By the light of the silvery moon…

Well, finally the Chinese New Year celebration is officially over, culminating with the celebration of Chap Goh Meh or Yuanxiao Jie/the Lantern Festival last night. Once again, we communed at my parents’ house for the dinner but this time, we chose not to have one of those packages from a local restaurant here anymore. For one thing, there was simply way too much food for just the five of us and other than that, the fare was not really that great.

Instead, my missus prepared a few dishes to bring over for the dinner. There was sweet and sour black pomfret (ikan bawal hitam) – the current market price is RM20.00 a kilogram. As Yan explained in her comment in an earlier post, “nien nien you yu” or “every year will have surplus or excess”, so we must have fish in the menu…

Chap Goh Mei dinner 1

We still had a bit of the ngor hiang (meat rolls) in the freezer,  left over from Chinese New Year – the ones that Bongkersz loved so much, so we fried that and brought it along too…

Chap Goh Mei dinner 2

We also prepared some salad…

Chap Goh Mei dinner 3

…and topped that with the special dressing that has been in my family for years…

Chap Goh Mei dinner 4

My mother obviously enjoyed eating the salad and had a lot of it. It must have been quite a while since she last had it as most of the time, on special occasions, we would just go and eat in one of the restaurants in town. She probably had pleasant memories of the time when she used to prepare that with the mother and sisters on special occasions like this one.

My missus also cooked a pot of clear fish maw soup that also went down well with everyone…

Chap Goh Mei dinner 5

…and there were also the chicken curry and the ayam masak merah (red-cooked chicken) from Chinese New Year.

Chap Goh Mei dinner 6

Chap Goh Mei dinner 7

I did not get to fry my mee sua (Foochow string/thread noodles) as I had intended though because my father said that he would be buying some Foochow fried noodles (Hock Chiew char mee) from the Y2K Restuarant here.

While we were at the restaurant to collect the noodles, I managed to take a few photographs of some of the things that had cropped up in some of your comments in one of my recent posts, like this one of a can of Sundrop Orange, formerly known as Green Spot and sold in bottles, on display in the shop window…

Sundrop Orange

…and these made-in-Sibu carbonated or aerated drinks, now available in plastic bottles…

Chuo Kian aerated drinks 1

These are from the Chuo Kian Aerated Drink factory which, if I’m not mistaken, is located somewhere along Upper Lanang Road/Jalan Bukit Lima, near Chung Hua Secondary School. But I remember that in my younger days, those from the Ngo Kian factory were more popular. Well, it looks like in keeping up with the times, they have rebranded their drinks – CK Delight…

Chuo Kian Aerated Drinks 2

…but of course, needless to say, they have nothing to do with CK as in Calvin Klein, not at all! LOL!!!

Anyway, to get back to the dinner, everyone ate to his or her heart’s content. It certainly was a good one, and I hope it was the same with yours too. So what did you all have for your Chap Goh Meh dinner?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “By the light of the silvery moon…”

  1. i didn’t had any dinner yeaterday night cos after one-hour gym…don’t wanna waste my effort 😛
    no worry i ain’t liddis everytime cos i only go gym like twice a week cos im a lazy bum 😦

    But you so slim…don’t go oso namind! Me so fat…go oso get kicked out! Rosak all their machines! Good excuse not to go hor? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. CK is now situated at the Upper Lanang Industrial Estate. The boss is a long time friend and he is doing quite well.I think NK has closed down long time ago.

    I guess so. These days, can only see Chuo Kian drinks. Wah! Long time friend kah? Next time can ask him sponsor drinks for bloggers’ gatherings? LOL!!! Free advertisement also mah…!!!

  3. We had steamboat and some fried crab. After which the croaking, I mean the karaoke-ing started and caused me indigestion. Hahahaha!!!

    We used to buy the local cream soda from the factory as well, by the crate. In Kuching also got such thing, but still in glass bottle, after finishing the whole crate, if you return the bottles, they’ll refund you (don’t know how many sen per bottle). I don’t like carbonated drinks but am okay with the local ones, not too gassy 😀

    No post on ur dinner and ur ILs croaking…I mean karaokeing? LOL!!! I drink water most of the time…and I hate it when in restaurants, the waitress will just pour Sprite or 7up into my glass of water!!! Never bother to ask before refilling!

  4. Ya ..cancelled liaw. Safe money la. aiya next time don’t tell you from day one better..hahahahaha

    If anybody’s wondering, he’s talking about Peter Cetera’s concert. Was waiting anxiously…but now so devastated by the sad news! And if you’re going, Peter Cetera who? I don’t blame u….u’re not as old as kpenyu! Hahahahaha!!!!

  5. I also had fish.. Didn’t know “nien nien you yu” means “every year will have surplus or excess” *LOL* I have been wondering why every year must have fish 😛

    I want to eat the ngor hiang and salad can?? T_T

    Planning to hold dinner gathering in mid March when my daughter’s back for the hols. Can hop over for the weekend? Then I can cook all those stuff for you to try… LOL!!!

  6. So nice the food. I want to eat ngor hiang!! Sob sob sob.. my Chap Goh Meh dishes only Kolo Mee, Special Chicken Burger and a pint of Kilkenny.

    Re. reply to ahlost’s comment. You think I should invite you or not? Went CNY visiting, never asked me to join! Whole group blacklisted liao!!! Humph!!!….Hahahahahahaha!!!

  7. It’s Calvin Klein and not Klien! Hehe.. Btw, I have not seen those brands before. Only available in EM? Did you pick up any oranges thrown by the maidens yesterday?!!

    OK, edited liao! Never bothered to take note of actual spelling – just follow English as in “client”.

    I think they only cater to the Sarawak market, not sure. But now RM1.50 a bottle. My time only 20 or 30 cents!!!

    Oranges? Aiyor…had to duck and run and hide cos all the pretty maidens kept throwing them at me! Hahahahahaha!!!

  8. I forgot to have dinner!!!! We had our chap goh mei dinner on sunday night as Fiq had tuition last night. Very mad with my neighbour. 11.30 stil play fireworks

    Many people having it Saturday or Sunday as yesterday, most of them working! Here, I think they all went out and ate at restaurants. Went to collect noodles around 5.30 p.m. and I saw Mom’s next door more or less already full!!!…You did not do what I did? Went over to scold them and sumpah them sial whole year through??? LOL!!!

  9. maybe the ck stands for chau kia…..hehehehe. alamak!! my tummy sudah grumble….gonna have lunch now….cheers 🙂

    What’s new? When did I ever see you NOT hungry? How to slim down like that? Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. waaa!!!ur pics of food makes me soo hungry!!! sweet sour black pomfret? its so delicious if its fresh!! expensive but what to do? every year must have fish!!(nien nien you yu!) 🙂

    Fresh…straight from the fishing boats in Bintulu!!! Yum yum!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  11. the salad looks so special ler. what did you add?

    Special…family secret!!! LOL!!! Next time, I make…I call you lah!! 🙂

  12. Oh yea,we also received email that Peter Cetera’s concert is cancelled. We were looking forward to it which is supposed to be 23rd Feb,so now our money will be refunded. Don’t know why he is not coming. Same thing with Paul Mcartney too last time. Did u see him on Grammy’s still not bad looking n his new gf very pretty,looks like the french president’s wife,Carla Bruni.

    You too! Eyew…. Hahahahahaha!!!! Didn’t watch the grammys. You have this thing for old men, have you? I bet Pierce Brosnan makes you go weak in the knees… LOL!!!

  13. Hahahahaha…you really scolded your neighbours ?.. I don’t believe you but can imagine and visualise you doing hahahaha.
    Gee Stella..thanks for the support as you are much younger. STP..lucky you were not interested..otherwise book airasia all for no show.HAhahahaha,,sial whole year..what an expression.

    Not on talking terms! That day, daughter got married (me not invited, of course) and the emcee collapsed in the toilet and died!!! You say sial or not like that!!!

  14. hai flogger. hehe ajil told me that got 1 time you got scolded for taking so many pictures and the rest were so damn hungry? hahahahahah i would do the same! hahaha
    coz now, i’m hungry! 😦

    No lah…usually I just click, click, click very fast so they don;t get so irritated but they’re always curious as to why I take pics of every dish! Hahahahahaha!!!…But some bloggers with their canggih equipment take a long time to snap the photos!!! Focus, focus…this angle, that angle…arrange the garnishing etc etc etc…By the time they finish, the food already cold!!!

  15. …was that before or after you scolded them…..or could it has been previous cny scoldings…if so more like curse leh…haahahahahahaha

    Was sometime ago, my girl still small and was getting jittery and becoming a nervous wreck from those huge and sudden explosions – maybe Form 1 or Form 2…and I saw the idiot throwing the “bombs” right outside our gate on purpose…Long story lah…and old story too! Think I mentioned it before in an earlier post!

  16. I dont want other people to die on their behalf!!!

    Yalor…why not they burn their own house or something? Didn’t somebody in Kuching blast off his own head playing firecrackers…a foreign worker?

  17. Stella, or any other Melbourne readers. Got a group of kch boys heading for Melbourne U. Looking for accomodation nearby. Any one can help or advice? Planning to share. What is the current rate? I left so long already cannot advise them. They were looking online.

    Suituapui CLASSIFIEDS…. What’s next? LOL!!

  18. wah… all that food! I had chips from a vending machine last nite.. worked till 1am! argh.

    So kesian….. Ur GF didn’t cook nice2 food for you kah? And I thought the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! LOL!!!….Now, why has Tintin become Queue?

  19. the “made-in-Sibu carbonated or aerated drinks”…

    Do make a unplanned visit to their factories and I can assure you that you won’t touch that anymore! LOL!!

    I think they used to be at the Upper Lanang Road/Bukit Lima junction. Was teaching at Chung Hua and would see what was going on. Looked pretty ok to me…. All I know is if you drank the Cherry in the past, you’ll end up looking like Dracula. Anyway, I only drink water these days or kopi-o-peng…as far as possible.

  20. Look at it this way man… It’s was all because of his bombs and cracker in your gate that you and family are so blessed today…NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT…. otherwise reciprocate by sending a suicide bomber next year…

    Brilliant idea! You wanna volunteer? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  21. gundot..warn the Kch boys that BBQ has taken a new meaning in Victoria..don’t get ” chow tar “.

    As if they care!!! Dunno why…like no parents to teach them to be considerate. Sometimes, the parents themselves playing…. Is it any wonder the type of young people we are getting these days?

  22. I think i need to learn to cook as well.

    Why? Get a maid…or find a wife! Easier! Hahahahahaha!!!! Or takeaway – leftover inflight meals! LOL!!!

  23. My MIL is a strict vegan…so…I had veggies and more veggies and more veggies after that. 😦 WTF…someone please feed me with real food!

    For meat or for veg, till death do you part… You didn’t check out his family first before getting married? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  24. Hi STP!Now that 15 nite is over,@#$*#@!…but yes,I do fancy Pierce Brosnan btw!LOL! Re:Gundot,melb.uni,not sure,but monash side, if homestay,with meals provided,roughly $250+ but just room only around $120+. City apartment,again,depend on the type, ranging from $350-$500,2 bedrooms, per wk,unfurnished, maybe only provide fridge,not certain. Ask them to try n also n perhaps also central equity apartments, which is quite popular with students.

    That is all PER WEEK, right? Yan’s daughter in Adelaide paying AUS$170 per week staying in hostel – two persons sharing one toilet/bathroom.

  25. Cikgu, stupid me lorrr… after got married only find out his mom is a vegan. LMAO…too late liao…*sobs*. I come from a family of carnivore…we’re almost cannibal summore…she stuff me with veggies summore, next time I think i will gobble down her son lorr… LMAO… 😛

    Eyew…gooble up the son? Oooo….!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  26. Ah ma must be happy. Heard that Kong Kong ate a lot also. Got nice food presentation some more…lol

    Your mum did all that! Ah Ma’s obviously delighted. Glad we stayed back for CNY this year…at least, can make old people happy, but too bad you had to be on your own there.

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