I saw her standing there…

Yes, I did. I saw her standing there…


I got an sms from her a couple of days earlier saying that she’ll be dropping by in Sibu this weekend, but I did not get to hear from her on Saturday so I guessed she must have cancelled her plans or something.

As usual, on Sunday morning, I went to church and after the service, my missus and I went for breakfast. Gee! If you tell me that there is an economic recession right now, I will find it really hard to believe. Around the Sibu bus station area alone, I saw so many new food joints…but I did not manage to get to sample any as they were all overflowing with people. Good grief! Every place was so crowded and parking was such a pain! I headed to the more familiar Yum Yum Cafe that I had posted on before…

Sibu's Yum Yum Cafe

…and my missus had this bowl of fish ball noodles (RM4.00)…

Yum Yum's fish ball noodles

…while I had the char siew-roast duck noodles (RM5.00)…

char siew - roast duck noodles

Both tasted ok but neither were something that I would go crazy about, and I felt the prices were pretty steep and I could get much cheaper and nicer stuff elsewhere. But I must say that what I had was nicer than something similar that I had here.

In the meantime, I got an sms from her, asking me where e-cafe was…so after we had finished, I went in search of her. She did not manage to find e-cafe and ended up eating kampua noodles at Soon Hock…and I was only able to catch up with her when she was standing outside the hardware store in the vicinity of the Delta Commercial Centre.

So, finally I got to meet ex-Kuching blogger, now based in Brunei, – Mar of marg.wordpress.com, a friend for quite sometime now in cyberspace and at one time, a radio friend as well, on the now-discontinued “Pat and Mag in the afternoon” on TraxxFm.

Nice meeting you, Mar…and now that your family’s settled in Sibu, I guess we’ll be meeting each other much more often from now on!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “I saw her standing there…”

  1. Why is the price so expensive?? Its like eating in one of the stalls in KL! omigawd!! Sibu’s getting expensive too??

    No lah…not the right place to go to. Some friends told me a while ago that it was nice so I wanted to give it a try.I hear got another place in town – RM3.00 only and much nicer! Will go one of these days and post on it.

    Actually even Rasa Sayang or Soon Hock kampua is nicer and only RM2.20 and Foochow fried mee is only RM2.50 or somewhere around there. This one – well, you can be sure I won’t be having it again. After all, it’s nice but not that nice!!!

  2. haha..that sounds better ;p!! i got “toasted” by the astronimical price of the asian food around here!!at least to know that the kampua in Sibu is only RM2.20(&its still the best Sibu food!)is soothing ;p

    And the Asian food there is not even authentic! But I guess if you want to eat Western food here, it is expensive too. You can get kampua in Auckland for NZ$8 – even before conversion, it is already expensive…but they say they earn much more there. Doesn’t taste like kampua, that’s one thing they can;t dispute!

  3. They use Hokkien mee kah? So big the noodle.

    I think so…and I don’t care for that very much! At the other stall, I hear that the West M’sian fella makes his own. Dunno about this one. My missus said can buy dried ones in packets in Ta Kiong….. No, thanks!

  4. the char siew-roast duck noodles looked like a plate of artery clogging bursting with cholesterol breakfast! So sinful…….

    I don’t like those huge noodles – like Hokkien fried noodles in West Malaysia. First time I had it…black with soy sauce, it looked like worms. The taste was not anything to shout about either. I would prefer our local fried noodles or kampua… Just don’t mind something different for a change, but definitely not going back for more!

  5. So you met up with Mar? Well, just in case it slips your mind… there’s gonna be another gathering in May when Marty and Marie come down. Don’t know what the plans are but I’m looking forward to meeting da family. Hope you’d be able to make it too. Would love to finally meet you.

    I’m looking forward to being there with everybody…but no promises. I’m putting my tuition class on hold around that time till mid-June, so I should be free then. But I have yet to book my tickets. Old man…long life! Hahahahaha!!! If confirmed going, you’ll be the 1st to know!

  6. Don’t you know there’s economic recession everywhere in the world except Malaysia meh? (According to a Minister) haha!

    But economic recession or not, people still have to eat, right?

    It certainly looks like it if you look at all the coffee shops here! But the banks are quite empty…

  7. Weird, almost pang gang liao the number of comments not yet reach 10 ler… where are your kaki? 😛

    Maybe connection not good…like here! Have to log out and log in again after replying to each comment! Such a nuisance! Luckily I have the patience of a saint!!! LOL!!

  8. M Happy Kate won!:-D Hugh cute 😉 mixed feelings for slumdog :-/ boo for Sean 😛 n from Jen to Jolie P-| 8-[ show too long|-.

    Kate? That’s the fat girl in Titanic, right??? Not bothered to watch…since I don’t have time for movies these days.

  9. Great song to sing in kok with mabuk friends.

    If I recalled correctly…Mar was the one who begged you for my Singapore’s F1 ticket last year ya.

    I can’t remember…Old man lah! Must save disk space for more important things! 😀

  10. Heh..when I nothing to do I scroll scroll..your links and guess what…I saw *** in your rolls…hahahahahaha

    When nothing to do, go fly a kite or something. Please leave my fellow-bloggers and commentors alone! Thank you!

  11. Oh I am sooo happy Slumdog and Kate Winslet won!!! Yay!!! Haven’t watched Milk but am pretty sure Sean Penn was superb in the role..one of my favourite actors!
    OK, now am waiting to watch “the red carpet”…favourite part of the show….LOL!

    Red Carpet was on the whole morning. Just switched on…and saw HSM – Zac and Vanessa and switched off right away! Hahahahaha!!!

  12. i love that fishball noodle, but never eat one.Err what the meaning of new-discontinued? Is that mean, its still on air, but not in the same station?

    Did I type “new”? That’s a typo error then; will go and edit after this. Thanks. Should be “now-discontinued” as it is no longer on air! Btw, welcome…and do drop by again.

  13. i love that fishball noodle, but never eat one.Err what the meaning of new-discontinued? Is that mean, its still on air, but not in the same station?

    Oops! So u’re dark angel as well…LOL!!! Checked already, no typing error. It’s “now-discontinued”.

  14. OMG! “..the fat girl…”??? Hello Pot!

    I think the grammys more your cup of tea than the oscars, cos you’re obviously not much of a movie person.

    You mean PotTER, Harry PotTER aka Daniel Radcliffe? ROTFLMAO!!!…No lah! There was a joke circulating at the time as to why the Titanic sank…Because Kate Winslett was on it! And that reminds me of the joke: What was the name of the Indian guy in the Titanic? Oops….never mind! Not going to crack those jokes here!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  15. wut the hell ?? that char siew-roast duck noodles went for rm5 ??? damn… plate looks as big as my palm!!…but looks quite generous with the meat…hehe..

    Must be an optical illusion due to the size of the pic. It’s quite big…or should I say, normal in size…not as small as it appears. Yes, a lot of meat…but tastewise, I won’t wanna go there again – not for RM5 especially!

  16. haiya STP, I share my pc, and don’ know who is the dark angel. I just hit the comment button.Can you please delete her comment. sorry i did the typo, so ‘now-discontinued’ means still on air but from a different station?

    I see… Never mind! Just leave it there, the more the merrier! That’s why they call me comment-whore! LOL!!! “now-discontinued” means stopped already, no longer on air.

  17. kpenyu: “If I recalled correctly…Mar was the one who begged you for my Singapore’s F1 ticket last year ya.”

    I didn’t beg. I politely asked and someone wasn’t gentleman enough to give. 😉

    STP! I dy know where E-cafe is…no thanks to you! LOL!!!

    You may hire Kapal Sink and sure him for defamation of character! Hahahahahaha!!!! Ooi…I told you to go out through the back entrance of Delta Mall and just cross the road, and you’ll get to e-cafe! I dunno how u followed directions and ended up at Chopsticks! Duh!!!Girls usually like that, right? Oops!!! *runs and hides…LOL!!!

  18. NO…will elaborate on my next post. Then while I’m looking for Kapal, expect him to appear at your door as well. Hahaha.

    Why? Did I say anything? Gee!!! Have to be extra careful next time…

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