It takes two…

Still on the topic of the spiralling prices of vegetables, as they say, it takes two to tango. There must be buyers, otherwise the sellers will not be able to take advantage of the situation. Well, in my previous post, I mentioned that some (imported) vegetables are relatively cheaper, so we should buy those instead.

Another option is to buy at the foodstall at Bandong that I had a couple of posts on sometime back. I bought this dish of brinjal with sambal for only RM3.00…

Bandong's sambal brinjal

…and this plate of paku (jungle fern) fried with sambal as well, also cost Rm3.00 and I did not have to go through all the trouble of preparing the vegetables and ingredients and cooking them!

Bandong's sambal paku

For the meat dish, I could not resist buying some more of the chicken kurma that I enjoyed so much the other time but I only bought RM3.00 and only got two pieces of chicken at the time…

Bandong's chicken kurma

Anyway, to move on from the topic of food, one person that I simply hate these days is the postman! I do not receive any letters from anybody anymore, so all I get will be bills…bills…and more bills! I suspect the one serving my area is not very efficient as I tend to get the bills a couple of days before or sometimes even after the due date.

Other than bills, I also get a whole lot of junk mail…

STP's junk mail

I am still subscribing to Reader’s Digest because my daughter wants it, otherwise I would have terminated the subscription long ago. For one thing, it is NOT cheap, and it is getting thinner and thinner and there are pages and pages of advertisements inside with hardly very much left to read! And what I hate most of the junk mail from them! These days, I do not even bother to open – just throw them straight into the rubbish bin!

Then, as if that is not bad enough, I will also get junk mail from all kinds of publications like Fortune, for instance! Gee! If I were rich enough to read Fortune, I would not have to toil day and night to put food on the table and make ends meet!!! Tsk!!! Tsk!!!

Gosh! It’s Thursday already and one more day and the weekend’s here! Isn’t that nice? In the meantime, happy working, everybody!