What’s happening…

So what has been happening at your end? As for me here, nothing much really! The festivals are over and it is back to the same ol’ daily routine. The rain and the flood have gone, so over the weekend, I decided it was high time I brought my old Wira to the car wash…

At the car wash

…and just before I left for my tuition class yesterday, it rained!!! *@#$%&+!!! LOL!!!

STP's tuition class

Ah yes! My post was featured in yesterday’s Borneo Post too…

STP in the news

…but they got the spelling of my “name” wrong. No big deal really…as nobody’s going to give two hoots about it, I’m sure. But instead of merely reproducing a selected post with the blog address at the end, perhaps it would be better if they had included a brief blog review as to what one might expect should they drop by.

Well, that’s about the only excitement I have had over the last few days. Pathetic, isn’t it? My life is so boring! Hahahahaha!!! I have not been cooking much either. My daughter had some potatoes with sardines at the food stalls across the road from her institute in SP and she said it was pretty nice, so last Friday, I decided to try cooking it myself…

STP's sardines with potatoes

It wasn’t too bad, I must say. At least, it helped add to the bulk as I was using the small can of sardines and there were only three inside! I also tried frying some cabbage with cincaluk (fermented shrimps) and that turned out well too…

STP's cabbage with cincaluk

By the way, has anybody been to that food stall at Bandong yet? I stopped by yesterday and bought this delicious dish of sambal prawns…

Bandong's sambal prawns

That cost me RM12.00 only and I must say it was incredibly cheap, considering that they were using udang galah (freshwater prawns), small though they might be. Perhaps I should have just asked for RM5.00 because there was simply too much for me and my missus to finish as I had also bought these assam (tamarind) eggs…

Bandong's assam eggs

…for RM3.00 only. They were very nice – sort of sweet and sour kind of taste in a spicy sort of way. As for the veg, I bought this dish of what they said was the “heart” of the oil palm trunk…


All that for RM3.00 as well, and I enjoyed it a lot. Something like bamboo shoots and really yummy! I think it was supposed to be masak lemak (cooked with santan/coconut milk) but they used very little santan, so it was not very lemak. So much the better, I should say asΒ  it seems coconut milk is not that healthy owing to its high cholesterol content. What was most important was it was so nice that my missus and I finished the whole lot in one sitting.

So what have you all been up to these few days? I certainly hope that your lives aren’t as boring and as uneventful as mine… LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “What’s happening…”

  1. My! Your car looks new,what a difference a wash can do!This time your Bandung food is more like it, very appealing esp. the udang!Tried the cincaluk steamed with pork mince as suggested in yr previous recipes,yummy! PS,I do not have bionic eyes lah,so why photo of your article in the Borneo Post so small,can’t even make head or tail out of it, is it excerpt from your blog n not actually what they thought of it?not even sure what they wrote about your blog!SIGH!I am going for my facial now so hopefully my face also ‘berkilat kilat like your car.LOL!

    Yalor…old car, also looks shiny and new! Hopefully, your facial will do the same – old face, also looks shiny and new! ROTFLMAO!!! It’s a reproduction of my post – SMILE lah! I’ve provided the link to the post. Of course lah…if original recipe not nice, where got I wanna post? Ooo…the prawns soooo yummy!!!! Drool! Drool! LOL!!!

  2. Hahahahah!!! Finally we get to see some food yea.

    So happy liao lah! Hahahahaha!!!! Let’s see how many comments today. Hope KNB and TOC have got over their Valentine hangover… LOL!!!

  3. BTW, did your students know you take their pictures???

    Nope…all of them so engrossed…so hard at work! Laura Patrick’s youngest brother is in this class…but not in the pic!

  4. congratulations on the article. That’s always the case, if you wash your car, the rain would come. And when you don’t, it doesn’t rain!

    Thanks. Ya…dunno why it happens all the time! LOL!!!

  5. Either they dont read your blog or they dont want my gunting. C4STP, still got… pack in little plastic bags to give away but no response.

    Tak laku kah?…Maybe because whatthe fiq said it’s not dog food…so they jumped to conclusion that he meant it’s not even fit for the dogs! Hahahahahaha!!!

  6. aiyoh! so much food for u and aunty. that’s even more than enough for my family plus my ah ma.

    So much kah? We did not manage to finish even half of the prawns though. Keep in fridge for the next day. Wah…u people eat so little, no wonder Lindy so kaya-raya! Hahahahahaha!!!

  7. bdq….and your ee and WTF. bdq…did you sing minum lah susu….?

    Aiyor…u people eat like tikus kah? LOL!!! Me, nothing’s more important – must makan puas2…like what pollie and stella’s mum used to say!

  8. Ur tuition class photo reminded me of the maths tuition class i used to attend. Thats where i realised i needed to wear spectacles… cos couldnt see a damn thing on the board…heheh. Bet u never walk to the back of ur class. The passage way is so narrow… hehehe.

    You can ask my ex-students. I just sit there and teach from the front and they never even dare to breathe….!!! Whole class like a mortuary! Hahahahahaha!!! I’m so intimidating! My bark is worse than my bite!!!

  9. lolzzz.. taking photo during class.. your students all so hardworking.. hahaha .. hey sir when are u going to change your old proton car… buy a better car ma..

    Yalor…all my students so good one. Do work quietly… Change car kah? You can start fund-raising – get donations from all STP’s ex-students and get me a new car!!! Eeee….ain’t that a great idea? LOL!!

  10. the young STP – my next door neighbour at Jln Tuah washed his car every day putting me to shame- what happened to the old STP – seldom wash yr car now..haha.
    WOW – the food from Bandong looked yummy.I remembered assam eggs or acar eggs from Jackfruit V. late aunties used to cook.. n the limau acar Granny Dimong used to make..anybody has the the recipes?

    Haiyar…car like wife mah! When nice and new, must jaga very well…when old already, as long as can jalan!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! The food’s nice and cheap too…and clean and covered…and the people also very nice (not like some Chinese stalls)! I dunno how to make acar. Usually will get from my mother outlaw! LOL!!!

  11. Simple is nice. I also love that sardines but not with potatoes, with big onions. I still crave for very simple dishes like white rice with soy sauce, telur mata. HAHA!

    1st time with potatoes since my daughter said it’s nice. Usually with Bombay onions, chillies plus extra tomato sauce. Sometimes, squeeze a bit of lime…

  12. hey…you got covered on the local newspaper…that means more traffic! =)

    No lah, spelling wrong!…Makes no difference anyway, not getting any money from blogging, so no traffic oso no problem!

  13. Oh gosh! That reminds me to get my car washed too! Haven’t washed it like since 6 months ago!

    Btw, congrats on the article in Borneo Post! : )

    Good grief! You’re worse than me…but not as bad as my missus! Hahahahahaha!!!!….Thanks.

  14. wah congrats on your article in Borneo Post πŸ˜€

    and yalo everytime after mami polishing car, it sure to rain one and mami will start cursing =.=

    Thanks, no big deal really!…..Hahahahaha!!! There, that kampua lady oso cussing away! ROTFLMAO!!!

  15. Post Valentine Trauma you mean hahaha

    Pollie: Acar limau? Same as acar timun, just that you replace the timun with limau, slice it first of course and dry it… by the way, a new twist to those acar, add a tea spoon of poppy seeds

    Was it that traumatic? For u or KNB? Come…let’s gossip! LOL!!!…Ok, pollie…the Iron Chef has spoken! I don’t like acar limau or whatever, only timun!

  16. Speaking of car wash, I washed chipmunk’s car on Sunday evening (Chipmunk was oversea, I mean over South China Sea for business and I’ve been using his car ever since) and it was scorching hot and the sun was bright.

    Right after I’ve done everything (shampooing, rinsing, drying) including coating the windscreen with some Rain-act, it began to rain very very heavily! Mudderf***er!!!

    Ooi! Watch ur language, lady! I hope u’re not talking about the chipmunk there. ROTFLMAO!! U sure u’re not an accountant kah! Sokiam siap! Go car wash! RM10 only snow wash…and they clean it inside out!!!…If long time no rain, better ask u to wash ur car! LOL!!!

  17. True, your bark is definitely worse than your bite, you basicaly wish the floor would open up and swallow you but hey, its good practise, it makes one so thick skinned that sarcasm just bounce off :-p

    Gossip? My lips, like the kitchen god has been sealed shut… Cwnf gshssp at alwf! Hahaha

    Speaking of which, do I have any tee kuay at home or not? Might go home after work and slice some, dip in beaten eggs and fry… yummy!

    LOL!!…You should know, eh?…Wah! This must be “On KNB’s Secret Service”!! You’re playing that what’s-her-name character – Miss Moneypenny or sumthing? LOL!!!…Don’t like tee kuay or anything that impedes speaking when in the mouth! Oops…!!! Stop right there – any further comment will be deleted! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  18. Hope its’ not the same prawns that suffocated in Tatau or someplace there.

    That was in Mukah, I think…and it was fish. The news report said the restaurant owners had a field day catching them….and cooking and selling to the customers!!! What do they know hor? Ignorance is bliss! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  19. Don’t trust people with my, I mean, chipmunk’s car. They cincai clean only, I clean it myself better, every corner also clean, inside out. But EVERY time I wash car, no matter how good the weather is, gerenti rain wan after that! $%^&*@!!!

    Sardine…I like it cooked with some chili, onions, a bit dark soy sauce and a squeeze of lime. First time ate already fell in love. Yummy! Can eat only that with white rice, no problem. πŸ˜€

    My missus will add a bit of soy sauce too…but i dun really like. Hmmm…if my other half is willing to wash, of course I’ll say – outside not clean and she does it so much better…as long as I’m not the one cleaning! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  20. Foods are really cheap especialy the prawns!@!
    I think the rain in sibu has moved fwt to Sydney… everyday raining! haiz!!! hate that!

    Especially if you convert to Ozzie money…and this is pre-cooked! Cheaper over there if you cook it urself, I guess. …I thought you would love the rain, what with all the bushfires raging…and the heat! Hope no flood like in Queensland!

  21. Yes, its rude to talk when one’s mouth is stuffed…. I meant full hahaha

    Chup! Chup!….Read my lips! No more! I said, no more! Hahahahahaha!!!

  22. My uncle said prawns as well….

    What you don’t know won’t hurt you… Like once I asked a student whose dad was a poultry farmer what they’d do if they found a sick chicken. Nope, they would not get rid of it. They’d just slaughter it quickly and sell it in the market….. You can’t be sure unless you rear your own chickens, which is against the law in residential areas! For one thing, I hear fish and prawns very cheap in the market these days!!!

  23. Whats TOC blabbering about this time with his stuffed mouth? Miss Moneypenny? I prefer to call him Bishop Bendy. LoL

    Thought he’s the archiebishop? Why Bendy? Bent? Crooked…as in not straight?…..Never mind, I dun wanna know! LOL!!!

  24. Evil entry !! Sho hungry !! Can’t wait for 5pm to have my lunch and dinner together !!

    Wow! Ur job so busy one kah? No time for lunch even! Making tonnes of money, I bet!!!…

  25. “…rude to talk when the mouth is full…” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    Okay, I won’t say anything… πŸ˜›

    Then don’t say anything!….That’s a good girl! Gee! You are enjoying this, aren’t you? LOL!!!

  26. KNB: You can call me anything you want, but don’t insult the Church…. leave that to me πŸ˜‰

    *cough cough*

    …Gosh! Here comes the church thingy again!!!

  27. Oh yeah, KNB, for your info, am brushing up on my Canon Law and sending relevant clauses to KPenyu to be included in your pre-nup… you know, how to get an annulment and such without the mess, Henry VIII should have hired me ROTFLMAO

    Why on earth would Henry VIII need you? He would just say, “Off with her head!!!” …Or is that from “Alice in wonderland”? LOL!!!

  28. Well, u just gave me more reason to call you Bishop Bendy then. Its ok, I’m not King Henry… dont need annulments, pre-nups and etc.

    Neither did King Henry! He just chopped off their heads!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  29. First up, congrats on your post being published in Borneo post! Wah, you’re like a celebrity in the blogging world. Way to go STP!

    And I must say that the prawn sambal looked so so yummerz! And you said you only paid RM12.00 for that dish? That is so cheap considering the amount of prawns there! And some more it’s udang galah – my favourite!!!!

    It’s finally raining now after many weeks of heat, heat and more heat but looking at the way it’s pouring, I’m sure it’s not gonna last for long. This is just like a teaser – give a little to make you syok and then stop. Rain like this will only just bring out the heat more. I had to laugh about how it rained when you thought about washing your car. It happens to me each and every time I do my laundry. Hahaha!

    Thanks. Ya, that’s real cheap especially by KL standards, right? Well, be happy with whatever rain you get…Very hot here and getting very hazy! Gee! How often do you do your laundry? Hahahahahaha!!!

  30. Seems TOC is determined to revive aa stale topic, despite no biters from other commentators. Hyuk!Hyuk! Tepok sebelah tangan TOC?

    Hahahaha!!!…I don’t even know what the two are going on and on about. Never mind, as long as I get all the comments! LOL!!!

  31. Sorry ah Cikgu… supposed to be ‘a stale topic’, not ‘aa stale topic’. Typo.

    Good!…One extra comment! Hahahaha!!!

  32. Just wondering if the poor car can take almost 500kg on the 3/4 April…if Peter sia’s dream comes true…sure500kg++++ and first time you uses MISSUS in post and reply.. Well done

    Got lah! Sometimes missus, sometimes old lady – all the same!…OK! 1st things first! Tell me…got prawns the size of my forearm or not? If not, there are many airport taxis available!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  33. C4STP: *ahem* And what may I ask are you doing? Ignore ignore like the rest muahahaha

    Don’t catch the drift…and don’t see where it’s going! Help!!! I’m lost….ummm no, not you, ahlost (http://rosewong.com)!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  34. haha lucky i didn’t wash my car today. raining cats and dogs in KL!

    LOL!!! Otherwise you would have wasted the money…but not much, I guess. Definitely not as much as what HB paid for his car wash! Hahahahaha!!!

  35. I like it when it rains heavy…cos that’s the time my car get a good wash

    Me too! But sometimes no choice…inside like pig sty! Oops…does that describe yours too? Hahahahaha!!!

  36. ll your cooking look delicious? or pictures lie? kekekeke…!!!

    btw, i’m proud to be friend with a star like you πŸ˜€

    Not the pictures taken by my old lousy camera with phototaking facilities! What you see is what you get! Hahahahaha!!!!….Blush! Blush! What star lah! Shy I! Hahahahaha!!!

  37. I cannot take spicy foods.. 😦

    Surprise! Surprise! Most West Malaysians like it hot….ummm chilli hot, I mean! LOL!!! U Foochow, by any chance? In the past, Foochows here in Sibu could not stand even a little bit of chilli. When I ate curry, I had to rinse the meat in water first!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Now ok, liao! No problem!

  38. Man!! I really should refrain seeing the food posted!! u got me so hungry all of a sudden, i’ve been eating lots of western/indian/middle east food that i really miss the simple malaysian food so much,talking bout cincaluk,asam pedas,upak(i think its bamboo shoot in iban)(shuckss!!), so nice to have all of them again!!

    Yes, Indian food a-plenty in the UK but not really nice. Thought it tasted like what came in the cans! I used to cook my own curry and stuff – and people walking past my house would go “oooo” and “aahhh”!!! LOL!!

  39. Wah…famous dy liao…post got published! πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Will be in town again this weekend! Hehe.

    OK…sms me when u’re here.No flood, not much rain…so we should be able to meet some place!

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