can expect the situation to get much worse.

Well, that was it…and I’m keeping my fingers crossed in the hope that the sky will hold…and we will be spared of any such torrential downfall  in the days ahead.

Moving on from the topic of rain and floods, it is Friday today and being the season of Lent, some may be fasting and abstaining from meat. I know some people who will even include Wednesdays as well. I will not go on a total fast but perhaps I will just reduce my food intake. I think I can just munch on some light snacks for breakfast and lunch and have ikan bakar (barbecued fish) for dinner…

Bandong's ikan bakar

…with some sambal buah kenundong which will go superbly with rice…

Bandong's sambal buah kenundong

…and that’s it! Pretty light dinner for two, don’t you think?

STP's dinner for two

The weekend’s here, so what have you all got up your sleeves? Hope you’ll all have a great one…