That wonderful sound…

Men could not stand him but women would go all weak in the knees at the sight of him and his singing. HRH Prince Philip said that he sounded as if he was gargling with pebbles. Still, Tom Jones has survived all these years…

Tom Jones 1Tom Jones 2

It was not his first hit but he became a household name in these parts with the karaoke favourite, “The green green grass of home”. I used to like it until I had to undergo hours of aural torture at karaoke lounges where many would love to sing the song…and murder it! LOL!!! Then came other hits of his like “Delilah”, “I’ll never fall in love again”, “Love me tonight”, “Funny familiar forgotten feelings”, “I’m coming home” and “She’s a lady”. I remember those Decca vinyl records that my father used to buy and I would play them on our radiogram.

But those are not my favourite Tom Jones’ songs though. I love “That wonderful sound” which Shagul Hamid sang on Bakat TV ’70, prior to the Bintang RTM days and also “One day soon“.

Tom Jones 3Tom Jones 4

For a while, he disappeared from the music scene and in the late 80s, he came back – older and as some women might claim, sexier than ever and released an album, if I’m not mistaken, on the 30th anniversary of his involvement in the music industry. From this particular album, I love his cover of Prince’s “Kiss” and this one… You can click this link to find out which song I am talking about but at your own risk. You especially, Stella! I will not be responsible for anything that happens after this! ROTFLMAO!!!

Have a nice week, everybody!