It takes two…

Still on the topic of the spiralling prices of vegetables, as they say, it takes two to tango. There must be buyers, otherwise the sellers will not be able to take advantage of the situation. Well, in my previous post, I mentioned that some (imported) vegetables are relatively cheaper, so we should buy those instead.

Another option is to buy at the foodstall at Bandong that I had a couple of posts on sometime back. I bought this dish of brinjal with sambal for only RM3.00…

Bandong's sambal brinjal

…and this plate of paku (jungle fern) fried with sambal as well, also cost Rm3.00 and I did not have to go through all the trouble of preparing the vegetables and ingredients and cooking them!

Bandong's sambal paku

For the meat dish, I could not resist buying some more of the chicken kurma that I enjoyed so much the other time but I only bought RM3.00 and only got two pieces of chicken at the time…

Bandong's chicken kurma

Anyway, to move on from the topic of food, one person that I simply hate these days is the postman! I do not receive any letters from anybody anymore, so all I get will be bills…bills…and more bills! I suspect the one serving my area is not very efficient as I tend to get the bills a couple of days before or sometimes even after the due date.

Other than bills, I also get a whole lot of junk mail…

STP's junk mail

I am still subscribing to Reader’s Digest because my daughter wants it, otherwise I would have terminated the subscription long ago. For one thing, it is NOT cheap, and it is getting thinner and thinner and there are pages and pages of advertisements inside with hardly very much left to read! And what I hate most of the junk mail from them! These days, I do not even bother to open – just throw them straight into the rubbish bin!

Then, as if that is not bad enough, I will also get junk mail from all kinds of publications like Fortune, for instance! Gee! If I were rich enough to read Fortune, I would not have to toil day and night to put food on the table and make ends meet!!! Tsk!!! Tsk!!!

Gosh! It’s Thursday already and one more day and the weekend’s here! Isn’t that nice? In the meantime, happy working, everybody!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

47 thoughts on “It takes two…”

  1. Yup… I only get bills too. No more snail mails. The price of vege in Kuching is not cheap too. Recently, I heard from one of my colleague that a kg of Kailan was RM17! So, my MIL is opting to eat imported vege like cabbages, cauliflower, carrot, etc. Hopefully in the next few days, we will have cheaper vege. The sun is shining brightly this few days.
    *sigh* I have two more days of work. This year, I have to work on Valentine’s Day.

    Yes, many schools having replacement class on Valentine’s Day….all principals so unromantic one, meh? I guess all too old liao…so not sensitive to such things! Hahahahaha!!!….That’s right! Boycott the expensive veg!!! Teach them a lesson!

  2. The cheap imported veggies are mostly from China rite? Safe or not?

    What is safe? Chicken you get bird flu, pork you get JE, beef you get “crazy cow disease”! LOL!!! I think from Cameron or Kundasang…and I can imagine the amount of pesticides used!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  3. i learned from my coursemates that a kilo of sawi is 11bucks…siao one… i wouls rather buy imported veggie then…

    no rain for da past two days…but it just rained just now =.=

    RM11? Cheaper than Kuching then!…No rain here, haze liao!!!

  4. If I were to buy from Bandung,won’t mind the brinjals or the paku!Looks really yummy! But the chicken….???!!! Where u takin yr missus this Valentine’s?We r celebrating early,ie tonite,it is ‘aligato'(no not alligator!) dinner & movie.Tomoro son has tennis comp.,saturday is church time,sunday valentine’s day is over. So Happy Valentine’s Day to u N Mrs.STP!If u don’t like junkmails,u can stick up one of those no junk mails stickers,then the pos guy will know what to do!

    That’s kurma chicken – the colour is greyish like that. Not much to look at but tastes delicious. Nice to cook lamb this way!

    Ummm…old liao already, no need to be so romantic anymore. Save money! Saw the advert – buffet dinner around RM75 per head, 6-course dinner RM95 per head at a local hotel. No need lah!! For less than half the amount, can cook an even more delicious dinner at home!!!

    Btw, why the men must buy presents and take the women out for dinner? Today – all same2 what! So women cook nice nice dinner for men, dine in style at home, got privacy – baru romantic like dat!!

  5. Readers Digest sure is pricey. During my school days, there was this English teacher who asked us to buy them. Bcos it’s too costly, nobody bother to do so.

    Ya, I don’t think many students can afford. But schools should subscribe and put in library for students to read.

  6. Guilty! Guilty! I bought sawi this morning. RM12. A bundle costs RM 2.80. What to do. Last night already eat bandung leaves. Schs throughout kch replace CNY. Directive no choice. At least they standardized now. Easier for them to check which sch does not replace

    Even when cheap, I’m not really a fan of sawi… LOL!!! Good lah! Valentine’s Day no big deal! Over-commercialised!!! The gift and flower shops and restaurants are the ones laughing all the way to the bank!!!

  7. I REPEAT …People who Smoke cannot …and should be barred from talking about the rising cost of anything …hahahha..see I am sooo quiet.

    These Principals not that stupid la..thet know most love berds in same class ..and/or give them chance to get together in school or under the pretext of going to school. hahahahaha.

    And many people still lose lots of $$$ from these junk/con mails..and by the way I can’t remember a time when someone wishes me HAPPY WORKING. ..and nothing to do with memory loss here ok..but Happy Valentine…many times until cannot remember..hahahaha.

    Have to spend a lot of money there…so when it comes to veg, need to scrimp and save lor! After all, no high taxes on greens what…and they all lari cukai one!! Cannot sell so expensive! LOL!!!

    I was happy working…before I retired cos I enjoyed my work…and I’m sure the old lady also happy working – not stuck at home, see the old grumpy face all day long!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  8. I’ve been eating mostly organic and/or pesticide-free vegetables, and with prices of non-organic vegetables this high, might be a good idea to buy organic/pesticide-free ones.

    Stella, you’ve obviously not lived here for a long time…mailmen here can even drop mail with very different address into your mailbox. Expecting them to differentiate junk mail is a BIG stretch….!! Sad but true.

    I agree 100% with ur last paragraph. Sometimes I suspect they take home my mags to read…I dun think I got all my copies.

    Organic…normally not very expensive. After all, only 2 persons, we would not need to buy a lot. Will check next time going marketing for veg – maybe the prices have gone up too!

  9. ..and likewise people who Don’t register to Vote in elections cannot talk Politics..

    …and people who drink like a fish, dine on lobsters and prawns as big as a man’s arm….!!! Ah! I see!!! No wonder you’re not complaining!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Gerrie: fyi most of the Organic vege farms employed lots of Indons (Oms here)and guess what oraganic fertilisers they used..ahahaha..reclylng ma… You back to taking Co Chap oredi???

    In the old days, when people recycled their waste – collected urine in tham phui and the apek ta sai sold the sai to farmers…it was so healthy!!! I’m sure you had your share of those growing up…. LOL!!!

  11. i heard banana is expensive too now…
    they r really taking advantage of consumers…

    nvm loh…that gives us an excuse to eat more meat =x

    Here, not really! Pisang keling (kay leng chio) was RM3.50 a kg…now RM4. OK lah…economy not good, up a bit – can tolerate.

  12. Kpenyu..that’s why I don’t buy the ones from Sabah. I only buy those with certification. You being a Sabahan (very much in form and substance now), would be familiar with the tricks of the trade huh?

    Not just familiar, I’m sure! How do you think he got so rich? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. Complain to Thomas Ong lah about the missing mail. See if he can do anything. πŸ˜›

    PS: I’m missing from work today πŸ˜›

    Thought he retired liao?…Wah! Ponteng kerja hor!!!

  14. Stp, you’re probably right, best not to know!

    Yalor…don’t we know him so well? If it’s anything good, that will be the day! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  15. Retired liao kah? I have no idea. Was not around in Sibu most of the time so I don’t know lor… Hahahaha!!!

    Shhhhhhhhh!!! Not ponteng la. It’s absent with valid reason. LOL! πŸ˜›

    Reminds me of kpenyu’s comment in response to KNB’s remark that he only took 3 days’ sick leave in a year! LOL!!!

  16. Hello…what has that got to do with me taking sick leave? Anyways, am glad its Thursday… one more day before the weekend. But then again, its Valentines… aiyok $$$.

    The penyu said 3 days sick leave and the rest of the days, all kinds of excuses bah!!!….What has Valentine got to do with you? You’ve got a date kah? Wonders will never cease… LOL!!! Where to? Eat satay by roadside across river? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Investment, boy, investment!!!

  17. Wahh KNB…..wah! LOL!!!
    STP, you get the drift??!?!

    Oh?…This is getting interesting! Don’t tell me miracles do happen? LOL!!! You mean I expect to hear bells soon then?

    Gee! Better start saving for the ang pao! Terms and conditions like before, must have red notes and no need to put in ang pao packet, KNB? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  18. i get tonnes of junk mails too…..reader’s digest, national geographic etc. i keep throwing them away. a waste of paper, i would say…. πŸ™‚

    Yalor…really bad for the environment. So wasteful…and in the mag, they keep telling us to save the earth!!

  19. STP: Definitely time to save up for ang pows.. wedding bells are definitely ringing! ! Why do you think I’ve named him as my Heir!! hahahahahahahahaha.. there is chance for continuation of the male line at last there!! hhahahaahahahhahahahahaha

    With regards to ang pow.. I have to inform all that he has assigned it to be a foochow style wedding.. where we open the Ang Pow and the MC announce how much so and so gives!! hahahaaha.. SO.. STP.. makes sure we don’t announce.. STP RM 10 only!! aHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Good grief! Was not online for a couple of hours…and look at the excitement brewing!!! Don’t worry…since you’re not getting any, he can have your share. So, STP…RM20!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  20. ..soly CU as in pig…forgot you call it Kueh Chap there..remember that one with pig’s stomach that smell very organic

    Where did you go to eat…got smell one? People wash clean clean… Not that run-down miserable-looking hut kind of place, I hope! Gee! Good thing I didn’t go! LOL!!!

  21. Kpenyu…pls look up definition of organic…!

    Aiyor…his dictionary, can find the word or not. Kamus Bahasa Inggeris-BM untuk pra-sekolah one! Hahahahahaha!!!

  22. KNB…must be the high fever %$#^&@*! your brains..hahahaha…make sure she loves you xxxxtimes more than the other way round… and …chinese zidiacs compatible or not( don’t playplay here)…etc etc etc. STP can give you the positives and I believe the whole clan..headed by me can share the negatives …hahahahah. can comprise one committee ..I think.

    Umm…thanks, but no thanks. Will let you know if he wants to draw up a pre-nuptial agreement. But don’t call us, we’ll call you! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  23. gerrie: already dictionary say sai and jio…hahahahah. heh..true ka the knb rumour or fact?

    Oops! Sorry! My mistake! It’s English-Hokkein Dictionary for pre-schoolers! LOL!!!

  24. tsk tsk tsk…. its just Valentines. Why is everyone so excited? kahakhah.

    We’ve been waiting for such a long long time, already giving up hope…of course, excited lor!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  25. Hee hee….KNB really walked into that one…or was it intentional???

    Maybe he thought he should let the cat out of the bag…otherwise, the shock could be too much for some old hearts to take, should he drop the bombshell suddenly!!! LOL!!!

  26. ROTFLMAO to Kpenyu commitee of one,

    Gerrie: intentional

    KNB: you have to ask why we so excited??? You of all people? Hahahaha I am positively ecstatic you’re getting hitched and wish it could be sooner before you become leng juak leng juak again hahaha

    At least got leng juak…and not leng all the way!!! This side of the family line not eligible to be beneficiary kah? LOL!!!

  27. TOC: I guess we have to see the “weather”, if leng or juak hor?

    Aiyor…see weather one kah? Like that liao lor!!! These days, the weather so unpredictable one! Quick! Quick! Fan the fire…turn up the heat! Borrow Gundot’s dryer, if you must! Hahahahaha!!!!

  28. wei….if juak…have to tell me earlier wor….have to save money to come back from Perth. Have to diet also! LOL!

    You’re in Perth already?…Diet? No need lah! That kiam siap. wedding reception sure nothing to eat one! That’s why ang pao RM10, too generous liao! Follow JFV, RM3.00 enough!!! LOL!!!

  29. I’m just helping STP to get more comments. Cant let TOC be the drama queen all the time. kekek

    TOC: Better leng juak leng juak then juak juak kei sai.

    Yakah…don’t try to wriggle out now! Just when everybody’s rejoicing over the good news! LOL!!!

  30. Aiyo something is on – if am invited let me know early so that i can get the zero fare..n can give more in the red packet.

    Heard that, KNB? This one…ang pao sure very very big one! Hahahahaha!!!

  31. Wah! 32 comments liaw!

    This one should be juak all the way, I think weather very auspicious, the signs are all in harmony ROTFLMAO don’t i sound like a feng shui master there.

    KNB: As long as don’t tho huek or KEK sai should be okay hahaha

    34 right now! You wanna be Lilian Too or what? Lulian Too (pig), more likely! Hahahahahaha!!!

  32. By the way, my status update in fb with regards to dinner on the 29th of Feb 2012 has nothing to do with KNB wedding LOL

    His wedding should be earlier than 2012 but definitely not 2009 unless…. touch wood ROTFL

    What status update? Ur status ever change meh? Hahahahaha!!!! And why touch wood? Better make it quick! This pua mei huan (midnight change) kind of people, better don’t risk it! Hahahahaha!!!

  33. Touch wood in the sense we don’t want it to be a shot gun wedding, trigger misfired and god knows what other terms you guys can come up with now do we?? hahahaha

    In this present day and age, what’s the big deal?…For one thing, we can go for “seng ngang” (visit in confinement) sooner!!! And make sure you get the terminology correct, KNB. The last time you wanted to say that, you asked when to “sang choot sua” (attend the funeral)? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  34. aiyo so exciting!!! I think we have not been this excited for a long time! KNB, make it more exciting.

    Yalor…when was the last time somebody in the family got married? Gee! Can’t even remember! And the fact that so many are staying single isn’t helping much!!! LOL!!!

  35. No no.. the chut sua thinggy is my eldest sister… the one that has a seng pang in her house πŸ˜‰

    You mean “sng pang” as opposed to “sng tu” or “sng kui”?…No comments! Nice, sweet girl…dun wanna ketuk!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  36. Ah, I’ve been seeing “suituapui” in foongpc’s blog so many times but no link to his website. So I guess this is you then lol. Pleased to meet you *bows*

    PS: I hate postmen when they drag me to the post centre to verify a parcel I got. Wastes my time and transport money. Otherwise can’t blame them for anything else besides saying they’re just doing their job.

    Having a problem linking in blogspots, sometimes unable to do so or takes a longer time. Anyway, welcome…welcome! Any friend of one of my blogger friends is a friend of mine. Will add you to my blogroll.

    So far, no problem with the post office here, just the postman in my area – may not see him for days, and when he comes, a whole lot of mail, but mostly junkmail…and overdue bills!

  37. STOP STOP..LIAW. Don’t monopolise STP Blog Please…if other people run away and STP closes his A Idols not everyday but his blog 45 this year ya…?

    Aiyor! Was browsing on my hp,,,and as I was scrolling down, I thought this was a comment from…Stella! Gosh! You’re beginning to sound like her! LOL!!!! No lah! You’ve got it all wrong! I’m 45, KNB is 35 only…and you’re 55!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  38. ..the “half bucket shit” hokkien speaking gal told us that Some big family in K L would be having CNY reunion dinner in someone’s “Tua Choo..”..obviously not knowing the difference btw Big House & Graveyard… Ms time you speaking angmo better

    I’m not as mean as some people, so I’m not saying a thing – she’s such a nice sweet girl. Hahahahahaha!!!

  39. Huhuhu….sambal brinjals…sedap…lapar…

    I dunno. Down with bad flu, everything tasteless…but ur mum said very nice. Can buy again when you come back for the hols next month.

  40. walao STP… now you are so famous. 40 comments already? omg!

    brinjal sambal is my favorite! when i can taste sarawak’s style? πŸ˜›

    40 only! You get much more…minus your own replies to the comments, i.e. But then, young man…getting lots of comments from young female readers mah! Hahahahaha!!!! You like?…Can buy for you to enjoy when you come over to Sibu…..

  41. 45? 35? Cheh…. I’m only 32 this year lah. This family gets excited very easily hor. hahaha.

    I guess most of us are at that age where there’s not much excitement in our lives anymore… Even Peter Cetera’s concert, also kin-teo for months…too bad, cancelled in the end! Hahahahahaha!!!

  42. Siaw lah!U all!I went out for dinner n the next day when I clicked on this blog, saw all the really what u called organic talk!Gerrie,this is real organic,no need certificate one!LOL! Kesian KNB,m sure he takes his gf,foochow or not to candlelight dinner,not some roadside place! BTW true or not,KNB really getting married?Must informed quickly ok,I checked Air Asia or MAS! So r u going to ask STP to ‘pangjeo’ in the bridal ‘tampui’ or not on the wedding day?My late mum’s favourite drink bridal tea words, ‘lim teh lim tata, meini say lampa! So if i can’t attend yr wedding, all the JFV cousins do remember to say this to KNB when he serves u tea ok!

    That panjeo in tham phui is TOC’s duty…and I hope he’ll remember to take the ang pao out of the tham phui first this time! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  43. STP…she is so sweet so we cannot let her make mistakes like that. Give her a drink…she gets very cute!

    Hahahahahaha!!! And starts singing, “Stand by your man….!!!”

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